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December 12, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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December 12, 1940

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LU'MA'S CO. LII IIARr. VOLUME XI GREENVILLE, PLUMAS COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1940 NUMBER 12 Iw~ "! 1 lr~ * Ilr, * t .!" IT][ /~ !"3l [acres. If thie rate of cutting keeps up and it is safe to assume that it Keo tx0ss GaveLe 10n AUXlllary 11. b.r 0urn0y o " " $333 " " ' ' " owned tin r wi, 5e gone ,n the lul Reahzes 501Committees Namedl Outhnes Need next 20 years. - ] ] W~ !" 11"0 ~ ] At the present time lur~ber prices A~ I Additional returns onth* Red] Indian ValleyUnit, No. 568, Amer-[ for In-Lieu lax]are up and fr m all indicatl ns they n ][!Cross Roll Call amount to $92, ac-]ican Legion Auxiliary, met Monday| l will continue, at least until tho JHL!c rding to Mrs. C. M. Chamberlain, [evening at the town hall in Green-/ (Editor's Note'~he followinglpresent building boom is over and chairman for the northern Pluma~ ville with Hazel Wardlow, presl.|letter bv H C Flourno tax asses-[ a.s a consequence it seems safe to " zns~ ' - " " Y' I predict that the tlmber owners will I county district. Previous retu' . dent, presiding. I Sor for Plumass county, gives good [were $241.50, making a total to date Plans for the installation of sift- I coverage to the matter of the no. I not only Increase their lumber out- The pupils of the Greenville Ele- crt Stockton, Jerome Davis.!of $333.50 for this region, cars for the newly organized unit Icessity of in-lieu taxes for Plum:Is}put but they will also return more ' ~ e were and mole of theit~ cut over lands to mentary School will present a pa- i Dolls, First Grade--~Marlene Far- I W J. McMillen, cha~t~nan for the and the initiation of memb rs [county to take the place of taxes [ ' - geant, "A Christmas "Legend," at ] rester, Margaret Backer, Carol Hat- [Senec~t district, reports the follow- ~discusse t The Auxiliary wi~ re. Ilost when forest tin, bar is cut away [ the Governmmnt in exchange for the Greenville Community Christ- ! pole, Joyce Camp, Peggy Jean Mul-ling collections: tceive its charter in January and land reduces the land to an almost[uncut timber on ,'We Government mas Tree, Thursday night, Deeem- ', len, Betty Rose Monroe, Joanna Mr. and Mrs. W. J. McMillan-- $1.00. the installation ceremonies will be ] worthless state for taxation): ~ reserves. i,o~ 19 [May Kelley, Beverly Prevost, Wan. Epp% Eoyden 1.00 held in February. The Westwood[ ~ ] Accordingly, I think it but fair to ~The'short pageant will depict the t da Wilson, Jeanne Kennedy, Pier- George Banns 1.00 unit will be invited to take charge [ Quincy Calif. Dec. 6 1940. ]~ssume that our privately owned story of a dishseartened Santatence Rilea, ~olores Du Chene. "Mr and Mrs. Sol Can~p 1.00,of the installation. [Hen. Earl B. Day, It2~mb::r:~lnl:ltlhabta~lne ih less than Claus, who regains his faith and Dolls, Second Grade---Shirley Cat'- Mr. and l~rs. W J. Boerstg .- 1.00, A tentative constitution and by. ] Executive Secretary,Y of t e cut-over kgaln sees the true spirit of Christ-lden, J~anet~bbWsherry, June Wer-Mr. and Mbu Jack Pierson Ii.000 It:w:WTo~ bflot~edhbtY the ~:s:mit']Publie Lands Commission of Ore- ]~2::r~lenht= bwe:l1 returned to the mas throughout the world I ner, Ei erie - I J. 1 Brad ry e PP p rp ] gon, o," officials and pupils ] Rabbits--V, am, Timm~t::, Hl~e:tj. D Wallace 1.0010b w~he P::~dmeit:e:P::ail=dnthe [el-]Medford, Oregon " - Gun ynad 2~6132 aeresof ,a eat. [c-Ontthe first -da-y fJuly'!92&ttl~'~ The following will take part" [Self, Bruce Overton, Wa - [Wendel Snow 1. I1 lng e " : [ l~p" Dear Slr:--In compliance with,' P " ~Costumes--wiiss Florence Short,]delson, Spee~y Thomas Harry Tho-[ v-irgil Long 1.00 t Americanization, Ann Bidwell [your spec*al request to Mr. John L ]ed, us-cut, t!mber---109,55"8 acres sT : Me. rs ~mi:krit: Jo~e:;rlDcI:re~r?