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September 5, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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September 5, 1940

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INDIAN VALLEY RECORD THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, LEGAL ASSISTANCE CONTROL OF FOR INDIGENTS NEEDED CONVERSATION Determined efforts are" being When govenments forbid their made by California lawyers to pro- subjects, their minorities, and their vide needed legal assistance to in- aliens to whispdr politics even ~n digent persons throughout the state, i their OWn homes, no one usually it was disclosed yesterday in the takes a great deal" of notice of the annual report of the State Bar Com. injunction until one's next-door mittee on Legal Aid. Iheighbor is summarily relieved of The report, filed at the San Fran- l~is last month's salary for having cisco office of the State Bar, will]discussed the Pink Shirts with a be submitted to the la~Tyers con- r.aa,n he should obviously have vention at Coronado September 25- I' known was a not very secret police- ~8, according to Secretary Claude man. Mtnard. Hcaxle~e by Leon T. David Even then the disposition~ o~ Ord- er Lops Angeles, the Legal Aid Corn- hence No. 5 of the Decree No. 586, mlttee is a statewide group of Article 329, subsection 1456 remain twenty leading members of the bar. t~ the man-in-the-street only an in- "In all parts of the state lawyers nocuous warning which is very sn- are contributing their time and ~kill ,~kefy ever to affect him personal- t, help poor persons in need of le. ' ly. Not that he dosen't employ a gal assistance,~ the report -~"tated. certain circumspection in shouting AT THE RF, C-ULAR MEETING OF ment with Durham Chevrolet Corn- THE BOA:RD OF SUI=~ERV$. puny for Chevrolet Dump Truck. seas O~' THE COUNTY OF!Carried and so orderell. PLUMAS, STATE O,F CALIFOR-~l Joy ]~elle Jackson appeared be- iNFIA, HELD THE 3rd DAY OF i fore the Board relative to the up- SEPTEMBER, 1940, AT TEN !pointment of Dorothy M. Russell us O'CLOCK A .M. Assistant Librarian to replace Dot- . othy Dorland resigned Motion The "roll is called ana tnere are made - - -' " -'" , . by flUKe, seconuea oy Flan- present" J J~ rtoxe --- k5 ]5" FaHly a,~an "~ " "" "' * "~ '--'" ' " ~ ~ Br " s t~lat ~or0uay ~vl. l%ussell De -- J. 1~'. u'lanagan ano J. ~. anmy a',-oiuted A -" ~'h trm n Abse " "~ E Black' ip Sulstan~ t~lDrarmn. ~ar- t~ a a . nt -- (5. . -z ied and so ordered. man. . Motion made by Flanagan sec-] The Board Members naving re-ended ' ,~ " oy t~auly, ~nat J. P. Branl~y ctiveu a copy oi tne minutes or tile be au h--:--J - ~ -'" "' t uwz~u etntl allowea ;bad OO tO I previous meeting it was duly mov-~ "--, ' t~t relJeI map eta now on exnh)lt d seconded carried and so order- : ' "', ' ' I t'L Lae I-Joloen ~ate international ed that the reading of minutes be ~ ~ . - ~xi, tr~njun, warrieo ann so oraered. (lts pensed with. ' - nd fili Dr. Bowles appaered before the ~ommun cations receives a " tJ, oard and asked that all school cd as follows:-- Board of Equalt. children be immunized from diph- zation -- Division of Highways --; thcria and smallpox at an approx- "E~isting legal aid agencies are ~)g" Names through the local police- California Code Comrhission "-- imate cost of about $100.00. Set- Mann School District --- Plumas vices of County Physician free. overburdehed and underfinanccd; ste.tton window; but he dosen't learn County Fair Associatmn -- South- Only cost would be materials. Mo- toth of these problems are receiving Morse code in order to tell his (.rn Pacific Company -- Alta Cali- tion made by Pauly, seconded yh ettention from the bar." friend across the dining-table that fornia --~ Department of Public I-Yoke, that Dr. Bowles be author- In the larger metropolitan areas the man who Just walked In was Works -- Merle M. Moody -- Ms,T! ized to purchase necessary material comprehensive legal aid organiza- the Undersecretary of State's see- E. Dunn -- Sierra County Super- to carry out the program. Carried visors --1 Lester, Herrick and Her- lions are operated by lawyers end footman, rick -- Joy Belle JacKson -- Sacra-and so ordered Motion made by Flanagan, see- through partial finKncial support of In'a country such as Rum~-nia, for monte Bee -- H. C. Flournoy -- ended by Pauly, that motion pic- the (50mmunity Chest, the report re- e~ampie, where every hotel lounge Marion J. Higgtns Deed -- Bids for lures of Plumas County used during vealed. Mush assistanceis also i~ almost as full of notices forbid- Coal. . . the 1940 Exposition be loaned to On motion duly made secona~a d;n~- ,~eo,qe to talk ,~oliHco ~ it -'o,~. Alia-California and returned at a given pOOr persons byindividual ~, ~- v v ~nd carried it is hereby order:~a late- date Partita ann s- ,~,~e-~d f " " 1-" "i ' o people ~a King po~ tins tne earn that J P Branle Chailman of the lawyers, public defendev, s and such ' " Y, ' Motion made by Hoke seconded agencies as the Industrial Accident e .t way to avoid official interior- Board be authorized to sign the pay by Pauly that the Matron at the Commission and the Labor Corn- fence would be to paint SPY on your roll for Old Age, Blind and Orphan Detention hhome shall be paid the m for the coming montn missioner " bedroom door and cl~cumte ~ lob.*~ ', sum of $25.00 per month for each TllUe ~1 x~ruger appeareu oexure c" d " ' ' l;i " "h ~ . LIi taken care of by her, ~f chad I es or e notei In a ~ CK ma~, the Board relative to property of is cared for seven days or less, it wlth a sizable tome eonspicously in- lapsed Johnsville School District shall be at the rate of '$1.00 per day. lscribed Cog, e Book under one arm. and asked that the plan of the Carried and so ordered. In the rec n Jehnsville District be left at Sprin " Matter of the hearing on lhe li R011er Skatillt nave oeen rolL, let Weelts. the autnorl-Garden School Distrtct for their use abandonment of the County Road ~[~ [~lt:~ ?r tn|stongue-m-tne-cneeK cap- and that the old desks be dis tri. from Quincy Junction toward Crys. I ng up their I uted where most needed n Other ( [" ' ' tal Lake was next taken up S. ' sr owball of speech control to thun chstrlcts not able to buy new ones : - " ", Young n.ppeared for the abandon- II RINK ~dcr us pr p rti ns and ue nle llav~ tw Id lamps be d nated t Natlve ment and Att rney McAuliffe fur 1just continued to control their Daughters, and that Mann Scnool the opposition. Attorney McAultf- District be allowed new desks and - [oneech as loosel, g'o b^~ ' fe asked that he be allowed to pro- z ~, ~-,-= other SU pl,es on nan(:[ ~vlotlon r "Tne pacific and industrious pop- made by Flanagan, seconded by Vngton sworn by Cleric and testS- [] GREENVIE~E HOT SPRINGS ~. " " P ' sent witnesses to testify. Mr. Ba- ~11 ~very F~d~y, Saturday, ~;unday ulation of Bucharest" the latest,e~mtendentH ke' that theoz ~cnomsrequest Ofoe thegrant~aSup- ties under direction of questio,s II & Wedne~y ]Eve to I0 [decree invoing sanctions and heavy "en . " Carries" and so oruerea" ~. " asked by Attorney McAuliffe. Mv v.r Bridgewater sworn by Clerk :ealtol::lcnow. -against alarmmts would! Judge Moncur appeared before and testifies Matter argued Prices: Gents 25c Ladies l~c |h pro [ a,'is kept in perpe- I th I~)ad and asked that Venetian nd c n at gr at I n~th and Alto tual tension by the unfounded ru r~, nds be placed In his office ]] Operated by Gem NL mad . e o e e r- I - ." ~" ney McAuliffe presents resolution mar Boald states thesame has been an s ~" r [ s invented and diffused with: . : d i.~natu es againstabandon- II lon~ F ~ Hunt Imall t .