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May 30, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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May 30, 1940

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hUrsday, May 30, 1940 " INDIAN VALLEY RECORD : ::: 5~5L-- f- RETREAT TO AMERICA Washington, D. C. Urge reason for the international ~ssimism now pervading the White a0Use is the course which an allied neteat would be almost sure to take. l~oosevelt's military advisers have linted out that the British Isles, attacked, are certain to cave in, ' at least to be given such a batter- g that the government will flee to l~:British fleet will try to save from the debacle, and the natural place for it to go will Canada and the British island in American waters--- lraaiea, Bermuda, the Bahamas. In other words, if the British 10Vernment is defeated at home, it try to save just as much as it ~a and rally together the rest of ~e far-flung empire--Canada, Aus- ~alia, South Africa, and New Zea- land, .When and if this happens, espe- ~lally if the remnants of the British ~t come to American waters, then P ertcan neutrality is going to be ~ut to the. biggest test in history. i German airplanes follow, the aired States may have a hard ~rne staying out of war. NO'BOLTER Jeeing them together you'd never ~0W that the President and Jack uaraer have just concluded a series 0t hot primary scraps. The one ~XPression that best describes their PerSOnal relations is "affectionate." Whatever their political differ- Kathleen Norris Says: 2: : There's Deadly Boredom in Being Too Lucky (Bell Syndtcate--WNU Service.) iiii!iii iii f:~i:i ~Ccs, the two men genuinely like ::~?.~. !ach other. Illustrative of this was ~eir conference the day California valloted to decide between a Roose- velt third term or a Garner anti- A/ter dinner u,e listen to arty good radio program and then Leon,rd goes to ew Deal delegation, bed and read.~ Ior two or ere. three hr.trs. h.Roosevelt kidded Garner about ~la impatience to hurry back to By KATHLEEN NORRIS ~, they get frightened, as rcaler wom- ~]Valde to fish and Garner kidded. ~r~HE truth is, most of u~, en never are. lrn back For example, here is a letter from "Tell you what we'll do, Jack, i lAmerican women live: an Arkansas woman who lives in id the President. "You come i under unnatural condi- a four-room city apartment, loves th me to the dedication of the tions. Our lives are so easy her husband, fears she's losing him. "Leonard is always kind to me," teat Smoky Mountains park andthat life is very hard for us!she wails, "but he doesn't need me! ~en I'll accompany you to Uvalde 0t a few days' fishing. What do i We have to keep thinking His breakfast is only orange juice, 3~ say?" 'up artificial ways of keeping which I leave in the ice-box over- 'It's a deal, Capt'n," grinned the ! busy. There are great neces- night. He lunches at the factory 13 tee pres.~dcnt arner does not! attics all around us, bitter miles out of town. He comes home after a late afternoon stop at the To intimates, G a his oar needs of hunger, housing, un- club, where he plays a few games of Say being disappointed t p rirnary showing. He admits quite! employment, mott]ering of dominoes or bridge, and has a to- !aakly that he expected to do a the motherless, comforting mate juice. His taste at supper is teat deal better. But he evinces the hopeless, solving any tiny simple, nothing fussy or elaborate; ~o bitterness, is philosophical in de- in fact, he often has only a bowl of ~at. And he makes one thing quite ~ one of the millions of prob- rice, cereal or crackers and milk, :lear: He will not fight Roosevelt lems that our civilization and a cookie. He likes the packaged t he runs again, leaves in its wake. But these cookies better than home made. ~G[arner still is opposed to a third,are uninviting subjects. An Empty Existence. trn. But he will not join in any i What to Do? "I get up after he goes in the Sruptive movement at the Chicago . So we support matinees, afternoon morning, wash his orange-juice %avention and he will not "take a ~alk', should the President be re- movies, bridge clubs, amusement glass, my coffee cup and spoon, and ~ rainated. i clubs, language and book-binding make the beds. It is now about "I' ve been a party man all my lessons, tea shops, beauty parlors, quarter past nine. And Leonard gets Ire," Garner says, "and I also be- i i cultural and pseudo-political lec- home at six. !eve in majority rule. I didn't bolt tures; we encourage smart middle- "We are among the many," the A1 Smith in 1928 and I don't intenci aged women to talk new book and letter goes on, "who decided early in married life that we could not ~gaging in that sort of thing at inew movement and new thought to is late stage. I will support the us; we gather in big department -afford a family. I would not want a child unless I could give that child ticket, whoever is on it." ~ stores to learn how to make li~e every advantage of raising and edu- It is possible that Garner, eager ~ shades and hook rugs; we atte. cation, and the experience of the ou club when the dramauc seeuon or . gh he is to return to the quiet ~d peace of his Texas home may i the musical section or the domestic few couples we know who have tak- en the risk does not tempt me. to Chicago. If he does go it'science sectmn.!s put!m.g on .a. pro: "Perhaps I am critical, but this wlll ram ann we live Wllnln sotlIltl el ' be for two purposes: to pre- g,' life does not seem satisfying to me, ~erve harmony and to help put!the radio. . ,~Ver House Floor Leader Sam Ray-i Added to these are U:rneCfeSsSanrY and I feel that my husband and I attra, his close friend and 1932 cam- ! shopping, ann unnecess . y - . g are drifting apart. It is in vain that l~aign manager, as vice president, i vet meals, .OU:ommlait:l ber~[l~legrn. I occasionally try to interest him in ,Note---The Senate Ladies, weekly I women xoo~ in p .