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August 2, 1951     Indian Valley Record
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August 2, 1951

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Odds and Ends , Enthusiasm Helps. Brew Good Gardenin00 Ideas By ALFRED AMES, Garden Editor Time and again I find myself going into ecstacies over some of the most awful garden ideas. It's a situation similar to the bride's biscuits--seemed a sweet idea while ha the making. Figure you shouldn't belittle the results if you can't point out where she- went wrong. Funny part of it is that the enthusiasm over the idea is gem line  a practical suggestion at the right time might hae made it worth- while. - Then again, over-doing good ideas seems to he a real problem confronting some of California's 'gardens during the past several seasons. For instance, been see- ing too many discs lately. Got a look at a patio the other day that is paved and walled with 'era. Shaggy barked, 0ff*center heart- wood, some sawed through knots from pencil sizethrough sap- lings to prime saw-logs. Now, the end grain "of a well eared for butcher's block is a mark of professional pride; a ohl country pavement, cohbled with wood blocks, is an rtist's subject and any photogenic sea gull will tell you that atop the sawed off end of an old tarred piling is the perfect place to lateen. If you pave a walk or section of the patio with these log sec- tions why not fill in between with a solid grout? Now, if this seems like too much trouble just be nonchalant and have a good story to tell if the boss's wife turns her ankle the next time you entertain! (?hopping Block Saw a good old fashioned chopping block in a barbecue set up the other (lay, some heavy iron fire tools completed this picture of practical beamy. Sure, I use charcoal or brackets most of the time, too. Want to know something worthwhile? Make yonr guests sit for an hour or so watching the gyrations of the smokey-eyed host with his ohl fashioned fire. Then 10 drooling minutes of the steak smoke, brother you've really conditioned your guests. Went on a garden tour once, four out of six of the stops were "done" by the same landscaper. Honors were even tip between bird-baths and sun dials as the "center of interest" at the far end of each "enchanting vista." Between you and me and the gal who wrote up that tour he is a lets nlighly good landscaper" and all his clients have well done places. Seedling h'is (]rocery clerk at our lnarket has the sweetest collection of seedling iris you'd ever hope to see, you can spend hours with that guy and his iris and enjoy every minute of it. A dirt walk leads to his tool shed and a 60x !20 rectangular lot enclosed by a 5-foot chicken wire fence is the extent of his landscaping. Come to think of it we know some folks who aren't the least bit interested in the great outdoors. They live in a little white stucco house, and hire a kid to cut the two by four lawn and pull the dead blossoms off the Shasta daisies that border the driveway, they're nice people too! Drove up the San Joaquin Val- ley on the westside the other day, Avenal, Coalinga, Fire- baugh, Mendota--what a change. Hundreds of acres of the nicest looking irrigated crops of land you wouldn't have tried to raise an umbrella on 20 years ago. Combines were cutting grain on several pieces along the way. 'Waited and waited to see a load of freshly sacked grain---a long string of mulesthe jerk line tied to that big iron lever just ahead of the character that "gee.d" this juggernaut up to the warehouse in the distance.' Right Angles What a man--always rode at right angles to the direction he traveledhis feet dangling just clear of the trough of powdered silt ground up by the big iron Yims rolling alongside. Think he'd turn his lqead when he yelled at that lead mule? As kids we figured they shared the same cut of tobacco and things went smoothly cause the man always had it in his possession. "Gee" and "haw" were yelled at inter- wds only to remind the longer- eared member of the.partnership of this fact. Saw a large patch of alfalfa being grown fox' seed production. At regular intervals along the borders of the patch, a few hives of bees were stationed to aid in pollinization. Each stand must have been working overtime-- looked like enoug h alfalfa seed in the making to plant half the state. Alfalfa honey on good THROW AWAY YOUR LAWN MOWER Plat JJll CULTUR| CItNTIPIDg LAWN Gn&a for permanent lawn. Need8 no mowinlJ. Ch'owa in Itny soil--in the sun r ia the shade. )dake$ n beautiful cerpet and crowds ottt weeds and ell other [ grnnet. We are the original growers from ] the oal otock brought from China. | Mly oth types of aslma ere being I cailel UltlWrllPgDIk ]M[OJcO mare you get ! p tad aRy day ot the yeer. Write t i iParttculartt so you can plant at once. | AOIN4Y, LAND'S END FARM I- Bq 403S An*tin el, TeeJ [ II i ii i iiii / _ Gardening Tips-for Week Gardening tips for the week. . Unless your garden spraying ,,r dusting is thorough you may te wasting time, Inoney and ef- fort. Dfrecting the insecticide only at the top of the plant will prove of little avail. You should hit the t)hmt from on top, from the sides and from below. Ill- sects lurking in the joints of the stems are often hidden from view. Dousing the plant with in- secticide pays off. Set yotlr la*A'n nlo\\;ger to cut at a greater height during the warm season. After mowing, the grass blades should be at least one and one-half inches tall; one and three-quarter inches would i)e even better. Flooding a lawn,is the most effective watering