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November 1, 1951     Indian Valley Record
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November 1, 1951

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VIRGIL E SUNNYSIDE a By Len Kle|s .._ I LET E lJ Ill ,_z, &apos;  I by CIaA S Hoes ._.RIM/N' T!ME By POSEN IS AT TELEVISION TIPS ON LBECAUSE HB SKIMPY IttF.AL$ RINDSTONE'S WIFE AND 50,POOR dOE MUST DAILY ALWAYS LOOKIbI COOKING ; WAIT/  LATEt i1!00 Are Easy to Make IBy JIM RHODY... ...  Not Enough I  . ' , pleasure than the welfare of others. there's the hunter (at least one in every party), who jumps the gun when quail are flushed, That same fellow most likely will claim as many birds as he can get away with, regardless of who fired the pellets that killed them. This fellow has lost sight of broader aspects of hunting. He belongs to the category of the game hog, forages through the fields for the amount of game he can get, rather than for the sport of the hunt. Then there is the constant joy rider on our rvers and lakes. That's fine sport, It's wonderful to get out on the lake and glide over the waters, but there also is always the other fellow to remember. He most likely is a fisherman. He may be casting the banks, or he may be anchored and fishing with live bait, He has as much right on the lake as does the joy rider, and the joy rider should stay away from him a. much as possible. The waves in. terfere with his fishing. Often we have seen the speed boat rider dash toward a fishing boat, cut sharply," to throw up huge waves, and then bounce around the bend, leaving behind a maniacal laughter and a fisherman battling tangled 1 i n e s and cursing his tormentor. A / A Hawks Protected Hawks and owls have lots ot friends in Connecticut, the National Audubon Society reports. That became apparent recently when Governor John Lodge signed a "model" bird protection bill that makes it unlawful to shoot any spe. eies of hawk or owl in the Nutmeg State. Approval of this legislation, which had been passed unanimously by both houses of the Connecticut Leg- islature, places the state among the HE smaller brackets are espe- cially good for spaces between windows, Or use the thlee sizes for an attractive group arrange- ment. These shelves are easily made by tracing patterns onto quarter-inch material, then cut- ting them out with coping saw. Patterns are 25c each. WORKSHOP PATTERN SERVICE Drawer 10 Bedford Hills, New York Keep Posted on Values By Reading the Ads sL MAY e-  HBv= A.VB FOg SI<ATIN$ CKa, MP ) MBH0t/Ot! SOON M RBJEV  ='_AO4 leaders in bird conservation. MENTHGtTIJM 9WLL .-'l A provision of the new law per- FOR CGt.D.,,CP-..""..-' mrs farmers to destroy those indi-  KIN..JAaAP/J/.":- vidual hawks caught in the act of MUTT AND JEFF By Bn(| Fisher doing damage to poultry. Pointing '/,Tr, wo eRyWHVPiS fn_V: TXOSLV ve )l.,.-,-.,,-r'Ye.,'ns I I RveD.s _ --------- -: _- -I out that only occasional hawks de- I ARS ' "' " "'' " velop into poultry stealers, the Na- /GUEOU'rAWAV LJqDLADV / WVC, OTTA kFVEVOU. I ...... [  il;l.tC-. I IOHVVSTVLEC,I i /To KEep o (eAip. I ,se=a'.'., -- I '."  lee's!lli tional Audubon Society said this ISLinG OH THE R I  TOHIGHT.I )-- I 2 I  . -= lg i provision will protect farmers and IvA  \\; A''H'P  \\; e!/ 2' I 8EFOII "1 '/ ' Z'.Z'/-,!J,J at the same time prevent misin- |PEF=CTr-',,,'r formed persons from meting out KHIW VJ "vigilante justice" to all hawks and ..  .... - owls because of the misdeeds of a few of them. A public hearing on the new bird protection law, held before the -------------:---;.---,-:-.---- Game and Fish Committees of the Ws Wonderful tne w Legislature at Hartford, brought out Chewing.Gum Laxative r   nearly 50 representatives of state  Acts Ch,efly to j :'' h__-:_ =.._,  testifledCnservatinto therganizatinSvalue of predatoryWh il} ' 1 REMOVE WASTE birds. No opposition was presented. " ' I ti I I MoreFunds? ii ii ii i P=00I II II , A report from the National Wild-  GOOD F001} IAlaOJITTERTOOl/RZOO...( ;[Lwovl ISE GUSDINKff..HETOOKCAREOPJ II II II I I  )1 II II II I I li'ClkJ I /lo'lWOO jAjlhFAYESRY! 