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June 13, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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June 13, 1940

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Thursday, June 13, 1940 INDIAN VALLEY RECORD Dres U Room With . [-S-lil .-Cove ed" Boarda s p . ---, Make Handy Screen Crocheted Chair Set, "] -1115, q-= I By RWH W ETH SrEARS ,:: . [ L -- IIK' -'-- I I'NO YOU need a screen to keep l "- !, M - I drafts from a child's bed? Or i~~ ~1~% I ,qlP~J I 11111 + "~'~ --- --~--'~- '~ --~/~, ~|| ',~[,~ perhaps you would like to have a II~,~t*%~, ! "~ll~,l --~ --,-- ~ .a~ -- ~~~~/~~/~/. ~ ~ 1 . -.o- II good-looking one to cut off the view M]I -- B- ~ ~~'~". -" ~ ~~[~||~1.~"-~ ]I [from the dining room into the l~~~r ~ill It,~ ~'q~"':-~ -'''" " ~//z~ [~-~l~t' ~y tl I kitchen or from a bedroom into a ['~ ~ ~ ~l '~l:t~ ~"~""""~-'"~ ~ ~,~ w ,~1 ~! .~ [bathroom? Well, here is an idea ~ ~. ~, ~ ~ t,t, lX ~: ~h~ ~,~,~.~ "Q~[~'~"z for that screen. Buy four well- i~.~~~: ~ ~.l.~ ~,-,-~ ~ ~.~-.~, . ~--~~ta-.~ -j,-~,f~F -- ~--]~' '~1~1~ 11 inch thick and as long as the [ ~~~:~l " -- n,"'- "~ @ [height you wish the screen to be; : .- ~ ~. . . I 1~~~~'.~,$. l A ~ ~ ~ 1 ~,~u lalso 9 hinges of the 1-mch butt I " IF I~TI ~ ~ / ~ I ~ r ~ r~ 1 Ii ' type used for cupboard doors. L I b t ll !. [ !. Next, select a smart chintz to coy- : ' ~" "."7,"," ~-'~-'tK -. ' ~ ~ee " v~. ,~ " " "" 15 L l D A L A R R I M O R E e M^CS SMlrn co. WNV S, RWCZ I i .l ,hllll i irw-~-,~-~,~l CHAPTER VIII--Continued l she said with dignity which scorned I Kate smiled. The smile widenea X sir," John said hesitantly, wanting ~~~[1~ ~)~E~ J I~~~":'.'~'~ --12--- [irritation though trritatton prickled into an encouraginggrLn Gay for Davtd Graham's sake as well ~ ~I1~[~~,]1~ 8o~u~s [ -- ~'. ;,~, . - ' ; ~ -~ :',x,~ ~:~,' ~ [,[ ' ~;~ z "'. 4}'~,~,~l;,~, :- :,:: ,~ ,~ ~ ~ ~!~,:~,~ ~.-' "You broke the rules." said John in her voice, laughed, as. his own. to get. on with the inter- ~~it~ "It's liken labor union Only instead I "Why should she?" Janet asked I "What's so funny?" Elsa Lancas- view and have Lt over The older ~ ~d'-- I I L~~[ of skill in a trade you must have [warmly She was fifteen tall and Iter asked I man appeared to be as embarrassedI ~.~x~.~. ~/3 -~ I .~,:p+~ ,';.v',~ -'. ."".':";' " i." '"''. ' ' " ~"~~ii wealth to be admitted. Money. You [ with the same awkward grace ,hall "You are, all of you. I'm sorry, as he, John, felt. He sat forward In stt I ~~!~ must inherit it or marry it. I--" J Gay herself had had at that age. J Aunt Flora," she added, seeing her his chair, his tall well-groomed fig- ~:"~ ~f~~~'s~RO I "Don't speak that way of money,"I Janet was going to be the Graham I aunt's face assume an offended ex-lure fixed in an uneasy attitude. I ~~ Gay said, her voice sharpened bylbeauty of her deeade Gay thought Ipression "You're talking about "For falling in love with my ~~'~t'N'~'~ weariness, by a consciousness of the j amused and touched by her'young [ John exactly as you would speak I daughter?" A twinkle of humor I distance widening between them. I cousin's eager partisanship. She had I of a servant you were considering I shone through the lenses of the Ox- J I~ . ~ ~ ~a u~ xDa'm ~cH ~S0~l ~a,tern ~au. I "We've all lost a great deal and are I bright brown curls that foamed over l engaging. You're right He has ex-[ford glasses "I should have ex-I ~t ~ ~ !