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November 14, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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November 14, 1940

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VLUBIAS CO. LII~ARY VOLUME XI GREENVILLE, PLUMAS COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1940 NUMBER 8 Walkermine, California, Geneses has a better natural road-} Mrs. C. M. Chamberlain, cashier fly. 61-~Esmond James Humphrey Noven~er 8, 1940. bed, drainage, and location than - of the Indian Valley Bank; Wendel The board received orders this 62--Carlton Jene Irwin does the present road to Portola. J. MeEnespy, assistant cashier, and week to select four men for the first 63--George Francis Pisell Indian Valley Record, Due tc its position, it is easier to Fred T. Shumate, constable of In-draft said Watson, and the examtna- 64-~Eugene Joseph Snyder Greenville, CalTfornia. dispose of snow during the winter tions will be held soon to determine 65~Earl Francis Martinelli The undersigned committee mere- months. There are, however, ~ who will be selected. 66--Charles Alex Steele bets have been chosen by the peG- number of very bad places in .th!s .Qualifications f0r, training service ~67--Joseph Melvin ~ wman' ple of Walkermine to represent 'road, and these will have to be su~- will, mean that a draftee must l~e 68--Glenn Elmer Seeber them in an effort to obtain improve- faced with gravel or rock before physically fit and w;thout depend- 69---Walter Frank Bell merits on the roads between Wal- the road could ,be made passable. |persons who knew him in El ,Monte. ents. Those with dependents will 70--Walter Gone Cross kermine and Portola, and Walker- This letter is addressed to you]He used several names, but those be automatically .placed on the de- 71--Jarvis Eugene Hymer mine and Geneses. with the request that you get in who knew him said that ~-Ieatonfered list or excused from service. ~Iere~ofore, the town of Walker- ~ouch with the .board of supervisors was his real n~ne. Questionnaires were sent this r~ine, composed of approximately and exert your influence in an el- He made his living by periodic week to a total of 250 registrations, 1,000 persona, has been virtually fort to keep the Geneses road open holdups of banks in the smaller which is 10 per cent of the total l~st lsolated during the winter mouths this winter. The present monthly communities. He had previously for Plumas county. The remaining because of the impassable condi- payroll at Walkermine is about held up and robbed the Savings 2,200 questionaires will be mailed tton of the roads. Considering the ! $75,000 per month. A good road Bank of Mendocino, in May of this sho~ly. ~ize of our community, we feel that from ~Valkermine to Genesee would year; the Bank of Amertca'sWheat. I The men listed from number 1 to it is only JuSt that we should have tnean that part of this money would land Branch in'November, 1938, and nurser 250, or the first 10 per cent, an all-year road. be spent in your eommu~nlty during in 1936 had successfully robbed the will be ordered to take a physical On :November 4, 1940, the commit- the coming winter. .~ank in Plymouth which he wa3 examination before December 5, tee attended the meeting of the ~he time available for work on ega~n trying to rob when he was said Watson. However, he statcd, I Plum.a~ County Board of Supervi- the road is limited, due to weather shot to death. His robbe~es netted many of them will be exempted be- sore in Quincy, and presented a pe- conditions, and it is importan~ that him~ small auras and the getav~.y Icause of dependents and for other tttion signed by some 5()0 residents the road be put in shape as soon as which he obtained from the Indian [ reasons, and these will not be called bf Waikerm~ine. A~ this meeting possible. Valley Bank was probably as much ! for examination. Registran'ts must the board of ~upervisors agreed' May we count on your coopers- as all of his other robberies com. ~ot come in for'.