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September 13, 1951

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THE INDIAN VALLEY RECORD THURSDAY SEPT. 13, 1951 PLUMAS THEATRE GREENVILLE, CAL.- Phone 48M Week Nlghttk--8 p.m, Saturday, Sunday--2, 7, 9:15 p.m News by The Indian Valley Record O Thursday-Friday Sept. 13-14 TONY CURTIS PIPER LAURIE THE PRINCE WHO WAS A THIEF Saturday Only Sept. 15 MICKEY ROONEY Wanda Hendrix-Robert Preston Robert Staok MY OUTLAW BROTHER -.A,LSO - JOHNNY WEISSMULLER FURY OF THE CONGO Sunday-Monday Sept. 16-17 KIRK DAVIS-VIRGINIA MAYO JOHN AGAR WALTER BRENNAN ALONG THE GREAT DIVIDE Tuesday-Wednesday Sept. 18-19 ANN BLYTH MARK STEVENS KATIE DID I HAPPY BIRTHDAYS TO: Sept. 7,--Doris Bogue, George W. True. Sept. 8--Dan Peek, Mary Kay Ful- ler. Sept. 9Maxine Dolphin. Sept. 10---Penny Smith, Kenneth Sanders. Sept. 11--Bea Hall, Susanne Hau- sel, Sept. 13 Sylvia CGper, Mrs. O. M. Harding, ..Nanoy Maginnis, Gruce Bidwelg. Sept. 15---Gladys Scott, Lois Wiley. 41 ROBINSON-TURPIN REMATCH ON SCREEN TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY Last night&apos;s rematch of Sugar Ray Robinson and Randy Turpin for the Middleweight champion - ship of the world will be shown at the Plumas Theatre on Tues- day and Wednesday, Sept. 18-19. Regular feature on that date is "KATIE DID IT". el ooooeeoooeoooeoololeeo FURNI Re-Covered And Repai MIRACLE UPHOLSTERING CO. Free Pickup & Delivery Service Every Friday Phone Greenville 8-M-4 1326 Main St. -- Susanville CLOTHG DRIVE TO AID KOREANS UNDER WAY IN UNITED STATES The country of Korea is in a mess. One in ten of the civilian population is dead Nearly half of the others are broke and homeless. crowded in camps, fed by charity. Less than 15 of a hundred indus- trial plants are standing, And about half the people of North Korea-the attacking nation are refugees in South Korea! This is the price Korea pays this September for its refusal to submit to tyranny. The price will be higher in three months, when the miserable Ko- rean winter sets in. Clothing is being collected by American Relief for Korea. By the time it is sorted and shipped, and delivered where it is needed mosL that winter will be well under way. So far, no Greenville collection has been announced . but packages of warm and usable clothing may be. sent parcel post to "The ARK, Oakland, Califor- nia." President Truman, General Ridgway. and others in high places have not only approved the move- ment, but are strongly urging American help. "The lasting im- pression of U. N. concern for the individual Korean will be made by those who provide the minimum necessities of life," General Rldg- way has said. Instcdlafion and Repcdrs res - HOWERY'S PLUMBING HALF.OFF SALE Phone Meadow Valley 2 DR. A. T. DIETLE OPTOMETRIST State Theatre Bldg. - Oroville 1461 Myers SL Phone 150 TO MAKE ROOM FOR CHRISTMAS MEBCHANDLSE ARRIVING IN OCTOBER WE ABE REDUCING FARM BUREAU Ten, counties will be rpresent- eel Saturday at the Farm Bureau meetxg in Quincy High School. Ray B. Wiser, president of the Farm Euerau. will be a featured speaker at the all-day meeting. Butte. Yuba, Sutter, ColUsa. Yolo, Placer. E1 Dorado, Nevada, Plumas and Sierra counties are sending delegates. ,11 CRIPPLED CHILDREN The Plumas Crippled Children's Sciety last week disposed o the remainder of the fund raised by the Eagles for care of little Janet Minion. who was scalded in l%arch. Janet passed away in June, after physicians had battled for three months to save her life. The Eagles raised $2234, which paid for hgspital and nurses and other expenses, and partially re- imbursed the state public health agency for its expenditures. Richard Matthews presided st the meeting. FOR HUNTERS RED CAPS 79c Water Repellent RED