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December 12, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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December 12, 1940

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INDIAN VALLEY RECORD Thursday, December 12, 1940 GENERAL HUGH S. JOHNSON UI~ lemt~ Washington Digest America Faces Grave Choice Between Isolation, Intervention Potholders You Can Make at Little Cost billions in war contracts. Our whole Financial Experts business system went into a coma Exchange Views Into these economic doldrums, the selected men were kicked--given "travel money" home and there abandoned. It created bitter resentment. The boys found that, while they had been away, somebody else had gotten their Jobs, made much more jack than they had and, in some cases, married their best girls--and they couldn't get work. Their govern. sent had taken them with glittering promises. They came home to find these were forgotten. The major complaint about this draft is that it is moving too slowly. The same sort of criticism in 1917 forced the war department into an almost fatal blunder, to order men to camps before they were ready to receive them. Let's not again be bums-rushed into that tragic error. It's a lot better to take whatever criticism there may be for not hay. ing proper housing, clothing and food and to tell our people the exact truth, than to try to cover it up at the expense of the health and wel. fare of these kids. It can't be cov- ered long. A new figure has appeared re- cently in Washington who is con- ducting a highly interesting shadow show in which conflicting viewpoints within the administration and out. side, play highly exciting roles. The man ts tall, quiet Milton Har- rison; one.time familiar as a discreet lobbyist in congressional corridors. now editor and publisher of the Sav- ings Bank Journal. He is gifted with an impish sense of humor as well as a keenly ana. Farm Income Farm cash income is declining seasonally, but the total com- pares favorably with 1939 figures Total from marketings and gov- ernment payments in the last quarter of the year may be slightly larger than in the fourth quarter of 1939. Total for the full year is tentatively estimated at 9.0 billion dollars, compared with 8.5 billion in 1939 As I stood looking at Mr. Roose- velt, his hair much grayer now, I could see the lines of care which the presidency burns into any active in- cumbent of that thankless post and I felt that he, too, might like to dodge these sessions. But by the time the conference was over, I was ready to change my mind. I heard his tired voice acquire its old ring and I watched the glint in his eye when he had parried an embarrassing query, not- ed the deliberate assurance with which he told an apt parable to illustrate a point he wanted to'drive home. Mr. Roosevelt may not love the newspapers hut I doubt if he is ready to abandon this informal con. tact with their representatives, no matter how much an inconvenience it my be, or "how 'difficult It' is to get over his side of the story to men not only trained to analyze every word, but ready to see some hidden meaning in every look and every gesture as well. a a Martin Dies wanted a million-dol. lap appropriation to pursue his in. vestigation of "fifth column" activi- tieS. It was rumored that he planned to take over certain work done by the trained operators of the depart. sent of Justice and that he would ask congress to vote him special powers. That is why the President in his letter to Mr. Dies emphasized the line between the investigative pew. era of congress under the Constitu- tion and the functions ot the execu- tive departments. For example, there is the course in physical education. Be McMillin tells me that at Indiana this is one of the harder courses, involving a good part of the training needed to finish in a medical school. These are things that, for the good of football, can be ironed out back of the curtain, in place of vague charges that carry no proof ot any mort. A Cornell or a Pennsylvania degree still ranks with any that | know about. The idea today, in too many quar. ters, seems to be that all winning teams must be