~nation until ~hat Walkerm~rie should have a bet- tion? blued. Authorities believe that ne called upon to do so, said Watson. tot road, and Mr. Branley, supervi- Yours very truly, ~so held up and robbed a bank at There are several classifications sot of your district, said that he in- H.M. HA~TMA:NN, Oakville, Wksh~ngton, in July cf for exemption, sa~d W~tson. Those tended to do some work on the NELSO:N ALEXANDER, this year, at which time a bank era- who are not physically fit; those Gcnesee road. GEORGE IIORN, ployee was shot and wounded, with dependents; those who have The road f~on~ Walkermineto Committee. served a hitch in the army, navy or n~Lrine corps, and who are con- ,CRESCENT MILLS COUPLE sidered to be already trained for 96---~rilber Robert ElItott ]POLLS WILL OPEN AT ]TEACH~RS INSTITUTE IN MARRIED IN RENO vny emergency which might arise. 97--~hll Butch ------ College students may asked to be 98---Kenneth Irven Dewitt ----Z-O'CLOCK P. M. FIUDAYI 'SACRAMENTO NEXT WEEK Mrs. Lola G. Sorsoli and Thomas placed upon the deferred list. Con. 99--F~nk Bernard SeRz "=----- the Green[ ~ The annual Jo'~-nt teachers tnstt Dynan drove to Reno Friday, No-i scienUous objectors will be asked to 100--Donald Howard Hoffman The voting place for - " November 7 Vtlle Elementary School kond else- itute, embracing seven eastern Call vember 8, and were united in mar- fill out e~ ~pectal form. tlon will open at 22 o'clock p. m ~ fornia counties and the Sacramento : riage at the M. E. parsonage. The Watson states that many of the 101--~eynolds Leo Brown ~rtday, November 1~, in ~he town ]city schools, will be held in Sacra-only attendants were Howard Tan- 0uestionaires are mailed back to hall, and will remain open until 6]mento November 18, 19 and 20. ;her, brother of the bride, and Miss the board incomplete. Th~s means, %'clock p. n~. ] Miss T~llie N. Kruger, Plumas !Elsie Wusso~v. he says, that the matter must be The bond election will call for ['county superintendent of schools, The couple spent a brief honey, gone through with again, as all an issue of bonds in the total sumlwill introduce Michael J. Brtckley, moon in the vicinity of ~teno, me- questionaires must be completed. of $32,000, payable in 25 years. The i professor of history at the Univor- toting to Virginia City, and visit- Every. question on the blank must I~euds will bear interest at not more|slty of California, who will speak ing friends in Carson City. They be answered, whether or not it ap- returned home Monday eventngand ~ears to be important to the regis- cent snnuall 5n the subject of "The Crisis in were guests at a wedding dinner at trant. Also the affidavit must be than four per - Y. Every voter in the Greenvilile dis- trtct is qualified to vote in this ~lection. ~. J. S(YI~E~ER STRIKES OWN HEAD WITH AXE IM diF 1 ICh" an Who R0bbe our Plumas Men a rmen Named Iin. klw. [ ThePlumasCountySeleetiveSer-][ For Red Cross dmn Valley Ban ill Be Called For =':2z=:2=:,: November 6 Kdled In AmadorIMdltary Trallllngl LeoCharlesBerger I Mrs. .M. Chamberis, ohal.r- ,|',2---Hugh J. Henncdy ~man of the northern Plumas county -------- I ------ I ~3--Sidney Olin Yager [ section of the American Red Cross, Albert Heaton, who single handed ,Four men will be called from Plu-i 54 Clarence Wesley Nlcholson ~ )nnounces that the annual drive for held up and robbed the Indian Val- ms~ county to serve a year's hitch 55--Gordon Mason Hunting ley Bank in Greenville of $2,400 in in a government training camp, an. 56--Willard James Rosborough June, 1939, wa~ shot and killed by nounces H. S. Watson, chairman of 57--Harold Elenga officers two weeks ago while at- tim Plumas county draft board. 