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August 19, 1954     Indian Valley Record
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August 19, 1954

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NOTICE TO VOTERS NOTICE IS ttEREBY GIVEN to the electors of the State of California that the following Bond Act will be submitted to the People of the State of Califernia for thclr ratification at the next general election to be held on the second day of November, A.D., 1954. FRANK M. JORDAN, Secretary of State. ]FOR THE VETERANS BOND ACT OF 1954. This act provides for a bond issue of one hundred seventy- five million dollars ($175,000,000) to be used by the Depart- ment of Veterans Affairs in assisting California war veterans to acquire farms and homes. 1 AGAINST THE VETERANS BOND ACT OF 1954. This act provides for a bond issue of one hundred seventy- five million dollars ($175,000,000) to be used by the Depart- ment o Veterans Affairs in assisting California war veterans. This proposed law, by act of the Leg- islature passed at the 1954 First Ex- traordinary Session is submitted to the people in aeeordance with the pro- isions of Article XVI of the Consti- tution. (This propoed IL,V does not ex- pressly ameud any existing law; there- fore. the pFoviiong thereof are printed tn BLACK-FACED TYPE to indicate that they are NEW.) PROPOSI&apos;:D ] ,A.',V An act to add Article 5e to Chapter 6 of Division 4 of the Mi;!t;=ry and Vet. spans Code, authorizin the creation of a debt or debts, liabiHty or liabili- ties through the and saleof state bands, to create a .und to pro- vide farm and hams aid far Veterans in accordance with the provisions of the Veterans Farm and Home Pur- chase Act of 1943 and acts amenda- tory and supplementa thereto; defin- ing the powers and duties of said committee and of the Department of Veterans Affair and other state offi- cers in res.ect to the administration of the provisions hereof: providing ways and means, exclusive of loans, for the payment of the interest of such debt or debts, liability or lia- bilities, as such interest fails due, and also for the payment and dis. charge of the principal of such debt or debts, liability or liabilities, as such principal matures: and provld- ing for the submission cf this act to a vote of the people at the gonra eZc- tion to be held in the senti] of November. 1954. The people of the State of CcHiforn;a do enact as follows: Section 1, Article 5e is aJd,..J t Chapter 6 of D;visien 4 ef tb Military and Veterans Code, to rcc: ArticIe 5e. V:erans Bond Act oi' 1954 996.25. This article may be cited as the Veterans Bond Act of 19'4. 99E.26, Fcr the purpose of creating a fund to provide farm nnd home aid for Veterans in accordance with the provi- sions of the Veterans Farm and Home Purchase Act of 1943 and of all acts amendatory thereof and supplemental thereto, the Veterans' Finance Com- mittee of 1943, created by Section 991, shall be and it hereby is authorized and empowered to create a debt or debts, liability or liabilities, of the State of California, in the manner and to the extent hereinafter provided but not otherwise, nor iff excess thereof. 996.27 After adoption of any reso- lution by the Veterans' Finance Com. mitten of 1943, provided for in Section 996.34 the State Treasurer shall arrange for the preparation of the requisite number of suitable bonds in accordance With the specifications contained in such resolution. The aggregate par Value of all bonds issued under this at- tiole shall not exceed the sum of one hundred seventy-five million dollars ($175;000,000) and shall bear interest at a rate not exceeding 5 percent per annum payable as provided in such resolution. Both principal and interest =hall he payable in lawful money of the United States, at the Office of the State rreasurer. or at the office of any duly authorized agent of the State Treas. Urer. All bonds issued under this article =hall bear the facsimile signature of the Governor and the facsimile countersig- nature of the Controller and shall be endorsed by the State Treasurer either blty original signature or by a signature amp, and the bonds shall be signed, Countersigned, and endorsed by the offi- cers who shall be in office on the date Of adoption of the resolution of the" Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943, and each of said bonds shall bear an impress of the Great Seal of the State of California. Interest coupons attached to each bond shall bear the facsimile Signature of the State Treasurer who shall be in office on the date 0f ad0ption ef the resolution of the Veterans' Finance Committee of t943. The Veter. ans, Finance Committee of 1943 may require that said bonds be authentl. eated by the State Controller or by any Deputy State Controller, and .in such event no bond authorized hereunder shall be valid unless so authenticated in the mantner so required. The bonds or coupons so