~!.N~ ~,e " N xor4~ f'~ET started on crochet that[ likely to lose more." I her head, peach-colored skin, eyes I cellent references, but he isn't look- [pected you to apologize if you l er your boards To estimate the I've learned that Your friend as green and translucent as emer hag for a job ' hadnt * you 11 love--repeat this easyl " " . I [ ' [ ' '' t amount of chin:z, multiply the flower medallion and fill the ouick-/ Connie Belmont, told me that her I alds fringed with brown lashes [ The sun-burst of diamonds on Aunt I The twinkle in the gray-blue eyes lheiuht of the screen bv three and ly crocheted basket. You'U-have/ famll'y are 'practicall" y paupers.' " I tipped with gold. "Why should Gay [ Flora's bosom glittered as she drew ] was reassuring'. John realized, I then add Y4-yard Now, just fol- a chair set or scarf ends that will'l "It seems so in comparison with I hash over everything, if she doesn't. I herself erect. "I don't see what I gratefully, that Gay's father, what- . low the dtrectton ' - " "-~ In the sketc .h dress up your rooml Pattern 2506 what they've had. Mother, Robert.[ want to? I mean, it s her business.[ cause we've given you to take that[/ever embarrassment he suffered, and you will have your screen in' contains directions for makin~ Dad--They feel that their world isJGood heavensl" lattitude, Gabriella. We're merely [ bore no resentment against him. The/no time set. illustration of it and stitches-." [ changing, that in their life-time, per- I "Really, Mother--" Margaret's I trying to help you." ] constraint lessened a little David [ ^ .~ ~ ,t. ;~ ; materials required, Send order to: [ haps, things wtll never be as theyI flower blue eyes were reproa.chful. I "I appreciate your intentions,"I Graham leaned back in his chair. I terested ~n makin~'a collection of --- have been Oh why do we taL~ o~ "oanet hear," t~unt ~.ucy shin im- Ga said "I know that it seems tm I John lit a cigarette l. - I Y "," " tavric toys, compiese airections I II it? They, my friends, who were here I plormgly. I po~rtant to you to whitewash a scan-I 'I meant an apology for my share I +~ ~. n.r. +~.~ ~ ~ewlng circle Neemecrar[ t~epc. ' lane v . t~z t,~ ,ta5 ~a~,3 ux, t,~ ,~u, o~ [ 82 ~'h Se," York [ I tonight, aren t important. She I Aunt Flora s g e mo ed from [ dal. But John and I aren't having I in the great deal of--unpleasant- [ c ; ~ t. ~.T O '~t ~I I I I moved close to him and put her I Janet to Gay. T ere, see what an I any thank you [ ness ' he said, smiling ITime doll on the bed and the Ban [ . Enclose z~ cents in eoms tot t'ac. [ I hand in his "We're here together. I influence you have, the glance said, [ "You have no sense of responsi- J "It's a nleasure to meet someone I ' " zern ~o ",~ ~anna QOII (.