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November 3, 2014     Indian Valley Record
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November 3, 2014

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12B Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010 Bulletin, Progressive, Record, Reporter LETTERS, From page 11B time she dropped by the store, but I guess she never planned it. Where clothes are sold cheaper, and we do give away a lot of clothing and other things to those who need it and for those that ask, I was the one who felt embarrassed because I know this person. I saw her putting the stuff in- side her big purse, and that one sleeve was falling off from her purse. The funny thing was that she went out at the other door. Do we call this premeditat- ed? Is it not a big shame to shoplift stuff that only costs $2? We could have given it to her, if only she asked. What values can she impart to those being entrusted to her? This is very frustrating. Elsie B. Wesley Greenville Class warfare I foundDiana Jorgenson's Oct. 20 article "Send us your zeroes" crass, misleading and shortsighted. Her repeated depiction of Michael Schoff as sole proprietor instead of cor- porate officer in regards to the acquisition of Nakoma and the tax obligations asso- ciated with that property is not only nonfactual, but be- lies an ugly sentiment of class warfare. As an employee of Schomac involved in the restoration of the Feather River Inn, I have seen how difficult and costly the group's endeavors in this county have been. I can as- sure Ms. Jorgenson and the readers that were Michael Schoff and the Schomac Group nothing but ruthless profiteers, they would have found investments much more lucrative and much less troublesome than rescuing di- lapidated resorts in Plumas County. If Diana Jorgenson were truly concerned about the tax base of Plumas County, she would have railed against High Sierra Rural Alliance for obstructing the restora- tion of the Feather River Inn, and she would have plastered the front page of the Portola Reporter with headIines decrying the deprivation of economic opportunity for Plumas County residents wrought by thei~ frivolous lawsuit. Plumas County is not typi- cal of California. The people here are proud of their work- ing class culture and tradi- tions in spite of the fact that today a job here is hard to come by. Despite the current hardship, they continue to choose paychecks over food stamps. The rest of California may suffer the political ill- ness afflicting Diana Jorgen- son and some of our officials that paints all job-creators as evil, blames the private sec- tor when swollen government budgets outpace revenues, and ultimately sends jobs to other states, but the people of Plumas County do not: Dan Gallagher Blairsden Appreciated I appreciated your front- page property tax articles in the Oct. 20 issue of the Feath- er River Bulletin as well as Delaine Fragnoli's update in that edition regarding the High Sierra Rural A1- liance/Plumas County law- suit concerning the Feather Tire recycling event this weekend Someday, Plumas County from the forest, the valley, safer and quieter than tradi- residents may drive on roads the creeks as well as their tionalasphalt, they helped create through a neighbors' backyard," said TDA is the second largest tire-recycling event sched- Phyllis Taddei, fiscal officer reuse of tires in the U.S. and River Inn development. While I support the rejuve- nation of the historic Feather River Inn resort, like many folks I have been distressed the past three years by the lack of transparency at the county level during the entire project deliberation and EIR review process. There have been so many improper and questionable county approvals regarding the large number of condo- miniums associated with this project that it is no surprise to many of us that a legal dis- pute has surfaced and that the original resort restora- tion part of the project has bogged down. Regarding property tax matters, which was the focus of your articles, I am con- cerned that Schomac has re- ceived preferential property tax treatment from the coun- ty for the various properties they have acquired in Plumas County, beginning with the company's July 2005 acquisi- tion of the Feather River Inn resort property. For example, in fall 2005, Schomac purchased an ad- joining 18-acre parce! for $990,000 as noted in your arti- cle, but my understanding is that the property taxes as- sessed on this property have been artificially quite low ever since the sale. This might be something you should investigate since it would be unfair to all other uled Saturday, Nov. 6, 9 a.m. -2p.m. Plumas residents are en- couraged to turn in old tires during the event at the Plumas County Department of Public Works office in East Quincy. Each resident can bring up to nine tires for recycling free of charge. "Recent events collected 789 tires in the Graeagle