~d~, ng collectionss s Alan " ns ltutio and B laws Fannle n ' Itime of 369803 acres in all which Director--~Mr. J F. McBroom, I ~ndas~Mar]and Candell, !Mrs. Walter Gossney of Chester:[ Co t n Y ' [ sent to Mr. George F Simmons, i ' ' with assistance of M~ss FranceskalHanley, Donald C mst ck, Guy Out- [ Harry Issbell $1"0~0~M~eY;lation Rub Berry ]Exoc?tive Director of the National[ba=d ~:t:i!lne~rT:btl~:YcW:~lrnh::t Furlan of the High School. [ md, Luis Sabala. ~Ada Moore's Trading Post 1. [ g,Y ]Association of County Officials, for] ' Buddy y,at hews Shirley rs Art Jonson I Oft ~the AuxlPary members for refresh h e s f vital For the fiscal year 1940-41 Plu The Three Kings---Vaughn Nu-i~Ioycz, Harlene M t,[,fir. and M "/vidual counties t er oil o ],- gent, Rex Ashcraft, Rex Warren. [Warren, Elzeda Timmons, Patsy|Mrs Jerry Thatcher 1.001mi~nts, which were ee.rved at.a !on~|~mportance to Plumas county. ]mas county has to raise the sum of saker -- t y ; " i. nrlont Intemewst y, ; n ld Gor 1 00 t.~t~t~at~ ~t ~ forms or propertj; pay about 18 er Girls of Other Countries [Haskett, Edwin Day s, Do a - Chas Yorl I |owned lands in the county had ,to-] . P ' 00 ~ cent or around $79,46~ of the whole Loraine Plaster, Tyrolese. ' ]bet, Guido Veal, Charles Kunzler. Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Olson $- [~ D~]~,~, ~][~e~-]creased to 530,280 acres, or in 'o'ther [ ' " 00 ~ It wi]l not be far out of the wa .Tune Spears, Italian. l eharie- Cox, Sonny Cameos, Beu- Mrs. R E. Mocks I l lVll~ Diil OiIItt It t ;Jtlwods, in .2 years svme 5sml Y . . ' I to assume that in 20 ears fr Jacklle Wardlow. French. ~lah Mac Sn~t, Barbara Marquis, Mrs. H. Hilger~ 100[ acres ha~ been re-deeded to tne~ Y om 'Conner Mr -'~'~" now privately owned standin tim- ~udrey Sue N'orth, Russian. ! Richard McCoy, Jack O,s. R E Barnes 1 00] (By Chtudla A~alemt, Student In Government. ]bar w g - I ~t~ all nave oesn cut and Patrtcia Backer, Dutch. Ellen Murray, Irene Hall. Odilla Shirley Sims 1.00[ Journali~m, University of CAB[.) O~n the first Monday in July, 1940,1. . the ,cut-over lands returned to the Gee t~us~e Mar uts En llsh Veal HeIen Prevost Anffa ~-uren The following collections were ~ the rlvatel owned un cut ti q,g ],' [ Joining a sorer ty at college is not p ' y - tuber ] e,~-~,- Joan Hassett, Scotch. J~orence Hanson, Wallace Billman, made by Mrs. R. E. Billings and l a requirement for getting the most in the county amounted to 1/56,8"41| "'." ."~:"" ~eltner wi American Girls IShirley ~en~on, Barbara ConkFn,Mrs. LeMo:gne of Che~ter: lout of college life, Barbara We~t, across ariff~he prTvately owned cut.