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October 15, 1959     Indian Valley Record
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October 15, 1959

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Incidents Revive Lake Almanor Battle The Lake Almanor winter opening-closing' controversy flared auew late last week, after it was announced that the llumas County Board of Supervisors had expressed an off- ieial recommendation favoring' keeping the lake open to fishing the year round . . . likewise the county fish and game commission. The fish and game commission voted unanimously the preceding Friday to write a letter to the state commission recommending that the lake remain open. Last Tuesday, the supervisors (Supervisor Purdy abstaining) followed BrazenBear I Burglar Back At Drakesbad No "'Lightfingered B 1 a c k i e." a hraz, en bear ent "up the river" by a state trapper several years age on a robbery charge, has re- turned to the scene of his crime and is now wanted for breaking- and-entry, according to reports. The records show that the bear several years ago stole some mattresses in t h e Drakes- b a d district, hauled them off in to the woods and a- bandoned 'em t e m porarily t he next morning after hay- the night enjoying a sleep. APParently featheringhis sea t in preparation for the Lllnual hibernation, the animal captured when he returned mattress c a c h e several later. lie was transported to a diff- ract neck of the woods. With the heat now off how- ever, he returned last Tuesday Mght wandered in to Drakesbad LOdge, tore the door off a refrig- erator and helped himself to all the meat inside. The dam- age was discovered the n e x t Evidence indicates the had an accomplice. ALMANOR CLEARING TEST IS SET SPECIAL TO The RECORD .... Pacific Gas and Electric Co will clear some dead trees and stnmps from Lake A]manor this fall, it was reported this morn- ing by K. C. Porter. company manager, DeSabla Division. He said a call for bids on the work has been issued. Porter said PG&E will work on a relatively small section this year, then assess the results. If the work appears feasible and practical from a cost standpoint the company will schedule more Almanor clearing activities. The task will be started when the water level reaches its sea- sonal low, Probably about Nov- ember 1, Porter said. Freezing temperatures w i 1 1 prevail at the lake by that date and will provide firmer ground upon which to work. The removed snags will be stacked and burned after fall rains have ended fire hazards. Movie Will Highlight Girl Roundup on Tuesday in lhis area. The roundup is for girls and their families froni throughout tile district- including Qnincy, ('hester, Storrie, Testwood and Greenville. While theevent will I, of special intere. those ;ivls v, ho attended ealp, it is hoped that other girl scouts, those interested in becoming couts tinclndinK Brownies who will be eli_--ible Ior (:a|np |loxt llnHller) also will arlene itb their families. snit: and a letter was sent to the state eo:mlissm lhe fol- lowing day stating that "The Ph!mas Cmmty Board cf Sup- ervisors are iu favor of keeping Lake Almanor epen for ye'>al"ound fishing." Eoth gT0UpS 9 actioff cave about two weeks after the Chester and Lake Almanor Chamber of Commerce conduct- ed a public meeting, attended by some 50 people, to dis- cuss the issue -- then voted unanimously to recommend closing of the lake in a letter to the state fish and game commission. R Greenwlle" ,Plumas CORD . County Cahforma Oct 15, 1959 A Girl Scout Camp Roun,tup be held next Tuesday (Oct evening at the Plumas The- tre in Greenville, Ieginning at 7:15. Showing of a movie made at Gold Lake Camp this pa st llllner itl highlihl the pro- gra]i. The movie uill be parratt, d by Miss ,h-4frey I.'erauson. the ea'tllainR coordi]mtor i(r Sierra- CaSCade ('ouncil and o1 the ('ouneil's professional staff asSign(q] Lo work wit] scoNtin A statement by fish and game director Wm E Warne several days a f t e r the chamber meeting indicated that "8inc.e the lake is being shifted from a fingerling to a sub- catchable planting program, the Department proposes to ret,ru it to the regular trout season (Nay 6 - October 31). The lake currently has an all-year season." Director Henry Clineschmidt, at the chamber meeting, said that he was "glad the chamber is finally resolved to the point where it wants the lake closed in the winter." He