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October 3, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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October 3, 1940

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ltlrsday, October 3, 1940 INDfAN VALLEY RECORD Washington, D. C. NAZI C~ENSORSHIP It's not being widely publicized, but Nazi Germany already holds a tight rein on all messages sent by the state department to its diplomats l~ parts of Europe. In fact, the #ate department is unable to com- municate at all with certain sections, aad communications to other sec- tions must be relayed through Ber- lt~The department has its secret codes for transmission of official foessages, but codes are no good if ~f messages don't move. Mr. Hull wants to communicate with a member of the U. S. diplo~ ffiatic staff in Paris, he cannot do so direc~Y, but must file to the new FrenCh capital of Vichy, and from there, subject to the whim of the petain government, the message foaY be moved on to Paris. A short time ago, messages had to be sent via Berlin, with the hope that Nazi officials would permit the U. S. embassy there to relay the ~nessage to Paris by courier. "Both Brussels and Antwerp are ~oropletely cut off, except through erlin, but oddly enough, Rotterdam -nd Antwerp are open for direct ~ornmunication. Any messages from {gashington to Norway's capital, -- t 0ale, mus be routed through Stock- i~olm. Note--Though this has meant a reduction in official messages to Eu- "ope, the total of cable messages I" clearing from the state department is breaking all records for volume. chieflY because of heavy communt. - tion with Latin America. Ca,* * SMOKELESS POWDER SHORTAGE 9 'Bright Boys' Give Accounting Return After 10 Years to Tell of Work Since Talk With Edison. NEW YORK.--Nine young men kept a solemn covenant with Thom- as A. Edison--a promise they ut- tered as "America's brightest boys" when they knelt 10 years ago at the feet of the great inventor and told him they would make of themselves useful servants of American sci- ence. A decade ago they were among 49 high school lads picked painstaking- ly by every state and the District of Columbia to submit themselves to Edison's scrutinizing quest for the nation's brightest potential sci. By VIRGINIA VALE (Released by Western Newspaper Union.) EVER hear of a slen- dang? Well, neither has practically everybody else. Betty Field has, for in Para- mount's "Victory" she's in- vading Dorothy Lamour's territory and wearing one. It's a sort of glorified sarong, and the first day after the first batch of photos showing the lady in it was released the studio received 27 requests for the gar. mont. entist. ----~% Nine of them--averaging 27 in age Fred Allen and k Benny are ---showed up as guests of Thomas supposed to be the battlers in 'Love A. Edison industries in observance Thy Neighbor," of the 1930 competitions and their but it seems to visit with the late inventor. The be Mary Martin, others were too busy with their jobs their co-star, who or were too far away to come, in- is really the vic- eluding the winner of Edison's 1930 tim. The famous scholarship--Arthur O. Williams Jr feudists battle a professor of physics at the Uni- versity of Maine. with words. As for Mary, her Accounting Is Given. schedule includes What the nine had done during the being caught up decade and what the years have on a derrick hook brought them was summed up in in a scene on a this collective account of them- Mar n dock, being tossed y m=r. into the ocean and selves: having to swim with all her clothes Pursued scientific courses and ob- on, being nearly strangled by Benny tained degrees from the nation's in one scene and manhandled by best colleges and universities.Allen in another. Without exception obtained re- sponsible employment in their cho- She does two dance routines, one of which involves a lot of struggling, i sen field immediately upon gradua- and another shot finds her rolling i tion. Entered the decade bewildered at around the back end of a wildly i world events--particularly the world driven cab. Nice work for a girl economic depression, who can keep audiences happy just Left the decade bewildered at by singing! Destruction of the Kenvil, N. J world events--the war and its rami- powder plant was a far more serf- : flcations. eUS blow to national defense than I Within an average of 3l& years out anyone in high official circles want- of school, earned an average income ed to admit, of $2,535. It now leaves the United StatesI Three married and one of them ~ith only two smokeless powder became a father. vlsnts in the entire country--the du- ! Came to realize their importance ~ont plant at Carney's Point, N. J as scientists to the nation's defense. #r~d the government-owned Picatin- nY arsenal at Dover, N. J not far i Hope to Aid Defense. 