~su ll It be too muc~ ~o a~- r orms of pri- Annie May Tlmmons. ~ Joan Scruggs, Connie Deal, Donald [.cone M. LeMoigne 1.00 freehman from Greenville at the Un- over tin, bar lo.nd amounted to 182,- me mat all ome r Doris Bettis. I Hyde, Jack Hipes, Fred Roberts, Mrs B. L. Pratt 1.00 varsity of California has found out. 047 acres, and since the f~rst day of vatelyy owned property in the Amerlmtn ]~e~it Billy Stockton, Betty Jo Hayden,"Vera Ufkeu ~ I'0~I"I don,t belon~ to aaorority and July, 19~0, an additional K0,000acres county w!II not have increased or decreased to any appreciable extent John Sheehan. Harolff ~ruce, Gertrude TucRer. Mrs. F. M. Boardman 1.0C iI'm not planning on Joining one, of cut-over land has been returned and that the~e assessed valuKs will Jesus Martinez. [Emq Taddei, Eva Chandler, Jean Mrs. Plez Vtrden 1.00 iBarbara declared "They are not to ~he Government, and o~her acFe- have rem-~ne~ at about th same Soldier Boy~---~enneth Gray, Shumate, Donna Jear~-"elton, Mar- Mrs. Viola Cha~gsan 1.00 ~mportant if a girl knows how to ages o various amounts are in pro- irevel" Jack DuChene, Vau~hn Webh. [vel Largent, Richard Nye, Edith~r~ Tohn Deter 1.00 ! meet people and make v.cquaintan- eess of being deeded back to the ~ rI'hen the small taxpayer, in order ~Pin Soldiers--Karl Ayoob, Rob- W'are. M~s. I,ovJ~e McClure 1.0~ ces easily". Government. - ~to meet the requirements of the ~rs Yona Red 1.00 :Barbara came to the university Prior to the year 192& the Gee- [county, will have to shoulde~ an ad- rs. ~ m Yutz 1 00 ~his Atgusl a " ~ h~,m, e.onomics ernment owned sor~ 30:~5 acre~ of]ditionaI tax burden of $50,000, or The following collections were major She wants to be a dietitian formerly privately owned land, L~'~t P t Ch'Id " G tt St It rotec ren Marne o o z From Tuberculosis Called By Deatb "Pr'otecting children from tuber- ceMmb:~ 9Stflot~lo~,8;::cad M:gdiY'nDs, culo is is qmte as necessary as pro " " t at the home of her parents, Mr. and tooting them from being rfin down ' ' ~Mrs. M. B. Gott, near Greenville. by automobiles Purchasing ChristI e h - ! ~I r usband, Richard Stoltz, died Seals is the best way T know a few years ,ago in Oakland. to p otect and save the children of r,Marie Gott Stoltz was born in the Plum ~s County from the disease . " Indian Valley and lived here the which ldll r~ore of our young people mo~t of her lifo, excepting for a bctween the ages of 5 and 40 than t w fe years that she and bar family any other disease." [ lived at Martinez. This stxong plea for the safe l ' "1 Beslde her parents, she is sur- uard~n of children from tubercu g . g - ' rived by a daughter, Claire, two lo*is was made today by Miss Tillie ,mothers, Wallace and Robert Goat, Kruger, County Superintendent of and a #ster, Mrss Howard Wrigh* SchooIs. all of Greenville. During ~che coming year the Plu- mas County Tuberculosis Assocta~ ties, whose work is supported en- tirely by the annual sale of Christ- mas Seals, will give tuberculin tests to a large number of echool chil- dren in Plumas County The tests will be handled by the Association's Medical Cormntttee and by local Health Officers. On Sunday, December 15, from 9:00 to 9:15 P. M. KGO in San Fran- rises and KOH in Rang will cabry. a program about tuberculosis. Through the University Explorer, Univereity of California, listeners will learn of the program in tttber- culosts research being carried on by the 1~Ta~ional Tuberculosis Asso- Ciation. A movie short, with Spencer "Pl cy telling the story of t borcu- eulosis and Christmas Seals, will be shown at the Greenville Theater on Deeer~ber 14, 15 and 18. THE WEATHER Dec. MLx. 5 24 57 . = 42 7 28 48 8 24 46 9 2O 48 10 19 ~9 11 14 40 ~ Irs. Gus Yutz 1.00 "~his August at: a home economics T? ~ f~ Ilowi~tg collections 'vere *maJ)r ~he ~,at s to 1,e a dietitian tn ' ' ore--or else rr~tde by Mrs. R. E. Billings oft~.h,- ~'e ~raduates The dvughter had been cut over, and since ths?l . . " " " " h s r ~ ' Again assuming that the Govern C e te Is[ Mr and .Mrs Harry West, who time it acclu~red 103.9:12 ~ore a~Wesf " Mrs Eunice Conners 1 O0 o e and of v ~ ment pays an ~ ~l~u TA~- or own the resort ,Forest L dg,prt atel~" owne~I cut-over t mher Iten cents er r "" Chi.