signed, countersigned, en. dorsed, and sealed, when sold, shall be and constitute a valid and binding gen- eral obligation upon the State of Call. fornia, although the sale Or delivery .thereof be made at a date or dates upon Which the officers having signed, noun. tersigned, and endorsed said bonds or .Coupons, or any or either of said officers, Ihall have ceased to be the incumbents Of the offices held by them at the date of adoption of the resolution of the Vet- erans' Finance Committee of 1943. Each bond issue under this article shall con. lain a clause orclauses referring to this slPtlele and to the resolution of the Vet- OPens' Finance Committee of 1943 here- nder by virtue of which said bond is ued, and If subject to all or redemp- tion prior to maturity, shall contain I'eltal to that effect. 996.28. The State Treasurer shall, on th= respective dates of maturity or Prior redemption of said bonds, or as Icon thereafter as said bonds are sue. rendered to him, pay the same out of the proceeds of the Controller's war- bonds have not been sold prior to their fixed maturity dates, wtlenever the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 shall determine such new bonds shall be prepared and executed, subject to the condition the total indebtedness created hereunder shall not exceed the maximum limit herein specified. Not less than four years after the final maturity date of a particular issue of bonds, the State Treasurer. or his duly authorized agent may destroy or ere- mate any bonds of such issue which have been previously paid or canceled as hereinbefore provided. 998.29. All bonds herein authorized L which shall have been duly old and" delivered as herein provide:L shall censtitute valid nd legally binding general obligations of the State of Cali- fornia, and the full faith and credit of the State of California is hereby pledged for the punctual payment of both principal and interest thereof, There is hereby appropmated from the General Fund in the State Treasury such sum annually as will be necessary to pay the principal of and the interest on the bonds issued and sold pursuant to the provisions of ths article, as said principal and interest become due and payable. There shall be collected annually in the same manner and at the same time as other state revenue is collected such a sum, in addition to tho ordinary reve- nues of the State, as shall be required to pay the principal and interest on said bonds as heroin prov/ded, and it is hereby made the duty of all officers char.3ed by law with any duty in regard to the collections of said revenue, to do and perform each and every act which shall be necessary to collect such additional sum. On the several dates of maturity of said principal and interest in each fiscal year, there shall be returned into the General Fund in the State Treasury, all of the money in the Veterans' Farm" and Home Building Fund of 1943. not in excess of the principal of and in- terest on the said bonds then due and payable, except as hereinafter provided for the prior redemption of said bonds, and, in the event such money so re- turned on said dates Of maturity being less than the said principal and in- terest then due and payable, then the balance remaining unpaid shall be re- turned into the General Fund in the State Treasury out of said Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund of 1943 as soon tPrereafter as it shall be- come availab!e, together with interest thereon from such dates of maturity until so returned at tle same rate as borne by said bonds, compounded semi. annually. Both principal and interest of said bonds shall be paid when due upon warrants duly drawn against said ap- propriation from the General Fund by the Controller of the State in favor of the State Treasurer, or his duly au- thorized agent, and the money to be returned into the General Fund in the State Treasury pursuant to the pro- visions of this section shall IJkewtse be paid as herein provided upon warrant duly drawn by the Controller. The Department of Veterans Affairs, by resolution approved by the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943, shall direct the State Treasurer to call bonds (which are then subject to redemp- tion) f such call is des=fable and when- ever funds are available to effect such redemption, the part of each issue so called to be not less than all of the bonds maturing in any one year, Notice of such redemption shall be given by the State Treasurer in the manner provided in the resolution authorizing the issuance of said bonds. 