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June 13, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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June 13, 1940

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THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 1940 I~DLA.N VAI~EY RECORD Published Every Thursday By LAU]~ENCE LOCKNEY ~tered as second-class matter November 27, 1930, at the post office at Greenville, California, under the Act of March 3, 1879. Obituaries, Cards of Thanks and all notices of entertainments given for profit, charged for the same as other advertising. Oopy for advertising must reach the Record office not later than Wednes- ~Y fortnoon,-.4 to insure publication in the uurrent issue All communica- tions and items of news must reach the Record not later than Tuesday evenlng to insure publication. All communications must bear the signa- ture of the author, but will not be published if requestea not to do so. T]FIE PRESIDENTS ~P]F-,][~H l~residcnt Roosevelt laid down the gauntlet in his speech Monday. I~a did everything short of declar- ing War. In his pledge to "extend t0 the opponents of force the mater- ial resources crf this nation and . . that We ourselves may have equipment and training equal to the tack of any emergency and every ~efense", he said in effect to Ger- r~any, and mayhap, Italy: "We are helping France and England and we h~tve placed a chip on our shoulder, ~hich we dare you to knock off." There ~re several interpretations of What the President meant when he Used the word "emergency." We at~urne the more logical interpre- tation would mean that this coun- h'y:Wtll help the allies with fight- tlr, g mechanisms in sufficient quan- tity, to win the war, and if Germany ~aB.kes any serious objection to SUch a policy, an emergency exists. ~aut should be plain enough. How- ever, developmer, ts will develop as developments develop, and the l~0sple of this countzT will have their own internal difficulties. ~hlS means the fifth columnists in this country, of whch We have see. e~l varieties. ~'e have in Greenville and its area l~.rhaps a dozen or so fifth col- ttrnnists. A fifth columnist, in this COnnection, is any person whose m~3 of you2 efforts in that direction will be aiding the enemy. America, as We have pointed out to you, is technically at war with Germany. When your country is at war, it is high time to drop all isms except Americanism. Don't ask us what Americanism is. We can't aX- Flain it any better than you can. i BL0t we do know that Americanism is diametrically opposed to all other isms, especially in time of war, and- we would advise you to brush up on Americanism, although we are un- able to present you with a bleuprint of Americanism. And it will be of no use to you to argue that America will also op- ;erate under a totalitarian setup in time of war, We know that. The man you attempt to argue with also kvows that. VJe hope that, in case it i:- necessary to squelch the enemy by force, this government of ours will operate under a form of totali- tarianism that will prevent the manufacture of war mqlionaires. 3vt that will not make German to- nlttarianism better than American otalitarianism. To put it plainly, the enemy with which you sympa- thize is wrong according to Ameri- can standards, even though it be- comes necessary for the American gnvernment to adopt every item ant4 usage of totalitarianism in or- enl,ra esyotm e 940 ANC etaottttttti You fifth cohlm~ists are few, but you are in a position to 5e danger- l~hilosophy of life is detrimental to cus. In the Ume of emergency, you tbs best interests of the existing iare sometimes in a position to give Some communists, and espe- I direct aid to the enemy. You may those communists who advo-lnot give direct aid to the enemy, the overthrow of this govern- br.t you will be suspeeteu of it, and are fifth columnists. All Nazi the more you talk th more you will are fifth columnists, be suspected. When an emergency because the government of this e:,:Jsts, you are the emery dust in the C~Untry has declared itself to be op- co~o~.heels of victory Some of you POled to Nazi rule. All Fascist sym- are Americans. The gravest danger l~athtzer~ are fifth columnists, be-to com~ from native American fifth ~Use Italy is aiding Germany tn 'olumntsts is to your own neighbors, "~ war There are other forms of ~ho b j,sterne morally crestfallen to the fifth columnist, but the above fim~ that one of their o~n country- tSenUoned three elssscs are the men is nt~ine" the enemy by vo~e~n~ e~les that are likely to cause trouble ~ phtlosotfl~tes that wo,ld ~errn~t tb~ l~Irh~g the present emergency. . ~ettin~, ~m of a totaUtarian govern- man" in the White Houst ought to be among the first Americans to make a searching re-examination of their attit~de toward their coun- try and its chosen leaders. Mr. William Guggenheim, describ- ed in a press dispatch from New Yozk as a and mem- ber of the "mining" family will do as exhibit number one t~ establish the need for such re.examination ( ~ the part of some men of wealth who are enjoying the freedom and security of the United ~tates. Mr. Guggenheim is quoted by the United Press as saying that President Roosevelt should ,as a "patriotic" gesture, rezign to prevent the Euro- pean War from "spreading to our shores." Mr. Guggenheim says fur- thcrmore that our finances and pe- paredncss are "pitable." If Mr. Guggenbcim ts informed on the sub. ject he knows that President goose- vell is the first and only President we have had since the world War that has made any reel