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November 2, 1950     Indian Valley Record
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November 2, 1950

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VOTE ON TUESDAY NE00. NOVEMBER 7! . " This is your opportumty to show that you value your freedom! , . f RESUME' OF ALL PROPOSITIONS ON YOUR BALLOT TUESDkY Because many have inquired as PROPOSITION FOUR--Eligi- but what some young deperado$ INDIES MEET TROJANS o,,,oo, will be held at the COUY HEALTH OffICER to what the eleven pro)ositions on bility to Vote---This measure will have to indulge in wanton des-ON QUINCY QIIOIRON Town Hall at 8 AJNOUNC' RESULTS OF the ballot are all about, we pre- merely remedy a technicality tructi,on by way of celebrating Hal- o'clock tomorrow (Friday) night which now prevents a person from Iowe'en. This year an unjust hard- for those taking' part in the sent herewith for the benefit of voting should he move from one ship was levied against Bob Cas- TOMORROW EVENING Amateur Talent Show to be T-B SI00VEY NOW READY our readers, a summary of the an- county to another 90 days or less teel when some late celebrants tore staged next Tuesday. All contes- alysis made by the legislative before election... YES down and destroyed the new sign The Greenville Indians will make tants must be present at this Ourlocal Tuberculosis Associa- counsel on each such measure. We PROPOSITION FIVE Legisla- he had recently,installedat a cost the trek o Quincy this Friday time, it was stated, and no new tion has again done its part in are making this us simple and tors Under present law a member of some $300just beyond the for a night battle on the Trojans' entries will be received after- eliminating Tuberculosis from this brief as posible with no intention of the legislature is prohibited from Wolf Creek bridge. Halowe'en turf with high hopes of revenge wards. The auditions are not county. They are responsible for of influencing anyone's opinion, being appointed on a board or corn- seems to be an oocasion when we for the 31-0 score that Quincy ran open to the public, the Mobile X-Ray Unit being Our own recommendation follows: rnision which alocates state funds need "a couple of all-night patrol- up on the tribe in the first en-  i brought into this area and super- __ to go to other state or local agen- men around town. counter on October 14. Game time vised the mass chest survey. The .PROPOSITION ONE--Personal cies. Pasage of this measure would --* 7 p.m. HIGHWAY CONDITION IS results of the survey are now be- Property Taxation--lf approved make such appointments permis- I It is not because we are op- Last Saturday's game between ing" retruned to the County Health this measure Will prohibit the state, sible. Since legislators are fre- posed to legalizing of gambling in Greenville and Portola was can- FAR 0W OF DATE Department. All persons X-Rayed oounties or cities from imposing quently named to serve on such California that we seek to urge celled because of the dismal dew are bing informed by mail of the taxes on household furnish.tugs, boards in an advisory capacity, our readers to vote aganist Pro- that drenched Plumas county, but ROOSEVELT DECLARES results of their X-l=ta" as rapidly tools, livestock, implements, etc. there should seem to be no 0b- position Six on the ballot next this week the game was re-ache- as possible. An objectionable feature of this jection to his being a member of Tuesday . . It is because the duled for N)v. 11, Armistice Day, James Roosevelt, Democratic Your County Health Officer urg- tax at present is that its cost of the group by appointment... YES initiative, as framed this year, is on the local field, candidate for Governor, yesterday ed that all persons receiving letters collection is estimated to amount PROPOSITION SiX---Legalized cue of the most insidious devices Defeat of Qunicy last Saturday chared that California's highways from him relative to further fol- to almost 75%, or three quarters Gambling--This measure would to ever confront the voters of this by the Westwood Lumberjacks, "once famous for their ability to ]owup see their Physicians /m- of the amount collected. Principal create a five-man commissi, on - or any other state. We have in the who came out on the long end of handle traffic, are now famous for mediately. obJecton to it seems to be the persons being named to regulate past maintained a friendly and co, a 7-6 score, brought added interest their bottlenecks and deathtraps," A letter instructing you to see fact that it would necessitate some and license all forms of gambling operative attitude toward pension this week to Friday right's fracas, in a statement issued from ills your Physicial does not necezs- change in the tax structure. Many within the state, provides for col- plans and their promoters, but thit for Greenville two weeks ago beat Northern California cam p ai g n arily mean that you have Tuber- arguments, designed