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July 4, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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July 4, 1940

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USE THIS O0 PON AND SAVE $3.00 INDIAN VALIdgY RECORD, GREENVILLE, CALIFORNIA : Date t I want to accept your magazine offer before it is wi drawn. Enclosed is $3.50 in FULL PAYMENT for a ONE YEAR'S subscription, 17I V or RENEWAL, to the [ollowing SEVEN publications: LN[DLKN VALLEY I yr. HOUSEHOLD MAGAZINE 1 yr. IX)LLIER'S (Weekly) 1 yr. THE COUNTRY HOME 1 yr. WOMAN'S HOME COMPANION 1 yr. FARM JOURNAL and WOMAN'S WORLD 1 yr. FARMER'S WIFE 1 yr. ( ) Check here if you want LIBERTY one year instead of Collier %. ( ) Cheek here if you want 5OOK one year instead of Collier's. Name Address Pews ". State I[ TIlE I'FOPLE OF ITALY I)O ~OT I.IKE W,Xl{ tBy Vincent Sheean) Ital~er declaration of war ~,s :,n event which, like n any others of re:.ent ~eeks, has been abumhm~!y fores~,n Many erf,)rts wer~ -')latic t~ pre"ent it, in~.luding efforts b:, ! "~rn~, I,e Italians. That !h:s e:ent has taken place ~tt all is due to ~h,~. ,i;l (t one man, Mussolini. Not I ,:g ago I was in Italy, a coun"y ? have hnown and ioved for t'.venly v.~'~u% where I have many frhm,is, where some aspe,~ts of life ' up,el ic m ~e~ rably to anybody who w::l- ues the culture of Western Eu- l ope r.-l the United States rf.~i-J France, and England are, in fact, the trree countries which have ere- - ted our culture. I don't think any body would wish to rule out the c3ntribltions of Inc Germal,~ n,:" )f the Clays to the general ely, !za- ti ~n. And yet tt is true that the pecu- h"~r el vraeter of the western r,-i:,i has been influenced very lii-.:Ae } y v. ho bePew,d that Italy would be I.!)IEAI)LINE OUTI,AVVS better off if it did succeed. I am talking of all kinds or people, from fishermen to men of very high lank Mussolini's will alone has pulled this trick and it was the last despairing throw of a ruined gam- bler. He was ruined whether heI MANY OLD I,ICENSES Is your driver's licens,~ one of the old " ~,o type issued in 1927 and bearing the words "good until re- voked ?" If it is a license of that kind and c~me in or stayed out and he is, vintage, it has suddenly lost its aP" l:,lrying everythin~g he has on the'parently, permanent character and chance of German victory in which has become eancellcd and worthlesS. Le firmly believes. The great fact And a similar fate is just around that German victory would be the l the orner for licenses of the same ,nd of Italian independence has lkind issued in 1928 and 1929. been clear to all of his helpless sub-t The situation facing hundreds :~ jeets for a long time. It is appar- thousands of motorists holding th | enty still not clear to him. fold licenses of those three years was ~. ]thus pointed out in a statement to- C(~ ELIGIBILITY ], day by the California State AutO- OP~NED TO YOUTH mobile Association. [ As the calender turned to July it An important revision in CCC 1Z]i.gibility Requirements has just J marked passage of the deadline publicly announced earlier this year Leon received from Washington, D. C that wql make enrollment pos- sible to thousands of youths hither. to denied participation in the pro- gram and its training and educa- tional opportunities. by the Department of Motor Ve- hicles for surrendering the old It. censes dated in 1927, the statement emphasized. According to a Department report r~rival of the deadline found some them. There was only one ~rm',n Formerly, a youth could be se- in all b~story who talked our ion- letted only if his family's income .~r gt,aae and his us-he was ,]or'hi :resources were "insufficient to I~ he were living today he would be maintain a normal or average stan- etiher in a oncentratton camp or eking ot, i a precazious exile. 5~' .~ c, lini has decided that 'he Italian nation which belongs by na- t.~,e to our x~orld sha~l fight against democracy I'd like to testify that in my recent "h,' ~ weeks in Italy I met nobody at al; ~ho :hated his v'ew. I know Iot.~ cf rcople in Italy and pleat/ of, Fasci,t : among hem No ,a*.tor: I~ow f',mly they ha'l sui, l~erte:l ~lvSs. h, Vs course in int~.r.~ ,r affMr,~ ti~,y d:4 not like th~s Ge~m~ta a!