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November 14, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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November 14, 1940

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ursday, November 14, 1940 INDIAN VALLEY RECORD Kathl, een Norris Says: Don t Marry at Seventeent. I ~ G ( u. {Bell Syndlcate--WNU Serv| e.) ~ KARAKUL SHEE PP i PLANTS "'~ KARAKUL Fur Sheep for profit. Addls A. STRAWBERRY and RUSHBERRY plants. d++~ f to your ngure, wnn soi~ zron~ Ira- Kelley, 4637 E. 5~nd PI Maywood, Calif. I Write Canby Berry Gardens, Canby, Ore. -4W~t~ [ hess in a skirt that sways and rip ] ~ [sP~es gaa~efu:lYcWstheYOUri:Jie? Business Opportunities [ f'nT~ /~ ] top;ed by gathers : RAISE MUSHROOMS FOR PROFIT2 [ t " ~ew methoas and finest pure culture [ ! BUY U. 8. vein|. Write LOU MISCH, I The wide strans button across spawn mean increased profl(s. Write for Rm. 2$S, Hotel Rector, Hollywood, Calif. i ~ '~ [m the back, you see, makmg it HU~HES SPAWN ] "- . . free folio glvln helpful marketing tips. i ~. ~ ~q~-~ ~f-'~/]+'~4 ~ ~ ~,stay put securely on the shoulders. Box ~0S. Dept. D - Deny Cot.ado,SWINE ~ ]Make the jumper of plaid wool,' ] ' 'l I ~l,corduroy, jersey or velveteen; the I-I~LI-' W~t. l~'l'lq~l~| REGISTERED ilAMPSHIRES ,All a as; free amphlet. EAST 81DR ~4~1 [blouse of flat crepe, chall!s or 3er- [RAN~ . Fm~BAUmt, CAUFORmA i ~'I'~'YJ [sey. uetaded sew chart mcluded. I ItmE'ld t%l~ tl/g~ll~ld [~ f I| Ill Musical Instruments ~ [ / Pattern No. 8797 is designed for sizes [I ~~nv'~'~n'~ [I[ 11 13 15 17 and 19 Size 13 requires 2% l Brand new cla ine ~ l~ t Ki , r ts sl.ver I l y.rd. of 54-inch material for Jumper; II i/co, to hg ~,| 1% yards 39-inch material for short- Ilproliton$1.00 qualityguaranteedltems. I|,Trumpet, gold lacq demon $Z4.10 ~, ] sleeved blouse; Z yards for long-sleeved. II Wri~toda~--.~oolmd4,gviehm II |Send for bargain list. I--+, -- .-- / ARTHUR L. SLEE ~['.i~.~ ~|~::~ ~ I I ---~' I Co#usa ~oun|fs Flmo~ Sp~ l REGISTERED PATENT ATTY. ~|L~|~'~,I Name I ONaturally heated and medicated sulI~hur and,MECHANICAL, EXPERT. ~'~l~,~.~|~,ti l [ . . . - I mud bath. No tennis, no swlmm nL no dancing, [ INVENTIONS DESIGNED ~|~|~" l l aaaress [ no bar-- Just baths and rest. Write l AND PERFECTED ~~~~/ / ~~/'~~] ~11 No~e, a~,r. wnJuM ~PMN~, ~tuw. 645 POBT ST SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. Success lies, not in achieving-"--'-'' / I - -- O//er/n9 In/ormat/on I /what you aim at, but in aiming at /I~,~/ ~ /I ~ %T~'%ITiT11"Ir~Ir'% -"~'".~ .~"?-."'." [ |what you ought to achieve, and I j /I ~L--J.~IU J L"~ rl. l'~,O21 Various SU~)J'eCtS I |pressing forward, sure of achieve- [ |l I |ment here, or if not here, here- l / 8 lafter--R F Horton ] ~,The Questions . Pyrite. [ / I~V~] / -- I 9; The Hallelujah Chorus of Han- |~ del s Messiah Audiences honor it I "-'~-- 1 I. Who speaks the Romany fan-I, ~ ~ ~ ~i~Itr~ [ ~ |guage? " l Dystanmng while it is being [ ~J~U~,[r~r [~uf~.~r ~J ---- " ' played " ~ -- ---- "='~=~ a.+d I ~ 1 2. Can birds look at an object/ / BY YOUR LAXATIVf,RIr, UEV / ~ / ' " ' 10 Of the six Presidents f the / w,th both eyes at the same t,me. 3 Who asked "Am r Umted States who died in office, CONSTIPATION THIS MODERN WAY I my b oth- . he l . ,*r'~ kp~n~r"9 only two--W~lham Henry Harrl- W n you feel gstsy, headachy, IoD, I mun~ m --.