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June 13, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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June 13, 1940

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INDIAN VALLEY RECORD THURSDAY, JUNE 20, REID CROSS HAPPY HOUB |JIM THORP PRF2DICTS ICLEARING HOUSE I PLUMAS COUNTY DAY llOME FROM SEWING (X,UB [ A DAY WHEN M 'I00" [ MEETS IN GREENVLLE [ GREAT SUCCESS, COLLEGE - i WILL BE RUN IN ,g!1 ----, The members of the Happy Hour [ [ The Northeastern Clearing House [ Last Saturday evening more than [ Fred Farra~ Jr. returned I$1t' Sewing Club enjoyed a picnic near[ One hundred yards is equal to IBankers Association meeting was [a hundred Plumes Cuonty folks [Thursday from Sacamento whl ~he Quincy last Thursday. Mrs. Lou[something like half a city block,|held in Greenville at Forest Lodge |boarded Western Pacific No. 3 for !ha < been attending college. ,l~l Lunsford was the hostess fOr the land has been run by Charley Pad- ]cn Saturday evening. ]a pleasure trip to Treasure lsland. !c~mpleted a two year course I~ day. The guests were Eve Davis [dock, Ralph Metcalf, Jesse Owens, [~ Wendell J. McEnespy, Assistant |Every lower berth and numerous [a~,ronautics on June 6. Jessie Short, Eva Littlefield Teresa |Minoru Ftjuii Eddie Tolan, Frank [washier of Indian Valley Bank uppers of four Pullman cars were I o Griesbach, Ruth Wllkins, Aether-]~'~koff, and others in "a handful ~and P* esident of the Association occupied by Plumes peop|e. ]I~ABY'S PICTURE ~d ins Kinpatric. Edith Oliver, Beulah [of seconds." Yet in the last five [presided. Arriving at Treasure Island Just[ TAKES 1D][pJk' Ai the business meeting the fol In time to ante, the gates as the Warren, Mae Mounkes and Lizzie ~decades the world's greatest ath-~ " " " ' Y l --'---- . . Varnum. []etes have lowered the "century" ~lowing officers were elected: swung open at 10 a. m The people I A picture of Barbara Jean ~' - [record only six-tenths of a second President A. E. Dale,Bank of going via W. P. were met by an-Ibal=Y daughter of Mr. and Mrlk.?: ~.qkKJl#EN CLUB |Is 9.4 the best man will ever do? [America, Portola, Vice President other two hundred Plumasites who L Hall of Greenville, won first prl~ MEETING JUNE $0 I "Bi~ Jim" Thorpe referred to by ~John Wood Bank of America, West-had driven down by auto Saturday in the San Francisco ChronlcleJ ~ Iman;a coach and sports scribe a.s [w~od, Secretary-Treasurer O. N.and Sunday morning, and after two ;photographic contest and aPPe~ The ~namn valley Garden Club |the greatest all-round athlete of |Hunsacker, Bank of America Quin- hours of taking in the sights the [ in last Sundays edition of w, will meet June 20 at the Masonic [modern times, dosen't think so. |cy Dinner was served, followed Plumes delegation sojurned to the!Chronicle .