area and 1,495 tires in the Indian Valley area. We are hoping for another great turnout. The Indian Valley communi- ty event was overwhelming, people were hauling tires in and grant administrator. "With every tire brought in, the community is doing their part for the environ- ment, and not only keeping our county safe from the dan- gers and health hazards of stockpiled tires, but putting those tires to a better use." Tires collected from the event may end up as rubber- ized asphalt concrete (RAC) or tire-derived aggregate (TDA) in civil engineering projects throughout the coun- ty. RAC is pavement material made With shredded scrap tires that is more durable, helps solve a number of engi- Plumas property owners for neering problems wherecost- ' the county to grant favorable effectiue lightweight and free- tax treatment to selected par- draining materials are need- ed. CalRecycle, also known as the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery, has just launched "Green Roads," a program to raise awareness about the products and pro- mote their use throughout California. To learn more about "Green Roads" and CalRecy- cle's efforts to keep waste tires out of landfills and stockpiles, visit Paving- ties without substantial justi- fication. Keep up your good report- ing. I am a former Graeagle resident and a current prop- erty owner of acreage near the Feather River Inn so I am interested in the area and its future well-being. Don Williams Former Graeagle resident Disregard and disrepair I am truly baffled by the article written by Diana Jor- genson regarding Michael Schoff and the Schomac Group, and the total disre- gard for the truth. I am an employee of the Schomac Group and am so grateful for the opportunity to have a job after being laid off for almost two years. I have a great deal of re- spect for Mr. Schoff and what he is trying to do for our com- munity, despite all the road blocks set up by not only the county but High Sierra Rural Alliance. I am amazed that he hasn't thrown up his hands and walked away; most peo- ple would have. Really, what do you hope to gain by writ- ing such a negative article without researching your facts? , I can't even begin to tell you how many problems there are at the Nakoma Golf Resort due to neglect that Mr. Schoff is now responsible for fixing. It will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to re- store the resort, the golf course and the villas to get them to the level needed to be worth what they should be worth. What do you think would happen if. this property con- tinued to sit empty without the proper maintenance and repairs? I can tell you all property values would contin- ue to decline. The county is in a financial mess like the rest of the world (because of poor leadership that starts at the top), not be- cause Mr. Schoff doesn't want to pay penalties and interest that accrued during the bank- ruptcy! Real estate values have dropped up to 40 percent in our county, so that means property taxes dropped as well, once again not because of Mr. Schoff. Laura Bemis ' Clio Circle of greed The House of Representa- tives is in the hands of anoth- er party, thank god it is over for now. Ms. Pelosi will soon be giving back our jet and crew to "We the People." If you are a "legal" hard working, American citizen that believes in the Constitu- tion of the United States, ex- cept for those that are mental- ly incapacitated, infirmed, destitute, socialists, progres- sives, Marxists, We the Peo- ple do not owe you a greener world, college education, jobs, pension, health care, abor- tions, citizenship, food stamps, Viagra, cigarettes, drugs or housing that you cannot afford. You must earn them. For some it's difficult to in- terpret the U.S. Constitution as written; but that is all you should look forward to on the government's dime. The Con- stitution is not a living docu- ment unless you amend it. Our state debt ... was creat- ed "by the People" and for special interests groups. The teachers, firefighters, high- way patrol etc. have extorted pension deals with governors that no one in the private sec- tor will ever earn. Some will receive 90 per- cent of their pay after retire- ment, will you? This state is broke, no news there; either you are part of the problem (belonging to a union) or you were too busy working in the private sector and not aware what your city and state unions were screwing you. Let's look at the "greed" statements: You owe me; the government owes me; my neighbors owe me; I deserve or want this, are just some of the entitlement statements used when making an argu- ment. You might be passionate in your beliefs, but are your jobs so important that you think you should receive 90 percent of what you earned monthly after you retire? It's a circle screwing the rest of your countrymen, the state and your offspring, Sad, we see you for what you are. 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