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Indian Valley Record
Greenville, California
June 13, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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June 13, 1940

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INDIAN VALLEY RECORD Thursday, June 13, BIG TOP .NopAp. I'M NOT cRszt AS, I APPROACHED THE BACK m SNAP T. COULDNT HELP OVERHt-ARING WHAT MYRA WAs SAVINGTO Tex Roi’ER ! SHE TOLD HIM VERY PLAINLV THAT I WAS NO’BOY FRIEND” or HERS :2 MAN ALIVE. I GOTTA GET A DOZEN CANDID CAMERA SHOTS OF THE STAR ZIEGLER‘THE peooucee OF THE “SIZZLING HOT FOLLIES” TELLS HIS PRESS AGENT To GO To TOWN ON LALA‘S PUBLICITY 7- qul: MAKING A W ‘ our or A MOLEHILL E I‘lL see M‘I’RA RIGHT AFTER THE SHOW AND FIND HECK THIS IS . WE EVERYONE KNOWS E a WANTS A STORY our WHAT, I. -, ALL AEOUT~ as ' ' SHE’S IN LCNE WITH YOU H GENTLEMEN OF THE PRESS, l UNDERSTAND YOU‘RE LOOKING FOR THE STAR - WELL, I‘M MAZIE LATOUR- WHAT CAN I 00 FOR YOU? TACKLE HER FROM TH E ABOUT HER CHIEF " I'LL GET THE NEWSPAPERS TO SMEAR HER ALL OVER THE THEATRICAL SHE DON'T KNOW IT. ED - BUT SHE‘S GONNA MAKE 'EM ROLL IN THE AISLES co! «low we I To T32 Au MESCAL in: By S. L. HUNTLEY BURN LI'L IDJET. EARLY LIFE iF YUI-l HELP ME HE'S BEEN FOLLERING PUT THESE ME AROUND ALL DAY \ miNes UP I'LL W “W CANT WW GIVE VUH A I JUST BUMPED INTO I MAJOR WAKEU'P. iN'I'ERRUPTiON By GLUYAS WILLIAMS snoUI’S wen ww pssnrr mm Lnlmw ax— HE cmx’ss ln'anmr nr— cannot or Vlrws. mule II: can CHRSE Ir WHEEL? JUGbLES VEBBLis To snow HE IS‘PLUISANT‘LY OCCUPIED AND 15W 60' Ne 100mm HIS MIND I5 Timur, 0ch WITH ml: EEL’LER AND smvs on: at Fm ovm HIS HEM: THIS Lms o Ntmsmé' SPIES son: 3W5 man INT'ltItlIlc UP A male“ ma: M INTERVAL, sit:an A Look To 5:: Ir cans SUDDENLY ME name It: some mean. CoIIID HAVE OMIer FINDS IIE,foo,I5 SKfINé marina/AV, Ir HE HAD ON 114: CURB JUMPED FOR If Bell Syndicate. inc, LII WARM manner or an smart Plume uP I conmes oII sac» man's fut snn, AND HE mp msoIML 100K5,‘PROWE.95 EDDIE RENEW THEIIL AND mama: mmsmp IN A uvn‘I’ T0551: To GET IT BACK HIM TO DO NO ' MCANWHILI: ,MVRA .GREATLV UPSET IN Heia MIND OVER HAL .WAS GOING ‘IHRU HER \IJIRE AND 'mAPEZE: Sun's Oren AchN' KINDA ' -/I {7/ ILL. K'ETcIII— ONE. ‘FOR VA— . . ‘NHEN IT CAM: TIME Fae Hal: SEN SATIONAL. RETURN To THE, ROUTINE WIRE 5H5 MISSED IT BYA FRACthN WHEN DID YOU FIRST ENCOUNTER YOUR TERPSICHOREAN NOT You. SISTER we WANT LALA PALOOZA I THINK THE DOCTOR SAID SOMETHING ABOUT IT WHEN HE TOOK OUT MY APPENDIX C. M. PAYNE ""- 1 ,./N I RECKON ‘IEP- HIT wens ALL OF 'EM, HERE'S ‘lo'fil DOLLAR I-II': WASN'T LOOKING -— TuAT's HOW I BUMPED INTO HIM! The Bell S.\ ndlcnle. Inc.—-—WNU Service BEST MOTHER. IN TOWN? Willie—Mother. I just made a bet with Walter. Mother—Why, you naughty boy! What made you do it? Willie—~Well, Mother. 1 bet Walter my new cap against a button that you were the best mother in town. and that you’d give me a nickel to get some candy. You don't want me to lose my nice new cap, do you. mother? Reducing Diet Rustus~My, but yo’ looks prosper- ous these days. Sambo—Boy. Ah's livin' of! de tat ‘ ob de land. Rastus-How come. big boy? Samba—Ah runs a reducin' estab- Iishment. Snappy Comeback Big Cltyite—My, what a quaint luwn. I suppose they still ring the curfew out here every night? Native—Well, no. They used to, I out folks got to complainin' that it I disturbed their sleep. Cheerful News GUN NORWEGIAN