method at this time. Light sprinkling bare- ly wets the surface and causes the root to turn upwards. Shal- low-rooting plants can not snp- l)ort husky top gn'owth. Potted l:)lants will keel)your garden scene from becomilg nlouotollOtlS. YOU call always place flowering plants in potted containers ill sections of yonr garden requiring color. As the scene becomes horing you can easily move the pots from oue location to another, . . This is time of year when fuchsias require lots of water. A soil mulch will aid in reducing tle soil temperature and con- serving moisture. Turning the hose on the plants will wash brown hot cakes--here we go again! - As one gardener to another, haven't you at some time had a hankerin' to keep a colony of hees? Now I've read how to put hives together--I know wherein workers and drones differ and that a queen is bigger still. I've read that, the queen .mates once in her life, high in the air, and produces offspring of the gehder that the colony most needs. Now the thought of a mere hunan controlling the destiny of such an obviously superior creature just doesn't seem right. p .O them down well. Use a fine siSray for this job. Roses in five-gallon containers are still available at most nur- series. This is not the best time for setting out these plants but for filling in they will prove satisfactory. This is one way of having a garden of fall roses if 5'our present rose garden is in- complete. Pelargoniuln cnttings may be taken and started now. Also the plants may require pruning back if their growth has become too spindly. 3000 Mechanical Pickers Expected to Harvest Cotton Three thonsand or more me- chanical pickers may be used for harvesting California's 1951 cotton crop, which it is estimated will be valued at over $300,000,- 000. This was rel)orted hy .T.R. Tavernetti and B. B. Ewing at the American Society of Agricul- tural Engineers' Annual Meet- ing in Houston, Tex., June 18-20. Tavernetti is an agricultural engineer in the Experiment Sta- bion of the University of Cali- fornia at Davis and B. B. Ewing is associate agricultural engineer at the U. S. D. A. Cotton Experi- ment Station at Shafter. This figure represents more than twice the number of pickers used last year. Cotton Mechanization In an intensive study of cot- ton Mechanization problems car- tied on since 1949, University Experiment Station scientists have had the co-operation of the U. S. D. A. Bureau of Plant In- dustry, Soils and Agricultural Engineering, the Agricultural Extension Service and the Cali- fornia Planting Cotton Seed Dis- tributors. The work has included plant breeding to develop character- isties , suitable for mechaniza- tion; cultural practices to elim- inate or mechanize thinning and weed control; improvement of Yes -- always have wanted to equipment adaptable to cotton keep a few stands of bees. Now growing; and testing chemicals you know it could be sort of an for weed contror and defoliation. atavistic inoculation that's hold- The chief problem still to be ing me back. The story goes that (Continued on Page 7) in the later summer of '84 or '85 Grandpa as packing over a nar- row trail somewhere back of Mariposa. Seems it was getting dusk and he saw what he thought was an ohl gray felt hat caught in the brush alongside the trail. "Well "gramp" smacked it with a stick only to lem'n that some wasps buiM a nest that looks like an old felt hat, yep he was really inoculated. Don't believe it, but the oldtimers swear it took a man on horseback 45 minutes to overtake the old gent, some- where just east of Le Grande! PROTECT YOUR FAMILY FROM FIRE! with PRESTO FII(E OUT IN SECONDS Gives you OO amotlnt tae egn bny , * , Rely fo , lasta.nt usl For e|ectric|d, oil, gasolIJte and fail tYle$ of f|tS .... "P R E S T O" IT'S olu,r IN SECONDS! 20 yr. faCtbry guar. -d $a,98 cash ar M. O. C. L. Craddoek Distributor M8 Riverton Ave. North Hollywood, Calif. SANE-SFIA, AMERICA'S FINEST HOUSEHOLD INSECTICIDE BOMn| Kills fileS, nlosqtl|toes, tdlvernsh, moths, nn, a-qd pNtetlea|ly ll in. sects the easiest way. Just It touch of the fher, ed SANE-SFKA]t ge tO work ! SANE-SPRAT ontns DU FONT'S eS$ discovery, METHOX 'CilIn. and NO nnT. METflOXYCH]LOR IS FAR ]LESS 'OXlO TO HUMAN nE- INGS THAN DDT,  why not lty It few cents Inure nml know tbnt yen are not tadng any nnneeesf, ey be wltl the fnmtl"s health. Omly $1.79 lus (u. SANE-SPRA Y CORPORATION FACIFIO GnovE, CALIFOltNL& " i all New N, Types # Because of "oly in the tion of nectarines, i underway in other United States to torine varieties which the California grip. growers can keep only by constantly proved nectarine Long time conducted at the California's Ex here are beginning for the California grower. In the past tarines have been Philp, a highly commercial shipping and Mabel, a local riety. Both are large J low freestone attractive a cellent quality. In these two new periment station has five selections for possible future According to the division of pore Davis campus, it is from the progress the present soon wilI be replaced by new, improved Rose Buying The American presents a leaflet ings of all varieties available .... The Mississippi an elevation of l.ake Itasca, in Bright new linolem ia preserved by cleat ZYNOLYT| in long- lasting perfection. Shabby linoleum, ZYNOtYU-finished in of your chaice, looks For wood, asphalt tile, cabinet tops, wal and other or out ZYNOLYlrll provides a * lul4/oua without * easily cleaned. . non.sklddlng * unmarred by hot amp, lye, fruit Clear or colored paint and varnish three  OIDEIg NOW BI .Add California Tax. GARDEN 305 Cupertino S Mtee,