made the targets for the beaten. College football, in many places, could use more of the sporting side. There is no law forcing any institu. lion to schedule football games with any suspicious rivals.' Tbe main purpose of football was supposed to be recreation and sport for sport's sake. It was never fn. tended as a part of Nero's schedule In the old Roman coliseum, It is a great game--one of the greatest--but it is also a game that is gradually developing entirely too many term[tic habitats in its own system. I still say it would be a far better game if every student in every col. lege and university were treated ex. actly the same as every other stu- dent in regard to proselyting, schol. arships, jobs and financial handouts. Then we'd have a true test of col- lege football ranking. I believe that this would prove itself a real boon to the game. Arc yon troubled with Biliousness -- Headaehe-- Ga~--C~onsUpation? Don'tdelay, wrlte today for' A WEEK'S FREE TRIAL OF OSB VEGETABLE TABLETS a Stomaohie and Lax- ative that has been help[ha folks for &~ years. STANDARD REMEDY CO, 11.A Candler BIds, Bsi/lmmlk IN. Some Difference "I feel like a two-year-old." "Horse or egg?" ,m***mm, mmm @ TO EVERY POINT OF INTEREST IN SAN FnANCISCO Across from Union Square; center of gayest, busiest downtown area. 250 delightful rooms with bath fine Coffee Shop. Garage service. ROOM WITN BATH FROM OO $2 IITOCKTON AT UNION SOUA|II emergency aspect, whippy little gray-moustached Gen. George V. Strong is the diplomat of the army. His recent mission to Great Britain is said to have yielded much basic information on which the army and navy are working out hemisphere defense. He Is chief of the war plans division of the war depart. ment's general staff. General Strong is one of the few high.ranking army officers who Started their careers fig)' ting Indians. IN THE war-planning, which daily takes on more and more of an He likes a lot of elbow room in whatever he does and has been having the time of his life with his Black Rills sculptures of the Presidents. Standins up. his mountain-side Abraham Lin. coin would be 465 feet tall. He's never so happy as when he has a steam shovel for a chisel and a carload of dynamite for a mal- let. He has a hair-trigger tell. per, riding any big political cy- clone that may happen to kick up, His first attempt at gargan. tuan mountain carving, for file Confederate memorial at Stone Mountain, Ga broke up in M row, In which mo~els and plans were destroyed. With a number of other distin- guished artists he has been active in the poster contest and has helped stir public excitement over the com. petition. Born in Idaho, be was edu. cased in Fremont and Omaha, Neb and studied art in San Francisco and Paris. to be clothed, housed, fed and receive their army pay until, with the as. sistance of local boards, they were re-employed. The powers that were said: "No[" They wanted to "liquidate" the war --instantly. The whole backbone of war regulation was withdrawn sud- denly. That left a structure of arti- flciaUy high prices and industry by quick cancellation of than to try to advance the ball. He is now demonstrating this. The "quarterback," as the President used to call himself, is now more in. terested in the "quarterdeck," and the factory. That seems to be the picture which is slowly being etched into the background of Washington as the third term is about to begin. a a a Washington, D.C. Advocates of Both Policies Want to Protect the U. S.; I WITH football s 1940 story told, TAXES AND ARMS Economist Foreshadows New Tax Policies; . it might be just as well for all rea.:S own~r,h; * .is humming withtwo 1) ]L TT 11 "rt ~ e I coheges to move over just a trifle g at alscussions. They are noz re- l/ouHcvel[ hems Press t~onIerence, [ more to the sporting side. lated in the talk but they are in fact. ~ ] Ohio State's charges against Carl the question of our financing B~ BATTI~I~rar ~ / Snavely were ridiculous for two rea- ~rmsn armament. The other is of (Releas;d b Wes'e " j ~A~,Aa:J / sons-- ,~ the very great increases in taxes to . . Y, t rn Newspaper Union.