996.30. The bonds authorized to be issued under this article shall be sold by the State Treasurer to the highest bid- der for cash, either at public auction or upon sealed bids as the Veterans' Fi- nance Committee of 1943 may by reso- lution determine. The Treasurer must reject any and all bids for said bonds, or for any of them, which shall be below the par value of acid bonds so offered plus the interest which shall have ac. trued thereon between the date ofpur- chaser's payment for said bonds andthe last preceding interest maturity date; and the Treasurer may from time to time, by public announcement at the place and time fixed for the sale con- tinue such sale, ae to the whole of the bonds offered, or any part thereof of- fered, at such time and place a= he may eelct. If said bond= are offered for sale upon sealed bids, then each bid shall be in writing and signed by the bidder and sealed, and shall be accompanied by the deposit of a certified check or cashier's check for five thousand*dollars ($5,000), drawn on a bank or trust company au- thorized to transact and transacting business in the State of California, pay- able to the Treasurer of the State of California, such deposit not to bear in. retest. The deposit of each unsuccessful bidder shall be returned to hisn lame- diately upon the nonacceptance of his bid, and the deposit of the successful bidder =hall immediately upon the ac- ceptance of his bid become and be the property of the State of California and be placed in the State Treasury to the credit of the Veterans, Farm and Home Building Fund of 1943, and shall be credited to the successful purchaser upon the purchase price of the bonds bid for incase such purchase plrice Is pale In full Dy nlm Within the time mu. tu=lly agreed upon between the suc- cessful bidder and the Treasurer. If the 1rants drawn in his favor as provided "in Section 996.29 and perforate the Dondl so p#id with I suitable device purchase price .is not so paid, the sue. In manner to indicate such payment essful bidder snail have no right in and lad tb= date thereof. The State Tress- to =aid bonds or 10y reason of said bid, rer or hie duly authorized agent, or to the recovery of said deposit co- all lisa, on the respective dates of companying said bid or to any allow. maturity, cancel all bonds sad appurte- ance or credit by reason of such deposit Itant coupon= bearing laid dater of i unless It shall appear that the bonds Lmaturlty and remaining unsold, by I would not be validly.issued if delivered IM.'foration with a suitable device in I to the purchaser In the form and man. manner to indicate such sncella. | net proposed, in case the purchiJse =liOn lad the date thereof; provided, | price le not =o paid, the bonds so sold laveP, new bonds may be prepared | but not paid for shall be resold by the : a exeeutad In lieu of bonds elngoled | 8tats Treasurer upon notice as pro, ,Nell IW remmn of  faot that 1MCh | vlded la oale ef Orlillnal sail. Temporary or interim bonds, certifi. cat, or receipts of any denomination whatever and with or without coupons attached thereto, to be signed by the State Treasurer, may be issued and de. layered unti the definitive bonds are executed and available fer delivery. Signature of the State Treasurer may be by signature stamp. 996.31. Due notice of the time and place of sale of all bonds shall be given by said Treasurer by publicat on i one newspaper published in the City and County of San Francisco and also by publication in one newspaper published in the City of Sacramento and by publi. cation in one newspaper published in the City of Los Angeles once a week during two weeks prior to such sale. In addition to the notice last above pro- vided for, the State Treasurer may gave such further notice as he may deem advisable, but the expense and ease of such additional notice shall not exceed the sum of five hundred dollars ($500) for each sale so advertised. The pro- ceeds of the sale of such bonds and such mount as may have been paid as ac- crued interest thereon shall be forth- with paid over by said Treasurer into the Velerans' Farm and Home Building Fund of 1943 and must be used excIu. sively in aiding veterans in the acquisi- tion of, or payments for, farms and homes, in accordance with the provi- sions of this chanter; provided, that the proceeds from the sale of said bonds may be used to pay the debt created by the issuance and sale thereof. 996.32. The Department of Veterans Affairs is authorized, wth approval of the Department of Fmance, to invest any surplus money in the Veter,ms ' Farm and Horns Build:ng Fund of 1943 in bonds or obligations of the United States, or of the State of California, or of the several counties or municipalities or other political subdivisions of the State of California, and to sell such bonds, or obligations, er any e them, at the governmg market rates, upon approval of the Department of Finance; or the Department of Veterans Affairs may, with the approval of the Director of Finance, invest money in such fund, in interest-bear/at! certificates of de- posit of state ban!s having a paid-up capital of five hundred thousa,d dollars ($500,000) or more; provided, the total amount of money so depocited with any one bank shall not exceed a sum equal to 50 percent of the paid-up capital of such bank; provided, however, nothing