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August 11, 1955     Indian Valley Record
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August 11, 1955

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I  SIX INDIAN VALLEY RECORD THURSDAY, AUGUST 11, 1955 NOTICE TO contract documents, shall be filed be refunded upon the return of ing rquested to do so by the Screedman with the Secretary of the Board such copies in good condition said I3oard. Self-propelled elevating /ONTRACTO R S of Directors of the Feather River within five (5) days after the The successful bidder, prior to grade planes lofce Is hereby given' that the Hospital District at the office of bids are opened, signing the Agreement, will be Spreader machines (Bar- ]$ard of Directors of th  Feather the Indian Valley Power Com- 1 Hospital District will re- pane in Greenville on or bfore Proposal forms shall be ob- required to furnish a labor and bey. Greene, Jaeger, etc.)  bids for the furnishing of August 29, at 8:00 p.m. and will rained through the office of the material bond in an amount (Engineer and screed- all required labor, materials, lye publicly oIned and read Architect and each bid shall be equtltbe coltractt fiftypricePercentand a(50%)faithfulOf Tractorsman used in operation txe. insurance, bonds, trans- thereafter, submitted only on this form or upon an exact copy thereof, p-,rformance bond in an amount Tractor type shovel load- e(lual to one hundred percent ers (sca, ,ot to apply lvf'on, scaffolding, e(uipmeTlt, Bids will be received for the Bid Guaranty in the form of (00) of the contract price, in whpr used as a blade or t-1]ftie services and incidentals work as a whole and with alter- a bid bond, bank draft or certi- quintuplicate bv a surety corn- bulldozer) ectry. for the Road Paving  na,c proposals for deviations fled check for at least two per- :;,,- sa;sfactory to the Owner. Truck tvr)e loaders m" the Feather River Hospital from the drawings and speci- cent (29) of the amount of Tb Board of Directors of the Truck Drivers: "on b slte now owned by said fications and from Proposition Proposition No. 1 must accom- Feather River Hospital District Dum) trncks and dump- [ :Dtrtet and ]ocatd in Green- No. 1 of the Proposal. pany the bid, and shall be made lugs adopted the "Wae rates as ster trucks (water level) ,rt?,, CIforna, east of the city Drawings and specifications payable to the order of the See isud by the . S. Secretary of under 4 yds. enter, on Hot Snrins Road, and other contract documents retary of the Board of Directors Labor and furnished through 4 yds. and under 6 yds. ['ewnship 27 North. Range 9 are on file in the office of Sellon of the Feather River Hospital the U. S. Department of Public 6 yds. and under 8 yds. Eat.the Southwestln the NortheaStquadrantCOrnerof Seof and Cox, Architects, 926 Jay District. Cash deposits will not Health, for the locality in which 812YdS.yds.andandUnderover 12 yds. Building, Sacramento, California, be accepted. The above mentioned this work is to be performed; tion 2, a]I in accnrdance With and at the ]Hospital District check or bond shall be given as contractors to whom any of this Pick-ups carrying under 1000 lbs. he drawings, stmciftetions, and Office at the office of the Indian a guarantee that the bidder will work is awarded and all sub- Flat rack carrying under ther contract documents pr Vlley Power Company in Green- within te.n (10) days after the contractors will be required to 18.000 ]bs. -pared by th firm of Setlon and v/He, where they may be exam- award is made, enter into a con- pay not less than these prevail- Flat rack carrying over ox, uthoriz! architects and ined and copies obtained on or tract, and will be declared for- in rates. The rates set forth are 18.000 lbs. ,dated August , 1955. after August 16, 1955, by duly feited as liquidation dmages if hourly wages based on not to Helpers. warehousemen, Sealed b{ds, based on the draw- licensed contractors upon deposit the successful bidder refuses to exceed an eight hour day and teamsters specifications and other of $25.00 per set. Deposits will enter into said contract after be- forty hour week. Water wagons under 2500 gallons Semi-Annual Report of Public Administrator WAGE RATES Water wago00 over Craft Per Hr. gallons Road oiler Carpenters 2.90 Automotive oiler and IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF PLUMAS Cement Masons 2.845 greaser IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA Laborers: Bootman i Lagging, Sheeting, Whal- Ross carrier and other in, Bracing, Trenchjack- type carrier IN THE MATTER OF THE RETURN OF ,JOHN F. KEANE ing, hand-guided lagging Truck repairman - job site Public Administrator of the County of Pluntas, State of California hammer 2.425 construction Blasters, Powdermen 2.425 Truck repairman helper Rototiller 2.425 job site construction TO THE HONORABLE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE Buggymobile 2.425 Combination oiler and OF CALIFORNIA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF PLUMAS: Pipewrappers, ketttemen bootman potmen and men apply- Buggymobile F. KEANE, Public Administrator of the County of Plumas, State