- =.7-*--- . I son and Zaehar, Ta lor '~ | due, to clogged-up bowelm, do as n'dl/~on~ --M -----" l ,i. ~ne name Joe miner ~s as-I / ~ --~p,~oo~ do--take Feen-A-Mint at bedtime. Next away in me wnl~e house lncoln morn,n thorou h co*nil I R7q7 lsociated with--a bonehead play in J ~ l " g-- g,ottab a relief, k A . Frantic parents tell Kathleen Nor. I v~ ~----~--, ,- ---, / diea in me ~e~erson house in l helping yOU start the day full of your V,wnen mey re seven- I ris that their 17-year-old d.ughter is I ~ U~b~D~ll, i~ SL~le JOKe, UI" [ll~ lIl~II [ I on the fl-in~ tra-eze9 / washington, Garfield in Elberon l nornmt anergy and pep, xetltng ltka a " ~" teen. But fortunatelyI madly in love with a worthless man [ UNIORSare rumply' mad about " ~ ~, " N J, McKmley" m' Buffalo, and miUionlour Yeen-A-Mint, doe|n't dhturb the bo"s to whom the" lose lo13. . Theycomctoherloradt, ice, I J I 5. Where was the shot heard]Haffi / Y night ,e,t or lnterfero with work th, ,u ng in ban ~ranelsco ~k . -J . . . J,asking what they can do to brin~ I )umpers mm season, and their l around the world flred~ [,next day. ~ Feen-A-Mint, the chewing ,telr nearm are aPoRt seven- I their daughter to her .~enses before I great favorite is the uinafore [ . ' ~ gum la:mtive, you.mlE It tastee good, ifs tee . C),it is too late Miss Norris regret~ "urn erIf o r :.~ ^, : I o. now many vice presiaenm| / handyandoconomical afamilysupply . n, too mte unable to face . . ' " . I ) P y u clothes bu~, ~ ' ~ " co, to aamtt mere is no sure. cure, be. I justaboutusedunandvou,restiu[have later become Premdent. [ []'~[: ~.~'[~.F[~ (~H~R[]~ [,rrra| mi|l|~ t~only mm ~ " 7 The Puma war was fought :~f.~ responsibilities oLnomeIc eth, powe, o/a~irr ~rs,~o,I p g for a pinafore jumper orl ' . I I:,:: :1 I rZrN g MINI lot" -tt vms ann ramify. eimer I overcomes all sense o/ reason, I two, send for design No. 8797, and between ;. wna nauons- I [TL- .L- . [ I -- Oys nor girls take these af- make yourself this 'perfectly ~ ~ wnaz mmerat ~s caueo mms/ m~rl I J In ulslttve One fairs too seriously, and pres- and she is moving in a dream for charming style at practically no ~ gem9 Excluding" national anthems ~ [--.0~'~b I~IT~DI~ rl~. ~ I Shun the q'mqmmhve''' person, for entl the t~me being y their school days are " - expense. ~t s aee-vine/y nattering ^ :~ / I1 he.v de.cJd d I he is also a talker Horace O ~a *hazy ~-o a~nPi~t~ Her father and mother are heart. ~ tm~ ,~ ~, w.~ ~ m= ,~ f~- / [ "-- " Vet ,~ . . . .e~ broken because all their years of ~ -- |mous musical piece? II views I I~ worgln anti gomg tO Sh g love and confidence seem lost. e "~ f;)}~,I0. What Presidents passed away / Iv ~- 4 - i I / ~ ~ ~ mm~ am~ movies and planning more herself will look back aghast at ~.~'~ ~,in the White House? [IJ. l'e.~l .polo0 tlC. [[ rni n[" Seri. ousl.v, as th y leave e the what she is doing in a few years. ~~0;~ "1t I I~.~:~ A !/ +o, ~,~~ teens behind them She will look at the Joan of. today in Th~A~swers U. - - - the same puzzled despair that her I 0M0 vvnen me gin IS seventeen, arents are feelin n w WIVES [,1. Gypmes speak the Romany 1 i |halt' hoes. I | Wever, and, the .man ten p Nature Aga~stParents. ~ r~.vj ~ [ [language.' ' -- * "". t.' / n n liars older, ule Sl,[Ua,lon lS But Nature is exerting her strong- 0 n ~o~U ~~" .u/,~::. ~ t 2. The owl is the only bird that[ I %~@J / ~ I" 1" =o. oso. - SOSlmple. nelsanlnho- estpoisons, her strongest witcheries, ~ N0 WI LArtU lean; all others have to use one/I ( I[111 / t~ent' ffiddv curious young at the~moment, and no one of Us is ~ nl'-f'-n-;-- -'/'~ / eye or the other to see a single |l ~fl%~) -,~~,r~'J I~H / Profitable Walk l ing who is merely in love as strong as Mother Nature. Every ~"/~l/ ~rl'~ ~.