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July 25, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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July 25, 1940

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:,IU~.-,DAY, JULY 25, 1940 I~'DLA N VALLEY RECORD tit tit IS THIS A WORLD SWIMMING INSTRUCTOR [ F~kSTERN STAR WILL ] FIRF~VlEN REALIZE $245.95 ! YOUNG MEN MAY JOIN ] SPRING-SUMMER SCHEDUI~ REVOLUTION? WILL GIVE LESSONS ] MEET IN BAY CITY I FROM GOLD DIGGERS SHOW I STREAMLINED ARMY [ FOR CHURCH SE]gVI{~ ------ [ SAN FRANCISCO July 24.--For [ ~ I Elmer Harris, athletic coach of ~ . ~ .~ - (By George Soule) It.lefwsttimeinmorethanhalfa] Wendel J. McEnespy, general[ ~eargeant L.R. Wlldt, onre-] The following is the order Of ~" tne ~an ~'rancmco scnoo~ aepart o the I believe the peoples of the dame-. I century, ~ahforma m to be hos~] chairman of the Greenville Fire-[Czultmg duty f r U.S. Army, |vices for the Community church sent, wno ]S at I JoKe Almanor xor, oracles have been tricked rote a [to the triennial assembly of the Jmen s Gold Diggers' Show held[ :as in Greenville Tuesday from of the Indian Valley: false attitude by the more vehe- tn.c. summer, announces that .ne~General Grand Chapter, Order of June 22, announces that the gate|ChicO. I GREENVILLE sent enemies of totalitarianism-- "an! . onauct .classes in swlmmmg the Eastern Star, which will hold lr ceipts for the show were $617.15,[ While here,eargeant Wtldt]Sunday School 10 a. those who hated the adversary more aria fancy olvlng: . . 'It~ session in San Francisco Septem-]tbc expenses $371.20, which left a [stated that all ambitious young { Morning worship II a, than they loved and understood Instrucuon wm ee glven to men be- 16 to 18 inclusive with an ex-fnet profit of $245. 95 ]men who desire to take advantage[Young People's Servi-e 7:45 P. $' what he was attaeking ??d women,n b:y~ a:eds.rgeirtl:,lle:Srj.pected attendance of thousands of ~ ]of enlistment in the new stream-[ both Sundays and ~Vednesda~nl, In the interests of shaking our- ~nose .perso.:s o I e ~ k~elegates, many of whom will come [ ]lined army may obtain full and ] Prayer meeting Thursday 7:45 P~' selves free from the delusions that to swim wnl oe given prenmmary [ from other parts of the world [ ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS ]complete information from l~im by [Choir Practice Frida 8 p, $' iustructions and tests w ich wi ] I ------- tmailin a oat ca h II " Y can lead only to amaster, a zew ires m the largest conventmn| Notice i [ g p rd to the Chico re-[ TAYLORSVILLE wad to a oetter start m swzmmmg. [~. [ . s nereDy given tnat tne [c~uitinr, station Th'ere are {,acan [~ n h,~,~1 " 2 i} $' rougn tneses may De presentea, rot lUUUacu ~ur t~e u~y u~cy m xwu. x, ! Scare of Trustees of the Plumas I o " " ['"""~# " ftwther discussion. A.n, mteur s~,l.mmers .wm .a~so De]work out the details for handling County High School District Plu-]c~es in several departments, with ]Church Service 7:30 P,$' This war cannot restore the kind g~ven ~:s~:i=l::ishmC:eWl~|a:n::|d ]this cocnvention, the Grand Chapter mas County, California, will receive [opportunities for young men. [ CRESCENT MILLS ,~ ~xr~.~o~,~ world or the kind of tnem s t or g e of the State of California Order of i ~ids f o, r supplies and equipment for The address is Scrgeant I R Sunda school 10 $. $' soc~eticB :~t'thin it which ex,sted at less effort Instructions in fancy the Eastern Star named its corn-t,:ntil~u~mas^,? ~unt~y~ ~ lgh.Sch l, slv~'ildt, Post Office Building, Chico,[ Y INDIAN MISSION diving will be given during the I,~,~, ~-. ,w. v, ,~u~uu~ ~, California ~. its beginning. No matter who wins,^~ +, +h ~, ,~o~.^ +, ~ I mittee. Members of the committee ~ 1940, at which time they will be pub- [ " iTuesday 7:45 P. there will be revoluhonary conse- . !iPcludc Robert P. Easley, Pa~tflicly opened and rcad m the library [ ~ A cordial invitation is give ~evces everywliere znc metnoo anu tracks or mwng. [ Grand Patron, of Antioch General ] of the Quincy High School. The [I'LUMAS COUNTY BLIND lall Strangers and visitors n~gl~ "~ . Harris has had 2,5 years of swim- [ ' .