of California, respectfully ing asphalt, creosote and Dumpster mak this, his Return and Report of all unsettled estates of decedents, which have come into his hands similar type materials 2.425 such Public Administrator for the period ending June 30, 1955, which said Report is made in accord- Riprap stonepaver and Each bid must be me'with the provisions of the Statute in such cases made and provided: rock slinger 2.425 a sealed envelope and Rotary scarifier 2.425 to E. Norman Johnson, Cash Amount Balance General laborer 2.175 of the Board of Total Received Distributed Total Total Construction laborers 2.175 entitled "Proposal for :]Name of Decedent Value of by Admin- Fdes Claims by Court Disburse- Cash Value of Flagmen, watchmen 2.175 ing for the Feather River Estate istrator and Cots Paid Order merits Balance Estate General laborer (includes tal." ,1. ,1ohammsson ....... $2,821.99 $2,821.99 $414.61 $L632.60 $724.78 $2,771.99 $ 50.00 $ 50.00 all clean-up work, load- The Board of IL Hart ................ 338.96 210.04 28.87 150.00 178,7 31.17 160.09 ing, lumber, loading and serves the rights to v.M Groff .................... 980.00 980,00 161.75 415.10 303.50 880.35 100.0 100.00 burning of debris) 2.175 or all bids, to accept any O. West ................ 500.00 50@.0@ 252.18 247,2 500.00 ............................ Power equipment operat- ositions within a bid B. Irons ................ 226.94 2J}4 54.79 172.15 226,94 ............................ ors: Apprentices (oilers, waive any informalities J E. Wood ................ 399.35 399 29.00 300.00 329.00 70.35 70.35 firemen, watchmen) 2.345 regularities in any bid or Jol  Berg .................... 2,685.44 2,685.44 306 643.50 673.86 2,011. 2,011.58 Power graders, power bidding. Am Mattson ................ 120.22 120.22 S U M M h R Y P R O C E E D I N G planers, motor patrols By order of the Board Glpe Fugazza ............ 443.00 448.00 22.49 , 800.00 22.49 120.51 120il or any type p o w e r rectors, Feather River Alive ]Bear .......................... 409.15 259,15 35.50 35.50 223.65 373.65 blades 3.005 District, Plumas CountY, &bib IFIowers ....................... 511.00 461.00 23.00 30@.00 323.00 138.00 188.00 Power shovels and/or oth- fornia. Midael Rlordan ................ 264.00 264.00 S U M M A R Y P R O C E E D I N G er excavating equipment Dated this August 8, M. J. 14[eEnllus ................. 78.00 78.00 S U M M A R Y P R O C E E D I N G with shovel type controls E. Norman Johnson, (up to and including D( A. Marshall ......... 2,082.61 82.61 82.61 2,082.61 1 yd.) 3.005 :STATE OF CALIFORNIA ) Power shovels and/or oth- MAKES OFFICIAL VISIT ODUNT OF PLUMAS )--ss. er excavating equipment TO PLUMK$ REBEKAHS .O F. KEANE, being first duly sworn, deposes and says: That he is the duly elected, qualified, with shovel type controls and acting Public Administrator of the County of Plumas, State of California; that the foregoing, to (over 1 yd.) 3.175 he be of his knowl ,dge and belief, is a full and correct Return and Report of all unsettled estates of LeTourneau pulls (jeeps, District Deputy President Terra Cobras, LaPlant pha Jackson of decedeSt which have come into. his hands during the time hereinabove mentioned; that he is not inter- ested t any expenditures made on account of any estate included in said Return and Report; that he is Choate and simliar types made her official visit to not aoetated, In business or otherwise,, with any person who is so interested, of equipment 3.005 Plumas Rebekah Lodge at bed and sworn to before me this 6th day of July, 1955. Rollers 2.845 ville on Thursday, July 28, JOHN F. KEANE Scoopmobile (when used as a hoist) 2.735 she was presented by the (Pub: (SEAL) JUNE LeRO Deputy County Clerk Scoopmobile (when used with a doll gowned in the July 14-21-28-August 4.] 1-18, 1955) as a loader) 2.895 sembly President's lavender and purple, in to a monetary gift. Plans were ccnoleted the session or the of Mrs. Orma Fream of dena, Assembly President the year. These include a at Forest Lodge and a 'r 0 CH0|CE meeting at Taylorsville. 8 POINT preparations were also ll REGULAR CHECKING ACCOUNT the reception to be -for the depositor who is- honor of Jewell Standart, sues many checks. Guardian of the AsserblY. CH Following the business SPECIAL CHECKING ACCOUNT ing refreshments were - for the depositor writing in the banquet hall, fewer checks. The initial cost tables appropriately of 12 per check covers lavender and purple. ALL service charges. BANK.BY.MAIL ACCOUNT BAY AREA BFS --We furnish all necessary UNDERWRITE forms plus Postage-pd en- STOCK FOR W/kIAKlqG velopes. Wilson, Johnson and San Francisco investment We invite you to make FRST ers, have underwritte WESTERN your banking home! shares of the Walkeng Company's common stoel, ,,q,. A  .,_, ,,tl'l come fIRST" announced today in With ST WS)N Emerson E. Wiser, -   r - -: --" - "- - --- : - -" "-'-: : -- ":" - - - of the company. " I uranium mining in claims covering more tha __ acres in recognized per and silver mining in northern California o covering more than 1,200 ! Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ..... 'USt mail us $1 and The Reeord coming t weeks