to scare the lection of a percentage from gamb- latest one is an insult to normal in- the Lumberjacks by the same headquarters, culosts, however, it does mean that voters into killing the bill. are ling licenses and for the continuan- telligence. If passed it will create score, 7-6. The boggy condition of "At the rate we are now going," further studies are necessary to being broadcast, but they are ce of the named commission. Aluo a ommisson of men of unknown the field in the Quincy-Westwood he said. "we will never catch up rule out the possibility of heart largely based on fancy uther than provides for payment of aged and ability and give them completely game practcally ruined the Trojan with the need---and death and con- or lung disease. The Tuberculosis facts .... YES blind pensions from revenues re- autocratic powers which even the offense, gestion will be with us for years Aseociation has done its part, your PROPOSITION TVO INam- ceived NO Supreme Court cannot take except-  to come. There is no community County Health Department is do- - " " " ion to. The measure is completely DIST. SUPERINTENDENT in the State that is not bedeville in K its part, it is now up to you. ing Persons to Office This PROPOSITION SEV.EW-Chiro- in violation of the princip;ts of TO BE PRESENT AT by the piecemeal method f high- amendment is designed to stop the practors---Provides that no blind democracy, and we hope anyone COMMUNITY CHURCH SUN. way construction, and that has not Wes Neer. who exhibited prize practice, either by the legislature person shall be denied admission with a vote will take the trouble Rev. Norman D. Galloway of suffered from the autocratic be- cattle at the Grand National Ex- or by individuals, of setting up to ,o from chiropractic school, or to fro to the polls Tuesday if only Chico. district superintendent of h avior of the Highway Commis- position in San Franicsco, return- measures that seek to include the be barred from state license be- to vote against this one measure, the Methodist churches of this. sion named by Warren." ed home this week, accompained appointment of a person or persons cause of blindness . . . YES ._ area. will be present at the Green- Roosevelt said that the four-lane by Miss Jacalyn Wardlow. wh) has to an office or lst to be created PROPOSITION EIGHT--Corn-  As time floes on, Olumas Coun- ville Community Churck )n Sun- highway between Sacramento and been attending school in the city. such as is this year provided in pensation'of Officers If this mea- ty adopts more nad more aspects day next. San Francisco was started ten Wes,walked out of the big show Proposition Six .... YES sure is approved it will permit of the modefrn age. We wer en- Rev. B]ake will .preach the set- years ago and is n)t yet finished, with three prizes for his stock. county, city or township officers to joying a sow at the Plumas son at the regular 11 oclock ser- PROPOSITION TInfer- benefit from increases in salary Theatre the other night--Sunday, vice, and the communion service ' ior Court Reorganization--This is provided during thei term of of- to be exact--when suddenly the will*be conducted by the Rev. CaN FORWARD OR BACKWARD? designed to reduce the number of lice... NO picture stopped and the auditorium loway. Following the service a pot- courts below the Superior Oourt, from six to only two municipal PROPOSITION NINE -- State lights came on. Well, we wondered luck dinner will be held in the Probably the bicjqest problem which confronts the aver. Civil Service--NO OMMEND- how Ed Golay managed to make church social hall. after which the aqe voter once or more every two years is whether or not and justice courts--with judicial districts to be established by the ATION. the switch so fast, and inquired membership will meet with Mr. he has been correctly informed regardinq the personalities legislature, of a size not to ex- PROPOSITION TEN --- Public into the matter. We find that Galloway for the chm'ch'c quarter- and issues involved. ceed 40.000 population: any judge Housing Projects--This measure through some arrangement be- ly conference. Our only local contest on Tuesday next is the matter of of 5 years standing would be eli- evidently was provided by real es- tween Randall Goldenson and Jim ........... gible for office, or any attorney tate interests with. a view to better Blak an automatic switch has ELMORE IMPROVING determininq who will serve us as sheriff during the cominq with 5 years law practice;  object controlling public housing projects been installed, connected with Elmore Hunt is up and around four yecswhether dr not we will retcdn the present sheriff, of the measure is to eliminate dup- on a local level... NO Shasta Dam or a storage battery, this week after undergoing a WhO has learned his job from scratch in the fact of consider- lication of judicial set-ups in cities PROPOSITION ELEVEN--Land with the result that when a po,wer siege of what proved to be a close able