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December 12, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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December 12, 1940

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Thursday, December 12, 1940 it. HARD SEED CAN 'Gg"D Helps Insure Against Crop Failure. ,IN -------- Washington, D. C. (Assistant Extension Agronomist, Rut&erJ University.) ENVOY LEAHY NO 'APPEASER' ~Don't always reject field crop seed French appeasers who favor co- which happens to contain a re|a- operation with Germany, particular- ripely high percentage of hard seed. ly Vice Premier Laval, are going to This hard seed may later prove a have a rude awakening on the ar- savior of permanent hay crops of rival of Admiral William Leahy, new alfalfa and red clover. U. S. ambassador to Vichy. Hard seeds are not "duds." They Officially inspired French news- are live seeds which fail to absorb Papers received Admiral Leahy'smoisture and sprout when kept for appointment as an indication that the official time of six or seven days the United States had decided to in a laboratory under good growing play ball with Germany and was conditions. They are a provision of veering away from Britain. nature to insure the reserve of live But they were so wrong Inside seeds in the soil. By spreading fact is that Admiral Leahy is one germination over a longer period of of Roosevelt's most vigorous ad- time, hard seeds often reduce risk risers in favor of helping Britain, of partial failure due to unfavorable and has even urged that a largeconditions following seeding Part of the American navy be sent The state and federal seed laws, to Singapore in order to keep an however, require that the percent- eye on Japan, and serve as a silent age of hard seed be reported on Warning against Japanese penetra- the test tag used for labeling seeds tlon down to the Dutch East Indies. for sale to farmers. Sometimes * * there is as much as 80 per ten1 BRITISH SUDDENLY FRANK hard seed present in a lot before hulling, but the scratching of the ,wnat is nappenmg m ~nglana to- seed coat during the hulling proc any is a barrage of truth Sudden l . . " ess reduces the percentage. Y, British censors nave passes a succession of news stories which ad- . l:ne amount l:Z n;:21;:mCa:emd ;~ ialza ann reu C ove rnit What U. S. military observers lon~ ~n k.p tha* the dama~ in a concern in aeterminmg seeamg o a~ ~w, ~ o-- *~ England was terrific, that airplane r;to:S'rl I:nfaCnt'. if al~alf:t ItheSOa~; production had slowed down, andp pe y .a oz seep y . oz 15 pounas per acre 30 to 50 per that British shippmg was tn a more '. desperate predicament than during cent oz. me seeas may 2e naras=~::~ some of the dark days of the first ouz reaucmg me nnaJ stana o~ p W "- " or early summer sown alfalfa aria war . d Moderate delays in germination due l nese zaczs also nave oeen a - to hard seeds may thicken the stand mitred by responsible cabinet oft- ' e ' by the end of the growmg s ason if cers on me near oz parnamenr Tne severe losses have occurred previ- suaaen Iranzness means amy one ously, thus hard seeds have a deft mmg--the British are zeulng us tna~ nlte msurance value. ~olo ess thee e Ynf;:d e~:a~ e g r e~ht:rhelp Scarification of alfalfa seed re. . ~ ~ . ' Y Y duces its keeping qualities to the ace oeIeaL extent that it is not advisable. Like Actually the situation has not wise scarification of red clover seed changed materially, except forthe is undesirable where the seed is to willingness of the British to talkbe stored for more than one year. about it. The odds definitely have been against the British from the very minute France surrendered, But thanks to the Greeks and the failures of the Italian fieet, British odds have improved considerably, though they are not yet 50-50. NEW MEXICAN PRESIDENT In the dispatches about the inaug- uration (performed December 1) of Mexico's new president, Manuel Avila Camacho, nothing is said of his mother, who stands upright in her grave in the state of Puebla. Senora Camacho de Avila, mother of four sons, was one of the most colorful and dynamic women in the history of Mexico. She died only a Year ago, and her last words were to direct that she should be buried upright in the ground. "The Avila Camachos," she said, "have always stood on their feet." Accordingly, the