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May 16, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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May 16, 1940

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INDIAN VALLEY RECORD THURSDAY, MAY 16, 1910 BIi~TI~D-AY Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Fulton andlDINNER i I -owER i Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Taylor spent FOR MISS |PARTY ~' [HELEN ]blANTHE ] family left for Jopan, Missouri, be-[PARTY .~' Saturday fishing in Clover Creek, ~,nd Sunday they visited in Susan- -- I,~ i [ Dickie Nye celebrated his birth- cause of the death of Mr. Felton'sI ! ville M.o ~. rlol ~aunde- ] Mrs. Meta ]~]anthe, assisted bYida, last Saturday, with a birthda- b2other, Freden Felton. ] Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Taylor entef 4ut~B, ~vA~ a~a 4v~ i . j k j .7 e~ . [Mms Elda Wagner gave a miscellan- rained with a dinner nartv Weds ~orresponuen~ i i party. . Mrs. Adele Gray of Adele's Beau- "- ~ - i cous a~tcnen Shower on Weunesaay[ . ~. . I day Mr and Mrs Woody KIW~ ------- . ~ ty Shop has installeu a new ~uart ~" " " -- i n~ I ~,fternoon In honor of her daughter,[ I ric Mr and Mrs Henry Griesba~ i ~v i ~r. and Mrs. w.u. ~eaeu a u los Helen Manthe who is to be [John I~egat Ill thermostaticahy controJea perman-[ " - " -" -- " r I$~ slm~ gzandaughter, Marjarie Noel of San ~ ' ~ ~. cut wave machine, i uaugnter, ~everly, and #a f~ i AP'-~~V~II ~ i Diego spent last week at the George [mart.lee to l~o.nal.a l~oztu.on may z ~.j John Legat, who for many years I Mrs. E. C. Littlefleld were pre~: I ~~11~11~ i Chamberlain home. Mr. Bedell, who i. l:ne guest nst meJuue.a M~'s. C. C. Ihas operated a shoe repair shop at ~lU rieau .anu ~,r,e ~ ~'~lBridge was played during the '~ ~ortn, ~ars. M. D. Ayooo ~ars. S . Monrovia visited ~v~r. anu ~ars. w. sin i~ ~ ~ i m Mrs. Chamberlmns brother, re-[ ' ']Creenvi]le, is reported scrmusly ill . ] g" ' II~ lim mmilSr n |Ayoob, Mrs. L. O. Gray, Mrs. F. Mc-I M. Bayes last week. Wh,le heret ~.-~ ~m m~"~ i ('cntly retireu lrom the ~xaval xrai - ! ! ---------,o---------~ I. I A New Delicious Bread for IVey Mrs. Gilbert Webb Mrs H P I tney maue severm zmmng ~rzpsll ' I mg ~muon m ~an ~zego. ' Mr and Mrs I T Neilson and * i All the Family l Iw~st Mrs. K. B. Murray, Mrs Lau-I with a good catch each trip. Mr lli . .- ~ Irence Locl-ney Mrs Tom McRorie |family spent Sunday at Walker- Head has visited the Bayes each 'l I I IIUUI IIUUU | M'Or~lIl~[1 w]un Mrs ~aartna ~arnes a%|lee, ~rry, i " ' " 'Imine -"~"in'- **r ~n~ ~r~ ~ ~ l[ "-" ] ' . . v,~,~ s ~" ~ ~'=~""~" s ix ears WHEAT GERM and Otis BarnesMrs Doris Wilson Mrs. John McRorm, Mrs. Frank . summer for the pa t s y . II RFAUTY IAILOl l ] ContalnsVltatnsB, E, andG i sndMrs. George Lambert went tolKruger, Mrs" GuyC. Outland, Mr'~'] . Nzelson and family. I i Thisbreadis.bakedw~thGer- l Quincy last Wednesday. J ~' F. Morris, Mrs. R.A. Costar,[ o to Chiloquin over the week-end. II MILDREDDAVI$ t M n "rt I Mr~ and Mrs Floyd Hayes drove li | ~,~. . 1,51arge made a OUSl ess ~ p " vita Flour which contains the i i Mrs. Be,:ker, Mrs. J. Dean, Mrs. S. S a - [ OPERATOR [ I concentrated vitamins found i Mrs. Cord Sheehan entertained [,Webster,Mrs Jim North, Mrs. Veal.] Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Miller drove to !CARD OF THANKS i | i In wheat It has ten times i the Ladies' Aid last Thursday. Higganbotham, Mrr. Louis Pri.~'~heir home in Humbug Valley Sun- ~ i alLKinds of I i the wheat germ contained in i ]deaux and Miss Nettle Stover ]day. Mrs. Miller remained there We desire to thank our many ] Beauty Culture ~oae/~ x~h,~,~ l~'%oat Lee Johnson made a business trip,----------.-~.- land is arranging for the opening of friends fOr their acts of kindness | I "~B'AKED~ AN" "D SOLD AT i to Chieo last Wednesday. IBRIDGE i their home for the season, a~d their words of condolence inJl PRICESREASONABIA~ I ,at, a~a*~-~ ~a~n~ ~ |LUNCHEON I Mr. and Mrs. John Bettinger were om recent bereavement. II Open from 9 a. m. to 6 p. m, INU!AN VALLr.I DAl~rnl Mr and Mrs G E Boyden left! I~ THE CAMILE FRIZZIE FAMILY n J --~ODu, iVlcl lure- LittleS' of Willows'~Y " spent" " the--:' weekend-it ThOSeed atWh Roundattended *h~ ~r -- s, [A.~ (.tuner?~y~.? d M/s .fTayl rgUes~STuesday'. o~ Mr E 2 akel ~ an danc~ Mrs ~ i: In everyrt cooking oper a 1 i -Jr W last Thursdafor Fresno Bakers ! -rio ~-~ " . .!ezs Bridge Luncheon at the Sorsoli-~ ~d z~elo an i other pmces. rney expec i . l I" -- ]Hotel at Crescent Mills last Fridayl ~vxr. an(/ Mrs. Floyd May and [~~ to oe gone aoout a mounm. I I I~ 1 " ! Iweze Mrs. M.D. Ayoob Mrs Frank[family of Loyalton visited Mr. and J~ r'=ll i~=J~ ~| J~ J~ i me v 1~ [~ ICantrill, Mrs. Gerald Simpson Mrs I r. Emmett Harpole and other I~ I1=.# .---li,=.~=~| ~1 r'~,I ~ .---, .---,| l-'flllnp an(] uaugnter ~vlrs ~ran z I ! i r le nlln r W~" fz en The L |y----~lr pp ng w th f esh dew g a g in zts sllve [~ I~Ti~[~l~ ~[ ' . -IL. o. Gray. Mrs Fred Christie i 'i dsover the week-end They at- [~ Thefts sliver ww i I~ i ~n~ ni i .~ hl ces Thompson ot ~4u]ncy, were nerel." ~ I I~ te~. ol of utter cleanliness. 1 I~; ~I ~ts weunesuay iz~rs R. G. Hansborou~,h~, Mrs. Har- l~enoeu church nere ~unuay. i~ ~ --" ~ ' te~ E [[~ OF ~1 ": t |'old Bausch Mrs D [ J~ Pl~own's symbol for utre ~ ~ I" avis, Mrs. ~'rang I vrea Lnuerlem oz ~acramento I~ ~r~ eomnlete pro- ! "~--" ]h[ar~ sch " t Cie~lllln~ss In enGines, uur e o r, more eompmw p N Saturday Cl0slng ~7c,~;~k wada visitor from]espy~r'sTtAdt,MM.r~isWe.eMd;: MMCE~-ltl;:]12d ~a:t ?dekM. rs" Everett Li.- 1~ ~~=tTT~~ i I~ . ~] Q'i y ay. ' ' I : IH ~, *from-your cloth" l This I~ng wth oe cmsea every [~] |~crugg, ~vzrs. t=. ~a. ~m~ltn, Mrs. m. I Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Daugherty {[~ h~. mwnris["f | S~tturda~ durin~" the months ~1 Mrs Will|an1 Metcaif of Saera-|~" Kunzler, Mrs Guy C Outland |and famii Har '.I~ v~y ~on Ior SllrprJs,-~ | II~ ~ ~[ " I I y Ol(l MCl~tlllen ana Im o. ]~ of June, July and August,~thc:n:o~P::t ~;s wwikl~:dm h;:;n:iot: ]~:Tie ?~ Setzer, Mrs. Russell [Mr. and Mrs. Andy Mounkes spent I~ results. i I~ 1940. ~1l'' ' " ' 'i,r.F. McVey, Mrs. Kelleris nday fishing at Round Valley" i~ ~a~d ~elLo~,I ]~ This conforms to similar ae ~i Mrs. Johnson returned to Sacra-land Mrs. Stanley Nagler. [Lake. Truck Every Thursda ay nd Friday ! mento with her daughter on Sunday Mrs Davis won first prizeMr~ I~ tlon taken by other banks ~] [ ",~. I Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sundahl and I~ --- . " - ! - Pm.usch second prize and Mrs F. dau hte- Bett of r ' I~ operating In thls territory, ~I Mrs. Charlotte Elwood, Mrs. Juno[ " I g y G ays Fiat vis- I~ Plnmse I ,nndrv = Parfnl, I ~lcvey the travelling prize lll.llllt|l~t~ IMILlbl~llt~Ll llU lID~U lglb [~ pursuant to Chapter 414, Stat- ~l Pierce Mrs Pearl Boney and AI-[ ]ited friends and relatives in Green- [~ IRAI|IL&k~ L~g~L[I|~LI J ~Pl t~L~lgll~ I ~' . I /file Sunda . [~ utes of California, 1939. [~[ bert Brown went to Quincy last I M [ Y ! II ~]T ld:ykr. ana .rs ~en ~enison pic,[ j Indian Valley'Bank ~:; ::: Mrs I)~n'-Garvin and Mrs lend at Williams, California. - I~ GREF ANVILLE, CALIF. ~[ S[llie Garvin spent several days| Mrs R b r " [ Mr and Mrs R o e t J Williams and w wunnmgnam ~~c~Y~:~c~m~c~l last week at Termo with Mrs. Fran-| " " [ ~ ~ ~~~ ~1~ ~il~ " k'e Williams [daughter, Mrs. P. J Kfllian, and[Of Paradise have rented the house ~ ~l I~lll~ ~ ~l~T~l I--V ' " ]Billy Krein of Placerville visitedlreeently vacated by Chester Dix & ~& ~ / 4~b/OI I J I ~'" " Mrs IMt. and Mrs Robert Williams,Jr,/and family, i ~" I Ir~ I -,1 ~r ~--~ n ! L~. '1'. t~arvln ano ~v/r. an(] .i and family over the week-end. Mr. and Mrs.-I. T. Diffin and Mr. [ I ihere I Mr land Mrs Ohyer Vetter and family TA ~~e ' ',f)l/JP " " " I pent the week-end camping and ~4 I [ ~ -- |family and Jack Meikle and Mr. ifishin~ at Bi~ BI]]r "'- I /hA ~ ~W~~ I I Mr. and ~ars. Lawrence ~zgemw/a~d Mrs. Tom MeClendon spent i ~ ~V~ ~ I' : ~ ' w]u ue in n Vetter said the mosqmtoes wer~ I of Susanville called on Mrs Ju o Su ILLE P,rce SSunday. " I I GREENV I Mr. and Mrs. George Glenn droveI l 'gIll" I an~ "Vioinlty in ] Mrs. J.A. I-Iardgrave and Mrs./' . |U. Claremont Sunday ] ~~,~f ~ 41 I September to Tune ~alld,A. J. Maunder attended a meeting of/lndlanValley Grange / Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bidwell re-] ~==~'~" - - ~--~, [ Service mano~ I the Eastern Star in Quincy last/ No. 439 [turned Monday from a week-end ~ ~ 15 Yeax~' Servlee in Indiani Wednesday night iMeets2ndand 4th Tuesday even.lng /visit with Mrs. Bidwell'a parents. ~" ~~'~ V~lley and Pluma~ County l -: [ of ea h month at Tsylorsville ]Mr. and Mrs M. V Smith in Con-I t -=~ "'~~"~'----~- -~.ay~ i -WJFS Marie ~urnettreturneuto -- " /cord ' I ~L~:~,~l~inll I " i - " " I IN/~AL STARK, Master ',| F, Idridge after spending the past ten I "" I "-" lii~ a~ wr~S YOUNG Secretary / -- J ~ il a I Gays sere anu m ~tulncy. / ' iA oed I ! -- l~l Clerk (showing customer golfl ~~i~J~ Mz and Mrs Red Bynum of San,stuckin s) ----p '" ' ~ . ./ HOME ECONOMICS CLI,B / g : "Wonderful value, sir. ---- I --" l/~ i l Fran sco.vis ed at the nome.o [ of the Indian Val|ey Orange |Worth double the money. Lates l I Ill [l Mrs lv~artna ~arnes matucoay. Mr. c i CROWD! i [M ,ets Every Tidrd 'lhzesday In Each [p ttern, fast colors, ]loleproof, won't "~-:~.~ ~" I i and ~ars. v'rancis ~rames anu soul Month [shrink, and it's a good yarn." i ~.~>ff.: ~ ~" I wu n z I I ARLENE TARESH Chairman I : 'Yes and very well "~~~i~-~- of Wall,ermine spent Sunday and Customer ' ~11 ~a I~} Monday at the Barnes home. l ' . " |told " I ~ - ~I~I~ItAZ~ tAztr~l~la, ~ecretary. " ok~ [ TO i ----- / I J An Electric Rungs co -- -- Mr. and Mrs. George Young and [~ [Have Compassion On ',"~ ,~1 *~ I INDIAN VAIi V I of San Francisco are spendingI,[ eoo, yourtood as the electrl I I a week here with Mrs. Florencel. [ A gentleman was walking down ~~$~'-~-~ ----4'--*. l |. , I SWIMMING POOL I Young:. III d~114/I tACI III'!,: street with a little boy at his] I~~ re. ne rmor Keeps ,: ~, ~zce wnen the boy emed out Oh, . i I I -- v i,: " I ,ertectl automatica Y Mr and Mrs Neils Hylen andlll WII2dABARRIE, Prop. I, there goesaneditor." I p y, ~ children of Susanville visited friendslll SPECIAL 7 COURSE DINNER [ "Hush, hush," said the father. ! to0~W~T~n " 'leWch~ and at low cost "~ here Monda,- Ill " |" on't make sport of the poor man I 7o o b. t a. Ill Ill.