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Indian Valley Record
Greenville, California
May 30, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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May 30, 1940

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TItlIRSl)AY, MAY 30, 1940 ii i INDIAN VAbLEY RECORD Iglittering with snow, and the Ifroni a .m,ucii lower level foi hundreds of miles in e, ither descent by the raih'oad of the ,ir is redolent always with the I Quincy Junction (287.8). It direction through the niountain Nevada face of the Sierra Ne- fragrance of growing thnigs, is frolii, here the (~luhiev l{ali- Imrricrs hetween the coastal vada. Front Reno Junction, a --Auhrey ])ruryt in (~alifornia, r,>iidi(lids off to Quincy, coun- plain and the interior l)latealis'ii;3"inile. . hrailch, lhie, .operated. ll.n lntinilite Guide ' Iv ,~eat of lqumas county AI- It. %vas ill 1852 thai Jim b'eck- prlln~arlly for freight nervlee The word "sierra" is Span- tllotIvh tliis litlle eityi, v hicn wourth rescued all enligrant !extends to Relio, metropolis of ,(By TItOS. P. BROWN), Valley, which is soutli i)t! Ked-i 1 lie Northern (Jalifornia l~x- die, are lo bP t'Ollnd sl)eeinlens lMI' ineallillg saw or saw-tooth-~]ivs "n the Amer! galle$, train which was lost while try- Nevada alld nearest l)oint to teilSiOll, Of lli,ber IAne of the .of the llifcher ]lhlnt ((~lll']ing- ('0 Ollniains. Nevada Ineann I.COl c'ed by pineelad IllOil~:'"'ll ll'lg to lii,ake its way west !Virgnia City ((',()nlstli('k Lode) ! ,}, r~ ~estern I acihe llalhvay, cx- ionia ~;alltorlilea). lhis is while as snow and was the sh,li,S and snow-ealq/e,I pei~ks, thrmlgh the Sierra Nevada and C, arslln City, eallil:al till Ne- tends nort, herly t~l'Olll Keddie, (me of lhe very f'ew regions ill name given lhis lowering is fiw; nliles distant, it. Ilili~' ()ile (if the inelll,liers of the era- vada. via (h'eenville in the ]n.diantile (hilden State wh(~re the range ()t' mollntains by Pat,her ;l-O;itlily be seen I~l.Olll th '.V,~- igrallt train was lna Coolhrith, Reno Junction, first was Valley, Westwood alid Lake piteher lilalit ~t'rown. 8peci- l~'rlltieiseo (llirces wlien, in 1775, or)' I acifie. Qliilley is h"<,i- snbsequentlv California's poet. named l/ainhow, l'he story of Norvell to Bieber, a distanee of lllellS (iflhl,i,itvheri)]ant, lie erosm, d whllt iS flOW t.he li Itlllrtel'S for the llhlnlas ).~it;{oil. l~ltlreate. Beekwourth lifted how it. first eallle to he so ISOlltherli, part (if the state l'c,'est. Ilia a.nd her sister on Ms horse iianled eonles from the eorres- 112 niiles There a t'onneeti,m which ix (;iirnivorous ,is well aslN(,vada I Villhint,s Imop (294.5.1) llei'( 1.efore him, and piloted t lie pondence of Virgil (:hly Bogue, i~ niad( wil.h the Great Norlh-linsevtivorous in the horticul- tTII l{ailway's ex|cnsion Sollth- tllrtl llllildilig eli Trea,~llre ls-I l~;xtremely )hi,cresting is theithe railroad traces a ifonllile|e elnjgrant train to saf(ty chief eons|riletion engineer irly l'rolti Kiallialli Falls, ()re-'l~lld, fhflden (bite lateral)-(geological history (if the ~ierra Icirele, lliiloteliths Of a littil~ ill throug'h the' Beekwourlh lhtss when the railroad was huilt Son, a distance of 88 ,iles. b'v tlo,al Exposition, we,'e fell rawJ'" ' w, <:, :,m<: ,---,-, ,<- t-hi:l":r::::':i;'nr' +n::: u,llllgord ::, and ahlng tl,e way lhat tic(,anle Bogue liad had difficulty in a ,i, l>'f ene of the, early eat)grant driving the Chilcoot Tuil:ne,1. these eolinectillg extensions, halilhlirg'er lo ke(,l) tlleni lhriV-lorigin, the Sierra Nevada owe ',no per cent, thlln (ihvia,hl : i trliils. Many yelil's later, lna l lowever, as in tvpieM of engi- Which were conillle~cd ill l!Jlll, hi~'. i their rise to it gigantic folding sh,eper ascent. Ihe tliair.eq'r (Illolllritti, having crossed tire hoers whose goal is to pill a. llew rOllies hitve been created, There are litany wiht flowers oF Ill(, eartll's ernst From a (if lh s loop which is enn 'oi ' 'd portals of ]it.erar~, fa.lne, re- lwojeet tllrollgh, Boglle had between tit(, lliraeil'ie Northwest l:ml interesting plants in itwll ~'erv broad viewlloint, and ill a high mountain' ' nt(.a~ie'v.i " (.ailed that lieekwonrth had re- i,<}urage, optriniism and inia.gin- and th(, [njand Enipire, on the t,'eather R~ver Canyon. Yers"lr ae'hin'gl haek into the far]surroni,ded bv forest treen, is niarked, on arriving at the at)on. And in this connection One hand, and California, Ari- by Jeanette ]]eintzen Lawrence. Zona and New Mexie(i, also Ne- entitled "Plllnuts-gierra," and)vistas of tlnle, the Sierra Ne-~al~proximate]y 1,500 feet. (lalifornia line:, there is quoted lhe following Vada, Utah, and staten beyond, f, lund ]n the seral)hook of Ar- x,a(la constitute a llatholith or /llrin~' Garden Tunnel (2!