~ jbudge~ea zor anu it m u. ~ ~o ment of road it,d ~:::nPersev:rance Dy lnteres- hue throe installed. Motion made by Pauly seconded P T rollers th'ls tenMotmn made by Pauiy, seconded I ' ' . . by Flanagan that the Board eon Iv~on and presumably to convince the by Flanagan, carried and so oraeren tinue the matter until a further / Rumanian citizen th t ~ that it be resolved that inasmuch r~. ~a o~a,~,~o~a [ a Adolf Hitler . date r. s as the Board of Supervisors of Plu- m lapd ~inston Churchillex~h~,~,e ~ . Motion ads by Pauly, seconded F / . . . . ' by Flanagan that the Board of 0 rom [:h'ee~t:i:: on app.roprmte occasions, lift the County Budget in favor f,f Supervisors accept the deed of Mar- nment ~s ruskin show thePlumas County J~'air Assoc a a I g a ; ",ion J. Higgins for the right of vv y of gaggtn the mouth th tionthat the State Board of Fion Ke d e n I r I,g at wohld,- d ~ Rou d -Iouse pad. Car- O Whisper a snggestlon that" Russia nance be respectfulley requeste t Itied and so ordered. [I I P. ~[. " ! match that sum ann make it avah- I Motion dub, mad~ oe~onded car II DURING HOT'tVEATH:ER ~lce possessed Bessarabla or that I alile to the Plumas County Fair As-Iliad and so ordered th:tShe Auditor ,rermany neeas oil and Rumania soclatlon. [Cancel Erroneous assessments il 1 has some Motion made by HoKe seconded n-t ] "' " i "~'a" st A. P. Hobby and Charlot.e ~R~NVmLLI~ This repression mt ht b bv Pauly that l estgnatton of Me-le I H bbv fo v of and i l g e a ~oo~] " " . - o r ~ear 1921 G.r. II BEAUTY SHOP [thtng, or, more-,o ~ .~ ,M. Moody ass membe~ of the i Jenktns for years of l922 and l923 I }" v=~ay ~t~n]gn~ Plumas County t~oard or l~.;aucaUon t b ' i . '~ ' ale cancel double assessment on ~ a, pan tmng. tr I4umanlan wits ]be accepted. Carried and so order- personel property against S. A. Gui- invernear In a street-car that G@r. led. berson Jr. in La Porte School Dis Hazel Bowerrnan many is preparing to ravage its Ydotion made by Pauly, seconded tract" Carried and so ordered. krut by Hoke that Mary E Dunn ne ap Moti n a OWNER-OPERATOR ;. al course down th~ r~ ~.^ " o m, de by Hoke, seconded ~-.~ ,-,~,u,~ pointed as a member of the Plumas b- Flana~,~n ~t,~t a w ~o~bo ~o ,thl- te"s," x~---- ' ~ o. '" "~,~ v=tT prooaoty aug~ Covnty Board of Education. Car- permitted to sell at public auction menteo o VnO sound in ~ ed nd so ordered . '. Y tottion that i a .o the highest bidder, all parcels tne man opposite has been forbid- ~ids for coal for Hospital as fol- of land deeded to the State covered! Barrie's Cafe ~VH~[A BARRIO, PrOp. SPECIAL 7-COURSE DINNER Sunday, Sept. 8 Will Cater to PHvate Parties In New Private Dining Room TRY A :New Delicious Bread for All the Family Fortified With WHEAT GERM Contaln~ Vltains ][3, E, and G This bread Is baked with Ger- vita Flour which contains the concentrated vitamins found in wheat. It has ten times the wheat germ contained in 100% Whole Wheat. BAKED AND SOLD AT INDIAN VALLEY BAKERY Depo~lt~ Immured by The Federal Deposit In~uranee Oorp Wmhlngton, D. O. @ O $5,0~ Maxlmmn Insurance for Each Depos/tor We Appau te Yotw Aeeount Whether Large or 8msll @ @ InSan Valley Bank C~mnu~sl and 8~vlnp GREENVILLE, CALl1~. den to say that Germany is are- paring to ravage its brutal course dOWn the Danube But this speculation is of little concern, actually, in view of tl~o fact that the method employed to enforce the rumor law is to permit all reports false or accurate, to e,-- culate with the freedom of a moun- tain eagle and then officially to deny everything, lock, stock, and barrel. The process is quaintly demon. strated at the nightly Ministry of Propaganda conference for the For- eign press Correspondents submit --or used to aubmlt--tIaeir daysi stories to the official in charge for confirmation. Methodically the of- ficial denies them tn rotation. On one occasion he confessed: "I didn't t~ear that one, but I'll look into t't end give you an official denial to- morrow evening." Occamonally, for effect, someone finds himself arrested for talking too much in one of the public pla- ces, cafe~, bourses, tramways, om- nibusses, halls of the grand hotels or the streets as specified by ~he Act. On his way the the prefecture, he is given an official denial that what he was saying was true; hut in the cozy office of t~he particular inspector on duty, he finds the meet accomodatlng treatment. 