~|thing. |[,r~j~v-.-~x~J kN~]~H |. He who walks over his estate With 1 ~o ;v ,~ ,~l fiber of Joan's being is crying ou{ ~ ( ~,3. Cain. / - ' ' : /flnds a coin each time. for this man s mastery, and unless . [ 4. A stale joke ~ " ~~uPii~i;i; Concord. " ~. " !, ^- Confidence / 6. Nine--sixbydeathandthree] ~onnaence ls a plant el StOW l by election l ~ ~-- IP II growth in an aged bosom. / "7 Rome and Cartha / ~~ ~. It mm ge . / / " {' %IRCRAFT SCHOOLS ' One's Purpose ' gk. JJ m eu+'* tlt~l ex~+.+++ .+ ++ wh-m her faro'- d/d that of Joan's mother, This is STOP-L00K-LISTEN / / ~~+X ~-1~.~i/etCher 'actory-opproved tro[nln, 15 Y dislikes, she is heading for a part of it. AreyoutroubledwlthBllhmsness--Headache--| . ~,~ ~"--.lul I~'.---.~"~ bmedono-r ' '---'-- '- Gaa---O~nstipatlon~ Don't delay m~ ,oda~ tot The longer x live, the more deep- I+ ~---.~,~,~,~,~- pmn wreck. "I ran away wlth a man of 34. A WEEK'S FREE TRIAL OF OSR fly am l convinced that that which I X~~:~;'~;~Y( "~ wh,ch hClS o,reod), p,oced 4000 marl ,11 Stubborn 8 venteen, when I was just 18." writes Care- % S%Ir, Send for bo kl Yet girls can be stubborn at 17; line. "First Don rented an unfur. VI0GETABL~ TABLI~T8 a Stomachic and Lax- . ativo that ha~ be.n he]pine folks for fl years makes the difference beteeen one '~- ovlahon n ,# #~a.vI Lhey do this over and over' again, nished shack for $7 a month, and we IT/|DAN| #|MID? CO 114 CIHle |ldL hlflmre, Mt |man and another, between the / ~ I~ . . . ~ iw.m and from one girl's bitter expert- went to a chain store and bought two [weak and the powerful, the great,~~~ ~ ~,ce and costly mistakes no other bags of groceries, and to the five /and indigent, is energy, invincible / "'~~"~-- girl seems able to learn,and dime for plates and pans. We To Without .Fruits . . /determinat!on, a. purpose once / Soul Bath 1 will find it is to the soul what &' Witness Joan, whose mother s let. had no bed, no blankets, no mirrorreaa ann no~ co ~now, ~s ~o |~ormea and then neath or victory Take a music bath once or twice [ water bath is to the body,-- tar lies on my desk this morning, or soap or towels. I pretended that }low and not to sow. |--Nowell Buxton. a week for a few seasons. You,Holmes. I "Our girl has been raised on your ~dVice, printed in the Sunday pa- l~er , | . ,' writes the mother, from Knox. | ~ille. "For years rye quoted you. I ;nd twice I've written you direct. | ~an was our only child until she | YaH 10, then a son came to share | h0r~ors. We've always treated her | ~asonably; she's had her share of | ~t~Sehold duties, alternate Sundays .~ have had open house for her ~iends. It has been as normal and SWeet a childhood as any girl in the land could have. He's 35 and No Good. "What could we have done that ~e didn't do, to save her from what as happened now? To make the ~ry short, a man came to town ~ ee months ago, and was suddenly mCludcd in all the plans of Joan's little set. Nobody seems to know qt~ite how or why. He is about 35, slightly bald, small, fair, talkative, Lncl thoroughly no good. He has had o jobs in this time, held neither %e. He has never explained, even ~ Joan, what the trouble was be- tween his wife and himself, or what ~re the circumstances of their di- 90rce. "Joan is madly In love with him. i~lk he will be of age on December ,and they plan to be married that Y. She won't listen