}[1 LIle :Sllel]. ~u(@ in [ I ] It's Christmas Eve. Let s forgetI but the words she spoke were more [ bility toward your family It's only who employs the use of understate tsame, ~ - ~OOK "~; tne ~OCKlng k~a~ Is Ln conciliattn We re only trying to, [ &ddress []them : ]~, ,g'L :~" "o r- ]to be expected, I suppose Yourlment. Gays father returned thetBook 3 You will also find full I ' I / illS nngers closecl arouna ner nanu ] help yOU, she SalU J. w u t p ~- I rnnthpP-- I rnil~ "~ho nnlv nnnln~v vn~ n~ I " . - L I h,f fh no~li~ont I tend that it all hasn't been very I I ,-~'"'" ~. ~" -".- ldtrect]ons for the crocnetea rug in / ~" ~" I 7:" I "Leave Mother out of this, if you I me, personally," ne went on, "re lBook No 3 Directions for the ' "--~"--~-- / "They are important. You defend I painful ann emoarrassmg, nut me ] nlease She, at least has some re- [ for making me rush home from Lon- t + h:'a,: o~o ~,~ ~,~,~t- M,~ New Member ot Press / them You were afraid they wouldn't I thing to do now ts to help you all we I sneer "for national independence " t don before I'd had a chance to bid I ~='~'ff ,~+~.~'~: i=':ni'~" f~v"~eh'h~nl~ ",' course ~ ~ - ~,~, ~ IY] 1~ r~ ~'~t ] accept me.' I .can: Theres no doubt, of ' [ "But have you never heard of[ on a painting I very much wanted." l desired If you order four books ~lga~ trumpery lrtung i./ff [ "I was afraid for you, not for [ mat we can uo a great heal to es~ao- I conductg, 1 "I'm sorry about that sir " John t ;~ i' ~ de "atterns and direc ~- m self " [ lish Dr Houghton in New York If [ I ' ' +~ w~ ~,~u p - I Y : I " t'-r's faro / "I think I'm conducting myself[ was neglnnmg to unaerstana me t tions for three of my Favorite He had just received an appoint-[ "Is Uaat true.' WOULa yOU ne con- / peop,e ~uw ~ ~ #uu~ .~u,~ " / v^rTM. well " Ga-" made an effort to Ilife-long friendship between this man / ~-. +. ^-.^ ; ;1+. FreEw / I ' " " I i *+ rnent as nlor re orter on the 1~- tent to go away with me and never ily s ju " p -- and his Uncle John He even felt 9 The Kaleidoscope; the WhLrl Wind eal paper and was full of his own see any of them again I Excuse me, Aunt Flora Gay s !,~, ~,l~ I that he understood why Kitty Schuy- and the Ann Rutled~e Send or- 1 "Yes oh esl" V0LCe was steady, a little remote o mportance. His first engagement], Y ]," " I1,V[}I~~]t ler, at eighteen, had married him. / +o" " Was at a concert in connection "You think so now But in a lit- ' I'm sorry to interrupt but you I I ,v~I~W~/I~~ I "Pt~rhan.~ It i~a T whn nw~ v u an [ With a working men s club, and,ftie while, when being with me isn't [ have been misinformed. Jonn nas I I ~a~l~llufltllt't v//~.y~'//glll~~ 1 a olo-- ''David Graham said. -res- [ dlsdamm to use the ticket which a novelty any longer, when I'd be no intention of locatLng here " P ~Y P g /,I " [] e'ntly. ':Gay calls my attention to I[ MRS. RUTH WYE.TH SPEARS J had been sent to the office, he/ at work and you d ha,be nothing to "Where, then~'' Aunt Flora asked. / th r'~'nal v ,n [[/~,1 ~,/, l/ill~l] ~. e fact that I, O luL l,was at ll n~lln,tlr~wer I, I~/~w Vns-k I a amu,e you ~ertaLnly ne doesn t intena to re pproached the doorkeeper and ut-l,- -- [ ' ' " [ ~ ~[ l ~lJ~] I fault. I invited John Lawrence to I I "~~ ~ h'.