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August 22, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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August 22, 1940

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~DAT, AUGUBT 22, 1940 [N'DI21N VALLEY RECORD I ~ Inn Trustees, Vera Fagan, the Bud-! Carried and so ordered. Indian Vall, vwoon ,1 - I,1 get of Pioneer School District be i Motion made by Hoke seconded I ' ~UDllsneo ~ver Tnursaa ~y i J I I raised from $217.00 to $1194, and a I by Blacl~nan that Indian Valley ~Y ~Y I~R ~%'NVII i ~' I .40 cent tax levied. Carried and so Reef Budget for $2500.00 be elimina- I " -- ordered. I'ted. Carried and so ordered. Entered as second-class matter /NI |TI~ I lied b Board November 27 1930 at the post office AT THE SPECIAL MF.ETING OF comes due have Greenville Fire D.J. Robertson ca y ! Motion made by Hoke. seconded at Greenville, California, under the LLUD I THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Dept. budget for their portion of on requested cut by Tax Commit-L by Blackman, that District 3 Bud- DAL E~BAN'" ------ I OF THE CO~rN'~ OF PLUM.AS, insurance, tee f~r "other wages" in the Isun~ get be decreased to the sum of ~ REEN I "'"' *"--'-"-" I STATE OF CALIFORNIA HELD Portola Jail and Justice Court - i of $300.00. Motion made by Black- i $38,300.00 in order to appropriate RANDOM OBSERVATIONS G V U,E, CALIF. I 'FUESDA~f", AUGUST 13th, 1940 Recommend same be kept separ-inmn, that Treasurer s Budget be led000.00 additional gas ~ax monies Cigars, Cigarettes, SoftI AT TEN OULOCK A.M. ate from Portola Fire "Dep%rt-treduced $300.00 .~t Other Wages. ~,to other districts. Carried and so By J. O. Davis Drinks, Pool and I The role Is called and there are ment Building. I Seconded by Hoke. iordered Speecial prayers of thanksgiving Club Rooms I present: J. F. Hoke - B F. Pauly. Maintenance for Greenville i AYES: Hoke - Pauly - Black- [ Motion made by Hoke, seconded should be offered for the amend- Come in and Visit With UsI C. E. Blackm~n - J. F. Flanagan -~Town Hall and Portola Memorial iman - Flanagan - Branley. I by Blackman that District 2 Bud- mcnt to the constitution which I J. P. Branley0 Chairman. i~Iall .Recommend same be de- t NOES: No'he. ABSENT: None. Iget be decreased' to the sum of $23,- t rovides that members of the Con- This being the day set for Bud- nled. i Carr~ed and so ordered, i C0~.00. Carried and so ordered, gress elected in November shall -- ge~ hearings and final approval ofi Memorial Hall at Quincy - Op- Motion made by Blacl~man, sac-I Chairman Stanley race.tee the take office the following JanualT the 1940-41 Budget and setting the pose extra $4000.00 for building. I nded b~ Flanagan that the Asses- IChair tn farvor of J F. Hoke. rather than thirteen months after ,~ ~ - 1940-41 tax rate (if no further pro- Primary Elections - Recom-Jsor's Budget for $1800.00 for newl Motion made by, second- election as ",sis formerly the case. ~ F=t I I~l E" E" I r'l r-i A V teat on file) for County, School mend combining precincts. I maps be allowed and same be led by Bl~tckman that the"Quincy If the country ean hold out until H f--I I W ~---9 r'l ~9 L=J#MtI~. end District Taxes. I Justice Courts - Recommend brought up to date under st~pe-rvt-IMemorial Hall Budget be set atthe end of the present year ill II AND~ George H. Stephan "-appeared be-lesme be reduced I"6" "four. [siGn of Assessor. Carried and ~o I$16,000.00. ~ill then be relieved of the .afflic- il LI M s wo o fore the Board in behalf of the~ Bridges - No objections,only ordered AYES" tIoke Branley Black- .on of Rush Holt anu a rub yearII llec w~;es) - gas IA~sociation prMesOetlnOt n lost their te "am was "weakenc~l "but the~y about the great fight that is ~'u~ ~our uraerln low For~---~ Piumas County Taxpayers A~soe- that amounts should be specified Motion made by I-Ioke, seconded Iman -Pauly- Flanagan. of suffering that would have been II " n ~ ex~ winter s Wooa |alien and asked that they be Yor certain ,bridges. gby l~Tnnagan that the Tax Col.I OES: None. uncscal~able prior to the adopt:o II given time until 1:00 p. m. tc~ General Ro~s - not specified, I lector's Budget be cut $250.00 for I ABSENT: None. Carried and so of the amendment. ![I Wood Y completd ,heir re]2ort to presen~ understood $2000.00 for District 1 I other wage, l orderod The ,Vest Virginia Senator Is II reoni ,~7'oS" L.