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December 12, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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December 12, 1940

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INDIAN VALLEY RECORD THURSDAY, DECEMBER' 12, 1940 !I I I II i i i, i i -- ~ i OLD-TIME LETTERS, ARTICLES, [TURKEY DINNER ]FOR 50,000 CI/.RISTMAS TREES Ic. F. STOVEIt HEADS I ]i ooRs, .ND IT.RES ROT.ERS aT IN FORESTI ROD 0 i [,NEWSPAPF-2[~,A~rD EDXPIA)YEF-~ -~----,~ l [ / I,W&NTED I . ------ QUINCY, Dec. ll.--A recent [ I~ED BLUFF, Dec. ll.--C. F. StO. | ' b [i ~,James H. Noel, whose check-up by forest officers on the [ver, cattleman, has been appointed ! l L ] [I [purchased n~ost of the lure cutting and shipping of Christzt, of tbe Red Bluff RounduP [ w p I ~ making a collertlon OI n!s. o e I I Mrs Loul,a Tanner ~torlc matter -ertainin- to the Old l put of the Taresh Br th rstrees, indicates, according to Forest ~Association to succeed Roy Owens, | [ ' l| Correspondent -" p is . |near Taylorsvllle gave ~ Supervisor D N. Rogers of the Plu. lresigned. I ,[| ;west, wnlcn WlU oe usea as copyl ' " " [ r ll I Idinner Sa(urday night at m~s National Forest, that close to| Owe~,s heade,] the a.~sociation for I [ . I" Mrs. Irene Spwng-"-'~ler and sister, I x ;:::~::ly~::eZz~ho~=e ~her~em~an ~soli Hotel in Crescent ~' 50,000 trees have been cut and will 112 years. ! [ IA I Mrs. N'ate Weymr.n of Oroville wer~ Ibe found letters and articles which Ih n z :f tile Taresh brothers, their have been shipped by December 15. I During Olwens' administration the I [ V~t~l~ [ lreeent week-end visitors at die are value;vie for publication from I far, ill .s, and employees. The din- More than 40,000 of these| Red Bluff Roundup develol~ed int9 | [ ~ [ ~home of Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Shee- an historical standpoint and occa I~er was g~ven by Mr. Noel's corn-Ihave been cut from privately owned I one of the West's most important | [ [ than [sionall'" there is an old book which Ipany in appreciation of [he splendid i land in Plumes county, Rogersl rodeoq. Owens said in resigning he i [ [l " [. . ~ ~cooperation of the owners and elm states [needed a rest i I Tlae Very tsest oz I I P c Nye and P"~'-Rleley made a Is oz no further use to rne owner; . r' " " " " a a " " "" 3e p/oyeee of the m~ll in delive mg the ~ I Stover h~ss been an official of | a ' ~rovllle Thursda- I wnenever SUCh is iounu, pma [ ww ~ I,~-'v ~, v " " r Ilumber on schedule time. I the roundup since 1928. | I ml.~ls~l.-.wy Iii lao not aestroy It. put sena It in. io ai shier Born ~ec I to mr. ana ~ars, I [ ~l~||~l~ty [[[ Mr and Mrs A.M. Larson whoiit may contain something of vs.lue!of~s'i~di:' ~:l;=b~lnkn.'=;~d as Earl Stead a daughter Bonnie Jo. ------------~o------------. ! " " x tJ e n Y ' ' I~EDERAL POWER COMMIS- [ [[Iwho left here a year a~o to reside [as pioneer histolT, and may be of ~ [ / I Ill - ~ I ~ . "oastmaster for the occasion. ~ |~u'~, wssmng[on, ~. u. l~uDJ'c I I I |fllllft~Q I[lin Lake county, are returning an'[ [interest to others when pubnsnea. I ,p~ + -,or~ +he C T~ Born, Dec. 2 to Mr. and Mrs. I notice is hereby given pursuant to ] I L411LIILiq/~LI~ I llwtll reside on the Hedrick place I There are old books everywhere, I ~'.'" .