111 II II I I'k-dl II II I I I1111 Ufe Federation states that the .Here'stheeecretmllliooffokstt in executive session has hiked the ern chewing-gum laxttlve. Ye, here why rzF_-A-Mn'e l[J, on 18 so wonde ." excise tax on sport fishing tackle ully dLfferent[ to 15 per cent from its original base Doctors say that many other laxatl start their "flushing" action too soon.., of 10 per cent This actually means right in the stomach where food is betn that the revenues arising from this digested. /Atrge doses of such lgttAv sOurce will be 50 pe cent greater upset digestion, flush away nourmam food you need for health end energy, than at present. This excise tax on You feel wea:, worn out. rods, reels, and creels and on arti- But Bentle -A-mT, taken e. reO- ommended, works chiefly in the lown ficial baits, lures, and flies was bowel where it removes only waste, no$ earmarked for federal aid to state good foodl You avoidShat typical weak ired, worn-out feeling. Use m-A-M'S fishery restoration by the terms of Bnd feel your "peppy," energeticself! the DingeU-Johnson Act of the last rr-a-:crl No lnczease In prce-- session of Congress. The increase '''"m"U]l_liilUIqP WYLDE AND WOOLY , By Bert Thomas will be greatly needed, as the tax HOW paid into the earmarked fund has PET PORCUPINE?  4 IS TERRIBLY .I  yOU THINK, .7 NAKE FRIENDS WITH THAT  been relatively small. It was at gf--hA,N- ':lo'l | ..... P/N ! first thought this tax on fishing tackle would produce about $3,000,- '7![/   l . However, on the basis of the .or slr,klnly relieved . _ . ...... first few months, if it does not ma- In 40* cases in detor'lelfl  ---'l'. l  I   terially increase, there would not e you're ser.hle from the h. be much more available this corn- flashes," and accompanylng'..rritable, ing year for allocation to the states restlesstcelingsof"chRngeflife'.'--: than a million and a half dollars. 'ou may be suffering unnere.ssarfly! For ..;n tests by doctors...Lydia Sportsmen who pay this tax are Plnkhams Compound and Tablets "!::  . .=_- i:: :: :: :Jii :  . \\; !;. . . : generally in favor of the increase, brought rellef from such functionally- .::::: ........ ) < -.  ,:: ...........  ..,.   -: . .:.., On the basis of $1,500,000 ear- caused suffering to 63% and 80% (re- marked into the fund each one of Complete or striking relie/l :, 1 B! ' ,  - - - I the 15 million licensed fishermen Yesl ResearCh has proved these me4- would pay on the average about Ictnea thoroughZy modern en action#... shown you where to look for re-_eg /" "What did we almost have for supper?" i o Ol i i )' "Alvin was going to moke television his career, but then herd have to comb his hair every day r' four and three-quarters cents apiece during the year. That small sum is even less than chicken feed and will not cause a ripple of protest (ram anyone who replenishes his fish- ing outfit or adds a lure o, two to his tackle box. With the exception of a mall amount for administration, tLe en- tire earmarked fund is turned oveI to the states to make better fishing. The states are required to pay 2 per cent of the cost of all fishery restoration projects which are ap- proved by the Fish and WildLife Service. The goat-sucks', or nightjar, h bird round which a mbr o/old legends have been woven. Th# an. clouts bellied it sucked goats a# night, that the goats immediatel 3 "dried up" and lost their sight. A A A Th# na[whal is called the sea unh eorn because oJ the tlong, siral an tapered tusk that grows ]rom its upp jaw. This is sometimes as long as t leer. Its urpose has never beam d $rmined. Ironically, the tusk is o]t tashioned ito a harpoon used i th bult ot th# s ro those-distreaslng, nervous, "outl Cg K)rt" feelings Of mid-Ufe "ohan'| Bo...get I,ydl E. Ptnkham'e VeetabI Compound---or new, improved Table t With added iron! ( Wort, der/ul, too, ]or t lunctlonal pain o/ mcnaral Iertod&) it acts t]mugb a mmas mlmetle he,Vow dieve dJsem e fJ80 s/'hset wa'| MUSTREMOVE EXCESS WASTE When kidney function alow down, ma= rollr complain of nagging backache, lo [ Iep and energy, headache and disinea on't suffer longer with these dlseomfort n reduced kidney function is getting yo down-due to such common eausee u stre and strain, over-exertion or eapours o eold. Minor bladder irritations due to damlne orwrong diet may ue gett tip nlght or lrequen p4 . .. Don't et yo n. th ee_ team bother you. Try Joan's r my= je. U_ by m.mo_., v liO ysem Wh ommo m It's smmdng how many ume= oan s Jyo lutplpjirelte) from then dfleomfo.hp t-lmile  kicmey t' aria mum tmda out wute. Get Doan s  radii iJOA#00 PILLS