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Indian Valley Record
Greenville, California
May 30, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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May 30, 1940

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INDIAN VALLEY RECORD ' Thursday, May 30, 1940 -r~ I. . . . , . m. . . . , ,-A,.,,,-_,,,A_, ,, i.,,,_...,.,.,c_,,.., _. i .7 "W , "7%....777 Emit 77—A—A 7- Hr" 7—. .mv—erwov -~r frovvr- ~ —— »-—»-——--—-— —A—. .w -----—--—--»— A .rflrlr »_ H .n i 7.. ._, ...'._-——..._.< _»~....v rrArW—rm Rellef Symbols Two emblems other than the red cross are recognized by most {‘5‘ tions as the symbols of agenda, of mercy in war and disaster. At an international conferfil'“:e in Geneva, Switzerland, 50111975 years ago, all Christian natlon5 agreed upon a universal flag mercy——the distinctive red CF05, " on a white field. But the Moham’ I, medan countries chose a red 6195' cent on a white field for their Sifn' bol, while Iran (formerly Persia) adopted a white flag with a red deSign of a lion and sum—Path‘ finder. MEANWHILE. MVRA. STANDING AT THE BACKDOOR WAITING- FOR HER MUSIC CUE WAS JOINED By TEX ROPER .‘THE NEW COWBOV STAR wI‘n-I BANG-s BROS. CIRCUS ‘ , \s t h It I TELL you WHAT I’D DO.HAL.'. MVRA o.I<.,DAD DOES HER WIRE AND TRAPEZE ACT lN THANKS — A FEW MiNUTES‘ —— Go To THE BACK DOOR AND TALK To HER NATUQALLY ,. way. was MYRA.“IHA‘FS _. wHuT EVER'BODY TOLD ME : WHEN I JOINED_1IIE SHOW-- ‘ SAV. IF I HADNT‘ O’ v _/ nocron'rswro‘IiIIIi'uU MISS MYRA I HEAR YDRE BOY JUST AS |F FRi ND. H’AL THO PSOH COME ‘ Do you REFER—fa . .. ER . you EXTERNALLY cAusgp HAPPENED 1’ SHORE AM LOOKiN'FORWARD I boy FRIENV To MEETIN : ansrn mom COAST 10 cans“ No matter what you've tried with)“t success for unsightly surface pimp“! blemishes and similar skin irritation?"I here's an amazingly successful dqu'“ formula—~powerful 1y] soothing, Zemo—which quic Ivl relieves Itc soreness and starts rig t in to help n8, _ promote FAST healing. 30 years contm“ ous success! Let Zemo’s 10 different mtg; velous effective ingredients he???1 skin. at a. bottle of Zemo TO A 'ZCmO FOR SKIN IRRITATION" Eh AS THE PRODUCER SHE’S WILD ABOUT MAZIE‘. 'I‘M GOING OVER MY DEAD MAZIE LATOUR PLOTS To GET OF THIS SHOW, I'D DANCING AND THEV PASSED CAN MAKE To KEEP YOUR BODY -I ONLY LALA OUT OF THE SHOW— LIKE To KNOW WHV MAzIE LATOUR A LAW AGAINST , STAGEHANOS FRIEND. T E BLIMP. BROUGHT HER IN LALA FRANCES HOME BELIEVING Present 35 Past . 3 THAT HEAVV DAME ASKED ME To LET THE BEEF TRUST LAUGH, IN THE HOW HERE FOR A JOKE - SHE Is DESTINED To GET HER The present contains nothm“ Is REHEARSING HER FOOL AROUND '_ SHE’LL MAKE FOR LAUGHS says 501' NAME IN ELECTRIC LIGHTS more than the ast and what WITH THE 1, HO Ho WHO EANG AUDIENCES ' found in the effepct 5 already in ' ~ FOR THE FIRE TRUCK? .. _’ TO THINK I HAD “’3 TALENT AN» 1 :- the cause—Henri Bergson. DIDN'T KNOW IT! ‘ '1 INDIGESTION may aflect the Heart in. Gas trsyped in the stomach or guliut may act [my hair-trigger on the heart. At the first sign of ‘13:” to smart men and women depend on Bell-ans Tflb new set gas free. No laxative but made of the u” actin medicines known for acid indigestion. I Fl DOSE doesn't provl Bell-ans bow. bottle to us end receive DOUBLE Money —___—__/ Deepest Truths d The deepest truths are best 1'93 1 .°\\-\‘3 between the lines, and, for the . most part refuse to be written” S’MATTER POP— You Have to Handle Spaghetti Just So I By C. M. PAYNE Alcott. No child can be sure to escape BOWEL onIM§ Maybe you don't realize how ens it “and youngsters to become infected w th 1‘0 worms without their parents even law on it! Your child may ‘catch" the infewun. from other children from a dog. from cooked vegetables. from infested Wits“ , 80. watch out for these warning si : Uneasy tomach. Fidgetiug and st uirnlm‘ Itchy nose and other arts. Fin! “W tite. Biting nails. An 11' you even Slug ' . I - _ that your child has round wormfi 5 I. . x using JAYNE'B Vsmunmoa at oncol by .‘ l. I‘ « s ‘ JAYNE'E anmruon is the best gm remedy in America for expelii of worms. 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Other ' oi kidney or bladder disorder are “a”. times burning. scanty or too trod urination. “I. Try Dean's Pills. Don's hall, a” kidneys to pus oi! harmiui excellhlh‘. waste. They have had more than on, century of public a prov-l. Are “a.” mended by (3mm users ovoryWh All: your 1" ghborl 'American baseball-excerpts from Ian account in the Ashington Col- lierles Magazine: "A diminutive 96”“ abw‘ m" I m Is wmoum 1: GET Juneau, gunman» mwis morn Maw new I1’ MD stuns ms noun prim sign JUNIOR Ton AN menus To Pox: I1 WA feet high. complete with player's ‘ uniform including giant jockey cap. is handing bludgeons around for in- pection." Yes—it was the bat boy! He continues: “The fielding is the liveliest thing imaginable. Those at the bases and outfield are armed 6215an or WNTING mom a» MD cams moo JUNwR 60f sot-MICK!!!» mm“ A DIM: or with a single glove as large as . wrfo snout,"wIIraE's m1 urinating" v/Immo cums Imam AGAIN I frying pan. The balls are skied 3k/ 7 a tremendous height. but I new . M11015 1!) MINE 70R DEW, JUNIOR HASTIL‘I' THING To NATO! MRWS PM" MNER 5D! 0? saw a catch missed." WELL I PONT SUPPOSE TaooPA' OFTHE 30/ (TU BE IDNO EEFOEE scours MOBIUZE AT 1,, a Nutshell THE‘I'IZE ALL IN IT HEADQUARTERS F02- The theater was In an uproar- Munennumommm WERBEKIIDEAR an), JUNIOR cums mumsaumma 7mm time, SAT. 9AM. “They're calling for the author," ‘said the man responsible for the play. 2 \' u \\ wright and impelled him along the passage. As he shoved him toward The manager grabbed the play- the curtain he said cur“ "we". mmwwsfiwmmr HEB man m RENE/[5 MD-KLMYAND 6095 00W" just go in mm and ten they!“ you.“ mmmsnmmus m? mmmmrur. .wmon mime msrum! ‘ so“.pr This." lyndleelo. lnc.—WNU sum. 1mm um "5 60": “ummmM’NN