'm Kenvil It produces only a ! One hopes to contribute to nation- fro very small amount of powder, i al defense through research work -Beal fact is that powder plants lea automatically controlled, pilot- ~re slow and cumbersome to buird, less airplanes, while the others hope requiring a series of buildings in I to help contribute to national scien- which the powder is gradually dried, tific achievements through general ~wo new plants are being rushed to research. completion by the war department, i At a luncheon at the New York but they will not be finished until i World's fair, Eugene C. Reed, as- ~ext spring, sistant vice president of Thomas A I One of these is near Charlestown, i Edison, Inc of West Orange, N. J I~d and will be operated by the greeted the scientists as "gentle- I duPonts, though built by the gee- men who have made good." He pre- ernment at a cost of $25 000,000. The I sented each with a medal for up- other will be at Radford, Vs and I holding Edison's ideals of service to wilt be operated by the Hercules i science. powder company, though built byi Earlier, Charles Edison, son of the government at the same price. I the inventor, greeted the young men --How serious is the powder situa- I at the West Orange plant. tion was illustrated by the fact that I "We left the West Orange com- one day after the New Jersey ex- !petitions 10 years ago dazed by plosion, the war department issued i world events," said Gordon K. ,speed-up" letters to both duPont ;Burns of Westfield, N. J a physi- and Hercules, whereby they are or- i cist with the Western Electric corn- dered to increase powder production pany. "We were in a fog then. I from 200,000 pounds a day to 300.- hope now that we have dispelled the 000 pounds a day in the Radfordlfog of our youth and are making plant; and from 200,~)00 a day to 400,- ~ contributions to science." O00 a day in the Charlestown, Ind i -~ont This means that the plants; '" " ' Television in Colors wilp' 1 he bigger, but it does not mean theY will be finished earlier, I By Jan. 1, Is Forecast -DaY after the New Jersey explo-' NEW YORK.--Bright eyes and jion, also, the war department sent blushes have entered the range of confidential memo to the White ~Iouse on the seriousness of the pew- television, says a Columbia Broad- casting System report on color tech- der situation, nique. Note--German intelligence agents Paul W. Kesten, vice president, ttnquestionably knew the exact ca- pacity of American powder facto- ries, and how limited our present production was--namely, 20,000.000 pounds a year. They must have ]~own also that the destruction of one factory would throw the Unit- States off its preparedness sched- ule more than any other single in- cident. 8~CRET AIRPLANE CONTRACTS The public is not going to get any ~o~re information about airplane tracts let by the war department. The army is putting the lid on as s military precaution. Inside fact is that news of recent contracts was released only to offset {be impression that the work was not getting ahead. Secretary of War fitimson had stated on August 9 that contracts had been let for only 33 planes of the 4,000 authorized in June. Just a month later, September 10, the war department released figures {bat told a different story. Instead of 33, the number of planes contract- ed for was 2,797. These figures were put out to re- assure the p.~blic. But from now on there will be no talking. The war departmeut is following the lead of General Marshall, who says, "You Can't play poker with everybody looking at your hand." MERRY-GO-ROUND The state department is still try- t~g to keep the muzzle on Mrs. "Dat. SY" Harriman, forthright minister to Norway. Apparently Mr. Hull fears she wi,1 tell what really happcoed tb ere Sen. Joe O'Mai)oney polled the highest vote ever received by a Democrat in the recent Wyoming primary. With less than half of the normal vote east in this election, the Democrats figure they have a good chance to carry the s:ate in November. says the company expects to be broadcasting color in its commer- cial programs by January 1. A pri- vate demonstration was made for James L. Fly, chairman of the Fed- eral Communications commission. Kesten says a method developed by Dr Peter C. Goldmark, CBS tele- vision engineer, makes color recep- tion possible for sets already in use, with only minor adjustment and the addition of a simple attachment. Goldmark simplified color televi- sion