~ [ said bids shall be presented to M. IAIDED ~ !- ~ The result need not e Hiuemsm " . [~nazrman; a~orney wawo ~'. l-'o~-,Mcintosh Clerk o~ the Board I o~ o~x~ r~,w,~ ~." coacmng ann teacnmg with Icl Past Gr *= ' ' ' if ( emocracies will accept the neces- ],and Patrb-ff Fran- ~Quincy California I ~ [ STANLEY %VEBSTI~R, the x~vt~'~, pmva~e ciu~s an(~ .~ t . ~ . ' " $343 882.11 were spent b Califor Pary economic means and use it for --ublic --eels clsco, Executive Chairman; Wflla ! A hat of the following units may [ . ' ~ Y " ] their own ends The Job does not v v ~ Jane Hellwtg Past Grand l~dtron Ibc secured from ~I. Macintosh, Quin. |nm counties for A:d to the Needy[. ' . r ] - ' - = -" San Francis:o' Ma~, I Worraer' Portol.a paper and pencils [bination of Federal State and countyl ~ ]~ ~t~]~"k~'Y%"~P#// ] aRa nst mmorltygroul:m, i[eo ragweeu you see no oeauty ror ' "~ " " ' -~ -- " m- - ' " ~ ~ ~'~ . ~ fi~l~ / l ' ~ i ~urmture. Irun~s,accordmg to a statement The Churchill Government in~yot- know those tassels are goldentr'ast L~rana Aaatron, untarlo; wa,- Science I e'e I, ~U B -ltan has placed all industry and'because they laden with poisonous ,?ace T. Rutherford, Past GrandI ]ar'tor' Sunnlies ]r : asea to(~ay oy zaartna A. Chick-]i " -~ ~ ~lt~|1~1" [ p;opert:/ at theservtee of the State, ipoIlen. And nobody does anything Patron,; Walker Peddicord,] L?ckSc:n~d:lI~Y~win i:::g,o~fls:cti:; ~theState Depart-I!?.~ ~ f~ ~F~'~'~.~ whqe retaining the rule of l~arlla-]hbout It. So you do---you take af-IPast Patron and Robert 1DIusted,] "- ' g. I ~' " |' ~, "1 ~-~ ~/ F,~]" I Pa t P r o Portola OfficeCom~mercial and In Plumas County 7 recipients,/'~ I rnent ,ubstantial freedon of speech [ter the enemy with a hoe But s at on both f 9an Francisco. [Art Su lies "',][ ~,~.-~r~- ~ ~ I " ' " " PP ] received the total of $350 00 [I ~-'~) -~- - f~, -~,] and civil rights of citizens. Labor [pause, nnd consider the facts. Di-] wnmax of tI~e conclave w~n beI Quincy Commercial an~l Art Sup-m ' " II ~~[~'~C'K--~I~.---./| cf defeat in war and the threat of |symptoms, not the malady itself ;Grand Matron and Chief officer[ Quim~y Band Instruments iCHR~ |l~ ~ " I demg~cracy. . | . . p ot I .to play- I " [ The Board of Trustees of the |meeting, Clinch building, first Wed- [[ Pr'mted In Bi~ [ When peace comes, 1~ ~t m not a|gzoun~s, start rmwer g~raens.--j~o~ ~ne purpose or mmtng tne[~ ,-,^ ~v, ~. ~ ^~ ~ |nesday of each month 8 " "- ;1 --- - " "" J peace of defeat there cannot be|Ro~er P. Wodehb'hse botanist and Grand Chapters of the Order wtth-lt'r~c~"r:serve:~the'r~l=h~'t~o~'acce:~|,~ a,z d~mob~lization to the old hazes. |author, in the Rotarian Magazine. fn her Jurisdiction. Her itinerary, i or reject any or all'items in an; I J Democracy will be eomvelled +o Ivch~eh ~ now being prepared, will I |,nit bid. u-se a mob~'lized industry ~or social 'of those who have repressed it, be-[include Alaska Hawaii and the 'Signe'd M. McINTOSH '" ends with'n each nation But the cause they were terrified by its gen- [Canal Zone. She is expected to con- ClerK . ' ' }. ~ a m~c9 Jmy 18, 25, and August 1, turning of this inst~dment to cleat- ms ana ~ts power. I ~mue around the world. [1940. ivenes~ rather th~ destruction will depend absolutely on the building of International order, v~hlc ~ will not consist merely of agreements between small and weak States ~hch 6o not comprise economic units. There must be organic polit- ical and eonomic unity ~n Europe, sn,J economic order throughout the world. The democratic world must r@- capture from Hitler an~[ Mussolini the revolutionary slogans which-- largely for propaganda purposes-- they have stolen. The very mark of democracy is that it is not fixed, hut leaves the way clean for contin-I ual and repeated revolution, by censtitutional means. Its h~ghest velue is not its past achievement but its promise. ,It was born with energ~ and with devotion to