said he hoped an unchanging season of winter closure could be effected  which fisheries off- icials have indicated would result in a constructive planting program. Lake Almanor was first opened to year-round fishing in 1954, then closed as the result of a petition in 1957, the opened again this past winter, mainly on the strength of another petition. Some 20 Canyon Dam residents late last w e e k petitioned the state Fish and Game Commission to keep the lake open to winer fishing. The petition was in the form of a telegram. AN 'OPEN AND SHUT' CASE Frank Rice and,Mrs. Lee Roberts are pied discussing the pros and cons of closing Lake Almanor to winter fishing. Greenvi00l00 Boy Scout Drive # Set for Next Drive chairman Harry Price area's annual Boy Scout fund drive day, October 21, and'witiopen with munity Mthodist Chlireh: Workers will gather at the church (where the cease, hour v. ill be sponsored by the ,VSCS ladies), then conduct a house- to-house canvass of the eom- nmnity. Three "majors" who are as- sisting Price in organization of the drive are Cy Hall, George Zube and Mac Scruggs. Other workers designated as "captains" early this week are Jim Maruna, Mrs Russ York. Chris Zube, Betty Glenn. Betty Bettis, Pat Norberg, Barbara Crouch. Betty Sanders. Clyde Stockton. Mrs Lou Geil Mrs Ethyl Hardgrave. Chester Tos- announced that the Greenville will he con,'er-,t :m'ea,es- a:9;m coffee hour at ::Cfi- cani and Tom Camfield. A n organizational meeting was held at the high school on Monday of this week. Pro-, Anti-Closing Opinions Offered The folloing opinions wert expressed by eo]ll]ty ridents sel- ected more-or-less at random and interviewed briefly this past week on lhe question "SHOULD LAKE ALMANOR BE OPEN OR CIA)SED TO WINTER FISHING?" (Emphasis was placed on business peo- ple. as they previously have proven to eompriue a majority of the two opposing factions.) CLOSE IT says K T Webb, Chester, forester and sportsman --- "Let's close it. I have no ax to grind, but I believe it should be clos- ed so that merchants can have an opening day. Setting this open- " ing [lay will attract more tourists . . . The Cheater-Lake Ahnanor Sportsmen's Club has been trying to determine the public's wishes for several years; why don't those who are interested in the iue turn out and assist this group.., seldom a quorum at a meeting." OPEN IT says Frank Rice, Chester, ibusinessman and sportsman ..... "It does no harm to fishing . . . not enough people who fish it" (in the winter). "Spring fishing brings people into the area; flh- ing's good.., many of these people may not be able to come up here in the summer. People from Susanville, Greenville, ete also like to fish in the winter. They've tried opening and closing the lake for the past 7 years . . . and the most successful is having it open, as far as I'm concerned. I'd like to make it clear that I'm interested strictly fl'om a sportsman's rather than a businessman's viewpoint . . also think the Supervisors and similar groups should not par- ticipate in fish and game issues . . . should be strictly up to the sportsmen." CLOSE IT says Mrs Lee Roberts, Cheater, businesswoman and sportswoman ..... "I believe it should be closed . . . to get a better planting program." OPEN IT says Ed Boyce, Quincy. mail carrier and sportsman -- "It's my opinion that the resorts are trying to make a money propo- Holt to Speak sition out of it by havinga grand opening... "Vhy shouhl Redding have the aeramento River and hasta Lake open and have them planted?', (if we can't have Lake Almanor open in the winter and At P-TA on pla],ted at the same time) CLOSE IT says Bill Bud(t. Cbester, local businessman and lake Germany Trip ...... I think closing is a good idea if the lake will then get a planting proRram, as claimed." ('lift tiolt, senior student at OPEN IT says "Feb" Ohlfs, Chester, businessman and sports- (Ireenville lligh School. will ad- man -- "Many local residents like to fish a little in the winter . . . ,h'ess a m e e  i n  of the high one of the reasons many retired people are living here in the first s(,hool P;ret-Teach(:r Associa- place." tion this cominu Monday (Otto- OPEN IT says Ruth Miller. Canyon Dam, businesswoman and her 19th  describing his trip sportswoman ..... "Been too busy to fish this summer.., the winter is the only time we have to fish." to Germany this past summer Ill i PI under the American Fiht qer- o ns P ne arts New