~ ~4~ [ tared the one word whlch he knew' You have no confidence In me. maln m Mame' " . Any practice that be her god-father. Of course I had I I Was the "O en Sesame" to an- You still resent me How can I he might establish there would, nee- " o I where--"Press." [ convince you?" ] essarily, be limited And frankly, [ ~,~ ~. ~ ~/'[ [ so often was going to grow up into I n [ ,r Ice me Ga I m sort ' Gabriella, I can t see you living in 1 h ve m What s that? asked the door-] "Fo g" ' Y ' - "Y" '1 Main " ][k~ ~" "~ ~ ~.:~"~[[ a menace, or I shou d a ad [I Aclaress ] keeper I HIs ~trms went around her, arew ner [ e. I Ik.~ ,~"~L~ ~ '~+ ~ "~ [ [ other arrangements." I "Press " reseated the youth I close to him. His lips followed the I "John Is a scientist," Gay said I I ~ ~ ",-~'~,~]~1~:"~ ~-~ .~,1 I "Gay has told you," John said, I 'An"~ "-ha*~'do -'ou tl~ink ~-ouI curve, of her cheek to her lips, She [patiently. "That is, he hopes to be. II ~ ~.~, ~Y. I~tt~.b/t'alld41 "that our meeting at the cabin was [ s~,~s~l~~ m~l.eSe a a*lml~9 [~ ~g~.~.l~ ;.rl, ~1] 1~.~| ~9,1~'i7~31~ I clImg to him, conscious of a sort of I He has no intention of establish- II / I,",'-'~1 ; ~ ~'~1~ I not pre-arranged?" [ VU~'U~ ~ ru~muLa th,~ ,~, *; ~, i desperation Ln the embrace, more of I Lng a private practtce anyw e e. [ ~ ~/~'1~ I ff"~ ~] ' But it was pre-arranged, wain t [ aulckly rollevos fiery itching nt a "~v'#" fear than of passion or tenderness, ] "But I thought--" I[~t~ "~ ~"~L, ~l~ Y~/~ it? Yes, Gay has told me, I refer [ m" i / n-I ml I [ I "Yes, he Is assisting a Dr. Sar- n ~,~, t,~~ ] I to the arrangement John Lawrejnce [ I~- m ~, ill ~ ~[~ lr~cl~s ot leep I Gl~y laid down her crumpled I geant in general practice now, hut l1 . '~ ~ [[ made. No one ever suspected him t l~ ~l~ ~ ill IIV ~m~ i " ' -- square of heavy damask as Burton, [ that s a temporary arrangement. I/~/~)) ~~--, 'q I of his genius for pulling strings. He I Napoleon was credited with the[ at a ,lgnal from Aunt Flora, stepped] "And after that--" IN3~q ~~.~ I had it, though, to a remarkable de-[ 5~eed~e~kh~, ~ .~are ~ ~v~a~ ability to drop off to sleep at any[ behit~d her aunt's chair ] "I really don't know, Aunt Flora." [ l~.Y,~ ~/~~l~ ] ] gree. I remember when we were in ii"~"fr'om "t~h"o~te~r~bl'e"it'c'la~ b~'-'m~l'~ time and in any position. It was The gentlemen rose as the ladies ] "But what are we to tell people?" []l~ . . [ I college--" [ sorenea~--u~ powerfullv~oothlngL/qu~ this gift that enabled him to work left the table Gay glanced at John, I A flush suffused Mrs. Von Steed- [ ~~ ~ ~1~'~ ~/. "1 I [ He went on to speak of John's un- ] .Zero ; Z.em. ~brings.qutck relief be e.~. almost round the clock for long stailding very stiffly beside his chair I ham's handsome features and irri-I~~ q ~.~ [I cle who had been his friend, quietly, / ~oe~un~d~o~P~pYi~tmg~gr~l~a~ Periods at a time, and yet keep I at Aunt Flora's right She smiled I tation sharpened her voice [ ~.~. (~ I I appreciatively, in a pleasant, tan- pimples, aerie, eczema, ringworm symp- his brain and body fresh and alert. ] and his face brightened. She felt ] "Must you tell them anything?" ] "~~~~ I hurried voice The anecdote he told ] to.rrm and simflar~kin irritation~ d.ue Lloyd George of England Is sald ta~m watching her a httle forlornly That s what I say, young Janet ~ I was famLliar to John. Though he [ R~al Hwr~ ~a.