~mi Coffee Shop 1.00 the Greenville theater she attended [land, rn~k~na" its nresent ownersl~ip ], p ac e on AL~ of the .Mella Robarts 1 00~ -' I I lanai owned by it, within the coun- nigh ca'noel In L-*alO AltO ] arnounz tO ID4~'I acres ' I~ . ' " . . . I Y, consmting of 1,050 208 acres of Sam Murphy 1.0~, Since ahe ha, been e.t CsUfornia [ In the year 1fE78 this coumy hW'd ~ un atent ' t ' . .' . p ea tans and of 369 863 acres Pete l~'arbattz 1.00 "Barb" has made herself known in |246.132 s.CPes of ttm*oer still m nr~-[of cut eve " Houek & WH~on ~00 es b work ~ r lands returned in one : extra.curricula activit' y -irate ownershln end n 1040 it ~ad[. " . " - ~ - t term or another and then we have H. Courtney y 1 00 lag on numerous committees for[ I,~8.841 acres in private ownership, |I'2 ' - ~ , I, MarUne 1 00 r-'a Da~ at' i ,~ u,u~ acres in t.mvernment own. Sllcn events as uat~zo m Y IreDrcsenr?n~" a yearly cutting" aver-! . ~dith Martin I{TeT he homecomin cele l ersmo on which they pay an "IN the Fair and t g -[age for tl~e 12 year period of 7"440 1 LEEr:' ~. " ,u u ~.~. oz ~u cents per acre Mrs. E: A. Itarr~s 100 bration for the California- Stanford I t "' amounting to the sum of $142 070 Mrs. Deulah Enffelbrbtson 1 ~0 football game [ ~--'--------------- [ ~Mrs. S. Du,ont 1 00 ! For the student with a definite [COMMUNITY TREE FOR [ This "IN LIEU TAX" paid by the Mrs. Alva Olson 1.0~ goal in view the benefits of a college [ GREENVILLE DISTRICT ONLY |Government would Just about wipe ~.hester Club 1.f~ education are many, Barl-.ara stated, [ ~ out the'~5~res~nt tax of $52,977, now Te~rell's Grocery 1.00 and added that her first impression ~ The members of the Community paid by the timber interests and the Wit. Lassen Club 100 of the Berkeley campus was its ]Christmas Tree com~nittee wish to $79,465, aid by other interests, Las P]umas Cafe :1".00 friendliness [announce float the gifts to be dis. amountihg in all to $132,442. J. C. Blake s Meat Market,1.00 t "I was first Impressed by the ~tributed from the community tree. ~N'o appreciable hardship will have ~a~stde Care 1.60 ~ friendliness of the Cal students", [ to be held on December Ti, Include "seen imposed on the Government Funeral services were conducted The Bear Club 1 00 Barbara went on. ' The men as well only the Greenville school ,'?strict. because the increased value of the Wednesday, at 2 p. m at the Corn- The followinK collections were ks the women are very easy to get ~ The other schools of the valley land, because of the new tim'~or munity church. The remains were made by M~:s. Ruth Hall of Green. I ac0uainted with and I vc made .~o "rove their own Christmas'"treee, growth coming on each year W~ll shipped to Oakland for cremation villa: many new friends. I thing the cam-~vhich take care of the children of amount to far reJore than 10 cents :~'-'------ J.F. McBroom 1.00 pus life is beautiful and I like Call i their districts, per acre~ value and the small tax W. F. MORRIS & SONS WILL Walter H. Parsons 1.00 i~ox~a very much". I ~The corrm~un~ty tree in Greenville! payer will have his tax contrlbu- BE ON BI%OADCAST FRI]DAY Mrs. W. Parsons J 1.00t "I don't think not pledging a so-lwill include the Junior high school tion released for other iw~prove- ~NO, Nee,Dee. 11.