~"~ "--~ ~ .~" ".-"~ George Adams a son Michael|the provisions of the l~ederal Power I ,Taresh tne J. u. raresn aria in. ' ' Act :16 I IIItwo miles north of town. Mr. Lar-lsorr~e yellowed with age and with,A '--aresh families of Ta lors George. I ( U.S.C. 791-825r) that Pa- | liD"on who was lmre over the week-[the covers torn off, from which " t,/ [w ' in vHle and Mr and Mrs A J Maun- ~ San Francisco California, has made end left Monday for another load larticles can be taken that make - { Born Dec 4 to Mr ~nd Mrs L ]a t ' | I [[[of laousenolo ez~ects. I g g Y' " I. m~. ~-- ~rer.~ ~m~th Roberts P. Hamey, a son, z-'eter lan. [covering its constructed so-called i l w~w #'tin Ill . . . false have an educational value,i.~ "~' '.f ~ = "~'~" ~ ' ILake Almanor project (No. 616), | I Pl /11"14". Ill Mrs. J. E. Hanson, who has been I Mcm,1~ers of p~oneer famllles also Izvlr" an?. mrs. W. J: ~icu;ne.spy, Born, D~c. 9, to Mr. and Mrs. mr-Ico. sistin of a large storage reser- I I II2 KqJKA Ill .t ~. I I~qlma ~s.mppenourg, ~zr. and mrs. old Norberg a daughter lvoh, on the North F'ork of the l~ea- | [ [llnere tne past tnre~ mv.~-o h I~ave om ~ettel's wn~cn te~ ~ t~c. I ' " " . -- II Iher sister, Mrs. O. L. Tanner, and(currences of the past---of the every-[J' C. Saner, Jaclc Humphrey, I~h'. !thor River in the vicinity of Green- ! -- ! for Oakland i .~ ~|and Mrs V. L. Montero, L. A. Bar-Born Dec 10 to Mr. and Mrs. lVlZle, in the County of Plumes Cal- | zamlly, lert "inursuay ,laay ~ ze or tne pmneers ana inu " ~ ' " ' 'if ~ ' - -- !where she :.viii visit for awhile with [struggles for a foothold in a new rin~ton, .Mrs. C. M. Chan~.erlam, F. W. Gray, a daughter. ]ce r:e~o:;aro;n;edS~a;::t ~o ~3;;, / l her son Harold B. Hanson, rind|country. The people of today like ,ana tne nest, Ja=es to. ~eel. dklvin Lesc~he-~of Sentinel Butte ~consi~ting of the aforesaid Lake A1. | nqDIAN VALLEY GRANGI~ i family before returning to her, to read of the old days and there [McCUTCH-EONS ~'O C~LE'-B~TE i manor project and the proposed | I. '. ,~-- : . I North Dakota who has been visit- ~ so-called Crests and Pulga slants to I home m l~'t. ~sragg. mr. a.u a -~, is no eerierrecoru than canDe, ' " uct - No. 439,I I SILVER WFJ.)DING in= the H~r-- Rqe~- eft TVednes I be constr ed on the North Fork ] o Tanner Mr, and Mrs. T. E. Dynam life of the pioneer than can be ~" - "~ " "~' ' " of the Feath d Meets.nd and 4th Tuesday evenings[ i . [ANNIVEP,~ARY day to visit fxiend~ in Oakland. I er River in Butte, an . / -* -~-'- I- * Ts"lorsville land daughter drove ~ntn nor to uro- ~ found Th old letters In some cases ~ " [Plumas Counties, California Any / ~o='er |ville wl~ere she boarded a bus for lthe ov ners of old letters desire to! Mr. and Mrs. P C McCutcheon----------~,---------- I P ote. t against the approval of this | JAMl~S YOUNG Secretary IOakland" lpreserve them. These will be re-I,vili celebrate their silver wedding NOTICE TO CREDITORS l t~:rl~Cnt.i wnit~r th;qU:~ofn : fohea:ul~ / ~ ' ",~ ]turned to the owner, or, for our|anniversary ~t their home in Cres- ! ^,^ ^ ~ .