viceexehangestndentprogram. in:lvti:P:n: Gh:m::nlf:le';l:i:n Commission Meets Again December 3 $2,000,000 Local Mill The ('ollins Pine Company of Chester, repre- eting the comnmnity's leading industry, has an- tlinced plans for the Imilding of a local flake- Iard plant at a cost of about $2.000,000 -- with resultant increase of about 10% in the number (f naen employed by the,company by late next year. Truman V. Collins, president of the company, annOUnCed late last Week that work will begin im- mediately on the new facilities and production presently is expected to start by late in 1960. At full capacity of 120 tons. some 40 to 50 men will be employed in the new operation on a three-shift basis, according to the company an- nouncement last Week. The flakeboard, in sheets from three eighths inch to one --  inch thick, will be made from waste Produts of the company's sawmill and finishing operation. The plant will be engineered by the Industrial Development Co of Tacoma. The 5 x 10 twen- ty-opening press will be furn- ished by Baldwin-Lima Hamil- ton Works and the dryer by the Harding's Co of York, Pa. The buildings Will be furnished by the Soule' Co;loader and un- loader by the American Manu- facturing Co of Tacoma: the el- ectric motors by US Electric Motors. Inc. W I here s the Hunting News? GIRL SCOUT FUND DRIVE OPENS ON 21st On Wednesday, October 21, the annual Girl Scout fund- "'Msing drive will be conducted in the Gveenvlle area. the village of Ronshausen. He brought back a nunzber of col ore(i slides which will illustrate his talk. The P-TA meeting will be held in the high school library beginning at 7:30 pro. Association president Mrs T L Hannon urges all parents, es- pecially those of new seventh- rade students, to attend the meeting. Holt also spoke on his Euro- pean trip yesterday during the weekly luncheon meeting of the Greenville Rotary Club. ROTARIANS ENJOY SUNDAY "BUCK STEW' Members of t h e Greenville Rotary Club. their wives and guests -- some 40 in all -- en- joyed a "buck stew" Sunday at Forest Lodge. The buck was provided by club president Har- ry Price. ELEMENTARY P-TA CARNIVAL OCTOBER 30 The annual Greenville Ele- men:sty P-TA Carnival has been schedu4ed for 8 pm on October 30. This event is conducted to raise funds for the annual swim school project. Final acti,n on 1960 angling regulations is expected to be tak- en in Sacramento December :: when the California Fish and (lame Commission meets HI the Employment Bldg, 722 Capitol. The con]- mission met Friday in Los Angeles to hear recommendations for 1960 regulations from the Department of Fish and Game and the eneral pnbllc. CLQSE IT says "Dinty" Moore. Chester, htmineaswoman and sportswoman .... "I'm definitely not in favor of it" (keeping' lake open) .,.'. "We must look ahead to the future rather than cater to a few people now _ . . does no good to anyone; takes spawners out of the streams and nothing is put hack to replace them." OPEN IT says A W (wes) Bell, Greenville, retired sportsman "I think it should be kept open for the benefit of the people of the district... We should actually take out more large fish in the win- ter - because they're detrimental to smaller fish." OPEN IT says Joe Baker, Canyon Dam. mechanic and sportsman "The poor working man in this area works all summer (the bull- eat time of year around here); the winter is the only part of the year he has time to spare for fishing." $ . $ CLOSE IT said Paul Hanson. Chest,s" and Lake Almanor Cham- ber of Commerce president (at a meeting recently) --- "Fishings on the downhill grade due to the lack of 8 planting program itnd. taking of spawners during the winter months." CLOSE IT said a Los Angeles sportsman present at the same meeting - "I have been fishing up here on the lake for a month and a half and haven't caught a fish." (He was interested in a planting Program. ) "DRAIN THE DAMNED THING" said an unidentified Chester man-in-the-street; "it's so low it's practically empty anyhow." MORE ABOUT LAKE CLOSING CONTROVERSY on PAGE 2--'----I l.lrv -'RYBODY READS THE RECORD... even a few local pole- and a raccoon. This fellow puts in his claim for the last on rack at Eiee' Liquor Store in Chester. H pawed considerable interest in 1 on last that are under state SOROPTIMIST HOBBY SHOW k Greenville Town Hall -- Sunday, Oct. 25th -- 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND BENEFIT (REPLACING AMATEUR SHOW} 50, 10