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June 12, 2013     Indian Valley Record
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June 12, 2013

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lOB Wednesday, June 12, 2013 Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter LETTERS, from page 9B you are doing. This winter we, the locals who drive these roads year round, will utter a prayer of thanks for the safer, smoother highway through town. Linda Rean Chester In the hole Letters to the editor from Michelle Bauer and Christopher J. Humphrey lead last week's public concerns. Titles like "Stealing" and "The fleecing of Portola" should get the attention of Portola's utility customers. Hopefully, others will be motivated to join us in writing, and attending city council meetings. Our veteran not concerned with the public's economic condition or the impact his decisions have had on Portola. His plan to get out of the hole is to raise fees and cut vital public services. Other council members are accepting his plan. His decisions have dug the hole. His plan and the new budget will dig the hole deeper. Our general fund is sinking from lost revenues. For a decade, Portola's politicians have made their own goals. Their decisions have put us in the hole. Their Prop 219 procedure lead to the formation of citizens' committees like the Rebuilding Portola Committee and the Recall Dan Wil n Committee. Citizens did not' form a committee to freeze the water and sewer rates. It would have forced the city council to think outside their box. Other cities are competing to attract businesses. Portola's management is enforcing more regulations and increasing fees. We have an exodus of residents and businesses to urban areas. Our decision makers have unknowingly been implementing Agenda 21 by not following the goals and policies of our legally binding general plans. They are goals of affordable utilities to ' stimulate economic development. Other cities are implementing strategies to attract businesses. They create jobs to prevent rate increases. More voices need to say "No more fees and regulations!" Many hoped that the last election would change our direction. No candidate campaigned to raise our :fees. Our decision makers need to feel the pressure for the public for their actions. Larry F. Douglas Portola Human rights a major concern North Korea is a closed totalitarian police state ruled by a family dynasty with a eultish ideology. There is no free speech, trade or judicial system. Outsiders cannot freely travel. Citizens cannot leave their hometown or country without permission. There are secret police whose informants are everywhere. The sky isn'.t under control. Satellite photos reveal a gulag network of brutal prison labor camps hidden by the mountains. There could be 200,000 inmates. There are electric fences and watchtowers and precise GPS coordinates. The Gulags of Stalin and Mao lasted five years after their death. The North Korean model has continued since the late'50s. Camp policy underfeeds and overworks inmates. That with a 12-14 hour work day seven days a week and one day off a month means eating rats, frogs and snakes to stave off hunger. Food and self survival are always on inmates' minds. People are sent to the camps for criticism of the Kim family, attempting to leave the country, being a Christian, singing a South Korean song. Husband, wife and children can also sentenced. There have been more than 100,000 unnatural deaths. Accidents, sickness, torture and beatings plus starvation and executions are part of the total deaths. Survivors tell of sexual violence and rape of women by guards. There are testimonies of pregnant women forced into abortions or given labor-inducing drugs and at birth the child was killed. A UN inquiry into the situation can't be dismissed as in past years as something without merit. The number of creditable survivor testimonies and satellite photos are a compelling expose of a vast gulag of horrors. The United States has given this human rights catastrophe little attention because of concern with missiles and nukes. It should be a major concern. James I. Overstreet Quincy God is life itself Ever notice that, to some degree, all animals have a face. You know, eyes, ears, nose and a mouth. Dogs, birds, lions, mice, fish and apes have faces. Even bugs have faces (antennae and mandibles count, right?). It doesn't stop there. All animals have universal requirements of consuming energy (eating), consuming water, digestion, breathing and sleeping. Ever see a bird sneeze or yawn? Yes, they do both. Or a dog smiling or dreaming? Yes again. Or noticed that animals have basic emotions and traits of playfulness, sadness, anger, fear, and (seemingly) happiness? Or, that most animals live in families or other Societal collectives? How clever and thoughtful of Mother Nature to provide common sensory devices and a universality of the engine we call life. Extra credit is deserved for allowing animals to think, feel, and to live together. Science shows that the fu'st life was single cell organisms. Then, starting 600 million years ago, the fishes evolved, then plants and forests, amphibians, reptiles, and dinosaurs (with really big faces). Something magical started 200 million years ago. Mammals began their evolution, as did birds, flowering plants and bees. And in a blink of the geological/biological eye, humans evolved only 200,000 years ago.. Life on Earth is all connected. Human existence is built upon a foundation of prior and