'Phe inspector will say: . "~Ut where you got it wrong old man, is that the guards over the oil-wells at Xvllle a~ actually tn the PaY of Rland and not Zland. l~ow my bro-, whose aunt happens !o be the second cdfietn o-~ the chauf- fver of the boss up there says /' One may have .to ~ay an odd few thousand lei for his information, b~t it really is the only way of dis- cussing news and events in Ruman- ia without contravening the law. James W. Grace. tndn.~trlal e~ont in. the Western Paotflc Railroad eomnsnv, was a business visitor .:n O-oenvl/l~ ~edn~sdav. Mr. and Mrs. Terry Taunt visited friends In Westwood Sunday. 10~NS:. Portola Fuel and Dray Co -- $'~ 97. 50. Chas W. Lilly. -- $693. 96. Motion made by Pauly, seconded b:- I-Toke, that Chas. W. Lilly be awarded contract to furnish 55 ton ,~f K~ng Coal to County Hospital in Resolutions No. 89, 90, 91, 92, and 93 as now on file in Clerk's office in Book of Resolutions No. 1 Said resolntions include Lots ~pd acreage in Indian Falls, Portola ~'est, ]Pastern Add. to portola, etc. Carried and so ordered Motion made by Flanagan, .~ee. as l)er bid. Bids for Keddte Round House Bridge as follows:-- O. G. Wardlow -- $4729. 00 C. W. Bellamy -- $3942.00. Motion made by Pauly, seconded by Hoke that C. W. Bellamy be awarded the contract to construct ~the }~:eddie Round House Bridge and CIerk return certified check I.o O G. Wardlow. Curled and so or. doted. Board adjourns untill 1:00 p. m. 1:00 P. M. Board reconvenes. Members pres- ent that answered roll call. Motion made by Hoke, seconde~ by Flanagan that the Plumas County Chamber of Commerce may bane the use of the Fair Grounds for baseball purposes if agreeable re the Board of Directors of the Fair Association. Carried and so ordered. Carried and so ordered ' ended by Hoke that the Board of Supervisors advertise for a Steri- lizer for the County Hospital. Spe. cificati0ns on file in Clerk's Of- fice. Carried and so ordered. Motion made by Hoke, sdconded by Pauly that the Board of Super- visors authorize the payment of $2341.45 to George I. Chaffey on h~s contract of Plumas Fair As- Motion made by Hoke, seconded~ by Pauly that the Auditor transfer from the General Reserve the sum of $61,000.00 to the following Funds, st, bject to paying same when tax monies accrue, i To County General Fund $45,000.00 To Road District No. 1 5,000.00 To Road District No. 2 7,000.00 To Road District No. 5 4,000.00 Carried and so ordered. A. R. Jacks requested $50.00 to carry him over on ertra help for Tax Collector's office. Motion made by Pauly, seconded by Hoke, that A. R. Jacks be allowed $5090 for ertra help to June 1st, 1941, to be paid out of the County General Fund. Carried and so ordered. Motion made by Hoke, seconded by Pauly, that J. F. Flanagan be allowed to enter into lease agree- All Liquors ON SALE At Rock Bottom Prices TABLE MOUNTAIN q / t Ly Half Pint 5Oc Pint $1.OO Quart $2.00 Liquor Store I I II DON'T WAIT TIL IT RAINS TO I1 E~timate~ accurately and cheerfully given on roof, Ilnok~a~, flreplace~ and complete remodeling ~obs. HALL sociation Buildings today and a rin- al payment on September 20th of $2319.69. Carried and sO ordered. The matter of new Plat Book~,nd labor involved in Assessor's Office was nert brought up. Motion made by Hoke, seconded by Pauly ti~L the Surveyor care for bringing Plat Book up to date by March ls~, 194:1 and the sum of $1000.00 t.e transferred from Asesessor's Bud. get to Surveyor's Office for extca assistance. Carried and so ordered. Mr Cowan appeared