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December 12, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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December 12, 1940

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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1940 LN'DI.A N VALLEY RECORD . I INDIAN VALLEY Published Every Thursday By LAURENCE LOCKNEY Entered as second-class matter November 27, 1930, at the post office at Greenville, California, under the Act of March 3, 1879, Obituaries, Cards of Thanks and all notices of entertainments given for profit, charged for the same as ocher advertising. ,ii i YEARS AG01 I TEN ' " Mrs. Murle~aunder Correspondent (From tile Files of the Record ! REDUCED PRICE ANNOUNCED FOR ] AMERICAN BOY [ With the anno---~ncement of an on- c of Ten Years Ago) ~tev. Ritter announces that mem- bers of local Boy Scout troop are becoming well trained in cverv phase of work. m Mrs. Frank Foote ~ntertained the Ladies' Aid Society last Thur~- iday. Mr. and Mrs. Don Garvin left for San Francisco last Tuesday after- larged and enlivened magazine, The American Boy, foremost publi- cation for boys ten to twenty, also enncunces a reduction in its sub- scriptien and single copy prices. Hereafter The American Boy will sell for 10c a single copy at news- Copy for advertising must reach the Record office not later than Wednes- Indian Valley-G-r~nrange stages play visiting here witb Mrs Sallie Gar- stands or for $1 00 a year and $2.00 A,~.a hom.-I~k. ha I ,In ,o th. F a ~a' day forenoon to insure publication in the ~urrent issue. All communion- at Taylorsville. Actors are Mrs vin. for three years on a subscriptl~n o.aWha;e:o;e ~,od.c.m ;cts-atso ;~,e t. inexpensive restaurants ol many Oallonai~tie| lions and items of news must reach the Record not later than Tuesday Lily Yovng, Mrs. Minnie Stark, Mrs ~-- basis for which Son Francisco is famous. evening to insure uublication. All communications must bear the signs- Mr. and Mrs. G, E. Boyden, Mr. In announcing a change in edito. Room With Bath turf of the author, but will not be published if requestea not to do so. Agnes Dolphin, i~?rs. Heater LeRov, and Mrs. C. M. Goodhue, Mrs. Pearl rial policy, publishers of the Amer= $[ng[e$1e25 Daub]pSI.50 ~eem w;,heut 8e,h .S;ngls 75~. Do.hie SLO0 Mrs Maude Taylor, Mrs Amy Goodhue and C J. Ewing attended ican Eoy assure subscribers that Park$ni Lot .d]oln}ng} 35 Hardgrave, Mrs. Muriel Maunder, a Regional meeting of the Odd Fel- the established fiction heroes who Reasonable and a Good Place MINUTES OF PLUMAS CA}UNTY ]the counties Mr Bra~lev informed James Young and Ncil Stark To Bring Your Faintly CHAMBER OF COMMERCE i the mereJbers that this would film- iows and Rebekah Lodves ~n Chloehave made the magazine so popular ~nate our representation at the Indian Valley ~ank. holds mee:- Saturday. with young and old alike, will con- t state legislature and consolidate the lag of directors, wi~h foliowtng di- tinuo to tell of their adventures ex- ~y u tl. uen, ~ecreutryj [,Virgil Thresh and Albert Toscar.i ~lusively in The American Boy In- " county offices putting man~" people rectors present. W. B. Perry, pres- Tne montmy meeung oz ~ne r-m- . out of emplovrment The big cities ~ T ~. ~ were Reno Visitors Monday. [cluded in this group are Renfrewof! II | mas County Chamber or ~ommerce . - . . - ~u~,:~; J= ~ ,~,~,~, ~, ~,~c~ . I opened at i2:30 o'clock Sunday, De- of the valley .and bay d,strlcts la, J. A. Perry, Ici A. Quigley, P. Y'/. Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Herring and [tne ,~ana~an .