--(Special). J- P. L~boldi - 1.0"0 rority ~uts s girl at a disadvantage,[students who at-tend school here manta and betterments throughout --~ trtbute to W. F. Morris & Sons Ralnh Harmer 100 even if she is fron~ ~)ut of town," [fron~ other school districts, but will the county of Greenville will be broadcast here W. W. Mitchell 1 00 Barbara continued,not include those children who at- H.C. ~ .~OURNOY, Friday, December 13, over KOH, ,B. A. Wiley ~ 1.00 She believes there is,a "definite[tend grammar school elsewhere. Assessor, according to station offic!als. The i J. G. Bunker 1.0~ breach" between the sorority groups I This infor~tation is given to the Plumas County, CalifOrnia. message, which will go on the air ~ranceska Furlan 1.00 and the non-sorority groups on the l public because candy bags sniff- at 10:55 a. m following a 'news-?~iss WJlliamson 10~ ~carn~pus and cons~dere this eituation I cient for the Greenville ~tstrtot cast, will briefly outline a few of the firmfs accomplishments The announcement is one of a series of tributes to leading Northern Cali- fornia electrical dealers and is spon- sored by ~he H. E. Saviors & Ben, Inc of RanG, Philco and Westing- house distributors. 00LORED LIGHT~'-WILL ' BE~TRUNO IN QUINCY Strings of colored lights will be pl~oed through Quincy's main bus- iness dietrict for the Christmas sea- son. The 20-30 club is offering prizes for the best dressed windows. The Club will aloe collect and dis- tribute toys to needy children In Quincy and its territory. If the to.~-, ~hat are donated need repairs, the club rnerc~bere, assTsted by vol. unteers, will maintain a sl~op to put the plaything~ in condltioh: CHRISTMAS M~s Muse'rove 1.00 unfortunate i only can be provided for t~e'com- W. J. McEnespy 1.00 For Barbara's career as a dieti-~[munity tree. Ann Bidwell 250 tien ~ college education is a re- - CHRISTMAS PARTY FOR "Bruce Bidwell 2 .~0 quirement and she could not achieve t 1.00 without univ itJ I.V. GARDEN CLUB P. Hanley her vocation ors y Mr and Mrs. G. G. l~elson 100 preparation, il ~ I -i "'"~ ,[ rne nu an valley ~araen ClUD I~ Chas. H. Smith 1.(k3 "A college edueatlon', Barbara de- . . 1~ . "l~#~H'tn~11! " tT~ ~'-" ne--r~a--- for planmng its annual Christm~ party ct~treu, lS al;)~OltlL~ly t;t~ :,~ ty ~Or "~'n~rs~ay,'~ L~ecemoer j.~l, tO begin" ."~ Mary A. Sehieser 1.00 the student who ts preparing for a I ~ at ~ p. m In tne c;range natt in A E Hunt ].@3 are[assiGn or a def.nite career It ", "L~tylorsvllle. Mrs A E Runt 100 lmsnt much value however, for . . ' Tne affair will etart with a pot. " a student w~thout a goal ]n prospect " . . r ) " lUCK luncheon, WnlCrt WIH ~e Ol- NOTIC'qE~ I ex cat to afford a detrain amount . 'loweo Oy a snort ou~lnen ~eetlng of .nrc;ro o~nn wales Will De nelpzUl o - ' " Orw~nizations or in~' viduals who . ' and the distribution of gl~ts from in any llela. I "~ "" - have not been called upon for do- tne urtrlstmear tree. The Idea oz nations to the community Christ-' Mr. and Mrs. Herman Higdayand exchanging inexpensive mtscollan- mas tree fund, are requested to Mrs. Harold Varnum drove to ~otm garden gifts was o popular leave their contribut!ons at the In- "O~idlev Saturday. Mrs. Hlgday will last Christnla~ that the same pl.~n dian Valley Bank, the Indian Val- remain in Gridley for a visit of see- will be followed again this year. | Record office, or at the parson, eral weeks On the return tr, p] All members are urged to arlene[ . to V"ur aey a~. Mrs. Varnum visited a sister at Or:)- this m~eeting and visitors are cor- ] STAN'LEY S. Vv']~BS~R. ville, dlally i,~te :1 Home f~m T #b