HATS SI.59 Cmnptng Supplies STATE FORESTRY JOB APPLICATIONS BEING T_EH NOW Examinations to fill four classes of jobs in the State Division of Forestry-were announced today by the State personnel board, They are forestry equipment op- erator, paying $281 to $341 a month; forest firefighter foremen. $268 to $325: forest fire truck driver, $243 to $295, and camp =rew cook. $220 to $268. Final filing date for all applications is September 27. The examinations are for per- r.anent positions. These are sep- arate from the numerous seasonal jobs during the summer fire sea- son although persons working on these temporary assignments may take the examination to get per- manent status. Only the forest fire truck driver examination will be held on a statewide basis. The others will be given in Northern California only. Information and application blanks a/re available from the State Personnel Board, Sacra- mento. The Lost is Found By Our Wa,t Ads INDIAN VALLEY FUEL RALPH JORDAN. Owner Mill Blooki Now $7.50 per load Delivered In the Greenville Area. Greenville SALVATION That the Salvation Army appeal for funds in Plumas is progressing slowly but factorily, was the report of Peckinpah, chairman of the l ty Service Committee. "Despite iformation made] Sic at the start of the there are still some people county who do not know percent of the funds main in the county for Peekinpah said. The fact that gency cases are by members of the committee with funds made! able in banks at Quincy, and Greenville to take = needs in all sections of th, was revealed along with marion that the county cooperates with and has several cases referred ty welfare department joined with local mittees in sending other aid to persons who with misfortune. The Salvation Army aside from the local cludes the operation of for unwed mothers: derprivileged and homeleii ten; shelters and unfortunates in all large the world; food, clothing for fire and rims, and special to Army and Navy sonnel. "Service to describes the work of tion Army. W. G. Booze Assistant of Quincy Branch, Bank of ca is Salvation Army for Plumas County, and Harris of Salvation quarters is in, Piumas personally supervise the citation. Hexagonal $50 gold vately minted under the United States first isued as legal tender ifornia in GAGE'S ALL STOCK : FURNITURE SHOP STARTING MONDAY, SEPTEMBER I0 : " : GENERAL CABINET ]L 's NI'#@ _lll t ,N =: MAKING ZL 1 I lllit & i&&ll&. Of Our W, ekly "" :" L:=Y-S.TJ{DA?-SUNDAY  SEPT. GoLDEN" STATE ;.. 'V - - ,-   ..... " 0000ZaUca=ZS00 NOTIONS ?;:< OLIO'ARGARINE .............. 1 25c 7s"A--- 17" DEW DROP---303 CANS LARGE 65= 1st QUALITY P E A S ........................ 4 for 55C ALKA-STZER .................... BUTTER Del MONTE PEAS Del MONTE CORN .% Del MONTE SOLID PACK 303 TINS 2 CANS 303 TINS 2 CANS TOMATO SAUCE 3 _-  _ . CANNING" LARGE 71 37 35 20 _ I _ ORCHARD Peacnes,00o $3.50 SEE OUR I00GULAB WEEI00Y HANDBILL DURKEE'S WHIPPED .S,LO DRESSING pts 3lc qts 53c WRIGLEY'S GUM .......... ctn 69c GERBERS BABY FOODS ................ 3 for 25c M O TOILET TISSUE ............................ roll lOc GIANT SIZEPEET'S S 0 A P .............................. 59c PONDS 300 SIZE TISSUE .................................. 27c MEATS SLICED BACON ................... :-.-49c BEEF BRISKET ..................  45c FRESH, FA iY--EVISCERATED F R Y E R S .................... Ib 59e 47c---COLGATE TOOTH PASTE ...................... VICKS VAPO RUB " - 40c VICI$ NOSE DROPS ANACIN VEGETABLES BELL P EP P ER S ................ 2 Ibs SPUDS .............. 1 FRESH K. W. BEANS LETTUCE .............. 2 heads ,. o...,., o,.= FARLEY'S FRIDAY & SATURDAY, SEPT. 14&15 MOSELEY & GRENKE r ' ., : sIole and Keddie . OF FINE FOODS MARKET = -= KEDDIE STORE HOURS= g 8to 9 to 7 W_ays -- Closed Sund