58--Angelo Elorza t~.mpting to rob the Bank of Area- These four men, said Watson, will 59--Vletor Paul Lemieux dcr in Plymouth, Amador county, be the first four on the list to qual- 60--Douglas Eddie Dollar 72--William Allen Jones 73--Volney Clay Baker 74--Elbert Allen Davis 75--Jack Perry 76--~Virgii Chatman Lintow 77--~ohn Emanuel Bergston 78--Joseph Kirk Striplin 79--Wilson Leonard Hogan 80---Wilbert Joseph Gessel 81--Gordon Mace Doily 82--Arthur Leonard Grille 83--James Durwood Gammlll !84---~llen Monrowe Fuller 85--'Ralph David Henson q~-Robert Btgney Cushman ~7--Wilburn Thomas Wright 88---Raymond DeMarcus Brown 89--W~lltsm Albert Welnreich 90--Danial Andrew Taylor 91-~Br~nton Welvllle Collier 92---Leslie Blchard Sumner 93--~yron S. Groesbeck 94--~eorge Otto Wagner 95--Herste Samuel Harget 102--Wilber Brooks 103--4VIac~k Edward Wherry 104 .---Gee Suey Dong 105--.(Fred Harvey Colllns--voluntr) i106--~lifton William Cotter 107--~yle Mark Smith 108-~Benigo Zabala 109--~ox Grover Wray 310--~al,ph Paul ~rebb C~vil!zation," at the November 19 the home of the brides parents, I sworn to before a person authorized lll--Cecll PhilIIp Kloss mpettng. Counties to be represented at the Mr. and Mrs. George Tanner. Oth-I t~ take the affidavit. A notary pub- 112---Atbert Eugene Dunham in.~titute are Amadoi~, Calaveras, El era prescn'~ were 'Mrs. J. E. Hanson, lic, a postmaster or a Justice of the 113~o Pablo d~ la Cruz Dorado, Plumas, Sutter, Yoloand aunt of the bride, Howard Tanner, peace will fix up the affidavit, and ll4--~arl Sanford Robbins Eacrsmento. Miss Elsie Wussow, :Norman, without charge 'to the registrant. 115--Edward Charles Thompson Wayne and Joy Sorsoli and Jerry Already, said Watson, some 50 of ll6--Louis Patrick Cruse -- ~ Dynan. the quest~onaires have been re-ill7--~Halston Everitt Crawford GRAND JURY WILL MEET tu~ed without the affidavit havin~ ,llS--Kermit Walter Fisher IN QUINCY DECEMBER ~ been sworn to before an authorized lie--John Clarence Rlchards ~I~rEIIDING SHOWER FOR person. These will necessarily have 120--&tha Earl Burton I The Plumas county grand Jury MR. AND MRS. JOE KYLE to be aen back to the registrant 121---Luther David Crosby | ~-n Quincy Thursday, November 7. for completion. 122--Robert Amos Self i The next meeting wl}l he held De- Mrs. MarJorie Jebb and Miss Watson says ihat mlstakes in 123--Willlam M. Peterson comber 2, at which time complaints Janet Cameron were joint hostesses filling out the questionaires occur 124---C, rover Wh~tby DoLe.Mars ~vill be heard. J. K. Metzker is recently when they gave a mlscel-ibecause the. registrant in many in- 125--Stanley Clinton ~olphln f~reman . of the laneous shower for Mr.' and Mrs. I stances cannot get sufficient advlee 126---Gustav Albin Johnson . Joe yle who ha e announcedlco oern,ng the answers to the quo Ch oy bert DENTAL CLINIC WILL DE their marriage of June 23, at Car- I tigriS. He urges that every regis. 128---Kenneth Franklin Daggett HELD IN GREENVILLE Son City, Nevada. ~trant study the questionaire and 129--Wilbur Marcellls Amlin Mrs. Kyle is the former Miss Mar- I answer all ~he quesUons, with an 130--~-Iarold Ray Edgar The next dental clin!c for the gte Scott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ~affldavit filled out before sending 13.