~ r ] i Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Sheehan went ]~.purpose, a copy of a letter would[cent: Mills, Sunday, December 22. . In the Matter of the Estate d f I and~'a~drr' e." requests of the partyanu or~nepartna~ eS / ek end and re JU~m~r~ ~L,~u~'~'~.m~ L~ecease so r |below over the we - -]serve. I In honor of the occasion, Mrs p otesting Or requesting, should I ]. .ce . Notice is he,shy given hy the un be submitted before jan a ', ~L~ t~zffi~e ~zz~n |turned with a new DeSota .edan.] Old copiesof newspapers and]Evelyn Johnson and Mrs ~aroline -" " ry | nv,~ .~.~vz.v ~ ~,~-- I I ' ~ " " d-rsi-ned admtnistratrix of the'1941 " " -- ,-~ " ' r~ "---ins- also are wanted fo ~n ' h-"s~ a" e t~ I,~o tne ~eoeral ~-'OWer uor~. I of the Indian "~alley urangeI ~ i ~ua s,r ~.mguon wn~ no~cx open .~u~ estate of Josesz)h Klaunzer deceas-!mission at Washin~,t~n ~ ,'~ By / h frhe ~rescent ~-lome wren met ac these can be found many items of the McCutcheon home tEroughout " ~ ' r ~ ' ~ Meets Every First Tucsday in Eac,'- i ' ed to the creditors of all persons I o der of the Commission: Leon M, | the home or mrs. u'ranx ~ram1~z~ interest ' a ~n t a Fu I Month at 2 P.M. [ . . . . the uay. having cl ima age s the s id de-J q my Secretary. l Wednesda of lastwee~ Tnere i c de t to fie therr~ with the ne PEARL BONEY, Chairman.| Y ] wm apprecmte tne receipt of. All of the old friends and the e n, f . -]I~bl/sh Dec. 12, 19, 26 Jan. 2. | ~,r~.rm~ ~r~rc, w o ~ +o, |were present six members and two. anything pertaining to the olden new friends of Mr and Mrs M~ cessary vouchers, within mx months I,| "" "" ' ~" I--uests After the meeting refresh- ~ d-" s 'n ~ . . " ' "" after the first publication of this no- [ / !~ " Itry,~ a~y par~ ox the weeL [cutcneon are invites to visit tnem I tics in the office of the clerk of the ]- ' - | iments were served. I the day. Superior ou of the State of calll on K n I / ' ' Publisher ifornia in and for the County of V JL.L SINCERITY LODGE I Mr and Mrs. A J Sheehan drove I ' I ~ I I I s -- AL M. "- ~" r" "~rida" wliere the--' Indian Valley Record,I PERRY--I~F ~LLD :Pluzrms, or to exhibit them, ~,AY I / ~o 1~, ~r a, to urov lie1, y~ y S v r w th x ~'Y~ " ",{ Gr"en-t~ ~-~; "-'-~ [ " ,the nece sary ouche s, 1 in sl II [ | ~"~S~' Meets Second FridAy [were week.end visitors. I I ~ I months after the first pubPcation I| A tribute to,| Night of Each Month [ ------ ! ' - : L e ! Mrs. Ivy Mac l--crry o[ ~reenw~l~I of this notice to the sa~d admtnis- I I I | ]r~'~ I Mrs |MARVIN EARLE TAYLOR }and Albert Heald of Taylorsv lle tratrix at the office of M C Kerr ]| ][~ ~ ]~f~DDIO I l at ~ (~'UIOCK ~r. an~l, ~lrs. Willie JL~lngQon,V~r~t ~r ~lr~T~r I " " ' . rs~.~ nnmn u + l ~,- ~ + u. I ' were married in Reno, Nevada, Attorney for Admlntstratrlx,[I VV. r, ITIUIUUO I | |r oc-~s,s s I --'------ a~-a- T~ ~''-- 9 [Quincy, California, the ~ame beingil I / W. J. HALL. Seeretar~ |Laughlin and Mrs. Louisa Tanner] Marvin Earle Taylor, former res-:"~":.