~. may e Fat t,1 m s x l in a ea an o ne d tra o share Napoleon s secret to such, as she, with her aunts and cousins, l broke in. "Why u t you e p a [ gave the pp r eef hstenlng in- Strength Zemo, All d~r~'stores. art extent that he has been known I followed Aunt Flora', measured [ what's purely and simply Gay's I :~L i~l~d ~9~/ I tently, his mind was occupied with, , to bring a conversation to an end: steps out of the dining-room, as stud- l business, to a lot of old moss-backs[ "~[~lP'~ ~'/ [the task of fitting together from /,IPl ~. ~ ~ | by exclaiming. "And now I am[ ied as when, wearing the traditional I who think Victoria is still the Queen [ r'g I what he had heard of him, from [,~, ~, ~ v t going to have a nap, dropping+ train and three feathers, she had I of England. What does it matter[ I what he had observed, a clear us. [ I~Ora ~ ~ ~" '~ ~| into easy sleep almost before he l walked along a strip of carpet which I who Gay marries as long as it suits [ Aunt Flora looked at her I derstanding of Gay's father. I that s what I'd like to know~ in silence As he thou ht of her he heard ends his sentence led to a throne. ] her, ' ' ." [ ] g,[ ~1 Aunt Flora, sat on the love-seat] "Janet," Aunt Lucy wailed help-[ *. [her voice. [ .Close ~elgnoors o. ~,u,~, -~,v~- -,o,s ,~ 'Are ou ettlnalon ou two~'' Tnere is nommg one sees oIten -- [ before the fire and Ernest, the foot- [ lessly. [ ~ " i " er che k ' " " tth I' Y g," g g, Y [ " I I~ I~ I ~ I~ ~1m I[ ~ I~ I man, set a tray with the coffee serv-[ "I ean hardly expect you not to ]nusn ng h ,e s, warren I "Splendidly,' her father said. [ er than the ridiculous and magnifi- ~ ~" --. ~n +,to ner voice qutcKening ner Dream, s c clos net h o hat W~ . vnl ice on a table before her. Auntlbe obstinate Gabriella' Aunt Floral ' "[ 'Have you been telling John dls.[cent, u h e 'g b rs t may anect the l-leart ' ' InV. ' t orougnt ~onn nere tunny De- ' ~' the touch Fontenelle L ,C~t trapped in the ltornaeh or gvlletmay aetllkos ] Lucy, Uncle James wife, her fad- [ said. ' You've been that since the [ ~. n [ graceful episodes in my past. She ~ Y .-- mu~-tld~eron the heart Atthe first ~n of distress . ~o~ ~--w~--watst ~u o,~uw jt,~ ,~,~ = ~. n t ~ [ in~ prettLness extmguished by wine- I day you were born but I do expect [ l came toward them, walking quickly ] ~ " ' oe~erence ana conslaeranon ~ut -~m~.rdV~ No ~at+veobrut ~d~,~ th~ f,~ I colored satin and the jewels she i you to show us a little eonsidera. I " / and lightly through a shaft of sun- ] ~ ~=. own. ~ ~ n ,a~ you aren t golng LO arrange our lives : '.~i"~:.Doad.~'t ~t~ Bs~l .m, ~tum J wore, sat in a chair at the opposite l tion After all we ve gone through ' l [ light, touched John's arm in pass- [ ~ I~" ~ '1~rI ~a~toms~ars~vs~mumas'~o~tyB~.m~ ~. h a .~ ~ I . " . " I or u$. d0/ln Will make nls ownl in" went to sit on the arm of her t mm mm mm 1 l==n mm m slae or me maroLe e rm, -~ae Bhe pauses. ',~, --- [ I ]decisions and I will accept them ,[ ] yotuIger women ~tsa t~ancaster,"I know- Aunt Flora " Gav's eves I " / xamer's ~ntttr. / ~ e. ~ ~a.