~--Harry Francis Petruske children of this district will be Willis Scott of Greenville, and a'the questionaire back to to the 132--Charles Darwin DeBusc held in Greenville on Ncvember 20 member of the senior class of the draft board. 133~Alsn Henry Thieler fron~ 9 to 12 a.m. Dr. Harold Greenville High School. The groom 134--~Ienry Hans Chrlstenscn ~ausch will be in charge of the is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam ------~-~--------- 13,5-- Clifton Roy Wilson clinic. KyIc of Greenville and graduated 136--~eorge Charles McDonald from the Greenville High School 1~ P. WRIGHT TAKF ~ :137---~en Ward,Jr. NORTH CANYON BRIDGE l~st June. ILLINOIS BRIDE,138--~hr~a Pete Nicolas 139---William Andrew Grzesik UNDER CONSTRUCTION Mrs. Lee Fagg of Springfield, II- 14C---Henry Oscar Williams MISS J/JNE OLIVER I Supervisor Branley's road crew linois and R: P. Wright of Green- 141---~eorge Dawsun Keller, Jr. is constructing a bridge across the FETED AT SHOWER ville were married in Rer/o Men- 142--~eal Harvey ~lark North Canyon ravine on the road Miss June Oliver, whosemar- day, :Noven~her 11. Howard Wright, 143---Elwin Napoleon Jones to Round Valley. The bridge Is son of the groom, and JacRWII- 144-~Fran Ernest Rogers being built of lumber, with a con. riage to Clifford Stroing will be liame were the witnesses. solerrmized in Reno on Noven~ber 145---~eorge Clifford Stevens c~te foundation. Mr. and Mrs. Wright will make 146---Joseph Gordon Keller ~~ 23, was the guest of honor Men- their heroic in Greenville. 147--~ernon James Willlamson ROAD GRAVELED ON day evening at a pre-nuptial shower WALKERMINE MOUNTAIN ]at the home of Mrs. Frank Kamp- ~-----~------~ 148--C~arlos Howard M&thews 149--Merle Lourin Reed Supervisor J.P.-Branley states The party was arrariged as a sur- STROING--KAU~ 150-~ernard Clare Irwin that work has reached eompletl~m )rise and many lovely gifts were Navembea, 8 cn the regravellng of the Oenesee- ~resented. Games forn~ed the eve. Miss Reva Jean Stroing of Red 151~rnet Nelson Walkermtne road on the mountainning's diversion, followed by light Bluff, daugtater of Mr. and Mrs.[152---Delbert C. Droegemeier at Welkermtne. A caterpillar, bull-i refreshments. Charles I. Stroing of Greenvtlle0|153---~Woodrow W. Mitchell doze- and carryall has been em- The guests were Mrs. Wendel Mc. ployed during the past week in Enespy, mot]~er of the bride.elect, putting the road in shape for win- ~rs. Charles Stroing, mother of the and Herbert Kaufman of Redding were n~rrisd in Reno recently. Watch your cl6thes line, advises J. Schteser of Greenville, who ha2rowly escaped a fatal accident When the axe which he was using to chop down a post struck agalns*. the clothesline and bounced onto the top of his head, cutting a ['ash |n the scalp and necessitating the rcmoal of two pieces of bone. Schteser said the axe struck the Wrong block. The accident happened about a Week ago. Dr. Batson dressed the ~ound, snipped out the particles of loosened bone, and Schieser is all rt~,'ht today, but his escape was a ~axrow one. Sb ~EMO(TRACY IN EDUCATION S~ AT P T. A. FORUM R. L. Harmer, principal of the ~reenville Junior-Senior High ~chool, conducted a forum meeting ~eld by the G'~oeflvJlle Parent- Teacher AssoCiation Tuesday eve- nlng in the home economics room of the high school. The subject presented for discus- sion was "Democracy in Educa- tion," and those taking part in the d!ecueslon were R. M. Gr}ffen, rural supervisork; B. W. Wiley, science teacher; James G. Bunker, teacher of history and foreign languages, and Mrs. Laurence Lockney. The musical part of the evening's entertainment was arranged by ~lss Claudia Wllllamson, hon~s teonomtcs teacher