~ -cards, some outstanding movie, or a~neheon club of senatorial wives, :meni at. the c.ounuess menus .mat an effort to widen our circle of ap are ubhshed in this country mou friends. He seems to need very lit- Parently think that the GarnersP .' ." ~re finished with public life. And 'sands and thousands of meals prmy- fie, and it is not imagination that I ~ts. Garner apparently agrees with ea every manta aen: jhnSDe~rn~t: am not included in that little, after ~era. They voted to present hernave spoue~appeute ~ ~p~ 14 years of wedded life. If I am Wlth a farewell gift and to leave anti wmppeo cream:.larOe:ounm iii away for a few summer weeks, he ~e choice up to her.She chose abreaded that, 3clueci Io keeps the house quite as well as I 'liver candelabrum, stunea celery, cess.ertSn tnsett :ni do, getting his own breakfast and beaten and cr~'amed a cl supper and washing up a~ter them." AMBASSADOR TO ROME surrounded with walls of lady-fingers Misses Joy of Being Needed. Privately the state departmentand soaked with rum; even the sire- Poor woman, 14 years a wife, and "as been worried over Protestant ple old cellar vegetablensdOf;ollelOr;n trying to interest a man in cards, PrOtests against sending an ambas- fathers are minces a~ uffed and movies, or new acquaintances! She t,ador to the Vatican; but very much crumbs .an~ ~r~.eo a.n.~ p is not really needed anywhere; she ~leased over the way the thing is emleulsnea wlm ralsmsLm lish never feels the glorious necessity of .arking out from a diplomatic Nothing REAL to Ace p doing things, deciding things, trying v~ewpoint. And all this means that we haven't to crowd in a little extra service for Probably the Vatican has the enough REAL things to do. someone, trying to squeeze out time oest diplomatic information in Eu- It sounds so fortunate, so much as for an hour's delieiou~ leisure. I tOPe. Its envoys know, better than if we were to be enviedl Electric have known women whose hands ~Ose of other nations, just what is lights, gas stoves, linoleum that were always full of cooking utensils, ~Oing on in each country. This has needs only a wipe with a damp or swiftly busy with blankets and ~aabled Ambassador Myron Taylor cloth; everything canned and pack- sheets, or burdened with heavy, i keep the state department t~etter aged and convenient -- even the exacting babyhood, had more actual ~formed than ever before, humble applesauce, the unpreten- joy in living in five minutes than One significant development re- l~0rted back from Rome is the in- e teasing effort of Hitler to crack ~Wn on the pope--through Musso- ant. Apparently the dictators resent the newspaper Osservatore Ro- ~tano mouthpiece of the Vatican. t is the one newspaper in Italyfree of Fascist domination, and as a re- SUlt, its circulation has increased from 17,000 to 120,000. bone Sunday all copies were seized Fascist troops. Chin-Fu Woo is urging a third term for Roosevelt. As editor of the ~hinese Nationalist Daily, New ~ork, he plans to rally Chinese Americans. .The army has 16 so-called "for- ign language students," that is, of- eers studying foreign languages oread. The officer learning Chi- l~eae is stationed in China and the ilie learning Japanese is located Japan. But the officer studying Ussian is stationed in New York City. tious new potato, the familiar bis- this woman knows in as many cuR. One can buy shelled peas and years! lima beans, shelled crabs and The woman who wrote me that shrimp, ready made pie-crust and letter doesn't know it, but she is a patty shells, coward. She has been made a cow- Fifty years ago housework was all- ard by her own nature, that is un. absorbing. No permanents and imaginative, lazy, easily influenced, painted finger-nails then! The kitch- These are minor faults, perhaps, but en was a place of ashes, coal, yeast we pay for them more highly than rising, mops, scrubbing brushes, for more serious ones. peeling apples, chopping and stir- ring and skinning, cleaning fowls, handling great pots of soup bones, rolling out square yards of pastry. Women did all the family laundry, they did all the sewing, they cared for the children in health and for everyone in illness. ,' Frightened at Boredom. And that's what women are doing in nine tenths of the world today. When they are doing anything else, although they may be free and rest- ed and groomed and lovely as to hair and skin and' fingernails, and up on the latest lunch dishes and bridge points of The Four Aces, they are also apt to be bored frightfully, as the;r more hard-working sisters never were bored, and sometimes Just Isn't Living. To live in one dull apartment, year in and year out; to agree that having children is too much of a risk to run; to follow the example of other stupid women blindly, won- dering all the while why life tnstes so flat, is to grow gradually less and less aware of the amazing op- portunities all about her, to forget what freedom and independence are to sink gradually into an atrophied condition from which nothing can arouse her! Science and civilization have tak. en away from us women many of our old royal rights of service and usefulness, But it's a poor heart doesn't find a latter day substi- tute in a world as needy as this vv~' VV~' lh th Wyeth Spears ;' [~EAR MRS. SPEARS: I would a.~ like to make some handy end tables of spools for the living room, but I can't think of a way to make them rigid, ttave you any suggestions as to how this may be done? B.P." Curtain rods are used through the spools to make the legs. Bet- ter take along a spool to try when shop for the rods; and get the type that has one piece fitting inside the other. If the spools are a little loose on the rod, it won't make any difference for they must be glued between each spool, and also between the spools and III II |11 the table shelves. I have shown in the sketch everything else you need to know to make this table. Good luck to you] NOTE: If you have an iron bed or a rocking chair, you would like! to modernize be sure to send for! my Book No. 3. It contains 32 fascinating ideas of things to make for your home. Send 10 cents coin to cover cost of book and mailing. Send order to: MRS. RUTI! WYETil SPEARS Drawer 10 Bedford llllls New YorR Enclose 10 cents for Book No. 3. Name * Address Mirth Like Lightning Mirth is like a flash of lightning that breaks through a gloom of clouds and glitters for a moment. lsk Me J[nother A General Quiz The Questions 1. 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