}7. "llere is (Sllifornia, little ~,xti'aet frola one of his letters p '' oa the other. These eonneetin .z lhur W. Keddie, reads: s;ngle solhl mass,formhlg a huge !S). In driving this tunnel, irls. Here, is your kingdom, to his superior: bhlek 350 miles )(in7 with a 7.34:1 7 feet in length, lit an "And California is lny king- ".A few days ago, having in- t~Xt(iisions, ,". .tire operat(,d for 'tin lll(~ siolle el Tile I1111" l t;iaxiinunl width of 80 miles, :elevation of I],91~5 feet, con- dora and has been my kingdoni speete(l the [irl)gress on Chil- ~relgtit, service, - t Stands the ohl water mill; IThis Mock ix inclined--its .Pa- struetioll engineers were eom- ever sinee." sahl ]na (~oolbrith. coot Tuimel, and havhig had a lJa](e ~N()rv(~ll elyT,lie INorl, n- . . ~ . , ' ViihllsI'aftt,rs (leea(l(qll, all(l Mount Ina Coolhrith, nanled verv hard (lay, [ walked over . ~ . ) ;(df'ie slope relatively, gentle its i)elh'(t to fi,ht for month.q rn (,ahf( rnia LxteliSlOli. 5].5 ' "' ~" , :: ', rottei~, I Nevada face abrnl)i. After the agaii~nf obstaelen iii the way of for her, is in, Nierra. county, di- the silrface of the ground, It ~!illes north of lie(lille a, llCl Sll,-, . - ' " " i',' " ' I.'~OW itll idle oht shed; [l,rchmniary upheaval, known hou]dern and hands of an an- rtctly soilth of the line ofthe 1,d btg(.n lalnlllg all day, but uate(1 in, a l,gn thou)alan, mea-I",i wheel listless and dea(1, l as the Cordilleran revelation or e;ent river-bed, and also the Western l"acifie, its I neared the eastern portal uow virtually on the sun,mitt ' (,f ~ , ~ At rl tl e nlen wile on(;e ran it lhe Vevadian nlovernents,a wat(rn of an underground At the town of Beckwourth, the tunnel, the sky cleared ~l l, ne (,a, sea(le InOUllT, IIIlIS. ali(I ] ~ I - - - ' - ,~ "~ ~ " "- " (hie ,' ' ,' ' s, r l forgotten. ~l'eat fault oeeurred on its east- stream, wnll;tiin about one-half mil( lali(1 I:ner~ was a beaiitlful ram- " ll~'ll WIII(,II ~ll,"ln ll, lV( ~ f] . . [ O, the flowers,l(new, how ern side, eauslll7 the depression I ]~eat|lerR, iver Inn (309.8),northwest of t]i(, station, Beck- J bow. I took this as a good ows to iion(~ t~,lKehas, ~,k o n the (Ir~ ~ inI . ~ o n th estahhshed a tra(hn, onlel~ and a pronllse that our ." I ','} grandl) th< ~ gr(w, n wn a ,at t as" b.lilt of mass ve logs, with ella- " " ~", ".' " - ] " "" ' llrove(tan ideal site for snow, " " . I . i . ,f, l Il~" the ohl water mill iwh ell extends to tt e Vasateh letsranged about fitsliar- l.ost for entlgrailt trains. Jf forts would be (.rowned with ~ports, including skill)g, to- lOn",t ]~ . U ' " < ~ i I ~'llceess " l t,h~ S]Oli( of tt e hill I ,Iountams of tab. The stor;v n oniously into the picture of ]lawley (328.l) ]~rom th s i~, .)ogganlng and lee-skating. 'I he l I " i " " " ~ I trPh. 1~ ~ ~, . I ~ot the ~wrra l'~evatla is no~ a mountain grandeur and is one station a 12~mile Dranen llnel t-- s western rael~le operates ape-} Sierra (284.5) is the sile oflrinl~le or~ Theie w(r, s,hse ' "'",-,~'- - ~: I el 1 . . ~ ~ ~ > l" ~* " ! ,'u ' ": i ill I. alltornla s larger Oll~-, FI)TIS TO liO Vlllt, tJii ill k~l :lia, | d~l l, ralns i)eT.ween ~Itn l~'ran- a silmnler vaeatloli can)l)m4tln-:,~ . . I ; ' . ~,qllent ullheavals: gt ohlgists sa.y~standlng mollntaln resorts. In[county, where scenes of stomes[ L~OAL ADVEIITISElYEII!RNT uise(ianti lzIKe iNorven earn l,ilned 1)3 1lie (it', of Oakland , ilns ran e is still rlsln,thel e t,i lb, Br t Harte ~(le laid amen r . . '.' ' ' ;l;" " ", ' " . ",' g. ", .'"".'" ~" " h( Peat, her R'ver (~allvon and. $ 't '" ",g] wittier ncanon Vacation inind---I tie ]~eat]ier " . ' ,were ,~rr(at lava flows from adiacent territory are many]them, were. The Oliteasts of] l~assen Peak 10,4,),'1 feet. i ,h~er colnltry is li favorite va- n+. :.~ +u + <, .a n = +~ )~,~,~,-~ .~1 ,i . ",I! i,*~ ill i,iil~ l~ lr/,ii ~ ~lit,ll Itiiti I,ner hOTelS renarts ano e