~d$ Hall in Greenville. . |In a current Rotarian Magazine ar- |by a program. Mrs Cecilia M. California Building where in con. ! The picture was taken by file The Crescent Mills members will [ticle he predicts the day when the |Chamberlain, past President of the junction with the Plumes-Sierra As- I of Mrs. C. M. Chamberlain whe~ e be the hostesses for the occasion, distance will be covered in 8.8 sec- [Association acted as toastmaster, scciation the program got under a recent week-end visit ~tt her 1~05 ends. "Outside factors," training,/ B. C. Cortlett, Vice President oil way at 12:30 p. m Mayor Rossi of here. CONTRACT a . . . v ~ starting. Bank of America Nape past Pres San Francisco sent his special rep "~ muscle control,lmpro ~u s " ' ' - CLUB " s moder -rocesse" tracks ideni of California Bankers Assoc resentative to welome the grouv [ Mr. and Mrs. Ira NeTson and f$~." blocR,n p o," , shoes and gave a revicw of the proceedings of and many fine five minute talks l i!y have moved into the F. l~, nna reucslgnea runmng , Mrs. R. L. Harmer is hostess to [ spikes, will do the tr~ck, he says. [ the recent session p.t qpel Monte of proceeded the address of the day by I C!arke house at the Hot sprinb~' dry to the Thursday C'ontract Club "I am certain that ml ned sthe next|{herint, ChasCalif rniaN BessacBankerSviceASS ciati n'Prestdent L::/i:t~:i:gt::s:h:gtc~e aws:tsrrtng !re POLITICAL ADVERTISEM~ ~-- .--------Jb 50 years some st a 1 p !,- ~a~hler of the Meehames and l~Ier 100,000 MEM38ER MARK wonder will come plunging off the," " - calved with extreme enthusiasm. 1! PASSED BY AUTO CLUB m rks his le s tattooin~" ~cimnts National Bank ValloJo a At 2:30 p. m. the mee, tthg ajourned starting a,~ ~ ', the hard-pacKeu" " cinders with a Imember of the Executive Council and the happy crowd poured out of J0 P0 BRANLEY Total membership of the Call - lira" ! cf the California Bankers associa t}c California building to see Trees- speed never bezore seen, ' x~lg.j - ~O fornia State Automobile Association ' "h avera-e athlete Jti n spoke on banking practices ure Island (Incumbent) asserts. 'Where t e ~ t ' I I I hasnowgoneoverthel00,000mark, " " 45~ strides to[ Thoseattendingwere The Plumes CountyChamberof I 'requires, touay, I Be " Candidate for Re-election it was announced today by D. E.cover the ore'" tance, this su"~rman,~,| n C. Corlette ard wife vf Nape, Commerce awarded one free trip %Vatkins, secretary and generaladding extra inches to his stride, ~ Chas. N. Bessac and ~ifc- of Val- !o Mrs. Sadie Bettger of Portola Saturday N,ght manager of the motorists organi-will require no more than 43'tleJ 'D to the Office of for getting the most signers fOr rife ~UPERVI~0R zation, thletefeels l an ~oley and wife Valle'o Treasure Island trip and the Terry Where the average a ~ ~,~ , The 100,000 figure, which was ards this su-ermanl . G Craddie.k and wife Susan sisters Blanche and Geraldine, who fatigu- at 60 y,P I " ' ",- District No. $ reached and passed by the Associa- will not know it until 80 yards. He Ivi~ reside between Quincy and Spring tion in April with an end of thewtU bullet into" the ta-pe at almost ~ as. H. Bridges and wife, Susan- Carden received the second free ]Plums ~ounty 1',~ 9 ]1~| month total of 100,274, is being e will v!Pe - trip . Ill II ~'~ s mace steadily strengthened by continued :::ilO::ar;:|t:18Y=:~d~ ThatI RoyO. North and wtfe, Susanvtlle Last year Plumes County Day[ gains which had brought the total redict~on for tomorrow [ --Ray Curl and wife Susanville drew about 42 from the cot}nty and ~ Ill - . . i~ my p . ' . Good Music tc 101,131 by June 1, Watkms re- "You must only be patient. I re[ 2.:b~.l~m:s.ncker and wife Quincy, it is h~ghly pleasing