~ to the Board. - ~Valkermlne road; and 82500.00 for] A~TES: ['%ks . Pauly - Black-I Motiou zrlade by Hoke, seconded not the first infant prodigy that ii ~-"-o Motion made by Hoke seconded Dmt. 5, excess of $2000.00 f~Bud, lman- manv g~n. Branley. Iby Flanagan that the 1940-41 T~n- went sour but no other "brlghtl ~-- -------- - by Flanagan that the Board of get and request cut of $2000.00. 1" NOES: None. ABSENT: None. ltative Budget be accepted with bey" has ever equaled h'm as the :1[ Mont r. Wand Vsrd Supervisors extend an Insttation Road Districts - Nee. 1 2, 3, 4, [Carried and so. ordered, icorrections as previously mentioned number one national pest. Hone - IJ ~i'eat onven ny a man" ea t;asey Vallc View" ' DOME t'STI0 & IMPORT]$D to the Official famfllles of the Sup- and 5. - Recommend that arl roads I ~Motion ~,ade by Bls.clrmen that |In the afOrsald minutes, cd by his party and by his state : ~o PHONE 10.M-~ ervisors of Lassen and Sierra be put under one single road sys- [the $4000.00 increase for Memurial,F.B. Hoeselkus, Chairman of the he was elected to the Senate be- em etc Hall be not allowed No second Plumas Count Tax A cr~ he had attained the age tha', ~" Counties to become guests of the t . ! " i Y ssociaUon ' ~ Board of Supervisors of Plumas Advertising - Recommend be iMotlon lost. l expressed his appreciation to the would make him eligible, under the~ T'munty at the Plums3 Coun{, itemized. ) Motion made by Blackman, qec-[Board ,f Supervisors for their co- constitution, for membership ln~ ~air to be held August 16th, 17[~, I mood Control - River channellonded by Hoke th,xt Record~r'sloperation in making up t~ne final that body; had he had what ,t: If r~ ~ ~71-~-~ ~-~ l and 18th. Carried and so order- at Pc.r~ola $~0(~0 0!. ~1~ Wu ~ot,~Budget be changed, deducting I Budget. ~- takes above the 6ars to fill the JobI I~ I~ n u~ ]~ ~ ~- K t ed. . as mood Control }$50 00 from Maintenance and Op-[ Bard adjourns Ufitll August 30th, a Icng and brilliant career lay be-IfI ~ j I.J IllP Z~ C. DeArmond appeared be-I Indian Ch-e~k Reef . Opposed Ier tion and adding same to Othcrlat z o',~lock p.m. fore him but he evidently did not| - ------ for~ the board, relatlve to Inelu- on account against flood contro, IWa~e Ca~ed and .o ordered. I ATTEST: ~obn Donnenwirth bane it, and now repudiated ~YIII I~ /% LP dinR" water lights sncT fuel in the ar.d object to $2500.00 Budget item. I Motion made by Hoke, secon-I County Clerk and El-Officio his own party in his home state I~ /-4 &, Portola Memorial Hall Budget forI Ti~e Tax Association recom-Jded by Pauly, A. J. Watson, speci-[Clerk of the Board of Supervisors ~e remains to bray during the few ll~ ~ ~ m~ ~ ~ t 1940-41. . i rnends that the offices of Tax |fY which Bridges that $33,000. [of the County of Plumas, Stats of remaining weeks o~-t'he rematning dl~ ~ ' =" l Board recesso, unU1 1:00 p m. Collector and Assessor be combin-IBridge Fund is to apply on. Car-|('sl'fornla. Congress. ~ BUI)WEISER AND ANIIEU- '," vc small rou of men in th~'~ Gre nvllle Hotel Bldg. *Preasu-erfother $30000 tion- oppose any budgeting oflS.('0.00 and Alta California noth-'tournament, which starte Fri ry g p ~ | fIA, ses.or (Ms ) . $180000 ! . l " fin 5 runs in the 6th to forgeahead L' l ~" .~ Motion maae b H~ke th be.rig madeby the.