~ m,~,n ,', " ~ - ~ne maue a nalz-turn towardthe, w ~ Self-Knowledge / Aunt Flora s daughter, Muriel Von [ lifted ' I m truly sorrv as I have [ [ The young are self-centered, n ~, Dm to $1qill~ll~ Bu~la " - ~' hour. ' Anu now it yOU WUl excuse , A man can know nothing of Steedham, her daughter-m-law; Mar. l told ou before, not that it hap- I,| David Graham sald, No, my dear. [ ~L~ ztam~ tta~, autamaw~ 1 Y me ac~ mt~e ltust ~ mankind without knowing some- garet Newlend, Aunt Lucy's married I ~ened but that you should have had [ .e-- I I've been talking about the days,~,v---~.~l. - t~. . . v,[ Mrs. Yon ~teeanam szayeu ner II ~ " thing of himself.--Disraeli, daughter, and Janet Graham, her ff r for somethin which wasn't . . when I was youngand not so hand- ~m~u, ~resut~.~, .lav~oratt~. De- ,~ aa ~, ~*h to su e g i with a peremptory gesture. "Some- i l'w ~ntoved it but John h.=/ ~ad ble relle| Imm, bUt ttespell~o ---- I m,a ~ 6 ~-~-~ " I your taut~. I ,~.~ + h. docido~,*h~ ~niH [ [ tired feeUn~ when am~ciat~d with coMtl~aticm. ] selves, respectfully or resentfully, [ Her aunt's ex,~ression softened [ ."'":~ "-'~'~ ~'~-- ~ "~." .","' I probably been bored." I ~wa, L ~ D|.b eet.~ScbozolNltfromm~tr ~" insistently we can t go on like,l lr ' ntu~u, ~u~ ~ Malta tlm e ,round the room Gay stood in the,Not at al s Kill. All. FL ES I I 'Then you'll understand that w;I. i, maki'no 'e-cuses tr in" to ex I ' ' ' "' / - 1 ~ ~ ~ s~whsm. Ds~ !~ ~ [ curve of the smell piano, resigning I don't want to interfere but to help ] ."~'.~' ~ "it~a,s+ th~,~" [ (TO BE CONTINUED) ] refund th2 pu;eha2e~ st herself to the half hour of boredom ~~~.csa~l~l~k~l.~.~l which was Aunt Flora's tribute toltYh i~k i~he::~g ~e Tisgeefotl/'youW31a, ba.nd ning high-handed m hods. IStabilization of Roads Wllli~l~s ll~'llalUl~--I~a~ll~t [Lraa" ai'ionL I I ' wnat are we to tell people. ' sue I / ~i~~-I~2~ -~.~t~ ,~ m~ ~ *--a| sal 1 [ " [ persuade Dr. Houghton to establish [ cried despairing, Iv [ ~ 1L~e,t~s.].t. l~Jl~s~ / ~-.r -~e ~- -e ~,~- ~-'.-~-, n'~ "~lllicent and Grace were unable t ~ u ~- o ~" 0 .~,~v c, v v ~ n Z~SXS~UAW,n'tI~]~'N.Y. - a pracuce m ~ew xor~. ne s nan , ~s~u~w~-z~.x. [ ~.A ~+~ ,~ +,~.v,Aunt Flora'~ I I Tell them, as ynu have been ~ Increased safety and lower costs, / Rather Why Not w --. - exce 1ent tramlng, t unoerstann ano li me that I am I ~]~-~ I ,~o~'~,:,~:"~=h,~d a~ she ~oured cof l " [ tel ng,my mother's I both to the motorist and in high. l ] had rather it should he asked ~ "I snows great promise, wim me ~am- [ " a said " --- t daughter G y and, holding wa maintenance are obtained why I had not a statue, than why I / fee into oroelain o ps n case, ll+ l uence +behind him. he might ' Y ' -- I of filigreed silver. "Grace has a]go far " [ner,nvaa very n~gn,sne.w~nt out o~I through the stabilization of gravel |I had one.--t=ato. . nar mscreantea touch of neuritis " [ ,'l-l~"~ ~llv v~ev ~ttrmetive " ] the room. [ roads, says Associate Professor Roy har ~s not beheved even] w--the- has been so chin-- / ", ; I IS Swinton, of the University of Mich. ~ tc ~tt t- tt ~- ~:lsa l~ancasler s orignt compe~en~ i ' though he tell the truth.--Ctcero i ] I John stood ben de the chair in I i,~an department of engineering re- t enle, etunt '.UCy contr Du~eo orlgnt- / glance moves around me clrcle, l. ^ h~ ~ . ^ I ~ . . . s ,~'-'wl[ql,-* q "--- ]IV. [ rested with especial brightness upon [ ~v~,~ ~:ol,'-.