and she won't ; she merely laughs and looks ~red, and is off with him for hours P! giggling and confidences, telling ~lrn, I suppose, Just what old-fash- '~ed idiots her father and mother ~re. Joan's Mind ~et. "My husband insisted on a talk th him; he said he could not pin s Roy Jones down to anything. Y kept saying that hls one thought as Joan's happiness, and that he Wed her. We talked to Joan; no se. She Is llke a girl under a l~ell. Can't you--won't you help us ring her back to sanity? Is there CUre?" !vNo, there's no sure cure. When e bewitchment of so-called first e falls upon a girl's young heart, rds mean nothing to her, home l~s mean nothing, common sense-- ~e little sh~ ever had!--is gone, I thought all this was fun. We had :- less than $11, but his talk was el. ways big and I had believed it. Four Years of Poverty. "We lived in that shack four years, and my two daughters were born there I could have gone to the free ward of the hospital, but it was miles away across town, and we had no car. After my father's death my mother joined us and paid me $7 a week. Often it was all I had. Mother got $40 a month; she couldn't do more than she did. "Those were years of such suffer. ing as I hope few women in America know. Never enough to eat; every scrap of bacon fat and potato skin saved. Never enough diapers or blankets, or fresh curtains or coal. A broken stove propped on blocks; broken windows mended with tape. Four babies, strong beautiful ba- bies if they'd had a chance, but al- ways with colds and chapped hands and prickly heat. And I did it, l did it[ Convincing Talker. "Don drank, gambled, quarrelled, whipped my children. But he could put up a story that investigators be- lieved, as I had believed it, and I gee no promise of release or relief. In our state you don't get divorces easily. "I went out to day's work, leaving Ma with the children My employer sent me to secretarial school, God bless her. Four years ago I was made assistant superintendent in the school; last month superintendent. My oldest girl is a pupil here, the second'will shortly enter. And now Don, who deserted us eight years ago, has come back, and wants to be taken back into the family. Wants to be accepted, respected by his son and daughters. Wants me to sup- port him while he looks up 'pros. pects.' " Well, that's all of the letter that wiU interest Joan. But I want her to read It. I ask her then to pray for guldance, and ask herself seri- ously why--when every other wom- an who ever took this path has failed, she thinks she can succeed? WITH THAT PglNCE ALSEgT CRIMPCUT I CAN SPIN UP SMOOTH, FIRM v KIN'S'S OK S iN A J/FFY. THEKE'S NO 6LOWING AKOUND NO BUNCHING Og THiNNINGOUT. P.A. HITS THE SPOT WItH NIE FOg ~ILPEg, ~OOLEg SMO/e S EASY ON THE TONGUE, FULL OF giCH TASTE Rollln~ a/ong wlfb P.A.I "Gene" Boltln (lett) and Frank Simmons (rit~ht) are never" in the dark on smokes that roll straight, firm, and draw right! According to "Gone": "I don't even have to pinch up the ends of Prince Albert smokes--and they atay firm/" Frank adds to that: "You don't have to keep relighting P.A. smokeL" And Eileen Peebles smiles an OX. on Prince Albert's tamotm fragrance. (P/p~ smokers! oin in that chorus, tool) fllo rolJ-3~ur.own clpmtb~ hi evow hunab tlu of Pnlneo AIImt h roeont bbordo -imoldnl bovd" toad, Prlnoe Albert burned THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE O~rllM, 1940. R. I. than tho avorqo of tho 30 othor of tin k. .t Nnnj nmude t.tod a.doet