before the Board asking a transfer of $2500 00i from General Reserve to Plumas County Fair Assosiation until taxes accrue on $5000.00 Budgeted oy Board. Matter iayed over untIll further date. Motion made by Pauly, seconded by I-Iolte that the Clerk advertise for bids for Hosselkus Creek Bridge as per specifications on file inS m- veyor's Office. Carried and so or. dered. Board adjourns until October 7~h, 1940. ATTEST: John Donnenwirth County Clerk and Ex-Officio Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Plumes, State of California. Chas. N. Bessac, Vice president s~d cashier of the Merchants & 5.~eehanics Bank of Vallejo, and AMBROSE---WEAVEI~ Miss Frances Ambrose, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Fred Praaun d. Greenville, and Mr. Charles I~. ",Veneer, Greenville, were united marriage at the home of keY, Brewster Adams, in Reno, SahlP day, August 31st. i The young couple were accompe~" led hy Mr. Herman ~Veinreich, ~a~ Miss Frances Lewis, Mr. Weinreld~ acting as best man, and Miss Le~ as maid of honor. After the ceremony the bridal party continued to Lake Tahoe. As soon as Mr. Weaver.comple~l his work at the Cherokee Mine, th~ young couple will leave for D ~ Angeles, where they will make th# home. Mr. Weaver will be employed there by the Vultee Aircraft C0~" puny. NO-HOSTESS CLUB TO MEET AT FOREST LOD0~ The No-Hostess B----~'idge club w-Ill 'meet at Forest Lodge Friday, SaP i tember 13. Hostesses for the dM will be Mrs. M. O. Scruggs, Mrs. ' H. Smith and Mrs. C. R. Dra'der. Mrs. Bessac, are spending the week ~- as guests of Mrs. C. M Chamber- SHIRLEY WARE HAS lain. " ' rs BIRTHDAY FAB~I Mrs. C. M. Chamberlain spent the ;M . Warren Ware gave a birtl~ Labor Day holiday with Dr. and day party lasU-~,~aturday in h0~ r Mrs. F. D Walsh of Berkeley at I t the fifth birthday of her daU~w 'their summer home on Clear Lake, iter, Shirley. The invited gues'ts W0re L~ke County Donnie Moore, Anita Ware, Pat~Y, ~ 'Janet and Dolores Wherry and Jo~ Mr. and Mr~ Ira Benson and Mr. !Edwards. and Mrs. Newall, parents of Mrs. t ---, Benson, spent the Labor ~)ay hell- CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCI]!;'~" day in YosemRe Valley i1~ ' " Meets every Sunday, 11 a. m w [the Clinch bulldtng Quincy. S~" ~eacn lauralcK, wno is associated [day school at 9:45 a. m. MontBlf !~i:hn Chas. Tognetti, returned I meeting, Clinch building, first We& essay from a ten day business m [nesday of each month, 8 p. t.~ip to San Francisco. Mr. Tognet- [ ti, whose home is in Watsonville[ J~! efll 1 returned with Mr. Burdick. [ LlaSSlllell Helen and Michael Ayoob left for [ t Stockton Monday to enter Stock. I~ ~ ton Junior College. I~ I I ~ Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lozano [~, ~lL ~ ~1~ spent the Labor Day week-end in San Francisco. ~ WOOD AND POSTS FOR SAL~'*" Mr. and Mrs. Harold Norberg at ~ All kinds of wood and all length~ t.~nded the Exposition in San Fran" [ J.E. SAMP~)N, Greenville P. 0, MeetsN " 132, F. & A.M.[[leftLy b:d h:drY b~o:=?~indebted, h;v~ ~t Second Friday,~eo rezponsibre for any Night of Each Month |ne~ incurred by her. / ~/%~x at 8 O'Clock. [ Dated: Greenville, Califor~ S. F. LUZZADDER, Master. |August 22, 1940. W. J, HALL, Secretary ~ ,Signed: Iz~NNETH I~kRV~ OF THESE ALL L&DIES HATS NOW 08 CENTS Ladies'- Children's Slacks and Slack Suits Reg. $2. Now $1.59 Reg. $2.98. Now $1.98 Reg. $3.98. Now $2.98 All Dresses at Special Sale Prices Reg. $2. Two for $2 Reg. $2.98. Now $1.98 $1 and $1.29 Dresses. Now 2 for $1.50 SKIRTS---S2.00. Now $1.00. $2.98. Now $1.98 Swimming Suits Reg. $1.98. Now $1.39. Reg. $2.95. Now $1.98 Reg. $3.95. Now $2.98 Also Big Saving on All Summer Shoes Reg. Stock priced from $1.98 to $5.95. Reduced to sell from 98c to $3.98 Greenville, California I I I | PORTOLA, CALIF. Wet Wash Dry Wash Dry Cleaning See Max, With the Green Truck Every Tuesday and Friday