to the County[~ -- I porteu. -~;,~ ,ou 50 years a~o tt took 10[ r. a. ~uhlvan and wife Susan- chamber that so many more wereill~lt~Am ~ 1JA~S~IJ[ I "The high voulme of Association ~. |vtlle ' ::iDle to make the trip ~this year. II ~il~ll~l~l~l~l~ll~ 'l : seconds to cover tart nalf blOCK ' con~muea,' ,s ewoence o~ tne suc- . un I Walt Lybeck Susanville ~/ :t s:2:n:h~ ::gai:teZt toith e =o~:ritnng :;f(;c~Y l:y t:::::e: s::::l:n g?aAnd ~ ~oh;f:t h'?O:s WB?Stwood' broughtThree backfUllY thel adedgreaterPUllmanportlonCarS]'nfll |Known Throughout Pltmt~county. "1 j YR~ bli d tomorrow, well, maybe not this i " ieber, the delegation, the balance return- "GREEN y" l "--. Jl~ll~ll -- pu c an of CallIOrmas strong spring or summer, maybe in several [ Steve A, Cannon Quincy, lug T+e+day and Wednesday l i v +o +.~.~ l progress as a motoring state with " ~rne~t E MBKVIIA th rcate+ "o I'" ' dozen summers, men will do the 100 W. Rhodes. Canadian PETE~Z~,P+ i, ~mdld~te for [~A~ e g st mo~ r sense regis, in 88 seconds That well be the Bank of Commerce Vancouver, B ,~t~ERFIRETOpLuGPAY DAMAGE 11| SUPERVISOR + |1 II~MP4[~I[J trvtion and the highest per capita " C m~mm~=~amv ',human limit. lnaL~ when M*Y- A N ,ownership of automobiles' ~, J ew Deliciotm Bread for l " . coe'en in muscle fibers v~ll call a [ McEnespy and wife, Green- Pete Zager ~--Walkermine wa~' I District No. 2, Plunum County | All the Family me present magnituae of As-halt I ville' brought into Jnstice Hall's Court ~ Fortified' WISh soctatlon membership, it + was "~res in 88 seconds Old Jim] .~,ectlia M Chamberlain, Green. 'l . ou Monday morning on the charge i I-~I --.--. . .~(~ . .~~ WHEAT GERM steted, has been reached as a result [viile, of drunken driving and damaging a 1 TIC~ comtaln~ Vit~l~ ][~ E, and G ?f more than six years of sustained b:;]::t m:mY:2be:et:t:ld~o:+:ot~:] R Gisendoffer Quincy, fire plug near the Vetter place I h mcreases which began in 1934, The ~yrouv from Valle o and Na T is bread is baked with Ger- -- [ J pa on taken-'~ver Hsvln vita Flou w after thetotal had decbned to a "~ v, r hichcontalnsthe -,I a~ accompanied b-tErns-* ~ ~, thehtghway [mentofghegasollnesalesandl{g" the concentrated vitamln~ o,-n depression low af 60 139 Leland Nye lost the first Joint ~. ~ The fire plug was completely l - . . $1. -- ~ aao% t'nveNtn~ reD~sentnt+v~demolished. Zager will ray t~,~ I vJue aepar~ment of the lnamn V in wheat. It has ten times Serving its vast membership, of a finger Tuesaay, wmcn god,from the Canadian B~.nk of Com. damagea of $86.65. r- I!ey Garage, I will not be re,P0~ the wheat germ contsinea in the Associationnow operates a caught in the blades of a rotary Jn,erce ,|,vancouver ~ritlsn t;omm o Isible for any indebtedness incurr 100~ Whole Wheat total of tllirty six offices in princi planer while he was maing some ' " " " ~o~a,wad gave a very interestin~ Mrs. S. Aycock returned to her lprl r to thm date. "tar BAKED AND SO'" --T pal cities, includln~g general head- small handles fOr a desk drawer ~. 1 ' - - z~, ~ I ~a ~ on tne war sltuauon or ~an-h~me in Santa Clara after a week's ] Geo. P. Co~ qrarters in San Francisco a Me Jack Long has returned from,o~H, +u~ ,+ ^, |ND[AN VALL~'~ BA~[~[~ .:veda Division office in :Rcno, and Sacramento where he has been at-lcle. This was Mr Rhodes second visit with her daughter, Mrs. Laur-[Dated: Greenville, Calif julia ~a summer touring office in Yose. tending Junior College. |visit to Greenville'comin-, ~ u-p five once Lockney. 