opposition, or whether we will put into the office a new and to avoid wasted eft%rt and TitlesDeals with Torrens Land failure takes effect, PlumalRlea- appr,ach, to pneumonia. He said mere who is definitely and openly representative of the is. moneys, as well as to equalize res- Title and would permit those re- tre patrons are still able to see he was feelnig better, Monday, but ponsibility and income for judges; gistered under that act to with- each other while they wait and wasn't too sure whether his "pins" sues the electors sought to abolish four years ago, and who regulation would be handled by the draw and register under )rdinary wonder, would sustain him long or not. wig have to underqo at the taxpcrFers expense, the same --*-- , _ course of traininq in the operation of a modern sheriff's of" legislature... YES procedure . . . YES I AO open letter published in both rice, as did the incumbent. the Chester and Indian Valley pa- CHARLOTTE RINKERT IS "TEEN'AGERS BALL TEAM "",., o,.o00 CALENDAR OF EVENTS We have heard of course--as you 'oo most likely have --that Schooler is in the pay of the Nevada gamblers; that statements which have been made Lutheran Church Services are he owns and operates a larqe and vel],stocked cattle ranch WED TO IDAHO MAN FETED AT HIDEAWAY to the effect that there will be no held the second and fourth Sunday in that state: that he has comnitted vmdous change made in the personnel of of each month at the Assembly of IN HOME RITES SUNDAY DINNER SUNDAY NIGHT the sheriff's office, should the God Church, Greenville, 2:30 p.m. brecmhes of good conduct while L'x,.office, that he is fete|v- former regime be re-established ix local payoffs, etc., etc. Miss Charlotte Rinkert became The Lumber and Sawmill Work- it seems that in this democracy of Saturday, Nov. 4Square and All these rumors have been inltculodion since prior to the bride last SundRy of Mr. WaN ers, Local 2647, A. F. of L. lnor- ours, the deputies have something modern dancing at Grange Hall, the primary ccrmpaigxt. ALso nicely timed were lawsuits de- lace L. Robbins, in a pretty h,ome ed the Greenville Teen-Age soft- to say about that, too] . . . Inci- Taylorsville. Free suppeP served by sied to discredit 'the sheriff in the eyes of the publtc ceremony staged before the fire- ball team with a banquet at the dentally, let's do what we can to H.E.C. ladies. Open to the public. place of the Rinkert home in the Hammond Hideaway Sunday Oct. keep it a democraoyLET'ALL and they now seem to be dying a:natural and silent death presence of a few close friends. 29th. VOTE NEXT TUESDAY! Tuesday, Nov. 7Lcal amateur sL, Ice he threatened in recent weeks to file countersuits. Rev. Edgar Blake of the Commu- The Teen-Agers were sponsored --W-- show at Plumas Theatre. Sponsor- And all these rumors have been quite unsubstantiat- nity Ch.urch officiated, by the Lumber and Sawmill Work- I Whether it's because school ed by Soroptimist Club. ed beyond the statement of friend that has a Iriend that had a Serving the 1ride as matron of ers, A. F. of L. and were ably teachers are particularly gullible iriend that said it was so. honor was Miss Justine Deal, while managed by Boyd Grace wh or just because parents with child- Wednesday, Nov, 8, 9:30 to 11:00 But during both the 1946 and 1950 campatqns no word Arlen Taresh attended the groom brought his team in second in the ten in school are easily influenced, a.m:Representative of Social Se- final league standing in the Fe&th- we can't quite say, but it's de- curry Administration will be at of mouth or other scurrilousness .has era(mated fzom the as best man. Hans Rnkert gave sheriff himself or from his suppo1l. Both have stood o11 er River Softball League. finitely to be noticed that almost the Greenville Town Hall to give his daughter in marriage. ,Attending the banquet were: every election year propaganda is information to anyone regarding the merits of Schooler as a sherlffthe constantly lmprov- Following the ceremony, a re- Oscar Teal, vice president, L. S. plentiful to the effect that some new laws and benefits, trio operation of his office from the standpoints of honesty, ception was held at the Masonic W., A. F. L. No. 2647 and Mrs. isue will result in the school =ys- - efficiency and qucdity of personne L Hall in Greenville, at which more Teal; Boyd Grace, manager, Green- tern being greatly handicapped. FHday, Nov. 10, 8 P,m.---Publio Personally we have tried to nd substantiation of the than 50 friends and well wishers ville Teen-Age team and Mrs. For once and all, we would apprise card party at Taylor Grange Hall. gathered to extend felicitations to Grace; Robert Giesick, business you that the schools have first rumors which for a time flew thick mad fast in the effort to the young couple, wh, were later representative, L. S. W., A. F. h. call on state funds, and the passage Satffrday, Nov. 11---Catholic Sa- discredit Mel 8chooler. Several hd circulcu's were is. feted at a wedding dinner staged and Mrs. Geisick; Misses Peggy of Propositions will not handicap zaar and Food Sale at the Masonic sued offering $1000 reward for prod/ of rheim NO SUCH at the Hideaway Lodge and attend- MUllen, Joyce Kamps, Jana Bridge- their operation. This measure may Hall, Greenville. PROOF HAS BEEN FORTHCOMINGI We have been unable ed by the bride and groom, Messrs. man. 2qorma Bridgeman, Sharol have Its faults, and it will upset and Mesdames Hans Rinkert. Fred Sorsoli, Shirley Giesick, Betty the exlsting tax program tempor- Sat., Nov "11 .