herein contained shall inhibit the de- positing in banks in accordance with Chapter 4, Part 2, Division 4, Ti,'le 2 of the Government Code, of money of any of the funds subject to the control of the Department of Vcteans Affairs or ap- propriated for is use, . Interest accruing upon the dc;;osit of money Of the Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund of 193 shall be paid into and credited to said fund. 95.33. Upon request of the Depart- ment of Veterans Affairs, supported by a statement of the plans and projects of said department with respect thereto, and approved by the Governor. the Vet- erans' Finance Committee of 1043 shall determine whether or not it is ncessary Oe desirable to issue any bonds author- ized under this article in order to carry such plans and projects into execution, and, If so, the amount of bonds then to be issued and so!d. Successive issues of bonds may be authorized and sold to carry out said plans and projects pro- gressively, and it shall not be necessary that all the bonds herein authorized to be issued shall be sold at any one time. 996.34. Whenever the Veterans' Fi- nance Committee of 1943 chall have determined that the sa;o cf all or any part of the bonds authorized to be is- sued under this article is nece'ary or desirable to carry such plans into exe. cutlon, in whole or in part, it hall adopt a resolution to this effect. The =aid resolution shall authorize and direct the State Treas:::'er to provide for he prep- arat on of the re.-u site number of sui- able bends then authorized to be sold and sha:! specify as to such bonds then to be sold; 1. The maximum number of each denomination or denominations, agre. gate par value, and the date of the bonds to be tben old. The date appear. ing on said bonds shall be deemed to be the date at issbance for all purposes of this article, irrespective of the actual date of delivery of such bonds and the payment of the purchase price thereof. Successive issues of bont:s herein au. tborized shall be identified by the num- ber of the issue, or the entire authorized issue may be divided into series or" divi. siena appropriately identified by letter or number. 2. The date or dates of maturity, and the number and numerical sequence of the bonds maturing at each date of maturity, to be at ann'ual intervals. 3. The provisions, if any, for the re- tirement of said bonds at any time or times prior to their maturity, the man. nee thereof, and the price or prices at which said bonds shall be redeemed. 4. The annual rate of interest which" the bonds to be issued shall bear, to be in multiples of one-fourth of 1 percent, which rate, at the discretion of said committee may be determine! by the bidder at the time of ale of said bonds, not to exceed 5 percent payable as herein provided. 5. The provisions, if any, for the in. terexchange of bonds of different de. nominations, the issuance of new bonds of different denominations in lieu of, or in exchange for, bonds of a like agars. gate principal amount but of different denominations, and the authentication of anfbonda by the State Controller or by any Deputy State Controller, S. The technical form and language of said bonds and of the interest cou. pans to be attached thereto, In determining the date or dates of maturity of the sald bonds and the amount of bonds maturing at each d&te of maturity, the Veterans' u F!nance,oea Committee of 1943 shall be g by the amounts and dates of maturity of the revenues estimated to accrue to the Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund of 1943 from the transactone to be financed by each issue, and shall fix and determine said dates and amounts in such manner that, together with the dates and amounts of interest payments on the said bond issue, they shall Coin- cide, as nearly se practicable, w!th the dates'and amount= of such estimated revenues; provided, the bonds first to mature in each issue shall mature not later than five years and te Lands last to mature in each im;e shall mature not later than 45 years from the date of issuance thereof. The rate of interest to be borne by the bonds need not be uniform for all bonds of the Same issue or series oe division, and may be determined and fixed by the Veterans' Finance Com- mittee of 1943 by resolution adopted at or after the sale of sad bonds, but not exceecding in any ease 5 percent pep annum payable smiitnually. The highest bid received on the sale of the bonds shall be determined by deducting the total amount Of the premium bid (if any) from the total amount of interest which the State would be required to pay" from the date of the bonds oe the last preceding Interst payment date, whichever is latest, to to respective maturity dates of the bonds then offered for sale at the coupon rste or rates specified in the bid, and the award shall be made on the basis of the lowest net interest cost to the State. The lowest net interest cost to the State shal be computed on a 360-day year baals. The interest Coupon first payable may, if the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943, shall so determme and specify, be pay- able at any time within one year after the date of issuance of said bonds. 