11940. . ] Miss I-Ielen Ayoob student ~t I NOTICE - ,~ Imite Valley. 3,ira. K. B. Murray is visiting, her + years ago when Mrs. Cecilia M. " "~ ~1| As a means of visualizing the father and George Vadney, in Chi- C~ambcrlain was President of the, the College of the Pacific in Stock-.I Having take~--~over the man e~t. Deports Insured by The ~[Isizc of Associat'on membership tt co. !Association. t<,n, is expected home the last of |sent Federal Deposit In~uxanee ,~ as pointed out that the more than Mr Rhod of the dePOt ~ll ' .- ' Misse~ Frances and Thresa Friz- es was in charge of the this week. I mechanical rail~ - xment of the Indian Valley Ga uorp Wa~hing~n,l D.O. ~]lll nu~ ,00.O?~ memem erSTreasurein tmanatheir .carSparkingWOUld i z|c: Greenvilleand BarbaraTuesdayRiChelieUfrom theWereFrizziein recentof En~ glandViSit to f Vantbe couver.King and Queen Al~r'aand rMr"tur awe e-in G~'ee" ~le ;3:d:~ [ l~"n ~n~li---- - ~ ' ~r:d~lt:::e:: ~::Tr::~le p~?:r$-" $5,000 Maximum Insurance ar+a more that et&ght times, sawmill. ' [ Mr. Rhodes with the B. C. Cert. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Higgenbotham ]June r rligc?!y t21~!tl:ehke !i~!t:~!~:a::nM drove to Sacramento on Saturday[ I, 19,0. W" H" LIPPIN e ~C~" :o E4~:~posltor ~:. ::d ~[:. ~.~: B~ayYe:S s;:: vaD;ej~ o~: of re:: r~.B~:::be:::: to attend the funeral of Mr. Hig-[Dated. Greenville, ~lif, Jtt~ pacts to rema r Sunday fishing at Lake Almanor. + . genbotham's grandmother 1940 " Miss Alice W+lcox returned Tue~- We Apprechtte Your'Account Mr. and Mrs. Jack Evans hav -- ~ Wheth maned to the L] day from a visit in Chloe el" Large or Small "ghts Creek Ranger " Born Thursday June 6 to Mr. and Additional contributors to Indian Valley Red Crone for War Relief. Correction from last week, R. Han~brough $2.00 Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Buehler 2 50 L. D. Fox 5.00 B. C. Richardson 1.00 E. W. Larson 50 E. Gregory 50 Helen Cox : 50 Wm. Cech 50 Making a total of 10.50 Amount forwarded to headqu~.rters $125.95 Cecilia M. Chamberlain, i Secretary. NO.HOSTESS CLUB MEETS le~I~DAY The No-Hostess Bridge club will meet tomorrow at Forest Lodge. i O Indian Valley Bank COmmore/al and SAvings GREENVILLE, CALIF. FOLLOW THE TO THE INDIAN VALLEY SWIMMING POOL Shop Open From 9 A. M. TO 5 F. M. MAKE SATURDAY APPOINTI~ENTS IN ADVANCE Hazel Bowerman OWNER.OPERAI~)R II Ill I I DAL EUBANKS, Manager GREENVILLE, CALIF. Cigars, Cigarettes, Soft Drinks, Pool and Club Rooms Come In and Visit With Us St v tion. Mrs J. E. Stampfli and son, Ed. ward, visited in Susanvi!le Wednes- day. Lloyd Donant of :Berkeley instal- led a line of Halmark greeting c~rds in the Outland Pharmacy ~Vvdnesday. Mr. Ardis Jansen tad Mrs. Char. .~otte Johnson made a trir, to Susan- rifle Tuesday. Sam Kasden retnrned Tuesday from a business visit to Walker. mine. Mrs. W. H. Parsons and daughter, Miss Margaret Parsons returned to Greenville from Sacramento where th~ spent the ~qnter. Miss Parsons has completed a two year course at the Sacramento Junior College and plans to enter the University of Cal. ifornia next fall Harry Haid made a trip last week t+: Virginia City, Silver City, Gold ~lll and Carson City, Nevada. SINCERITY LODGE No. 132, F. & A. M. Meets Second Friday INlght of Each Month at 8 O'Clock. S. F. LUZZADDER, Master. W. J HAI,L. ,~ecretar.