-- 'Arnisticm Day to find any inclicatlon that the sheriff =s ever knowingly Dance at Grange Hall, Taylors- violated his oath of office or acted contrary to the public pMetz, James Sutherland. Arlen V/ck, Shirley Vick, Margaret arily, but it could serve as a 9ound- rills; sponsored by Indian Valley gOOd. He has stepped on a few prlvode toes and hurt some "Iaresh; Mrs. Blanche Baker and Becket and Charlene .Edmondson. ato for improving the entire tax children Fritz and Diane, and Miss I structure than which, the good Post, American Legion. Music by personal feelings--as would anyone. He has made some Jutine )eal. SUSAN ROWETT TO BE Lord knows, there are few things The SMoky Four. mlstakes--even as you and I. No investiqatton ham disclosed Miss Rinker is a graduate of CONFINED AT 8UTTER that need improving worse. Saturday, Nov. l&--Thanksgiv. (:my signs of his recelvinq cmything not due him--he has the Greenville High School and for FOR SEVERAL WEEKS * ing Dance at Taylorsvllle Grange q(lned no excess of property, money or stocks (zrcl bonds IP The Warren-for-Governor corn- Hall. Music by the Gresapyans. which might indicate dishonest operattonAND HE AND a time attended- the Chic, o State l.ouz,-year-otd Susan Rowett wh mittee is in debt to us for 6 cents College. Mr. Robbins graduated recently was the victim of severe Which we paid ,out as postage due Sunday, Nov, 19  20-30 Club HIS SUPPORTERS HAVE MADE NO EFFORT TO IMPLY from the schools at Boise, Idaho, burns when her dress caught fire, on some of ther important (?) Turkey Shoot. Open to the public. THAT ANYONE ELSE HAS SO DONEI from where he recently came to underwent surgery last Thursday news releases which have been The issue at stake is not one between two individuals Plumas County. involving a major skin grafting op- carefully filed away. We Don't Saturday, Nov. 25 -- Dance at seeldq election to office. It is one between two schools of The newlyweds left for a brief eration, know whether to help him get I. V. Grange Hail, Tayloesvllle, thouqht, background and mode o| operation. The qambling honeymoon at San Francisco, after This will be the first of a hum- elected in the hopes of collecting, sponsored by I. V. 4-H Club. Pub- which they will make their home her of such operations, Mrs. Re- or boost for Roosevelt in a spirit I/c invited, issue of 1946 has almost ceased to exist since the state leqis- lature has outlawed slot machines and the federal govern- in Greenville, where he is connect- wett advises, and it is likely that of retaliation. One thing which Friday, Dec. 1  P.T.A. Carnival merit is maldnq an issue of gg, ed with the Ayoob Department little Susan will be confined to the should help Jimmy corral some at Greenville Town Hall, Benefit We have no personal feelimg ac]odnst Schooler's op- Store and she with the Plumas hospital until Cl.ristmas time at votes is the fact that Gerald L. K. of elementary school program. Bookkeeping Service. the earliest. Smith is said t be electioneering , portent. Neither have we any reason to believe that he can The R, owetts are making fre- against him. Don't knowwhether quent trips to Sacramento to see he's talking up Warren or not. for itself for the past three years do as good or a better Job as sheriff than Schooler has done. VISIT IN QUINCY their daughter and say that dec- , .... we should have said it paid We believe that the operatio of the sheriff's office dur- :Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Hambltn. tors and nurses report she is as I After 30 years in the business for ittelf with the qualifications tXt( 1947-1948-1949 and 1950 more than |ustifles the return Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Hamblin, and model a patient as can be expected, we made a mistake--believe it or mentioned PRIOR TO THE LAST to office of the lncumbent and recommend that in the in Miss Mary Scheiser were Sunday ....... " not. Last week we referred to the THREE .YEARS, when, run by the terests of the common weHctre, you return him to office for dinner guests at the J. L. Hunt Rainfall since Oct. 20 ............ 7.10 in. the school lumch program,, here, Parents Cltib, it was operated with- another :[our yecBs, home in Quincy. Rainfall since July 1 .............. 9.69 in. stating that the peration had paid out cost to the county. " AMATI :UR SHOW--TUI :SDAY, V. 7 m BB BB Im . Sponsored by The Soroptimist Club Benefit of The Youth C00ter