~oun~ea, ~onme naor- oamh,~, ~ st T-Tntel Ouincv in Ouin- [w uld control the enfTl'e territory Lawrence and Cecilia M. Chamber- son, Marion, were dinner guests of |gan ann um ~aan ~aaz~le, prospecz- ! to the detriment and disadvantage mIain, cashier Mr and Mr Leslie Mullen in Green i rs, Square Jaw Davis, railroacl en- cy, w tn rremaen~~.~.~ r~ur~; t ' "- . . ~of every resident of Plu,nas county J ville ,~l,nday evening Igmcer; Johnny Caruthers, flyer; in tne chair "[ " -"--'- *" |Jh]l Te and other counties in the territory. . ' i rney, detective; Ted Moran, " " ""- v" " The final result wo~ild be that the] ". Frank Sobre~x) returned Saturday]seaman; Alan Kane and Ted Dolli- Superwsor J F Hake reported Indmn Valley resldents go to Pax. --= :i i :::::c: h::U::n gbe :tat : ?:t::?;2::%c:"e past two weeks IZe::=== eL=*i=; = leted : if concentrated effort is made. Like. ! -------- [The American Boy. p . . . lwise the uroposed bill to break the] ~ . . Jane Yakel underwent an appen- [However, with a larger magazine Supervisor J P Branley ~eportea ~ I ~reenwne nas one o~ only two dix o"eration in the Westwood has t --i ~'as tax ~;ertaln interests are ~ro P "l"w u come new IlCtlon cnaracters that the new highway in h~s dis ~ " v ?hikingpicture shows in Plumas , " o'n that t" e t b bas - o the}' " p~tal last Tuesday |and an enlarged sports defense and trlct was moving along rapidly due po.l g n ax e ea n icounty ",' " "- fin- w-ather and had "-re nun~er of autos licensed in the] " . ~ ------- . . . [adventure program in Che non-tic- ro ~ne e ~ v : county Moved and seconded that] ~ Airs. ~arl Steaa ann oaoy aaugn-|tioh field. Greater recognition will grossed a great deal more than nan ' " ~ ter came home fr th -- " 1 - every effort be made to defeat these I w. b. ,-lanlbnn of the Ford Gar- am e ~a~soa ~ bc given to outstanding boys the been anticipated. ~blll': Carried and so ordered ~age reports sale of 56 cars during h spital Tuesday. ]country over and an exceptional L C DeArmond reportedthat " " ear " e " H C Flourno- talked briefl- on]y .-7--~ . -[acniev ment will be rewarded wit "~^ -o~d *-~twe~n Cal-'ine and Satt ~ " Y Y I " mr ann ~rs. t~. w. *xare~n anu ! ,~ - ~ ~ ~ v "the tax -uesttonMr Flournov is ] ~ ~ ~ ~ T ~ Ithe boy's picture on the front cover, ley had been completed. ~ ~ . ~. . ~ u.~, ~, ~,=~ *.~,u ~'~"~" 1 i e ~ ' ~ publis.'l ng a report which he com-] v'ere visitors Sunday at the J L ~ ~ s f ature was inaugurated With 117 1 L~ l[ ~ I[ ! Joe ~cLaugnl n repartee ~na~ ~ne " the Novembe issue whl Vlrgilia ,Mine would reopen about i P~Irerdtf r t~ehbeneflt of the w h21e lit S THE OLD ARMY GAMe, Thresh home, Ion the front lover "the li~cct:::rl~df ~Te"" S i.ear marKe~ h call for miner [ ry. ~ repo . amclo~es IBOYS--STARVE AND I~]~EZE ~ I I I II I ~ecemvfrlO "t e "[some startllng facts that should be[ Mr and Mrs J A Hardgrave[Americas outstanding driver of als for U. u. war lnaus~rles wa~ u~s- ! I - ~,- - " " = '~- "-re -I ,known to every tax payer in the] Veterans of the World ~Va.- will and daughter. Anabelle, and Mrs. Jtoga SChOOl age . ? " "er tory. John Sran '; sugges .Ino doubt shcd a tear of s mpathv Willis Ha dgravo vl ited Mrs sanie[ T?ache? libra ans, parents ] ready oeen sent ~o ~ne proper o~ Icauer~ o I ~ or oys groups recommen~ ion 'r'~e '~^vern 'a continffed f ght to retain and so- [ for the draftees of the new army, Hardgrave in Quincy Sunday ~ ~ ~ IT ~ ~ lr~ [~ + lcan Boy enthusiastically cure more taxable property whtch |when the said veterans learn h',t,~ p m II ~] ~' ~' ~ ment of the Umted rotates wants a ~ The two-poundsam le of all black san~ls:will help lift the burden f further [ the b ys are billeted f ranlgnt r Mr. annd Mrs. W.H. Dolphin| yhave found that, asageneral ~ ll~,J~111~l~lt ~l P rule, boys who read The American t taxatton from these already paying two without heat m thei- uarters were h! ~ rs tn Plurftas county for testing. The, ] ~ q C covi ito Saturday j Eo, re,ularl advance more ra idl ~ .