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October 12, 1950     Indian Valley Record
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October 12, 1950

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The most important debate on this was not in public but in the closed-door session of the senate and house conferees where house members battled savagely to gain a few concessions for little taxpay- ers. One of the battlers was Demo- cratic Congressman John Dingell of Detroit who at one point de- manded: "While we are making all these concessions to upper*bracket tax- payers ad war profiteers, we should at least repeal some of the excise taxes on working people. "Instead of plugging loopholes that benefit the oil industry and stock-market speculators, you are making the loopholes bigger and more of them," Dingell angrily chided the senators. "As long as you are in the mood to throw away I money, why not make some conces- sions to the working girl and man , with four or five kids?' However. the Michigan Demo- crat's demands that the excise on baby powder and oil, etc., be lift- ed fell on deaf ears. Finally, Dins- ell turned to GOP Sen. Eugene Mil- likin of Colorado. a stanch defend- er of tax benefits to big bracket- eers, and half jokingly asserted: "Gene, if you don't support me on this--woe to you when you go back to Colorado to campaign this year." Millikin chuckled, but said noth- ing. Gen. Bradley Rebuffed Dingell then hurled in*o the teeth of the seators a letter Gen. Omar Bradley had written congress, urg- ing that the excise tax on G.I watches be recinded. "I want to see how much faith you have in General Bradley-- how much weight his letter car- ries," the Michigander challenged. "How about it?" This time Millikin didn't laugh. Neither did granite-faced Sen. Walter George of Georgia and the other architects of the bill that exempts war profiteers. The sen- ators sat mum and defiant. There was another bitter blow- up over the proposed withotding tax on stock dividends. This was aimed to capture an estimated 160 to 170 million dollars wh.%h Uncle Sam loses each year because stock- holders fail to report divldends in income-tax returns. Again the senators held back, though house conferees Bob Dough- ton of North Carolina, Jere Cooper f Tennessee, Wilbur Mills of Arkansas and Dingell strongly sup- ported the withholding tax on divi- dends. George, who consistently battled for the top-bracket taxpay- ers in every other phase of the bill, made the amazing argument that the dividend clause would dis- criminate against "poor widows." "The government doesn't withold taxes on wages under $500 a year," sermonized the Georgian. "Why tax the dividends of widows and people of moderate circumstances, which in many cases ar*ount to less than $500 a year?" "That argument doesr,'t hold water." hit back Dingell. "The ob- }ect of this amendment is not to hurt women of small incomes, but to compel the reporting in income returns of about a billion dollars a year in dividends that escape tax- ation. Failure to report these divi- dends is a violation of the law. "Furthermore. despite what you say, working people with wages under $500 a year are taxed. A Detroit auto worker may work only one week in a year, but a portion of that week's wages is nonetheless withheld by the gov- ernment." GOP Rep. Dan Reed of Dunkirk, N. Y., sided with the senators, however, and the big-bracket tax- payers had a majority. Note.--Other senate tax conferees were Byrd of Virginia and Con- sally of Texas, Democrats; and Butler of Nebraska, Republican. Of them, only Senator Connally fought for the little taxpayer. V.F.W. Combats Communism Congressional witch-hunters who smear innocent people could take a lession from an "American way" campaign which the Veterans of Foreign Wars has launched against communism. 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