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July 9, 1959     Indian Valley Record
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July 9, 1959

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b,00Ac.,O= Just for Th Record In view of a certain amount of dissatisfaction over the amounta of the assessments against property-owners by the Greenville Sanitary Distriot, we reprint the following from the issue of The Eeoord which preceded the eleotion providing for the issuance of $120,000 in gener- al obligation bonds by the district: "This $120,000 represents about one-third the cost of the proposed project . . . If Tuesday&apos;s election is successfnl, it is proposed to finance tlle halanco of the project through formation of local assessment districts . . . While the exact assessments for each individual property owner cannot be foreseen at this time, it is estimated by the district's engineer that the cost per home would average about $435--payable in 15 a n n ua 1 installments with 6% interest on the declin- ing balance. The cost would be approximately $48 per year (or $4 per month). Headline in the Bee: "TRACTOR OVERTURNS, PINS MAN IN BUTTE"... now there's a real close call. , $ * A flip of the fedora to Bill M'Clain o Uhico, who again this year performed one of the less glamorous and more dangerous jobs at the Taylorsville redeo -- that of the rodeo clown. BilI m i s s e d being hooked in the midsection by a brahma bull Saturday  by a matter of an inch or so, the animal demolishing the umbrella with which he was hazing it, The Highway Patrol says that motorists pay very little attention to slogans and other publicity designed to cut down traffic deaths ...' and that stricter fines are the only apparent answer to the problem. The same seems to be true when it comes to cigaret smokers and I State Legislature THE RECORD Resolution II_ 00rges a, I Release of Gold ---" i Entered in the post office at Greenville a8 2mi cla8 mail matter I Tht, f,,llowing joim resolution was Subscription $3 per year i adopted by both branches of tile Calf ._.._._ l fornia Legislature at its recent session: Whereas, It has recently been I Tom Camfleld ................. Editor and Publisher_____ suggested that Russia may attempt to develop a single currency back- Member California Newspaper Publishers Association ed by gold to be used ttxroughout National Editorial Association its sa,tellite countries and in gen- eral for world trading; and Whereas, The creation of such a gold ruble could greatly handi- cap the United States in its inter- LAW IN A( TION national activities, particularly in view of the fact that the Ameri- b can dollar backed by gold is one ::>: of the most stable currencies in the world giring the United EMINENT DOMAIN Recently some home ownel" States a great advantage in State agencies are buying fought a school's 1Qcating in a its economic competition with more and more land through zone for homes only. The cou communist nations: and eminent domain procedures, held that the school, as a state Whereas, The fixing of the ' No agency can take land with- agency, could pick any site re- price of gold by the Federal i out "due process" or "just gardless of zones. Government in 1934 at ,the arbi- i compensa- A school, public utility, or trary figure of $35 per fine ounce l tion."  other government body can and maintaining this rigid figure i An agency l(-)) build about any place it says iS in spite of the fact that the costs! usually buys necessary. The law presumeS of producting gold in the United i it locates in a place best for States have greatly increased, has I all such prop- resulted in many of the gold I erty. But it the public with least private mines of this Country and parti-t also must pay  harm. As a rule people ca for such tern- challenge the place cularly of this State in the Mother I Lode area being forced to cease i porary use of land as airspace can show fraud or bad operations; and for a freeway overhead or an in choosing that Whereas, This loss of gold pro- underground right-of-way for is hard to show. duction has had a serious detri- a pipeline. Recently state ag !mental economic effect on the As a rule you dicker over taken private land for areas involved through loss of the price; but you can go to clearanceor this importan industry and also court to get the price set ff Sometimes it is has resulted in an ever decreas- you