996.35. All actual and necessary ex. penses of the Veterans' Finance Com- mitten of 1943 and of the members thereof incurrcd in the performance of their duties arising out of the provi. sachs of this article and expenses in. curred by the State Treasurer in having said bonds prepared and in advertising their sale or their prior redemption shall be paid rut of the Veteran' F'arm and Home Building F.nd of 1943. on Controller's warrant duly drawn for that urpose, and shall constitute ex. peases of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Whenever the Veterans' Finance Committee of 193 deems it ac;v/sable to obtairl a legal opinion as to ttle validity of the betide, pror to c;" after sale, from atorneys ether than the Attcrne' Cener;, the committee may authori;ce the State Treasurer or tie Department of Veterans Affairs or both to obtain such a I=G,l cpin;or}. Payment for such legal services shall be made from the Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund of 1943, on Controller's warrant duly drawn for that purl;ass , and shall constitute expenses of the Dep:.rtment of Veterans Affairs. 996.36. The Controller, the Treasurer and the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 shall keep full and particular account and record of all their pro- ceedins under this article, and they shall transmit to the Covernor an ab- stract Of a{] such proceedings there- ur, der, with an annual icpcrt, to be by the Governor laid bec;'e the LeC!Mn- turn biennially; and all boo!<s and papers pertaining to the matter pro- vided for in this article shall aL all times be open to the inspection Of say party intcrcsted, or the Governer. or the Attorney General, or a committee of either branch of the Le..3iMature, or a Joint committee of both, or any c!tizen of the State. 99.37. So long as any bends author. izcd under this article may be outstand. ing, the Director of the Department of Veterans Affairs shall cause to be made at the close of each flseal year. a survey of the financial condition of the Davis;on cf Farm and Ho:lle Purchases, teeiher ith a pro2esion of the divl- sion's cperations, suci survey to be mada by an independent public ac- eountar, t ef recognized standing. The reuIs of SLIch surveys and projections shII be set forth in written reports and sald ind :ende,it pubhc accountant shatl forward copies of said reports tO the D;rcctcr of the Dopart;'lent cf Vet- erans Af/'ah's. the zqcnlbers of the Cli. fornia Vcterana Doard. and to the members of the Vetc,'an' Finance Committee of 153. The D/v/sicn of Farm and Home Purchases shll reim- burse said independent public account. ant for his services OUt Of any funds which said division may have available on deposit with the Treasurer of the State of California. See. 2. This act shall take effect upon i.s adcntion by th people as to ll its rovicions excerpt thorn relating to anJ :cce=cary 1o1" ts sub..,!ssicn t9 the peop;e, and for re=urninc, c2nvaz- ing, and proclaiming the votes, and as to said excepted provisions this act shall tl:e effect immediately. Sec, 3. This act shall be submitted to the peop:e of the State of Califorma for their ratification at the next general election, to "e held 'in th month of Nnvember, 1954. and all b!;ots :t r-d" election shall have nrmted thereon ;:d in a square therec:, the wcrdc: ",vcr the Veterans Bond Act of 1954," and the same square under raid words the eigh:-p0int type: "This act provIoes for a bond issue of one hundred seventy-five million dollars ($175,000,000) to be used by the Depart. meat of Veterans Affalrc in assisting Califernia war veterans to acquire farms and homes." In the square is. mediately below the square containing such words, there shah be printed on said ballot the words, "Against the Veterans Bond Act of 1C54," and in the same square immediately below said words, in eight.point type shall be printed "This act provides for a bond sue of one hundred seventy-five rail. ivan dollars ($175,000,C00) to be used by the Department of Veterans Affairs in assisting.California war veterans." Opposite the words "For the Veterans Bond Act of 1954" and '=Against the Veterans Bend Act of 1954," there shall be left spaces in which the voters may place a cross in the manner required by law to indicate whether they vote for or against said act, and those voting for said act shall do so by placing a cross Opposite the words, For the Vet- erans Bond Act of 1954" and those vot- ing agMnst the said act shall do co b placing a cross opposite the words "Against the Veterans Bond Act of 1954." Provided, that where the voting of said general election is done by means of voting machines used pursu- ant to law