by finding a way to limit color to the standard wave band used for ordinary television. Church Hitching Post Reserved for Farmer PITTSBURGH. -- A hitching post marks a reserved spot out- side of the Clinton United Pres- byterian church, where automo- biles never park. The space is reserved for Wash- ington Jackson, 82-year-old farm- er, who goes to church every Sunday by horse and buggy. Jacks,m, who makes the four- mile trip to the church in an hour, has been using that method to get to meeting for 56 years. His horse, Billy, is 30 years old. Purchasing Power Is at U. S. Record This Year WASHINGTON -- Your income could buy more goods in the first seven months of this year than in any other similar period, the com- merce department reports. The department estimated wages, dividends, relief payments and other forms of income paid to individuals during the seven months totaled $41,606.000,000, compared with $39 578,000,000 in the corresponding pe- riod last year. plaid and plain fabrics, as pic- tured, but it's very smart in one color, too. The two versions look so different that you'll really get two fashions out of this one pat- tern. Gingham, linen, percale and chambray are pretty for this. Make it up, later on, in wool crepe or challis. Pattern No, 8763 is designed for sizes 8, 8, 1O. 12 and 14 years. Size 8 requires ~,~ yard of 35-inch material for short sleeved waist portion. 1% yards for skirt. Send order to: SEWING CIRCLE PATTERN DEPT. 149 New Montgomery Ave. San Francisco Calif. Enclose 15 cents in coins for Pattern No Size Name Address [Strange Facts ] I I 8 Per Cent Film I ! I ~L~D u r in?g" |~[: k;: ;::;:a t h p~" sion, staged yearly by the Jains in India, all telephone, telegraph and trolley wires crossing the line of march are temporarily removed so that the Great Indradwaja, a 50-foot banner, can pass without being lowered. ~I. The average motion picture, wimn released, contains only 8 per cent of the film that was "shot" during production. Although the 92 per cent that goes into the edi- tor's wastebasket is not entirely ~)7(~ wasted from a technical stand- :i~:':i<:]i~i' point, it does sometimes contain songs, small parts in ttieir entirety "---+:"--- and even whole scenes that have In Hollywood, Burgess Meredith, ,~CHOOL girls will love to wear been taken on expensive sets. working in "Second Chorus" with '-" this pretty frock--and it's so ~ The longest baths on record are Fred Astaire and very becoming to all of them! those taken by the patrons of the Paulette God- Flared at the .~kirt, wide at the mineral spring resort at Shira- dard, had not yet acquired a car. shoulders, design No. 8763 fills hone, Japan. Many of the bathers Nevertheless a them out, at the age when they will lie in the large, sl~allow tanks sign on a fence at shoot up like beanpoles. And the for three weeks at a time, pack- General Service high-cut princess skirt scoops in ing smooth stones on and about i gratifyingly at the waistline, themselves at night to prevent studios carried I This pretty frock makes up turning over and drowning in their the warning, served"This plaCefor" t.charmingly in a combination of sleep--Collier's. Meredith." [ ~ e That vacant A Quiz With Answers space, amid the F Burgess Meredith cars belonging to ~ Offering Information other stars, was too mueh for .iss [ ANOTH E R Goddard. So she filled the vacancy i on VarioNs Subjects wlth a brand new motor scooter, @ decorated with ribbons and equipped with a bottle of iodine, Just in case The Questions 5. Approximately 92.4 per cent. of accident. ------- 6. William Henry Harrison, who -- ~.'---- 1. Approximately how long isdied one month after his inaugura- It's been quite a while since the Panama canal? tion. Brenda Marshall couldn't have any 2. How many innings was the 7. In China fortunes are told by dress that she wanted, but the suc- longest major league baseball reading the lines on the soles of cess that made that possible also game ever played? the feet as well as the markings stood in her way the other day when 3. During what war did the Brit- on the palms of the hands. she fell in love with a frock and ish complete the conquest of Can- 8. Some 2,000 people in the Unit- then couldn't have it. ada from the French? ed States are either killed or in- The dress was designed for her to 4. Has the South Magnetic polejured by lightning each year. Of wear in Warner Brothers' "East ef ever been reached by man? those killed, the annual average is the RiVer," and she liked it so much 5. What part of the edible por- about nine men to each woman. that she wanted to have it copied tion of the average watermelon is 9. By the house of representa- for her own wardrobe. But the pro- water? tives. duction office turned thumbs down. 6. Which of the Harrisons, Wil- 10. Columbia river. The reason was that she is a target liam Henry, or Benjamin, his for cameras wherever she goes. graridson, served but one month of The dress might be copied by lash- his term as President? tion bootleggers, an~ the style 7. How are fortunes told in Gems of Thought wouldn't be new when the pictore China? is released. 