~e patriots (In ,rve~or - dis~usso~ en~ left ,oi --- I y,~ e Coun-19 to 7. Greenville opened the ls't t'.ne e es of the reacttonar news I Board. i Motion made by Pauly, seconded Ity Fair Association be allowed the Ice the 7th with a single by Jimmy i y Y I m Irl nmc~ ~,blic ]~u!ldin~s . ~reenville by 7-:eke that at the request of thelOf $4oo0.00 for the 19~[0.41 Budget.[ usch and Ralph Bartholph wal- ~aDers anybody who fights goose.I III/I I1 " I ','k' Town Hall - when Insurance President of the Pioneer SchoolIHoke withdraws his motion afterlked. W~lth two men on and no- veil is a patr'ot) and then afterI III I]s~I II~ ]nearing other Board Member's'ar-Ibody out it looked llke Greenville all the tumult and shouting the] AV.I.L,dl. L ,JL Uk.Jp' Iguments" ;IWould tie the score ~'ut Holt comrn~tteo x;otes 11 to 3 to reportI Motion n~ade b Blackman ec the administration bill and the I " y,s -'Isioat pitcher, settled d'owt: and re~ ' IGood ended b Flana an that the ~ enate passed it by a vote of 71, I. y g BoardlUred t,he s de"w-l~l~ C-reenv|lle get-.~ . :[ I'~.- %--Z7 /Y L~./IX/~ I'(/b, -IJ~udget $5000.00 for Plumas. Coun-,}l lag one t~Jlv 'Ph~ e,----c"me endin~ '~ to 7. It would have ~)ecn. impossl-.I -,uu nops ~1 ItY Fair Association for the 1940-41l~ to 8 in favor of Sloat. -ible for any citizen to mak~ an in-] Good RoastS f~~J |Budget. Carried and so ordered. I ~atcrles for S]oat--Holt Kellyltelllgent forcast of this vo 63 in I Board recesses until either the committee or the Sen * ) I 10 a. m. land Baker. Greenvill - u ho 1'. - I All Kinds of / I I IAugust 14th, 1940. land R B~rtholf,~.~e if his only source of Informs-I I-, -- -- i I i Po**o ion the.b~ newspapers In I yooKe? Ivleats WEDNESDAY *eat d h~ San lrrancmco bay region lne est ox Mea - ,/~//~ I - AUGUST 14th, |- e Graeagie 24 to4 In a very I I 1940 AT TEN O C-'LOC'K A M intercstlng game The Graea le,at : I ' I g 146, = I Reasonable ,1 I ~:oard reconvenes . all members !team could not all get there ~ l RECEIVE SECUmTv [ Priee~ " l l . I ' Y 1 148,459 California citizens " re- I . ~J Motion made b Hoke. seconded displayed such fine sportsman- -" 90 M, .A I " I y - I leeived old age secur,ty all during I Webb o --. 0%" by Flanagan, the Portola Memor shtF that they won the praise of j l -,ffi~ ~,*t~.-- -- "~~ i'Ha]! Budget stand at $760.00 as re-Ig~tve up 9 hits end 2 walked. Boblchildren program snpported 42,-1 Lad|--' ~,!, I ~r "-~ quested Tsylor Sloat third baseman made 213 Callforni c i, I I ' l a hi]dren, includingl AYES Hoke Paul Flana some of the best plays of the 34 l ~" "~ ,L,/~;t,L, X I . : - y- gan. l l P ureas county children Ex- I ' f ,c-=~r~,r# / ~/ ~ IBranley |whole tournament endi "" - " / ABSEWT: None. Carried ~nd so [.Bud Hedrlck. Sloat--~elly, Hilt [glte" being $809,780. " """ 9"" I o~clered and Baker ~-~ -,~-v~ ~-~, Motion m e b Hoke on Some of the boys pitched their o th, 4~v v v / / / y se~ ded| ! f e state department, alsoan. I I~II~C'TDI~" I)Akl~ C // ~ Flanagan that all employees of~tents out at the fair grounds andlnounced that 7,202 needy blind per- 4N P ~" // / g ry; I " epidan average of L0niecu0nervl all-11-%.-/1%1%-~ I%f'%l~l%~L the County receivin a sala stayed for a day or t~o Mrs sons ~er a ],F xcept Supervisors) receive 51Gci' of K~eddie, Mrs. ~as. Gell[$4S.00 for July. " I ~/ATI=P MI~ATI~D [ cents per mile and Dtstrict Attorney and Mrm Don Robinsofi of Quincy| Plumas county's total bllna aid GREENVILLE. c~. [ L ,~,u a. r~-- ~ ,~ [draw up ordinance to covei" same. Jnnction prenared lunch eaeh [grants of $850.00 went to '/ rec~l~t . I |Carried and so Ordered day for the boys and the foo~l was/lento. SOFT DRINKS I / Motion ma~le by Hoke seconded furnished hy the following QulncyI The aged, blind, and child aid CANDIES I : -- . |by P~uly that Trea~urer'be allow merchants: The Red & White