in such manner as to carry out the intent of this section, such use of luch voting machines and the ex. pression of the voters' choice by means thereof, shall be deemed to comply wlth the provisions of this section. The Governor of this State shall include the subs ss on of th s act to the people, ae aforesaid, in his proclamation calling for said general election. Sec, 4. The votes cast for or against this act shall be counted, returned and canvassed and declared In the same manner and subject to the same rules as votes east for at=its officers; and if it appear that said act shall have re. ceive a maor|tY, of all the votes cast for and agamas t at sa,d election as aforesaid, then the same shall have effect as hereinbefore PrOvided and shall be |rrepealable Until the principal and interest of the liabilities heren erected shall be Paid and dischrped, end the Governor shall make nroclama- tion thereof; but if a majority of the votes east as aforesaid are against this art then the same shall be and bcome void, * Sec, 5. It shall be the duty of the Secretary of State In accordance with law to have this act published in at least one newspaper in each county, or city and county, if one be published therein, throughout this State for three months next preceding the general election to be held in the month of No- Vember. 1954, The costs of publication shall be paid Out of the General Fund, on Controller's warrants duly drawn for that purpose and shall be refunded to the General Fund out of the VeteranM Farm and Home Building Fund of 1N3. Said reftind shah be made upon Con. troller's warrants duly drawn against said fund for said .purpose upon ds. mals audited by the 8tats Depart- ment Of Finance. Page Three INDIAN VALLEY RECORD .Thursday, August 19, 1954 FUNERAL SERVICES HELD FOR KEETER BA,Y MONDAY AFTERNOON Funeral services were held Mon- day aftern)n at the Greenville Funeral }IO1Tl,e lOft" Bobby Dale Keeter, interment following in the Greenville cemetery. The baby died early Monday mrning, Aug. 9. and an autopsy perfcrmed re- vealed suffocation to be the catme of death. Robert Keeter. father of the child, was flown hom from Korea, to attend the services, being gra- ted a 30-day leave from his ser- vice in the A W. The mothtr ad baby have been g their home in Greenville with her moth- er, Mrs. C. A, A|len ROULSTENS HAVE COMPANY re)lowing the departure Man- (tay afternoon of Dr. and M:s. C, rles Evans and three childre of UkAah, Mr. and Mrs, Voru Roulsten and family this week ere enjoying a visit with Mr. and 1%.Irs. Fred Panner and three soma of Walnut Creek. The Dan- nets. eho are frequent visito with ther Greenville friends, axe accompanied by her paxents. Mz. and Mrs. Lester Moran of Stock- ton and axe spending several days camping in the urea, SUPERVISORS" PROCEEDINGS The PLUMAS COUNTY BOARD OF SUT'ERVISORS met in regular a(lourned session on August 9, 1954 with all members present.  fair statement of the proceedings follows: The Board, together with Neuman, Clrman of the Build- ings end Lands Committee of the Crand Jury, looked over' the les- nt offioe axid office poe In the Court House relative to pro- riding office facilities when the separation of the offices of County" Clerk ad udtor becomes street- ire. Met with representatives of the State Fire Maxslal's Office and the State Depaxtment of PubLic Health, Bureau of H, OSlitals. such meeUng being at the request of the State lre rshai for is- russian of the fix fety recom- mendations concerning tke Pluma County Hospital prior to writing an official tter setting forth uch requirements. The Bosxd moved to ask for an appointme ,with officials of the State Depext- sent of ffubIic Health ,on Se- 'bet 13, for tlae purpose of apply- ng for Hill-aton money for use in constructing a new County {Hospital. Instructed the County Surveyor, to obtain a qualified person to rerrmve the eel water heater fl,(m the terrace room in the County Hospital bament ,to the laund, and to move the oil storage tank n the ltmdbr to. an eteri( place. Moved that u 46" door be con- structed on either side of the hall- way on the West en1 of the sec- ond floor at the County Hospital, and that the North ramp jumpaff be eliminated by being /naris to be ffround-level heighth, Designated W. B. McKnight. D. as the person to purchase and udminister narcotic at the C(r.mty Hospital. Adopted a resolution approving various organAzations and named representatives to compete in cl ases contained in the County Fair premium book. Adopted a resolution authoriz- ing the chairman and clerk to execute an amezdment to County. tate Agreement No. 5 concerning F. A. S, PTw)ject S-1200(1), Supervisor Flanagan reported that he has been advised by Mr. C, A. Lundy that the State is nterested in the Eureka Bowl area for a State Park. Adourued until Tuesday, AUg. 17, 1954 at 10 a.m. to meet again in regular adjourned session for all p. J. C. Cloman Att,=t:  Aexacl, Clerk,