8. How many people are killed ~O MATTER what his rank . g~ . in this country each year by light- ~- " or position may be, the lov- ning? er of books is the richest and If the war news in your daily 9. In case no candidate for Pres- happiest of the children of men. 1hat wholesome, tangy outdoor taste [ud heat and cot delicious cold healthful economical order, today, from your grocer. Evil Means Never let man imagine that he can pt~rsue a good end by evil means, without sinning against his own soul! Any other issue is doubtful; the evil effect on himself is certain.--Southey. EXPERIENOE, VENTUP E, , TRAVEL AWAIT YOU II Qualifications: [I I Sloqln U. S. citizens of qood char- Ill actor between ages of 18 and -55 IS without dalmndcnta emd In good phy. I s sisal condition. [ II 2 Vacancies exist now for corvice in ] | Hawaii, Panama~Pldllppinco, and,II the U. ~. A. " [I EARN--kEARN tl Man mldeeSded as to their lHa's work I | should discuss their problems with J| the Army Recrultinq Officer. Ever~ 1| branch presents oppor/~mittos to loam [ | worthw, II Contgct the Negrest U. S. [I Army Recruiting Office I[ JE iim Strength to Suffer Fear not in a world like this, amd thou shalt know ere long, know how sublime a thing it is to suffer and be strong.--Longfellow. Loose Tongues How can we expect another to keep our secret if we cannot keep it ourselves. born were forced to leave Germany. It records the story of this first year of World War II from the viewpoint cf the men who report it to the Amerfcan people, and shows why the United States today is the last stronghold of a free press, and its citizens the best informed in the world. Apparently people who earn their livings by appearing in public just can't help being superstitious--even athletes are susceptible, as Babe Ruth used to prove when he never went out to left field or returned without kicking second base on the way. Burns an~ Allen are no exception. Burns never approaches the micro- phone without touching his left toe to the bottom of Artle Shaw's music stand. Gracie always sits on the right side of the stage and P~s two elmira, one to sit on and the other for her script. This latter chair is always turned so that its back is to the audience. She's never missed this arrangement In seven years, and Judging by her success it must be a good one. Dinah Shore, lately with the Chamber Music Society of Lows; Basin street, that solemnly spoofing swing program, and with the Re- vuers, will be on the new Eddie Can, tor program that starts in October A bachelor of arts from Vanderbilt university, she's taken her singing seriously since she was ten--now she's cashing in on hcr persever- ance. A lot of people don't want to hear "Orchids of Remembrance" again unless she sings it, because of the way she did it recently on West- inghouse's "Muz;cal Americana." tdent receives a majority of the electoral votes, how is the Presi- dent chosen? 10. On what river is the Grand Coulee dam? The Answers 1. Approximately 50 miles. 2. A 1 to 1 tie was played by Brooklyn and Boston in 26 innings in 1920. 3. Seven Years' war (1756-1763). 4. No. Sir Douglas Mawson came within a few miles of it. --Dr. John Langford. The fidth that stands on authority is not fidth.--Emerson. There is no dependence that can be sure but a dependence upon one's self.--John Gay. To do is to succeed.--Schiller. Too low they build who b.ild be. neath the stars.--Yonng. The apple tree never asks the beech how he shall grow, nor the lion the horse how he shall take his prey.--Blake. MUtual 4972 REAL HOME All Inner Spring Nice Lobby Mottresses Sl Single or Double HOTEL NATICK IN THE HEART OF Los Angeles BIG HOTEL 108 W. First ~rwt f~r Small P~ket Baoks 0pp. New C~ Careless With Life There is nothing of which men are so fond, and withal so care- less, as life. FAMOUS STRATOS PH E RE FLIER EXTRA MILDNESS EXTRA FLAVOR ~n recent laboratory tests, Camels burned 2596 Mower than the average of the 15 other of the largest-selling brands te -- S/owes than a.y ~F ,~ -- ,~, sted On the ave----- --- -.-,~u. znat means, '~$~ a ~Oldog #It, S equal to r,O EXTRA SMOKES PER PACK! 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