} ] lytical mind and has taken particu. ] 1 It was Francis Schmidt, the (CBonYs L'id~ateWldUF~atLure~LPwNAu~TrOvlc~e i vl~enanCe fully at least the regular ex- co~: t:te~ae~g:g::ng ::rYe: h:cV~ [lo~r enjoyment in arranging a series /Ohio coach, who broke two rules p ses or our government--perhaps I oundmbles where experts can,in the Purdue ~,ame ]~TEW YORK. -- Also bulky and nine billions a year]mDs e~cnea against the bright [ emphatically disagree,~ ~. ^ J. N muscular, but less belligerent The cost of our defense program, :~n-l~nt O:veme clouds; the lagoon [ The roundtable follows an excel-[ ~;on~ib~: ';ot=l~ "of than John L Lewis his predecessor if our World war experience means r beyond, a molten/ lent dinner at a Washington hotel| ::i i ii ::ili::ii::i::,i !ii!!!i:: , ' . ra th ' . .::~.:~:~:~:~z,~:~:!~z:;:::~::~:~::~:~:;::~ Ohm State s 17 m office as president of C. I. O anythmg, has not even yet been dim- gr Ly, me. monument, the porticos [ and sometimes the meetings last,noints His double il is Philip Mur- ly imagined. General Marshall oz,me wnlce tiouse, sharp waits. ] well after midnight. The speakers,~~iil ~e==l :,h~+,*, + ^~ Mrur Ana me snape of things to come ar " ~:::~:::;~: ~" ray o~ C[O ray. He is of once estimated that to parallel the e exceedmgly free and frank In,tnok-|~ 1vr=== h~l Silver.Ton ed . Scottish de: German land armament alone would ts .oemg e~c~ed hesper into the con- [ their speech The press in general ] ~~i~ii ;~[:~'*^~*~=:a ' '"'~. " "- " do not have sc]ousness oz, s startmgm ca it down [ /~ii~r~:i;!:::: -"~' ="=~ u, w~ ~'L L u J~ S e e o,~,~cost $100 000,000 000 Fortunatel . . e p al too. isnot mvltedbut certain special ~i: .n ~#,~ #aura rt~[ n t """ ' ' " Y" America 1 ' ~ : game. the ef~r~ ely . str ' . : ; 2. If St. John and en to fewer words than Mr. Lewis, stick to our idea of hemisphere de- ange.roa.a. Ahead is a fork. Shall ] speakers except wzth consent and Schmidt w~ra ~ ~ and has been a nowerful offstage tense.But, in addition to a very we. ~et me team cnoose or ooes the| confirmation of text. The men eho-| ~ "'" " . . o driver know:, tam that Snavely figure in. the sensational rise of the great land armament, wehave un- One thtngseems to b'e certain The ]sen to take portare selected be ~~was directing most ~ ~. u. in me zast four ,ears.v aermKen me most amoltious sea .ri " " |cause. oz meir snarpty connictingi of the signals thmr" re ram e a ver ~nows where he wants to go views The " Grantland Rice Conservative labor opinion sees in P g ver attempted [ y include such figures as / firstmove sh,~,]a ~0UO me nurses.~acK nose OaCK Rex his seleetion an augury for improved It is profitless to try to foresee all to the world of thin-s we ~der |'~ ,ford fugwell, the first-term New |have been to notify the officials at labor relations under the urgency of these costs. No one has ever had stand The famili-- ~* ~: ]~eal undersecretary of agriculture; [once--or at least between halves our defense effort. He has been a enough facts or taken enough trou. takes' us up the Is'he ~o't;;~b;;'n: [#ero me ~rank, now head of the Se- l It is to Purdue's eredit---Purd, ue ,curses ,:xcnange commission and which had negotiator and labor pacifier for ble to make an accurate statistical i " ! a le-itimate ' ~ i . me warm l:gnt in me hieing roomale ~ squawe~ ~ busy on mese s rmg ere- three Presidents. President Wilson i comparlson of what it costs us, as window, the frtendly smoke curling l--s one of the early crusaders of /that George Ade's alma mater made ~ cheted potholders -- they're :~:~ hays ana omers like ~ooer~ no omea made him a member of his War l compared with England or Ger -- ! ' ~ ai protest of an- sort ^~" " " up me cnimney Garn r ' y . untojus me tnmg for Dazaars, snow- e president of the Guarant State e Labor board. In 1921, President] many, to provide and maintain mill- The world we knowl You hear I-. - ' Y li ould have made a neat sport- ers or a hostess gift They're very ~rust oz ~ew xorK ana conserva m Harding used him to sidetrack a I tary and naval defense, including I that phrase often these days The |'ive - ' " ' " ]: g gesture by refusing to aecept,effective done in white and the t cankers ana economists credit civil war in the West Virginia coal a care of participants in former wars. I