FA I? M ERS EOMBER CRASHES, leLINO caew AND INJURINGNINETY CIVILi WELL I HOPE THEY KEEP THEIR WAR OVER THERE ’ faster in a mechanical refrile 1 then stand where there is 8 I rent of air, you will have no i windy day to clean your Chintz ‘3 ,_ Cloths saturated with polish“, liquids if stored away in 3 010“ often cause spontaneous comb”: tion. Keep these cloths in 8 CW ered tin container. O Q . Cakes or cookies in which hon" isiused as a sweetening rectum” rather moderate temperature 1°: baking. If the oven is too hot the, will burn. . t . Ice cubes or desserts are frozen 1“ tor if a quarter-cup of wateer poured on the freezing surflice fore the trays are put in Place' ‘ . iii . water before breakln eggs on g 1: and add to them a pinch of so our dil‘ ficulty in beating them to a fwd” III t Take advantage of the “3:! erings and curtains. Hang the: on a clothes line and brush the quickly with a clean whisk bro“: dipped frequently in warm Wate' C O . Standing on a heavy rul 0" rub ber mat will go a long way town preventing fatigue during 10“ riods of ironing. ‘ U Wall outlets for electrical vices used in the kitchen, Panza or butler’s pantry should be PM?” at table height. This permits in: use of shorter cords with 0001‘ re utensils, eliminating coils that;l likely to get in the houseW’ way. O O Don’t bang porcelain or Eng; eled kitchen equipment 833%“ stoves, tables or sinks. It chip or crack if it is roughly hm died. Many of the more moderfl r . . . I attractlve pieces require Spec care. I To prolong the life of 8 13?“ rug, shift it around every . weeks or so. This prevents cow stant wear on those sections at ering the most-traveled Per the room. cmn’ssrrrnv DEPARTMENT _.__._______// PHOTOGRAPHY 16 PRINTS 25¢ ,v Ball 1) new“ ovoloped and 16 prints Boo. 13””, m“ RIX PHOTO . HOTELS 1 I Wabash Ave. Hotel. 27 E. Harrl'on' Chiral? . DB Near Barn dance. Choice rooniflh‘m up; weekly $5 up. Paulina—n—hj/g Bringing 0n Mischief agt To mourn a mischief that (its and gone is the next way to a. new mischief on.-——ShakeSPear ————————————// _—__/ "What? WORMSi my child?.. Don ’t be so sure, ,907 You. right now. crawlin round Wm”I be m ng-nnd multilylng W'M ch11 wit out your cum flowing I» This nasty infection may be :10“, from other children. from dogs. cooked ve stables or bad water- A“ outward ns are very mulqu example: Squirmin picldng. and eel-a. or“. nmut- Immach. Finicky appetite. itlnli by If you even suspect that your chilled" round worms get JAan's Vlflpo" right away! June's is the be“ “ova worm exponent in America. III B M by modern scientific study, and used by millions. for over a centqu JAYNI'I Vnamruon 1! 13358119 and gentle. at it does a 530d 03- 1W has the ab t to drive out a“ ‘ worms withou upsetting the (illegal, 5' tom. JAYNn'a Vnnmrnon acts m mild laxative. if there are no worml- Consistently Inconsisten‘gwl Inconsistency is the only Jar In which men are consistent ratio Smith. lllllll BESPIIIIIIEE . Crying Ipolll irrl“ nerves duo bo'iundénd ' "monthly" painshoulpwy I real "woman's friend" in L din E'“, hun'l Vegetable Compoun Trv lydia E. Pinkham’s sf ..__.____—__/ ‘ Youcandependonthespe' cial sales the merchants ° ‘ our town announce in the f columnsoithispaperihey mean money saving to 011‘ I readers. It always pay! ‘0 3‘ patronize the :lnerchll!fits I who advertise. They 5‘9 not afraid of their 1119“ f chandise or their price" ; 1940 // asp, B I" 4”" C d t‘ e