existing plant and animal coexistence. Life is intertwined and dependent upon' each other in ways that are not obvious. The idea that mankind has dominion over nature is arrogant and destructive. Domination in the natural world operates similarly to cellular cancer. Humans, now, are responsible for the extinction of species. There are those who suggest that man was created in the image and likeness of God. I don't know. Fish and plants were here before humans. Perhaps, instead, God is simply life itself. Mark Mihevc , Graeagle Stand up Something is deeply wrong in politics -- something troubling at the core. Democracy is government of, by, and for the people. The flag, government and Republican Party have been hijacked by anti-abortionists and Tea Party crowd who wear their patriotism on their lapels and sleeves. These moralistic ideologues want to force their limited and skewed viewpoints on the rest of us, damn the nation if it gets in the way. The flag, the government, patriotism belong to all Americans not just to religious reactionaries and Tea Party Republicans who can't see beyond their own prerogatives. ff you don't like the moral indignation that this segment of society is spitting out on you, it's high time you stand up to these folks on the fringes of the political spectrum. Ron Lowe Nevada City More Republican bashing The May 29 edition of the paper contai two letters from parties who enjoy offering continuous hatred for Republicans. One complains that Plumas County elected only "Tea Party/Republicans" and, based on their "ideology," resulted in the county becoming more fiscally responsible by firing employees and cutting employee hours. "No additional funds for the county and schools," he states. I beg to inform him that more revenues are created for these things by cutting taxes, not raising them. Businesses create jobs, not government. In order for that to happen, less taxes and less regulation must be the policy. The financial. meltdown was created by the Democratic congress and administrations using the ill-fated Community Reinvestment Act, an obvious oxymoron. The other Republican hater from another county waxes eloquent about how Benghazi is a "scam," the Tea Party is a group of "political activists," and the AP mess is only a "policy dispute." What utter nonsense. After all, according to Hillary Clinton (a non-Republican), what difference does it make that four Americans were killed and many more injured as a result of our Secretary of State and President being AWOL during the affair? What other difference does it make that the IRS and Justice Department can willfully ignore the Constitutional rights of its citizens? The Republicans used theatrics and the same playbook to invent scandal after scandal targeting Bill Clinton. What difference does it make that Mr. Clinton pleaded guilty to lying to a grand Jury and was subsequently impeached by the House "of Representatives but given a pass by the Democratic Senate. After all, according to these two "gentlemen," it appears these criminal acts only make a differefice to Republicans. Bryan Hansen Graeagle Postmodern 'Jell-O' Post-modern thought basically states that there is no objective propositional truth. One thing may be true for you, but it may not be true for me. Any authoritative standard of truth is done away with. This understanding of reality is a lot like Jell-O. It's hard to get a hold of. Just when you think you have something figured out someone changes the rules and 'truths' that made up your basis for dealing with this or that person or thing. I noticed this 'post-modern Jell-0' a couple weeks ago in the Editorial and Opinion section in an article entitled, "We each create our own 'normal'." The author states that no objective authority exists and that (while there may be certain "very basic societal rules regarding... humane treatment of each other...") we all follow our own individual patterns. While I can agree with many individual statements of this article, the underlying philosophy is devoid of hope for any meaningful existence. First, if all truth is relative, (which stated or not is the philosophical undergirding of this article) then any chance of legitimate communication comes apart at the seams. If something means one thing to you and something different to me, how can we ever expect to have any meaningful dialogue? Second, if we all follow our own individual patterns in life concerning, among others, "the humane treatment of each other," then who is to say that Hitler's conception of humane treatment is any less valid than Martin Luther King Jr.'s? Postmodern thinking is left speechless in the face of such questions. In order for any society to function there must be some set of authoritative objective truths. Just what those truths are and how one may know them is the topic of another discussion. Nate Praytor Calpine Same H rt New Location. E D I C A L 'G :RO U.:P 1680 Paul Bunyan Road, Susanville, California Seeing new and existing patients in Susanville two Tuesdays a month. To schedule an appointment, call 1-855- .9o-8783.. J Kosta M. Arger, MD Michael J. Newmark, MD, FACC, FSCAI These cardiologists have medical staff privileges at Northern Nevada Medical Center, an accredited Chest Pain Center. MEDICAL CENTER Exceptional People. Exceptional Quality. Experience the Difference. Physicians are independent practitioners who ate not employees or agents of Northern Nevada Medical Cente~ The hospital sha~l not be ab e fGr a,"t. lons or tteatments provided by pf~ysiciar~s. t