job is to get back to it There are / . " I' for a double illegal victory. I color of the kitchen. fields, with 10,000 miners in revolt. It probably runs double as to the two roads One ts the hard wa ~4r. tiarrlson en3oys the not argu- O ttt ",o ~,:,*aTn, :nar*s ann rares. President Roosevelt asked his co- British and surely triple as to Nazis :" Y: /ments and whether or not the par-J' O/Brat Pattern 264 aperation in the successful adjust- We properly spare no costs on o~ [ ~: W::r~i::t ~?ea:i:a~en.ea~;=emana: |tic[pants benefit from each other's ]. Not all the squawks reach the I t~ ~e~r anm~kl~ig .potholders; illustration merit of.the l~reatene.d s tee] strfl~ J d.efendey~, but even we can't escape I throwing all we have with Britain, moautYi-exce-~ent point,s, a?e I hav .heard from many /Send order to: tcnes, materials needed. oz ~arca an.~.Apr,~. 1~*/: ~e .na s ] .me.xac, mat the fiscal factor itself ]banking on her victory, insisting on [as i;Spermitt'e~ t:Cr~a h 't:ee :b~i'ee. I;uch as ~:s~::`a~ w!nn!ng plays: [, oeen a nar a n~tung toe ox me z.ezt. [ Is .Important in national defense. ~ absolute defeat of the totalitarian ] At P " I;n la P L g imp oat! Iorwara ~ I Sewing Circle Needlecraft Dept. i wmgers, oom m me ola crai~ union- |I~ IS doubtful whether we can pre- [ '~owers L ~ ~e~ent mee.ung oz mls group, [ ~=~a,~. nave seen on the lllega~,[ SZ Eighth Ave. New Yolk i sm and ~vertical" un!onlsm days. I pare to defend the Western hemi I ~* The other Is the easier way. A I ~ze~e]~.n/~,was ~nv~ted, Moryecal I si~ehl ~ [ Enclose I~ cents in coins for Pat- a mona ago, ne wrote m ~ugene u. spnere a~ a cost or less man 50- short cut to our o ~,~ ~ur to me o ~n mc charge maue agamas ~race, president of the Bethlehem [ 000,000,000 Nobody can tell wShat /th~ "a ,w~ backyard.?lose I ;ecretary of agriculture, said: Iboth Michigan and Columbia In the / I tern No I Steel corporation, proposing a con- I will be added to that ff the present I W~2^,~,'~ ' Y .a" ,~'~.?Yv.v.' L~ ~? ] 'Industry faces these aiterna- [Penn and Georgia sames. A Geor- I J Name | . u.o, .=a ,u ,re wxu,m uur- tires" It can contin a hoto r terence, for the establishment of ~ trend of administration sentiment ] selves if a 1~, ,~ |! . ue to take very Igi . P g apher dug up the first,Address | orderly industrial relations," / continues and we also undertake to ,~ =~ -"': :' '~f large profits whenever it gets into [ pro~est, but the angle a camera I | In his native Lanarkshire,[ finance a part of the British effort ] '~ "~s u~;U~r;:ident's way" Jbhigh activity. But, if so, it must |takes can make a dlfferenee of 10 or " t " I~ e prepared for large government ]12 feet. So that one s out. The off[- . Scotland, he was a breaker boy,Those who advocate this policy,There Is no doubt that Mr. ttoose* [ exnenditures to "roy[de ~-"-'in I cials after -ll TO ~1~. ~ ~ , m charge ox me in the mines. He arrive4 in |estimate that the British reserve |yell considers that his election let necessa--to k - " I~ame and ~'~-~c~'~ ~ n L" / / I; g, or heavy taxes to redistribute Is ry eep me economy ~ oomg me nes~ mey can ~ ~,- America with his famil when of funds t Y o buy in this market has meant that his foreign policy has oin F " ~ - . . . . ootball Is a completely imvossi. ~ OF ~lllVLM& ne was t~ anu went uown in me,eboed m scout $1,000,000,000. If that / seen enaorsed, tie Knows, ot course,the national income Otherwise, in I ble game to judge, or handle per "-/4/~ -- pit for the Keystone Coal aud [is true, at their present rate of,that even the people who endorsed [dust hol,~ ~o~,~,'~, ~ a ,? ] ~'~'ot~ -" ~ ~ 44,~ Coke company in Westmoreland/spending, it will scarcely last four |it don't quite know what that policy I -over'nm~Y~." ":~" "" I wi~n ~uv,~mg. ao we, on me nero ~ ~ ,~ tIQU0~ e t to WOrK OUt some sys- o oDs~ructlon, i ve seen man TAaLeT$ oounty, Pa. He started a small [months and, since that rate is ac. ]is But they do realize that /t means i~ ]: Y ~III~ ~III~I~ UAt.V, - . n .'. -- I sesz~ uy WelCh a greater snare of I penalues ma~ snoula nave oeen NOSe ORO@S ~:~/h~a:s when he @ unched the,celeratmg and nobody can foresee,aid to Hrttain s.