in the Greenville ~Ilgh School, and Included a trum. l~et duet by Jane Cox and Louise ~obrero, accom~anled by Mrs. C. ~-I. ~mith, and a piano solo by Mary ~oseanl. Mrs. Ira Benson, president of the l~rent.Teacher group, presided at short' business meeting following the program. Light refreshments Were ~e~ed, l~;-Warren, Jr who was oper- erred on recently in the V~restwood hospital, returned home l~rtday. Mrs. M. D. Ayoob underwent an Charles Smith, Mrs. C. L Hall, Mrs. ~ school house in Crescent Mills, very well. Betty Lewis. make this a big party. ,154-~obert J. :Nrosla l~--Orrel N. Clary 156--Lester H. Fay, Jr. 157--~Leon W. Brown 158--~andolph A. Schn~bel 159--~Davfd J. :Norman ~,60--~Vllliar~ T. ,Porter 161-~Morton Deene Stowell *62---Sylva~n Daryl Adams 163--George W. Bell . 164--OeorEe A. I-Iuff 16~nald 8. Taylor 166--William Lem I67--4~ar1~ Volcheck 168--Lewi~ Cleveland Burgan 169--~:qm F. Swinney mem~)ershlps commenced on No- vember 11. Mrs. Chamberlain announces the appointment of local chairmen as follows: Mrs. Ruth H&II, Greenville. A. N. Bigby, Greenville and Setzer Mill. Mrs. Wavah Cheverton, Lartson Camp and Greenville. Mrs. Henrietta Fisher, Tayl~rs- el!Is and Genesee. Mrs. Lydia Sheehan, Crescent Mills. Mrs. A. B~llings, Chester. Mrs. 'Plllle Siler, P. G. & E AI- n~nor. ," L. A. Bunnell, Canyon Dam annt Moo~s & L,ungberg Camp. n- Mrs. Chamberlain advises thae- roll call contributions and mender~r may be given to any one o~e the above named chairman, or they * may be left at fhe Indian Vailey Bank. THANRSGMNG SERVICE IN QUINCY NOVEMBER ~I The Christian Science Society of Plumr~s counyt will hold a special Th, nksgivtng service 9~ the Muller building In Quincy Thursday, No- vember 21, at 10 a. m. 170-~Robert l~lgate 1T1--Joh-. Alec Davis 172--W~llia~.~ David Dory 173-~Wllbur James Dunangan 174--~ercy Ad Norcutt :~75--~ed Rolla Kabkee 176--l~ank Nlaker 177--~Stanley Nagler ~.78-~ak Moon ~79--Freddie L, Stevenson 18{N-George :N. Horn 181--~uy L. F~ss 182--JMerle D. Barney 183--~eter J. Zoldos, Jr. 184~James King 185-~lwin MoCann 186--B. Dan Baldwin, Jr. 187--clyde E. Welters 188--Paul Wallace 189---~Clinton Fleming 190--Harold Stoneman 101--Wllllam Stewart 192--Henry Blackwell 193--Charles Gustafson 194--Parker Haln ~95--~-Ioward W. Bell 196--Pratt :N. Tom 197--~-Iarry Smith 198--.William Howell 199--John H. White 20C~--Bradstreet Kemp November 9 201--~arl Dwight Balmer 202--Andrew Jackson Wlllbern 293--Peter Michael Memahon 204~Elmer Eyen Slaydon 205--~rank Curtis Hopkins 206---~larence Woodrow Ream 207--Verner Robert Christy 208--Jach Warren Schuman ~Cecll Woodrow Coon 21(N-J~uls W. MeLa|n 21l---~dwln Marion Moore 212--Walter Allen 213--Chester Samuel Edson 21~rt Withan~ Hardy, Jr. TIS-~L~well Durham Sanders 216--Patrick Ferrel McBride 217--Geo~ Clyde Davis 218-~Donimic :Pete Oirot 219--James Oscar Spauldlng 220---Orval Leon McAdams 221---John Lawrence Hall 222~nnie Richard Scott 22~--Emll Querineau Miland 224--Lowell Dirge 225--~enry Hartley Turner 226--~erbert Howard Hammond 227---Joseph Uriel McShane 228--David Hodd Mitchell 229--.G~yd Hart Armstrong 230--Lyle Wesley McNabb 231--Sherman Oliver Lewis 232---Eugene Debb Hill 233--4W~lliam John 'Pyler 234--~Robert Fox Taylor 235--Louts Victor Oludlot 236---Ernest Edward Baxter 237--K)onsld James Sharp i238---~harles SveJgaard Peterson 289--Roy Milton Menteer 240--Herschel Duel Goddard 241--Joseph Edward Hillm~an 242---~o John Kels~y 243--Ernest Mike Jovieh 244--Woodrow Joseph Eugite 245--4FPank Ferdinand Ghldossi 24&--Joe Wllber Demmiek 24T---RObert Sylvester Moore 24g--Clifford Harlan Ires 249-~lifford Crawford Gray 250--~Eva~rt ~harles Llttlefield