~'.-'-" ".'~. " . !the place of business in all matters I| ~} ~f~]~T~,i to ttend ~otn ~r ann mrs t~am nav,~ ]drove to Chics Saturday a ';ae"~ "~f ~e-nv'll- a~ a suddenh, i I connected with said estate of Joe-[| ~T, ~N~| J]~,| ~-" I " a ,- been rcsidents of the Indian Valley enh Klaunz~r deceased ll ~. ~ v4 ~ s,| l~ne regmnal meeting oz ~ne uau Quinc, Tuesday Decem~ber I0 ' ~ l" " " ~~ Mr Kin I ~' ' " for ~everal years. Dated, December 9th, 1940 ,l At 10:~0 A. l~[. from I | Fellows ana ~e, e~a~s ~ g f r 1 i ~| : " " ". :2 The une a w ll be held in Quincy ~ ALICE REES ~| I | i'donwent with Frank Clar~cc or i ' | ~R~ . iI ' ,urmay, uecem0er ,6, In charge ofATTEND LODGE CONCLAVE Adm/nistratrix of the Esstate of li SAVTI,] Greenville and the women accom-Ithc Masonic Lod e of which the Joseph Klaunzer, deceased, v.u a.~.~.7 I GERVITA Ilpanted Mrs rfeda O.tland and :~ieceased was a :gem~ber. ~ Mrs. Guy C. Outland, Mrs. Cliff ~t2~nKEf~orR'Admin[stratrtx" l! ] / Mrs Mary Rowett of Greenville Mr and Mrs Taylor had resided Rowett Mrs Margery McLaughlln, v o I II " I " ' - " - " " Publi,hDec. 12 19,26, J'an. 2,9. I ' '-/ | ~~~hl~F HI VV" B Laugheadand George Mixin Twain during recent months. IM,~s. G. L. Tanner, Mrs. AnoP.a iF ", I I A ~='~:l~o;.'B'~ead for |lwer; he;e Satu ay from Westwoo~ ' Taylor was a veteran of the !Kingdon and Mrs. Pearl Strong, at I~ ~ / i All the Family ii World War and served ~s a eorpoi-al tended a regional meeting of the [ U ~ T T-~A lr It / | Fortified Wlldll Ill ~or, an Mrs E-"-'~rr~tt S~evens in the Marine Corps. "" IRebekah and Odd ~'ellows Lodges I i~,|~ rlN[-]rd~l~|~ /'~lf-SI "i'~ll i~ ~,r''~'nn,u:~.~=,z'~,w~ ~ / .~ ~u II "" d . . i Ihel-~ in Chics Saturda-- I [b:,~ a~J J. JJtLaL~tL~ %~UIJU~///]I III ~,'~v~ag~L ruIt)iaLIU U / ,w r~ *x r~, Iiand son were in fron~ their valIeyI I u "" I ~,~?I~T "~?~"~TTn ~,~.X~-.-. . *'/~| [[[ 0 |' ILN IUUIL~'~ ~'~" ~, Greenville Calif. I contains wins. G Ilhome Monday. ]GRASS VALLEY m ERS i i iii ' I / This bread Is baked with Get- [I [ WILL SING ON CHRISTMAS { ~ 1 !~,~" CIZ.[IARS"" 7 -= I |U I / I ~:b=:d'w':::=:::= I, and Mrs. G. L. Tanner ~,~,Ik ~'-- ~ t-=- It | vita Flour which contains the . and PROGRAM OF NBC~ I~.~.N~". ~ ~ I I,J | I concentrated v!t~m!ns found IIMr". T z. Dyne. and daugTi~er, l The Callforn'a Cornish Gold }J;ne/ ~" ~ ~:~.////////./ I F"" ~ ~ I I - / I tn wheat. It has ten. t| Iboy motored to Westwood Monday. Stngers, an organization of singinK| I / ~ZC/~ [/I- /FI I / I the wheat germ contained in B| ' . I,viners of Grass Valley Nsv da| I / I I T4 i -- / I Who I! Mr and Mrsl Ado Sorsoll Were in leounty, will be fea:t:red on II II i / I BAKEDAND SOLDAT [itown" Monday evening from Tay-lti nal Broadcast'ng eo i -///~.LI IlL ~-~. x ~~-P~dll~''-" ~'-~'~'~" I / ,INDIAN VALLEY BAKERY Illor.ille iChrJstrtlt~ program on Christmas/i, i I = ~. -- } ". I# ql I| ~ ~/~ ~.~"-. ,( ~ ,AIII !. . ~ I / I Ui Imorni.g, aceording totho Gra.