~.ort ox war and mey [national production will go direct I called, but were overlooked in the ~ ~ ~1~ couch oao~$ ~nter in tee nose, Anal, [me trena oz war, ~ mlgnt r~se m ]mus~ sense mat mere ~s me r~SK mat ]to wage earners or direct to con ]action of 22 men who often shut off he has said many times, was [figures at least half as fantastic as |we may not be able to stop short of [ sumers " " [an official's vision Active Na~,~- one of hls greatest mistakes. [our own prospective bill for national ]war. I- Thi- " I ' --*- . Thereafter he kept hls temper" defense Let's be conservative and ~ ~ ~ ~t.~tement gwes a .Droaa nm~ i ~u~ no goou comes ~rom any post- ~ature Knows no pause in prog- But the nose punchins started ]say $20,'00(),000,000 |Many D sagree lot administration tax pohc/es, game squawk -- especially on the ress and development, and at- " [ " |On Forel-- D--U There is a chance, many believe, Igart of the loser taches her curse on his career as a labor leader./ There are two schools of thought ~, .u.~j '~ all inaction.-- " I ma~ nezore me Doom wnlcn is aneaa / In renrd to Illegal forward pass- Goethe. The miners made him president |in Washington as to how best to,Inside the government, as well as ]has a chance to explode, some lie-, most laterals ef their newly organized local of /meet these astronomical figures |outside, there are those who do not ]such +~ n~ t. I ~.s~ *~r um~rune u~- the United Mine Workers of ]without impairing or destroying our ]agree with this policy. They believe |co H ^, ~^~.^.~ [cl p ble to pass a -v~ ~.~. u ~, p.~r~u .~,uttJ ~uv- Dal/ nacaward to America, at the age of 18. [economic structure by the time. ]that while we must do everything [ ernm~nt a In.~ a runner in front| U ~ ~ ~A ~JJ~ | He educated himself by a corre. |proved (if no time*honored) explo- |to build our own defenses, our ef- I~/ir Ezek~'el~'ha;~hts'~;a~--~Vwith~'a~r~"I ?[.you. ~o more than a few of the [ s v.B~mI ~wr~n~,r .~ | . ~, ~ - numerals are tecnntc4tlly illegal. But spondence course and now he is a [Ston called inflation. ]fort should be to bring about some I culture having its voice as well jn~ ~a y~. and tellable | m y ,~re ma~ers O[ aOUDle*Spll~ sec- master of flawless grammar and / One says to do It is to 'pay-as-we- I kind of peace between Britain and I-This i " I ~" . I ~ "Y:Y~ ~ c~ .we?~ m diction. Restraining his powerful fist /go.'' That means taxes higher than I Hitler and let Europe settle its own I presstons ofY :nieni n m:h~c~n~::i t nas' difficult to follow ~o~our ow~a:no~e~ m has not always been easy and he en- [we have ever dreamed of in our ]problems, because, as H. G. Wells ~ hewn hrn.~,~* ~,~ |dnother An I ~than a iob.-R~e-*i II and the head too large.;' boards for selection follows faithfully urea. Their voices will be drowned semi-weekly meetings with the I was 141 points in t~l~e three Yames ~ They wouldn't talk that way to ma~ earlier model which workedout by the voices of the men run- press. I couldn't help recalling |Itl mean Penn and Co,= ---"" -- ~ his face. The big, knobby, Danish. beautifully in selection, ning the defense commission; the Woodrow Wilson. He introduced the IT, "" " American citizen once mixed with In 1918, the selective service Syso secretaries of war and the navy; of idea of these meetings where any I 1 O0 IVIUCl~ ~ltesswor~ Motion Is Life "Ruby Bob" Fltzsimmons, without tern planned to use exactly the same the military" advisor~r and the'dip- :memher of the press can ask. the I In the first place, Yale and Har- Motion is the life of all things.-- getting hurt. He is not only a sculp, machinery for returning the boys to lomats. Chief Executive any question he I yard and the others who believe Duchess of Newcastle. top, but an amateur boxer---still civil life. They were to be sent back The President has frequently said wants to. And yet Mr Wilson glad. I they have a squawk coming should good for his age--a politician and to the boards that had taken them it was the administration $ purpose ly seized upon the excuse of the war I first be sure of their facts. As it is engineer, a writer and a patrtter. There, as in their taking, they were to "hold the social gains" rather to abandon his press conferences, now they are merely guessing.