cannot come to an agree- bought with public funds, ing gold balance in our Federal ment with the agency, built, and then turned over Treasury; now, therefore, be it Included in what you get private owners. : Resolved by the ssembllr and! may be. money for "sever- Senale of tlW State of Califozm ance" if the state takes only jointly, That the Congress of the I &  o the , for loss of United States is respect%flip re-lVeteran WP Man laaline.,.lOSllll[llisll-ne- quested to remove ,the restrictiousl fits, and other damages. on the price of gold and to thus i allow it to be priced as any other iOn Retirement List o----, Irate is over price. Commodity in a free market; and! Now andthml,owner may be it further Ater 45 years of service with the Western Pacific Railroad, fight because, the. government Resolved, That the Chief Clerk Assistant Superintendent John J takes: the- land, but not for of the Assembly be directed to "public un." transmit suitably prepared copies McNally retired June 30, 1959. of his resolution > the Vice A native of Elko. Nevada, Me But the trm  "public use" President of the United States, Nally went to work for WP at has beenusedbroadltoeover to the Speaker of the House of Gerlach, Nevada, as a laborer in  to, only a part of the Representatives and to each 191. At that time the railroad had amltmity,, a mnall: district, member of Congress representing been in operation only four years, a once a short stre to, & California. After various minor jobs he be- l'owner'shouse. Yet,ourt The ceurts have u came a locomotive fl.reman in 1916 : have refused to condemn land 'ublic use" in removin NOTIOE OF NON-RSPONSIEILTY and was promoted to, engineer in to get water to, one big land. down, arm as hsrmfulto I, Robert Matllews, will not. be re- 1920. He has been assistant super- owner. ]-ImRl safeW, sp(mslble for an), bills eomraeted by intendent of the Western Division auyone other titan myself from this since 1952. :-Cd/l,weer##mt/yl/mbcm' dte (July I, 1959). jy25G ... It pays to live: in our paxt From and aster this date (June 15, 1959), we, the undersigned, will not be responsible for any debts contract- ed in connection with the businesses krmwn . Neel's rviee Station or of the West ! Neel's Obicken Box (Oanyon Dam, Calif.). --B Ulie Zeiger Louis Orone Doris Crone (June 11, 18, 25, July 2. 1959) G NOTIOE OF ON-EE0NSIEILITY "" I will not be responsible for any debts incurred in connectien with the bBsiness kmwn s Stover Mr. Service Station after May 1, 1959, and until I further notice. ---CLAUDE CA USLEY - l Ohester, Cif. jy16 I NOIOE or nIaso.u-oN ,....,.-_ x\\; I NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN:'That the " eo-parnersldp, heretofore existing, ,,.,z: between El)WAif,I) S JENSEN and l] '" ALAN B. ,JENEN, dt*ing business  :j in tile Town of, County of Plumas, State of California, under I the fictitious firm naale and style of JENSENS' I)ON(T IIOUSE, was dissolved as of Ma. I, 1959. All outstanding business indebted" campers . . . several fires were nipped in the bud by alert foresters ns of such buasincss has been as- -=-:- >= over the uly 4 weekend. Hanging's too good for some of these incon- .,n,d) )/"" sa,lM<vEDWAm), 99. S. ,E.XSEX. siderate slobs who enjoy everything the area has to offer in the way of I ZI,XVam.\\;LAN B. JENSENS' JENSEN 2 , 2, 5 . recreation, but who don't much care if any of it's around next year. (j. 9, 1959) (} M" When driving over some of the roads in the area, we still think I NOTICE TO 0REDITORS .No. 3ZU(; we had the right idea last year when we suggested that beer cans be ih ., lm,,- .f ,h,, :t. ..... CHARLES E- ,IOI|NON. Decca>ed, " " "leslgnea to resemmepme'-" -" cones. OTlC,: i hereb. gix,,u b flu, nu $ * $ ] dersigned. ('IIE],LI, , C.kI';I'EN'FK'd, "*d- of the- ::bl 1 t' e Charle We can't understand why our money doesn't go fnrther', it passes l l.: .loh,,e,, a,.ce ...... t. ,,, l ..... r,,,i,,-'. through our hands traveling at incredible speed, llgai,, ,,, ,ia ,l,,,e,,*,,. ,, fn, >, .... t: =- ..... " $ * $ ] with th lleCCssar. voilehcl', witldn six tBonl hs after the firl ptl bliGUt toll O]" "" _ ..... ' This ran in the news last week. but we think it deserves a little thi .... tit'e, iu the offi ...... i tl ..... le,'k ..... of the Superior Court of the State of more emphasis, t ('difornia i ata to,. the C,unty of " -"" . - , The Highway Patrol. in pointing out that only one county traffic t pit ........... to  ........ t , ....... witl,  .... .:. necess0.ry your, hers. wilhiu six months _..  .... . _ -. =r - death had been recorded, compared to 7 last yea]" at this time. stated : aft,,,' the fivt publicati ..... f this notice _ - =:------ ./ "The Improved accident r, le il the county is dne t)t on- l strator at Courthouse. uincy. Califernia, . . . " [whilt last nauwd place tie undersigncd ly Io increased vigilance .., but also to tile fact that the three ]sehqted a hi place *f busilws* in |'l,rrlas County Judicial court judges are handin out milch all matters co mt.cted wl;h th,. eta:e -  of said decedent. stiffer penalties to the drivers who are arrested for drunlen l)aed at Quire.y. (.flforuia. lav 3, --. - " - dri:ing and other moving traffic  lolations." ! CIII, IIA,18 CAI.I'I,]NTEI -- - "- : -- I Administrator of the Estate of .....  ........ . ........ _--_. So Wing the judges about h a l f the credit for the decrease in J eh,,.l(,* E. ,lohn.on, aee:,*ed., deaths t0 date, each has been responsible for saving one life. ao, 9 _ a ..... " e * $ NOTmE TO Pa ASS.SSENTS The government has no touble spealdug in terms spend-i sAxrruY V, WEILU: lmO,IEcT NO. 1959-1 ing in amounts that run into 12 or 15 fiu'es but have you ever l XOTWE IS ltEHFIY GIVEN that all fignred out just what a billion dollars amounts to  o ......... t rel ,,,.t-t.,. labie, ,, b, aessed to t>a the costs and exp,,ns- If a man were to buy a new $2,500 car every day of the year begin-  ,t tl ..... .quist.i ..... 'nd impove ...... ts described in Reolution of Intention No. ningtoday, he would not run out of money until the year 3054--that's ", adom,, hy tt, SsnU.a,..v l,rd of Ollr customers save 30 on the dollar... 400,000 ew autos, or 1.09 years. Or. if a man were to spend $1,000 t the C, reenvine Sa,,itary District on May 27, 1959, are herbally notified that on a day every day of the year, he would have enough money to last him ,laly ". t.9, tb,  ...... as, ......  .... d di .,-*]:ECENTLY REPORTED electric ord y .--ou 'n find the e '^-*--*-',,w* you a ffraul o plty th* I'tFS tS add t.xpe.ns0s some 2,750years, , lot said acquLitim> :,,,d. improvements * $ * was recorded i ..... y office, and in the O[:t in our part of the West, corn- in your home today costs even le office of Lhe (,otllt! y urveyor of Plu- We're still getting classified ads from a few shady o'anizations -- mas Count,.'. about one ada week which we transfer immediately to the wastebas- s,i,i ............. , ...... ,t .... ,10 py- pared with the average for American than it did 10 years ago! Why not ] able immediately at the ]'irst Western ket, The one this week included the statement: "$1.475 to $2,950 Ba,,. ;ree,,'il,,. Califo,',ia. a.d ..... t homes shows that our customers save cash investment necessary immediately for inventory and equipment, be paid witidn Ha. >cried oxpi!'ing Aug- tl IOW-COSt electric energy do mol ,;st I, 1959. approximately 30 on the dollar! investment secured." The reason we never accept these ads is that the [n the cv,mt of tilt, failure to pay necessary investment (always amounting to much, much more than before the expiration of said period, Yes, here's more good proof you're of your work, save you time, and add serial bonds to represent tb!. llnll:lid Is- the ' equipment involved is wm'th) is so secured by these "compan- men*s and b,,r interest at the rote ot uo to exted s, .erce.t (6,,) er getting a bargaim In checking the rec- to your everyday pleasure of livib' ies" that the investors can never get their hands on it again, aunum ,,'ill be i ...... d p ......... to the I re!)rgvement Bolld Ael of 1915. the laat instalhnent of which hond, shah lt/1 , t/r( ' loll FtPOll (]1) )' et  from tile Fll Azbill Have Tn *": '" .......... FORNIA PACIFIC _u__er, ores ,e. nlonths fro,,, the,r date. m,= Top individual scores in the I lair A Hill & Associates Zube's ................. 16 8 I)istrict Engineer of the Greenville for the _week just comlletad ,ere , Cottonwood .................... 13 1I uiy I)i,trict UTILITIES COMPANY Greenville Men's Bowling  Senders ........................ 12 11 july 9. 16. 23. 1959 O Bill Fuller's 210 game and R Az-I Native Sons .................... 12 12 - " bill's 542 series. . T & T Market ............ 10A 15 0 RECORD ANO PROGRESSIVE Standings W L [Odd Balls ........................ 8 16 Grmvflle a.d Chester, Calif. Pioneers .......................... 20 4' JoJy