|l I vzoror I / K I I I I I,~. I Valley Chan~er of Commerce. I I ~ -f"~ -- ~ I1~' / I I ~u'lx~ ~ lr"~--r~'," /:'~b I I I A. L FARR, Mgr. I / ~I-- S [ The miuers' broadcast will orlg- II / ==- ] / I [ I >- i ii GREENVILLE, CALIF. I | " NOTICE OF NON-RESPON I- I lnate 2,000 feet under the surfaee of ll / //- I ,tl we ,I ,11 ]1 , ~--- -!1 BIIJ[TY Ithe Zdaho-Mary]and mlne, and wlllll / // I "=.;. -- ! . ! - o, -- -,v AGENCY I | re rie- zncmae sev~ra~ caro~s ~orwnlcn DepoMt~ ]l~nlured by ~qhe Having Just acquired th p p o, become famous. 111 Tu Those Things I II I ! ~eoerm ueposz~ znsur~nc " nt Mllls Plumas ~ D O. age at Cresce o You Don t Want into [~ C rp" Wuhlnl0t n':i " ~] i County, California, fr m S l n Luz- [ CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY ] [ ~//~'/4~1'~ ~ i [ [ MY :,~22[ Waist ~.0t~ .l [11 EepAir Work on AU Madml [ ! I~ ~ ~[Izadder, notlcc is hereby glven that[ Meets every Sunday, 11 a m, In I I ept ~x z~ ~L v ~p ~ I I| j ,~, a ~ a,t nu I [l O! U1rl,I I~ xlmum Insuranee llI o:Tr: to:e: uller bu,dl.g. Qu:ncy uo. ll vo- =:: i t, I I1w. - -Ill i OWL CAFE I i W~ether Large or Small d~l| e~ 1 biassmea ' I/ I~ Indian Valley Bank HI ~ ~ c-~l ~f~5~' II ' ~ ~ I / O~mmerclal and ~vl-- I I [[ Inv es xou .o Try uur I I t Tl II I / ' i'l I II T tyM ! II as ea s - WOOD AND POS' S FOR SALE-- ' n ths ~- i All kinds of wood and all le g .I J i mlFoR SALE--- Terms, Cotton I ' ' ~-~'( ~~-fL( / il Served at All Hours I / IGREENVILLE II ~ ~ ~~~~ II Something Different II I CLUB il rooms, bar room, dini:,gl %'~ (~'~ ///-~)~ ~ I/ ' I | I II room, kitchen, equlpmentandI " ~ '~ " ~"~ il Special D,nner Parties Every I / fixtures 2 3-4 acres with | ,on v a CaL . I[ " : 1 ,s| -KISS SACHET [I SaturdayNightUntlllA. M | I .- -- - i proper~y. 2tnmony ~erren'~,- ~ ~ E R . -~ u .m, son 3 q I I Drinks, ,**, I! Greenville, California. t/ -, - L I / I Club--m. J lll I I sine m .d rata u, il ,t.l frame. Good condition. In.[,i ! I II ' i! quire ][{tlpatrlc (}record. 3t'lH,I~ 15 ,[I elt'|y I'Ioi~'g~ SM~,$'IO= ~ ~ ~ | FOR SAh -- y Future z rmers 0 / Nothingyou can possibly give any .II " ll'/2 H I Th. Th n h " ] . fill 1 ' America. One registered .amp.i WOmln will be be pp,e red I i / I J lhlre boar, 7 months Old SeoI thanDjer-KissSachetorDjer-Kiss [ I II'IP, L I'I I L P l 1Ul llUlg / I ,I ,g A, ,aco,Dler-Khs Sachet t$ the ! ; I ews/ p r . . / lor ville tf" lmmnable D er Ktss fra rance ta i =, ll oR form to givea delightful !,kl !,# t / ! Ifl AUII bHUY ul or.-.-urn 0, ,or fragrance to linger|e II 2JrJ.l~. ~ I~,~ me ,~.m or =m ,=mr ~ ew~pmIper ][or the .~toms. ~ | bottle Pries $~ Apply at -- r I o - g l Zndlan VAne, :m ord. )Kiss peff-meisre ognized as ooe I i I I / I ][Prom9 &, ]HL II~T--In the Vicinity of ,ay|ore. of the wo,ld's sreat ode I i I I Y'- / i Until 4 ~. ~L II vlile, =#out December 2, a Bill ~m~ ~ I I ~ i ~ =n,rouuc=or), usrer, o =ssuel =~ sen=. ~ / I ~o. sow os OI ~oid, containing valulable paper, (~~ . ~o~9~ ~ s,~. ~,~,=, I ~ ~,-" II / I |, ,d =n.y. =,00 :2=. i / ,OWNE] .OI~[g&TO]~,~an Mateo Drive, Menlo Park, ~ i - ~L~-~. ~.~-~--~.~.=~.~-~ | I,Od fomla. ' ' " ' ' " i