~am~s, hl~ '~,~ .w,~.=[searcn: .~,n,a survey O[ wear on ll]['~~ ~ "- J ~,~ ~'2-~- ~ Gay glanced at Kate, seated in a / Gay "If he gets the right start I i ~"~ " ""~. ~. ". ~ ', =. I several Lv 1cnlgan nlgnways ~ro~es- ~ 4 L"- ~"~ 17~i~ ---~'z~". ~ n h-ir a little removed from the ~roun].h ~;~,~,~'* ,~. t+ ho,~ h I~v I ames anu Anarew, nan.some Dirk[sor Swinton discovered that stabili- n ,~ -.~.-- ~ -.--,o . ~v---~: Yon Steedham and Reginald Lan- bo t two-thirds of the ~lt"~ /.~ ~ ~'A]tl~'~.~" % ~ I about the fire. Kate s eyebrow hft-[socially as well as professionally. [~o,+~ filed out of the studv n~-[zatton.saved a u ~v'~,l~l~J /" In ',"+'~" ~ -'" material Losses WhiCh are so great ,nu~, "~ ~1~]1 ~--'~-NK~.~. ~ I" [ ed and her glance, meet g Gays,I 'I think he's swell," Janet said[~^~, c'losed David Graham :o~t~,~[ ~N Iql~~~ ~'~'~ll I ] twinkled with derisive humor. Aunt defensnvel' y. "I like' strong silent I.''~v" " '+ Ion Loose untreated gravel roans. Vrol i~ ']~.l,l*l~o- -'--"-"-"'--" ~i.~ ~ ** d + ~ j [ Flora had not invited Cousin Milli. [ men,[nlmselI In nls chair DeslQe the[stabilization consists of the use of hearth ~V~.~ ~/~ I cent and Cousin Grace, two elderlyl "He has a pleasant voice" Murteil -. " I proper mixtures of soil, moisture ~it down ~onn ne said l co t c i and impoverished spinsters who] lifted eyes like brown pansies from ] " ' . '~' ' [ and chemica s in road ns ru t on 1 1 All Ill ~1[[[ I "~ I~ I l~ / were, ordinarily, present at family ~ contemplation of her slendei" white I John sat in the cnair at the oppo- In Professor Swinton's survey, -. Seere~ of Frlenoump. -. [ a**h~-in,s v -. + I site side of the nearth. He had felt I '-^-'us in 1935 extensive and con Tne only way ~o nave a ~r~ena is nasa mint~ it s important that e i u~,- " [ She had.n't Long to wait. [doctor should have a pleasan, [fairly confident` w h. le the,others ]tinued examinations were made Of to be one.--Emerson. ,were mere out now ma~ oe was l hi [ "Well, Gay," Aunt Flora said, as [ voice.' I : "'~-' David Graha-- [ gravel roads in five M'c 'van coun- =.-7--'-:7. alone wire m con l Ernest left the room. "I suppose [ "Such a sweet mouth " Aunt Lucy I hi- "aw- an~ -"- ~ " i ties About I00,000 wear readings WNU--12 24.-40 ' i d t I in our ' s~ralnt loc~u ~ j u maue a -- /you wont m n e I g us y [said. "I suppose that souncls odn I of his mind [were made on these five road sec I plans." i in speaking of a man," she added.] " The butler closed the door David[ lions. While a saving of more than ~/~r~ tl 1~t'~I11~1"~!~ ~I"1~1 Gay felt the sudden hush that felt[as though she expected to be eon [ ' 160 per cent was made on stabilized l~lL"l~l~.llll~ --v =I-'-- .v, " ~ranam cLearea nls mroat. . ~'~" -- ~''.~.~ ~ upon the room felt her aunts and ltradicted 'but it is I don't think [ e that -o" -- " I roads. 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' [ speeds which may be counted al America and theyalso know t ~,saris for the motorist. prefer not to discuss hem w'th us," [ ing at her. As their glances met, [ I suppose I owe you an apology, ] g