effort to bring te country to a :~)nditlon ofi preparedness. Assuming that Mr. Guggenheim is informed on the sub- ject we must conclnde that what troubles him iS the "fivances" of the country and the probability of tKe necessity of the payment of higher taxes. The President" has moved to- ward preparedness Just as rapidly ,~s public opinion would permit andI he has done it to protect us from the danger of Hitler and his Nape- Iconic complex. In view of the in. human treatment of his people by Mr. Hitler, Mr. Guggenhe~m should be willing to pay even h~gher taxes to pro~ect himself and his country against the danger of ths.t calamity. : If Mr. Ouggenhe~m was living un- dez the control of Hitler he would not pay taxes; he would surrender all his wealth, be would be stripped of all rights, he would probabd be pz~t to work in the streets as a sea- venger. Mr. Guggenhelm would not have to be guilty of any crime,or v to}ate any law to suffer this de- rredatton and humiPatton; it would happen to him Just because he is a Jew; even if he possessed the in- te!lect and the character of Louis D. I~randts, it would not save him, he wculd suffer the consequence of hsving been born a Jew. One would think that Mr. Gug- gcnhetm would be able, in these cir. enmstances, to see over and beyond his financial matters and l-e willing to commend and co-oper- ate with the President in his efforts tr prepare against this war crazed dictator. In using the intemperate language of political reacUon to at. tack the President in these crittcal times, Mr. Guggenheim becomes a greater potential menace to the wel. fare of his own people, so far as this To these fifth columnists, we mont. The A.mertc~n fifth column-[ country is concernedw, tlian is Mr. ~OUld ~ay Do not attempt to hide' .~ ~ ~ ~ ' b " o : i, t ~ m~mllv vncon,~e ous of the I Hitler. Cblnd the constitution The con f et h f h ----- ." ' - n. t a e f~ n fifth ~olumni~t. ~fl George Washington, ~tituhon you the real a~ent~ of the enemy l~t i gives a voice, but ]t under date of April 28, 1788, wrote a letter to G~neral Lafayette containing this ut~ y y r ~w!tb the forei~n-born fifth teleran-statement: "I can see no proprl- "Oerty wMch the constitution guar mt wh ! " " I " 'ich in tself gives moral sup-! cry in precluding ourselves from the ~tees you does not give you the o II ip rt to the enemy. I~ervices of any rnan who, in some tense to violate that liberty by ~ou m t~-'. [ ay not like a democracy: great emergency, shall be deemed, ~lirlg the enemy in any mannerI.~ou ma e e . ~." y .v n believe that we do universally, most eapable of ser- ~hatsoever. If you desire to quote ~ not have a democracy But just ~Lt ring the public." '~e constitution ~enc during this.?mer-I this time. the majority of the peo-, I-lave you read anything about the ~. y, 1~ woma oe vetoer ~or yuu w pie of this country believe that they [discovery nf this lcter tn an-, bl~ ~UOte those passages in the eonstt, hay- a democrae-" an ' ' ' ~ tim c y u they oe,eve [metropolhan newspaper? You "-,-apertainingzo treason. A!tbat th- w"~'~-~ ~* ~'^ ~ trait. ~ .a. 4~ ~ ~;~ +~ ~h ~ l ~ r e '~''"~4 ~'~ ~'~C n, urupcttn |proDaoly nave not read tt anywhere --r s one w o g ve '- a ezl~ : -~ " ~ ":" ~" ~" l w r by Germany will prove detri- unless you read Pearson and Allen, ! i~,-ym ume or war, anti aeeora- monte1 to the American democracy, |authors of the Washin,~o-- ~ ~g tothe interpretation which the l a,d the President of the United I~,-o Round If it had b~e~'-":::::-" dhas made of the President tl~ee^,- i Ststes has made a call to all Amer- [~vriten by General ~Vash~ngton, in- ch ~e are technlcan at war, Y man~ to support the country m sJ tin ~u ~ " ~ ' ~ " I s g tha~ no man ever serve more ";oU~e.rmany . - It:me of emergency. The emergency l tlmn two terms as President, it l~hfl rzz~n eommms~s may nave l exists, and during this emergency |would have been on the front page OSophies that aze more ad u ~, " " " 'yo" cannot be an You are of every Hearst paper in the coun. ~aced thania the philosophy of either ~Ocrac but of that we do not an American or you arealiry, under an eight column banner. ~ Y, ",traitor. |No American would have ben able ,~eW We do know that yourphil[ I ' " - to esea e the knowl d ~ephi P e fie that such a i es become somewhat haywire ! RANDOM OBSERVATIONS fleter had been die - "" the time of national emergency. ] (By $. O. Daviz) ~h~ve been broadc'a:tvt%ethe'teouWn tu]~d OUr philosophy, no matter under .~ - ~a hea' you list zt, is s me form I. . . pe Im t " o Probably in no rlod in all his- a~ a clinching and conclusive argu. ~I tot " ~ tory nave soldiers and civilians old [ enz ror tne ]mmeemte elimination ,alltarlanlsm, ann zne ~rnerz- ' [ of ea~ p o le in en ra re fed u on " met and women and defenseless any rur~ner onmaeratton if Presi- I ' " w ' in 1938. ~e When e Amefleanscontemplate ause Just at this particular time ' this scene of utter m~sery, suffering "Freedom of the Press", in this ~"'-,and chaotic confusion that has sn- ease means freedom to conceal gulfed these peaceful and innocent ]from the people any newsthat victims who happened to live in the| would be helpful to Roosevelt. pat~hwav Mr. Hitler had selected as[ the way to reach his objective, it m~ght be a good plan for us to in- dulge in a little self examtnatio~ a revaluation of some of our ad-, vantages and see if we will not be led to the conclusion that perhaps l !we are, at times, a little yellow !when we whine about some of the Cave'Mane ]troubes that we think beset US. 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