coffin was put into the ground in an upright posi. tlon, in the town of Tezuitlan, state of Puebla. If the rate of seeding red clover is eight pounds or more per acre and iJ it is sown properly 30 to 40 per cent of hard seed will r~ot injure the re- sulting stand but rather help thick- en it. For spring or early summer sow ing, scarification of red clover seed is necessary to reduce the number lot hard seeds And if a fourth or more are hard, the usual rate of seeding may have to be increased If small grain, hay or other legume crops are to follow, volunteer sweel clover plants will reduce the quality of the seed harvested. Weigh Farm Animals With Tape Measure If you'd like to know the weigh~ of your farm animals, but do not have a scale, get out your tape measure The Minnesota experiment station has just released an interesting booklet telling how to figure out the weights of live stock from measure The people of that state neededmanta. no such graphic action to remem- In the case of cattle and horses. ber her. For her sons will not al- you first find the heart-girth in low her to be forgotten. One now inches (the distance around the ani- becomes president of the country, mars body just a little way back el Another, Maxim]no Avila Camacho, the front legs). Next, find the length is governor of the state of Puebla, in inches from the pin-bone at the actually is a stronger figure than side of the tail to the prominence the president, on the shoulder, located on mature cattle about one inch back of whal He is the Mussolini of Mexico-- i is commonly called the point of the powerful, lusty. The owner of 100 full shoulder. See that the animal is blooded horses and an amateur bull I standing squarely on its feet, with fighter, he stages private bull fights the head forward. for the amusement of distinguished With these measurements taken, visitors, the heart-girth is multiplied by itself Chances are that it is this moth- I once and the resulting figure is then er's son, rather than Manuel who imultiplied by the animal's length, will run the government of Mexico. ~The product of these multiplications AID FOR GREECE The mail sack arriving at the Greek legation these mornings at last is showing evidence of popular support for the Greek cause. Let- ters are pouring in, many with en- closures of cash. A Mississippi school teacher sends five dollars; an unknown man from Arkansas sends six dollars; Oscar L. Johnson and Harry L. Carpel, both of Washington, send $100 each. The total has re,ached $40,000, all forwarded to New York, where a special committee is handling con- tributions. One letter comes from a retired army engineer in Atlanta, who says, "I could still pass for 40," and asks to enlist in the Greek army. In New Brunswick, N. J a group of young aviators who flew for Fin- land now want to fiy war planes for Greece. Authors of these 'letters get an- swers signed by the longest name in Washington's diplomatic corps-- Diamantopoulos. He is the minister of Greece, and he gratefully ac- cepts both the money and the men. * * $ CAPITAL CHAFF Justice Frank .Murphy' s recipe for keeping fit at 50 is to walk to and from the Supreme court, and ride horseback every afternoon. Justice Murphy walks the long way round to his office, going first to the Wash- ington monument. The 25,000 government workers who daily lunch in government res- taurants in Washington consume an- nually 187,000 pounds of butter, 187,- 000 dozen eggs, 135,640 pounds of coffee, 2,446,336 bottles of milk, and 43,268 gallons of ice cream. is finally divided by 300 to obtain the approximate weight of a cow. In the case of horses, the number oh. mined after dividing by 300 is cue. tomarily increased by 50 pounds. -The proper length measurement for hogs is taken from the base of the tail over the back to a point midway between the ears. Also, the proper dividing figure is 400 rather than 300. Rural Briefs 1 U0der modern methods of feed- ing and handling, pullets may be reared at any time of the year. n Good quality mixed or legume hays, with oats, barley, or other cereal grains as concentrates, make a satisfactory ration for the work horse. * lightly smaller supplies of eggs in the United States are indicated for the last half of 1940 as com. pared with the last half of 1939, re. ports the U, S. bureau of agrlcul rural economics. $ $ Potatoes cooked in their jackets lose almost none of their food value $ * $ Apples rank high in carbohydrate and iron content, and they are a par- ticularly valuable source of vitamins A and C. $ * * An all-time record corn yield was produced last season by Roland Res- ler of Savoy, IlL On a six-acre field, Reeler raised 1,028 bushels, or more than 171 bushels an acre. The previous high record, set in Iowa, was 140 bushels per acre. INDIAN VAI,LEY RECORD , -'---------- --"1 Correctly simple, with waistline ,l slimmed in by inside tucks be- ,I neath which the skirt flares and ~s~" ] [ripples, it's trimmed with frills f~,[and ribbon at sleeves and neck- I ~l |~ line. You can see from the dia- - :/|,I gram sketch how easy this design L~ /')'l,](No. 8827) is to make. Just cut ~rfl~/ J I out four pieces, make the tucks ,~,~r~,land the darts, and sew it together. ~.~i I| [Even the least experienced moth- ~~,i er or doting aunt can do it! ~~ ~| For the coming holiday parties ~ ~ [ ]this frock will be most appro- ~,[ priate in velveteen or taffeta, with 1 [ / rgandy or very fine lace for [l|i~ ~| I trimming. Simple as it is, this IBI~ I| I pattern includes a step-by-step sew II ' [I'chart" * * * ~l~[~l t ~l Pattern NO. 8827 is designed for sizes 3, [l~,~ k~]j 4, 5 and 6 years. Size 4 requires 1~ yards rl~ ~t~ of 39-inch material; 1~ yards trimming ~~ ~t~:~ and 11,~ yards of velvet ribbon. Send I~ ~ order to: ,x I I ] X~ZI ] 149 New Montgomery Ave. ] ] [San Francisco CaIU. I i / I I Enclose 15 cents for each pattern, i I / J / ~/ I Pattern No Size , II~ :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: The Questions 1. Whose poem contains the well- ~~~ ] known line: "If winter comes, can I~~7 I spring be far behind?"? 2. What is estimated to have J ~t~~ ,o,~)"7 I been the seating capacity of the I ooa/ I Roman Circus Maximus? J ~ 3. Where is the original home of the potato? MAKE this adorable frock for your own little girl, tie a rib- 4. What is a canticle? round her head and send her 5. What officer ranks next above As Friendship Is I INDIGESTION I mfiy affect the mart OI, a trapped In the stomach or ]miler ~ act lllO s W~v~ T ~ l~x~ c]~ 4%,r~v~ hgir-trlgger on tha heart, At the first sign of distress .-*--, ~ ~,~-- - - ', ,-, ~ ~-vl,~ ~v smart men and women depend on nelt-aal Tablet8 to their trees in the beginning of au- set gas free. No lagative but made of the faetut- o c~ acting medicines known for acid Indigestion. If the tumn, 4ust such, thinkI, is ther~esTvose doo :t *m~-~ ~e bet~t ~ m w. ~ ~ b0tU~ tO nJ ann xecml"e J~U~L~ ~ ~ ~K~ frmndsh~p of the worlm wnust the sap of maintenancelasts, my friends swarm in abundance; but Strength in Solitude in the winter of my need they When is a man strong until he leave me naked.--Warwick, feels alone.--Browning. liil}i!i!iliiii!iiiiiiii!iii::~i::::iiiil ~ Be the envy ~t dswith this gorgeousI :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: S T E R L I N G S I LV E R R I N G I ! !}ii}}}iiii~i~}!~iii!i plated). It is set wi~h alarge white,brilliant-cut I ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: stone that looks like a diamond. Two smaller I iiiiiil('[ !Tli;sto.e.o-elth-- I i::::i::::ii ::ii::::~ pride and rlea~nctive .ring i iiiiiiiiii::ii:iiiii:::di}::::i::::::iii iiiiiiiiiit that goes with an~ costume for 8ny occasion. I ! :: :: :: :: i i :: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Just mend 500 and-~wo labels from Van Camp's I i~::::::i~i~i~i@::~I I I I I ,00.m " I l I I CITY STATF,I l i l A SlZI$, a z m s s io. I I~ [ Wrap around finger and check your size,I Knowing Adversity Your Opinion I account it a part of unhappi- Public opinion is a weak tyrant hess not to know adversity. I compared with our own private judge you to be miserable because opinion. What a man thinks of you have not been miserable. ]himself, that it is which deter- There is no one more unhappy mines, or rather indicates, his than he who never felt adversity. ] fate.--Henry David Thoreau. 'LETCHER RC RAFT SCHOOLS 625 W. San Fernando Rd Burbank, Cal. Fletcher factory-approved training is based on a pre-enrolment selection plan which has already placed 4000 men in )ff beaming to her next important party date! You may be sure ~he'Li have a good time, and be lhe smartest little girl thereI ;. 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