~m ~" ~ jtne mu lane are Iea a tnln sandw:c:.~ at in- I " " " v y ~ a j . : boys who do not read it ~ Mrs. Moncur n-~otions that tb [tervais in lieu of a rat on Mr and Mrs L W Thresh wentl ~aughlin or w. ~-l. ~en In ~4umcy. ~ '~ " ' " ' " " Thrcu h the [chamber send greetings and flow-[ The following letter by Gordon to Sacramento Tuesday g leadership and sports. DeArmona reporting for tne win- (er~ to Mrs Flournov whn h-- boo,~ [Reilb ,~,~ ~o,1 ~ a,o ~,~. ~ Imanshlp of its fiction characters ~ . ]~ ter sports committee lnforme th ,~ be s r Convention tha~ a me'olin wa~ held convalescing from recent illness. !from Portals, is reprinted from the The pupils of Mrs. Jessie B. El-I y a e im~bued with a desire to I BUDWEISER AND ANHEU- g @ become leaders, to deevlop the high . . ~ . Carried and so ordered. ,Portals Reporter: dred entertained the parents with a| . ~ SER-BUSCH BEER last weeK, an~ng .nose present . " tdeale n I Secretary Ge~l remarke~" ~'tefly ~Fort Ord, Calif Nov. 26, 1940. program last Wednesday After the a d courag~ the heroes them. ~ ON DRAUGiiT ~[ vem~" r'remoen~ ~c~ ~ x~our~e, .m;u [ that man-, ~eo'~le -+ *~ ~-,- |Dear ]~ql *h^ -r " h^,a ,~ ]selves display. ~ [] "IVl~Ne~I and Mr Z~mmerman It I ~ v v ,~- ~,~ ~ p,=,~: . ~ - ~, ,s,~, ,~ ,~,~ w~o ,~, ~u I To subscribe to The American s Foreign & I)omestie Whlskle~ ~' ~ ' . " . ;that the county supervisors are in. [ Paul Barnes and I got together~iscuss the serving of hot lunches ] ~ '~l was aeelaea to nola a num,~er or~ . 13o st ,| y mply send the name and ad All Kinds of Wines & Liquors active in their efforts to get things and wondered if you wou)d be inter, to the children throuzh the Surnlus ~ ~] darmes to rat: e funds to finance a ! ~. ~. ". ~ - dress of the one who ~ t, r~,~ ~ fll da Inane; however, we snoula not [or- estea in prlntl~g a column on toe com~nodltiesuistribution program .o ] M~mg V.l~ntin. ~::nlnn, at--V.l~'an ~1 two- y winter sports meet later on . the rrtagaztne toge~r wtfh -,ro,~er ~ ~1 -- [ gettnat tflo splenala worz~ tnat urs or a ~ra tee. ~ *" v ~ ~ ~ : u ~, l-"eter INICOIaS gave a talk on " " remittance ( 1 *or on -~. ~,-0-,-, ,-sm. has been done in the great Ira-; First off we got to Sacramento Mr. and Mrs. C H Thresh and $ - e year or $2 ] ~reel war reuer wnmn was wen ' " for thr-e . ' ~ . . . provemenz of highways and pro. at ;~:15 a m (on time, lm'tgine) daughter, Mr and Mrs J C Thresh e years~ ulrec~ to "x'ne ~,n'ter. ~ Greenville Hotel Bldg. ~i recezv~d, ann a petltmn wa~ started. ' ' " i'~u~Be 74,~ ; lJects of such v!tal importance to the and waited until 5:30 a. m. to eat and children, Mr and Mrs A J " y, 30 Secohd Blvd Of- ~ GREI~]NVII~LE, CALIF. mat prenucen a nne contrmut on ' " " " trait Michi an , "r ]people have been handledby the breakfast. From there we went t~ Thresh and children, Mr and Mrs ' g " . ' ~m the m.emoers axta tmenas pros- th o " " ~ . ]supervisors with cautious regard e P lnt of Induction, which is at A. J. Maunder and daughter were ont. ~for the taxpayers~ moneyThese the Armory in Sacramento among the guests at a turkey