iPrograms are all state-wide in I ~~~~~ ,I led $45.00 and Tax Collector be al- Store, l~rown Meat Market, Jant- ~co'pe, but are administered by the CIGARS I - Ilowed $65.00 in 1~0-41 Budget as z~n and Poston's Groeery, Beale's local county board of su-ervis~- I ~~ ~ ~ ~ I"o*he,: Wage,". these re, ms having~ & 10. KilpatrLcks. Bede]]'s Mar~ l acHng through their couPnty :~l: 1NOVELTIF ~ I I I I IIbeen contracted for Wedges in -said, ket and the milk was furnlsh~d~ by fare department. . n If for:ice, to date, Carried and so or I Frank C leppL I I - ~-~~ ~/ Idered. - "" "ITRAFFIC VIOL~kTIONS--'--" NOTICE TO CO-OWNER OF M~. I IL I F/ I P Motion made by Blackman, thatl :ING CLAIM TO CONTRIBUTE WARllI IliA/ I If ,l,c excess $4000 00 a--ro-riation I OVER THE ~trEEK.END ; To Bob Wear, co-owner, his heirs, V V V v to I I-.J I ~ ~ I ~//YJs-~,~~I [ . ,-r r I .---- executors, administrator, and as- I II -- I ~~'~ ~I i~0' Memorial Hall be cut from] Paul J Panker of the U. S. sl~33S: II I ~ I~f~~I $2~000.00. IForest Service was arrested for You and each of you are hereby L] r tore I ~~'~I I I ~b)~'I ~na]rman Branley vacates the ' notified that I have expended ~1 000 ,l--v-- ~,~v-- I I I~l~ll I I K~I rec~,ess amvmg, ranker strUCK a i l-be * ' I IImmIm~i n I ~/~;~;~II t~nalr ana J~oKe nresldes, Branl~v~ n eL r aria improvements upon Ill~~t~T~l ~ i~JII r cond~ th~ ml~ tn~ - ' "' ' " Y and the '~a.lley View I ~.~m.l ~ilm~'~I~m /I near Keddie, a fist fight resulting. Tunnel Site ', quartz mining claims, 1NrJI~ES & UOUORS I ~I~~~/ AYES: Branley. Blaclcrnan. i Roger Williams in the car with lhe nctice of location of which is " I ~- ~ GEE: Flanagan - Hoke I Pa " - of re~ord in eel 18 of Quartz Claims' -J .oT.oo.o --r w o .c. Ifek~chen work keeps you hopping, it may be that you haveu't all Brs~na::yr/;:tm:sPe~hfa~L/alnS~h;;i :d k p you need m ]/our, Ien,tch.en. A,modem Automatic Electric ]Board adjourns until 1 "00 n m q -Y =r ~o~ =o o~.~ ~ange *s ot course a nlg neJ in itse t~ut atter cookin when ' *" " e~; pOSSIDIe aria attempted to evade v ,w:.u,e v~ aeu~*un ~ ~, ~ ~ there are dishes and pots an~psns to be cleaned uv it w~l keel= 1:00 p.m. oficers Statutes of the United States, be-~ L-'N D "~ T ~ "~. you hopping if you work with tes-ketdc hot water service. - Boaxd reconvenes,all members .~ ' Ing the amo~:nt required to hold ~ ~ I1~, V I ~ PutinsnAutomaticElectricWaterHeaterwhenyouhaveanelec. present. I ~-rans:. Jones apprenenaea the sRme for the years ending July ~t al" ~ ~unaay In tne Chester Ctlstrlc~ on ~st, 1931, 1937, 1938, 1989 and 1940, .~V~. - c~nc~ngg~'t~:naY ;::s~S~Y~ca:flyY~u:~nwC:~2r~:~cc~?~:~t . Upon request of the School Trns. la charge of drunken driving He And if within ninety days from the Ol~Or ~ JO te~s through the Suetof Schools, r service of this notice or within ~L L. FARI~ M~r You shouldfind out how reasonable it is.You see, you buyeiectri iw '. " ' . was fined $100 by Judge Randall ' at the very lowest rate whenyou have an automstic electric range ana ic was moved by Hoke, secbnded ',~ v znery ~ays arer~ms nouce oy ~s,~,r~w ,~ ~ -- ~ly O~ ~nesterana sis arzver a ~s~,~ ~ v~ ~sta~ . an automatic electric water heater working for you in the kitchen, hy Pauly that theBudget of the-. " - . puUl]cation, you fail or refuse to ' ~cense was stmpenaea, contribute your proportion of ='~,r,~n ~ . M foIIowlng School Districts be in. svch expenditure as co-owner, JPq.$J~J.~ ,tqkl{.~J~NC"~j~" SEE YOUR DEALER OR THIS COMPANY creased the respective amounts set your interest in Bald claim will be- apposite each District. come the property of the subscriber SALES AND 8EBVICI$ Beekwlth $13.00 under raid sectlon 2324. Spantsh Peak 100.00 Dated: July 18, 1940. Repair Work on AH MIkl~ PACIFIC GAS AND |LIICTRIC COMPANY CLINTON NEER, Co-owner. Of 1~21 172W-840 Summlt 35,00 Publlshed July 18 to Oct. 17. II I I I