~ WOOD AND l'(tS'l'~ I~'OR SAI,E-- All l lnds of wood and all lengths. J. E. SAMP~)N. Greenville P. 0, FOR SALE--Fine head of work horses Write Her 31, Taylorsvillt, or inquire at McCutcheon ranch. 2t* LOBT--Old.leath'er suitcase, be- tween Crescent Mills and Sam Paul's ranch' at Genesee. Con- tains sbavint~ outfit, mining pa- pers, U. S Army discharge, and m!+cellancous items Liberal re- ward. Address George A. John- son, Taylorsville, Calif. It* Mrs. Otto Stampfli and baby at'- rived last week from San Fran. cisco for a visit with relatives. Mr. Camp of San Diego has taken a lease on the Cameron mine a Seneca. Mr. and Mrs. A. Voight of Belling- huln, %Vashington, are staying ~tt the ,}'ames Hansen home in Seneca where they have been for a month or more. Voight has be~n doing a hit of Placer mining, but expects t~ obtain employment as a saw. r~ili engineer or wheelwright. II H. Nickel was here from Sac- rsmento Tuesday. Gwen Harding and friends of[ Sacramento sr~ent the week end Francis Lardy. Mr and Mrs Orby W~re and Anita visited friends in 3~restwood on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wright of Quincy have moved in one of the H~nson houses. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lay spent the week end in Quincy visiting Mr.l and Mrs Chester Dix and family Nellie and Rellie Fryer of West- wood spent Sunday with their par- ents Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Fryer. Mr. and M~. Marie Potts of Chester visited Mr. and Mrs. John Gerber on Sunday. Mrs. M. H. Hartley is reported ill a+ the hom~ of her daughter Mrs. E. J. Humphrey. Mrs. S. Ayoob has returned to her home in San Francisco following a viHt with her daughter, Mrs. M. D. Ayoob and family. Mr Moldrop and daughter, Miss Beatrice Moldrop, of L~nden spent *.we days this week visiting Mr. and M~s. Bruce Bidweli. Mrs. Mayme Egan of San Fran- cisco arrived Wednesday morning for a visit with her sister, Mrs. M. D. Ayoob. Mrs. J.A. Bettinger, a daughter Patricia Lea. Born Friday June 7 to Mr. and Mrs. Lester Deal, a daughter, Hazel Galleen Joe Strutzei left Friday for %Vinnemueea where he is employed as mining engineer. Gordon Neuman is employed ~tt the Indian Valley Eakory. DEATH OF LON PAN]KEY News reached Greenville this week of the death of L. V. Pankey ~t Modesto. The deceased was a t of Curt L. Setzer and a former superintendent of the Set- zer sawmill here. Bob McCI PIANO TUNER OF RENO WlU Be in GREENVILLE an ' Yiciulty in September to Tune and Service Phmo~ 15 Yeax~' Service In Indian Valley and Plumas County WILMA BARRIE, Prop. SPECIAL 7-COURSE DINNER Sunday, June 16 Will Cater to Private Parties In New Private Dlulng Room Bids are desired by the Plumas County Fair Association for the following concessions for the Phnnas county Fair, Aug. 16-17-15: BEER SOFT DRINKS ICE REAht LUNCH STANDS Bids should be mailed tn W. P. cowan, Secretary.Mmuq[er, Quincy, California, and should be nailed Immediately. 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