dinner Mrs. Joe Hoke read a letter abe: ha" "u " roe "ve'f . . . gentlermen deserve the highest rnere they issued lunches which . I J St ,el. a rom.l~Onaon from credit for doing a good ~ob wlth consisted of one ham and one cheese mrs. r~oze s Staler. Tne letter was sa d i h . nmatea nnances, n w c ano one ann one-nnu pint most Interesting and although oz . t)o Arter or|or remarks ov e'reslaent or m~m nlore or less personal nature, the = + slc . . . ~en t~ourKe tne meeting was ad- ' ~ex we ooarnea a tram inrn ~an contents of the letter certainly were '^ Sc r" l Journea at :~o p.m. t~'rancisco, W~tn the sam~. hlnch Is- lit proof that the IEnffnsn war erie t s ioued us for su er " " !, pp . we re~enea be. giving Adolph Hitler more than hie * F'ri~co at 6 20 ,: p m, and bo~rded pl share of headaches. The letter -------'---" |'the Streamliner to ' the Presidio stated Chat the peoule of Britain .]Monterey were confident that Hitlerism would MUSIC WAR CONFRONTS [ We arrived here at .1 p. m. an.1 be destroyed, . and freedom of the RADIO STATION O~VNEBS ~stood, . around for one-hal," hcu.~ be- world saved ) ------,iore we were fed coffee and dough- tOMoneur ave a brief That a a Judge J. g m Jar music war is raging !nuts We were then taken and as Gre ks astoundin suc b ~ e h talk o~ the ' g --' et-e n t e music writers and the I signed tents without stoves After cess in defending thei~ land from radio broadcasting stations was r I n~ l "' " ~ I p li,a l the clothes that we could s r ra stn President mad clear b r the aggres o p g e y Cha les H Smith in find o o w :,n ur cots, e got to bed about Piano, Radio, B icyel~Tool~ J ~oosevelt's prom~se of h~lp to the : a talk before the Greenville Rotary I1"30 a m gallant Greeks. (Early last week 36 club ~edneeday. Smith, mnsic in-[ 'Mind you, now, we had no sleep ice Box, can be sold with ] of our giant four-moto~ bar, bern structor in the Greenvil|e Iligh[at all on the trip and then to come TH]sA WANTNEWSpApERAD IN|i Were released to Gi-eecb). School, is a radio announcer, duringldown here ,~nd~ t,~-- to fre~Te~ o. -a Joe Hake advised that the white line in the center of the l~eather River highway was expected to be completed as sooh as important re- pairs and new construction was completed. Moved and seconded that Dr. Grannini and Mr. Hayden be ap- pointed on the tax committee for the Walkermine district. Carried knd so ordered. Moved and seconded that Walker- mtne residents be solicited for m~m- bershlp in our organization. Car- the summer months, and last sum-isleep at th- same time was too mer was w~th a Stockton station ! c o s {mu h. C n equentlyy, we wen~ He said that the radio people paid ~without sleep that night, too four million dollars for a five-yearI The first day here we ioo'k an- privilege of using all the music un other h sic " i P y al examination and der copyright b~ associated musi shots fo h / " r typ old and sm~.lpox. clans, publishers and distributors i From there we were i~sued This contract expires D ecembel~:'~J~,|clothes~ that don't come within a and the music Ieague asks for some-I: foot of fitting, and then the change thing like eight million dollars fo:~ of civilian clothes to army clothos. another five.year contract, which |In the afternoon we were given a has precipitated something of a[bit of drilling to do before eupper national row in radio affairs. An-lat 5 p. m. other smller music league is deaf-] Mess . . . YOU are issued a mess ing with the radlo folk, and that Is ~ kit consisting of an ahlminum: skin the reason, said Smith, that some of the stations have been dlshing up so many old pieces of music sine.