- ira e and the War to which it wr, a i ,* vitably leading I believe the*. there will be desertion, tre,tchery a~d sabotage in th - Italian ~rmy, navy and air force beyond anyt!Vng hitherto known to the experience of I rncn in war. I am quite po~.itive dard of living." The new regulation now takes in- to onsideration and allows selection of the youth who is "unemployed and in need of employment" even though his family's financial status is better than that formerly regar- ded as "below average." The C~vilian Concervation Corps l a~ consistently moved in the d~rec- tion of developing opportunities for useful training and experience for young men. The purpose of the Corps is. to offer these opportuni- ties to the whole group of unem- ployed young men who have ener- gy:: and ambition and other needed qualities. A portion of the letter addresst,d to the State Selecting Agency t)y Mr. W. Frank Uersons, Special As- that the ordinary people of the sistant to the Director, CCC reads ~ountry will do everything they can as follows: contrive to help their alleged ene- "Hereafter, no applicant will be mies to win. I have been told over excluded from selection because his end over again by Italians in re- family is not in need of the allot- cent weeks that they would desert m,nt which CCC enrollees must at the earliest opportunity and bear -.eke to their dependents. Enro!l- arms if possible against their own ees w',ose familte~ do not need the ~country in the hope that this enter- a~sismrce provided by the ,!h,'. ;prise of Mussolini's would be de- ment w:ll be permitted to make de.: |~ feated posits in lieu of allottments. In any |[ T heard the ~xne story from en~e, 1 am sure you will w~sn tt, !et |~Fascist officials, from people in it be known thra ~'.h app,'opriate |l Italian ministries, from people who channels that well-qualified, unem. ~lpresumably are the instruments of pioyed young men are now elh~,ible |ithis policy. But the main source of if'" emollment in t?,e Corps, not-i |]my impression is the pesants and w,tt,:onding their f~milies ar~ not I fishermen whom I have known for in need of the ~ allottment." many years, who belong to no pollt- They have never been warlike. The most impbrtant and signifi- cant fact about Mussolini is that he no longer knows his own people. He did have at one time an almost un- canny sense of what they felt and wanted, but for eighteen years he ha~ occupied the semi-godlike posi- tion in which he cannot talk in or- dinary terms to ordinary people, and knows nothing whatever about them. I as an American, a for- e.'gner, can get into the kind of talk with his people which he, the Duce, has no chance of finding ever again. The Fascist organization can car- ry its present desperate enterprise fo~ a short time, I think a very short time. If it is possible for the Italian armed forces to carry out their program in Southern France, Gibraltar, Tunisia, and the eaate~-n Mediterranean within six weeks or two months, they may possibly survive. If they have to fight for a longer period, they are in my opinion lost. Italy is at the present moment teal party and care nothing what- ~ ,r, ever for power politics. They hate war . They are an ancient pro- foundly civilized people. They have never been a warlike people in the sense of desiring conquest. The theory that they are the heirs of an- cient Rome with all its appetite for glory is one of the most foolish de- . . Oh, Oh! Y~ro,a~av[ lumons of the Fascist delirium. ~v"'~'~"*'""~'~~Olt~-~T~t~l~c~'O~TJJ~'~4"~ ADVERTISI-IV ice/ the most demoralized and anarchlal country in Europe. I met nobody The Lost is Found By Our Want Ads When you Io, '.' adv,rti, They Don't Lost Long III 2i;0.000 holders of the 1927 licenses still to appear anti apply for new four-year renewable licenses. These motorists are now without legal oP" erators' licenses and must apply without further delay Or risk a misdemeanor charge. Setting of a cancellation date for the 1928 licenses was expected to be: announcd soon, followed later bY action calling ~n the third and final series issued in 1929. There is no fee involved in apply- ~ng' for a new license, which may be done at any branch office of the De- rartment of Motor Vehicles and at most offices of the California High- way Patrol. Examination includes eyesight test. a driving test. and quest'ons as to knowledge of motor vehicle laws. SPRING.SUMMER SCIIEDULE FOR CI[URCH SERVIC~ The following is the order of set- vices for the Community churches of the Indian Valley: GREENVILLE Sunday School 10 a. ~' Morning worship 11 a. so. Young People's Serviae 7:45 p. ~' both Sundays and Wednesdays, Prayer meeting Thursday 7:45 PJ~' Choir Practice Friday 8 p. ~' TAYLORSVILLE Sunday school 2 p. ~a. Church Service :::-7:30 P. Ill. CRESCENT MILLS Sunday school 10 a. !~. INDIAN MISSION ' Tuesday 7:45 p. n~. A cordial Invitation Is given ~0 all. Strangers and visitors made welcome. STANLEY WEBSTER0 TO THE PUBLIC Having sold my interest In ]3ob- bie's Cafe, I will not be responsible fcr any indebtedness incurred bY the new owners of the business. (Signed), Bobble Buehler" Dated: Greenville, Calif. July $, 1940. Where we serve the best of everything in Wines. Liquors. Beer II General Merchandise Greenville California