the l community. Its true essence is not t~e difft-se, the lax and careless and self-seeking sort of thing about which those who say we shall have tc surrender it, are now wringing! their hands. In a crisis it has al- wey~ demanded, and henceforth ~t ~ill demand more regularly, the disciplined eo-operatlofl of free men f~ the use of all nTateri~l and hu- man ~esources n the serbice of the comrdon good. The chief duty 'of democrats is to erid thd power of those internal parihites who have kept it weak and static and have nearly betrayed it to its enemies. At the peril of ext}nction, democ- racy must resume the historical in- itattve which belongs to it. This Iv.!t~ative, for mere military pur- poses, will have ~o be expressed first of all the economic front. It can and must bc used, not merely to create a stronger military power than any which it may have to face, but a firmer social structure, a better and more wholsome life for all its citizens The purpose of mobilization must be not merely to prevent defeat, but to win. And ,t must not be merely to win the war, but to establish a sound and creative peace, more genuinely tn its answer to the demands of life and the aslMrations of the ~ommon umn than anything its enemies can offer It is time to stop bewailing what has happened and to stop {rytng to ~ee how little of what we have we need to surrender. It is time to stop wondering how much "Sf our enemie's method we shall have weakly to Imitate. It Is time to vtol~ speculating which foreign creed we shall have to accept. This country p~sseeses a more fertile soil and deeper roots for revo- lutionary aspiration in the demo- cratic direction We shall find wthin our own history and tradi- tion the inspiration for a progres- rove world leadership which can be Incomparably more vital than that o' the Third Reich At the heart of democracy Is the seed of~ abundant lfe. Its apparently sulci- dal behavior in recant years ts the work, not of its trff~ son~, but 6REENVILLE, CALIFORNIA Where we serve the best of everything in Wines. Liquors, Beer Veedol and Tydol Motor Oils Complete Line of Factory Specified Check Chart J Complete Repair Shop Motor Tune-up Work Guaranteed on All Makes of Cars :MECHANICAL FOREMAN ~1 Years Experience Complete Body & Fender Repairs Body Painting & Decorating ALL WORK GUARANTEED SAM WEATHERFORD FOREMAN 7 Years With Ve, ntura Motor Co. General Merchandise Greenville California EXCLUSIVE OF BOND MONEYS FOR THE GREENVILLE AND SENECA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DISTRICTS OF P~LUMAS COUNTY FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR ENDING JUNE SO, 1941 I. PROPOSED EXPEN?DITURES FOR THE SCHO OI~ Y~KR 1940-1941: GREENT'ILJ E SBIN-ECA A. CMrrent Expense Appropriations I. Axlmintstration $ 50 $ 50 2. Instruction 5536 7600 8. Operation of Plant 1 1407 1500 4. Maintenance of School Plant 400 500 5. Auxiliary Agencies and Coordinate Activities, exclusive of transfars to other districts for tuition 600 720 6. Fixed Charges 200 200 Total Current Expense Appropriations B. Capital Outlay Appropriations 1500 2150 ~. N.on.Bonded Debt Service Appropriations D. Undistributed Reserve Appropriation for 1940-1941 1000 1000 E. Total Proposed Expenditure Appropriations fo r the School Year 1940-1941 '$10693 $13720 iI. ~OPRIATION FOR TRANSFER TO O'I'I-I ER DISTRICTS FOR TUITION" 1940-1941 1400 III. TOTAL BIII:~ET REQUIREMENT $12093 IV, N.ET To~rAL AVAiLAB~LE BALANCE AND ES TIM~KTED C~RREN'r RECEIPTS (YrH:ER TI-IA~ DISTRICrr TAXES 8912 797"/ ?. TOTAL CURRENT DISTRICT TAXES REQUIR FA) $ 3181 $ 5903 Public hearings will be hold on the above budgets at the following places and at the following time~: In the Greenville Elementary School, located at Greenville, California, on August 5, 1940, at 2 P. M. In the Laden-Butte School, Seneca District, Io cated at Chester, C~lifornia, on August 5, !940, at "/P.M. -f~r! "~ l Signed: TILLIE N KRUGER, # County Superintendent of Schools FINE PAPER INDIAN J.RY RECORD GREENVILLE, CflLIFORNIfl PLUS CPJ:tFTSMP.NSHIP