~ December 1. The copyrighters not only control the music, but they also control certain arrangements of ne~ music, as well as music from 30 to 40 years old, and as almost all given by J. I-I. Neel of S,~.cramento ~//./;fi//~//~/~. at the Sorsoli Hotel in Crescent~--/.~/~/,'~ ~II/~~~//~/; a Ithe purchaser of a large amount of ,///~/~ ~ ~~ l'the lumber produced by the Taxesh Brothers this season. ' ~.'~, A.J. Maunder was a business v~sitor in Quincy Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. Talcott of Belden and former Engelmine residents, called on the ~. V. Fishers Sunday. ,~r, and Mrs. Douglas Hosselkus The Lost is Found and son, and Mr. and ~vIrs. Aldo ~or- ~olI spont Monday in Reno. By Our Wa.t Ads George Sobrer--o'~returned from ~/hen you lose 'n advertise Sacramento Monday. tThey Don't Stay Lo t Lon Mr. and Mrs. Jim Church of Ore. ville visited Mr. Church's mother, Mrs. Rose Church, here last week, ,VANTED--Representative to look @ after our magazine subscriptions rled and so ordered. Secretary Getl brought to the at- tentton of ~ convention the fact that President Len O'Rourke paid from. hie own funds for the banquet gtveh to the draftees from Plumas "county recently inducted in the U. ~. Army. On motion by John Bran- le~, seconded by the entire body, General Merchandise ~hat President O'Rour]~e he reim- of the well-known music writers of ihy the post's dentist, therefore, Greenv|||e, Call] bursed frorr~ chamber funds for the past and present are fled up in the I day my whole face is swollen out of ~ Open g L m. to g p: Greenville Cahfornia banquet expense Carried and ao m~mc organization, the music pro. I size. I Open S&turday~ 8 m m to 9 p, m. brdered, grams may be rather skimpy after[ Today the only thin~ that hap-[ HAIRCUT 60e gHAV~ $5o !~.- ~-.::-:---: :.=-'--~r'~'----~ =,: ~ohn ]Branley talked on the pro0- January 1 until the radio people an4 [ pened outside of drills wa.s that we~ Ladles' Neck Trim ~ " i "--~~ ' " II We have hit it lUCky an. PaulI I " Iland I have both been ass|gned toI II |Ith re"' 'Ord" We;W:::L D:'W h [ in the morning. SO /~ PORTOLA, CALIF+ I AS.rm, ri+a T |jh ping that we caa at least get the [ I j. i]. me company together and m ybe I ,-- -- lithe same tent. ' I ) as I NOTARY PUBLIC AND il .ut after all Is said and done.)/]~,Ill Dry CleaningCle I ilthere is no better life than Army I"~ I PUBLIC STENoGRAPtiER IIl,f Dry aning I z~ "11 ~'~ l"e '. II Say Hello to all you can for us~ The Poor Cave Man I breenvlue, t,alliornla Iland to o,o-.v I I Ha" N " I see Max, With the Green Truck | I l! G.M. RZIL ANO } Every Tuesday and Friday I I /7th Dlvlsion, I : But You Have l! ' ! " I ! ~o~ o~, ca.f. ~v I '--~---~":': ~-~-~'*:,;-:"=-'""~'""'~ : m in Greenville an~l vicinity. ~vezy f s m i ly orders subscriptions. :Hundreds of dollar~ are spent fc.r them each fall an i winter in this vicinity. Instructions and equip. ment free. Guaranteed lowest rates on all periodicals, domestlc and foreign. Represent the oldest magazine agency in the United ~tates. Start a growing and pec- manent business in whole or spare t~me. Address MOORE. COq'TREI~, Inc Naples Road, North Cohoeton, New York. 'let and lid and quart cup of tin for coffee, and a knife, fork and spoon. You have to put everything you are issued to eat in the skillet and keep the lid for bread. Yesterday was about the semejpa|~t~ Barber hnn wtth one exception I (Reilly~ had[ r ' pulle.l[Je Ee t,*~ ~,1~* an ripper and a lower molar ampn:, rrop.