- ' ' i-- a Cahfornta the swm~ ts off L Oa onl o ty t a very Jow rate. o o y kn ws w~l~atyou may ---- ] electric cookin . In thousands of ho lghnn 0nen Fr0ml -, Mrs. C.M. Goodhue andill Sundav. Mav 19 ,o yourself some day." [ ~ where electrici~ has already takenovef~ ~&I~ e/J el, II r P' IIgranddaughter, Phyllis ughes[ll }1/ I L~lIM-,----.--~ job of re~r,geratmn, elecmcrangesarenOO~ II 9 A. M. TO 5 P.M. ii ~ " ,pent Sunday in Sloat at the L.D.II il[I II .ki.g o er i ob of ooki g. Thi e SATURDAY . II MAKE II Dewey home. Ill II/I n il tric cooking is brin in a new shrill ill II APPOINTMENTS II ---- III II/I hrPPnVlllg Ali[a II housekeen/nt, H IN ADVANCE [[ Harvey Dolphin made a business [][ Will Cater to Prlvato Partl~ in iiii "~ -,--,~.-- w . ,~.v II [i~/// J r o" . .~ trip to Red Bluff Monday New Private Dining Room . I Here are the thmgs these thousandS ~d II 6REENViLLe ]I " " III IIIIUT d ~ Ok I, ~ housewives like. They like the soecd ------ " "," t I[ Mr and Mrs George Batten of| --]i IT OHUP [I MAGIC SPEED the perfecuon and the ease and the low C ~, n ~ LL Modera electric ran~eJ f electri c okin ' etta" II DI~AI]TV ~P IJ, Richmond recently visited Mr.a di~li I "o -- -o II have,uperspeed~n,u O C 0 g. Theyhkethedep ll k~ll~l n I.~mu n a~Lm n " ' iS II [i Mrs. Robert SSSheehan. [ SINCERITY ~OD~r li II ~ . . " b e heat of the electric range because . IIHazel Bowerman II "---7-- - re h . I ~'~ No. 13~, F. & A.M. |[ ------- II tric ranges will sire exact neat wltn no guessing. Aria to . ~t mr. anu mrs. -~ a. Ta Sana I - ~t.W /I I i you all the speed you cooked electri,-all,~In-L, aria taeca, e hettef' OPERATOR meets ~econ0 ~rmay will ever need, ; II OWNER II children were guests of Mr. and Mrs I /i ORBY W. WARE AND I[ ' Toin the swin- to electric cookin : i ~ ~z~t oI ~:acn ~ontn /I II ~ j 8 ~' Tom ~dc~,orle ]n ~rescent ~zms [ / ~ at 8 O'Clock [[ H.D. BERTRAM, Props. [[ ~ the new low priced 1940 Electric Ran$Cs' 1Sunday" I S.F. LUZZADDER~ Master. /i --. II 1111[NZ l Learn how little it costs right at home i~r and Mrs M W Hansen and cook electr~call It ~s not a luxury It P : . .-~------W. I W.J. HALL. Secretar, II II " y. " . I II[daughter of Massac were dinner[ il Ruy Ser~p Iron Metal II j- J for you--for everybody. So why wait i idIP.P,N 1LU II guests of Mr. andMrs. K.W Flsherl ~ 11 " P 1 II il l ngert c kthem dernway--buyy ~' 1 II~flf1111~N II ---'- II [~ ~-'-'~ 1 electri range today~ I ll) II ! UIOA IIIUU /IWe Sell Used Auto Part~ and II --- v^"R DEALER OR THIS COMPANY I UbUD ii Dale Olsh, government t,mberi II II "'" ""'' . i DALE BANKS, I alM or llsca]er, arrlvedMonday to assumel I L 411 II leanest thins ever. Al- llh" du h -- r I I I 1 1 I~-" /[ II ways stays like new and ~l~ ~ / ~ GREENVILLE, CALIF. II ,m tzes at t e Ta esn sawmm. I I I i i "~i" ' i help~kee~ ourkitchen n~i~ Cigars, Cigarettes, Soft .~. i ~ Up~t~j 1 li Miss Faye Boyd of Oroville visftedl [ [ e e =.u ,e x, er o, . llMr. and Mrs. Aldo Sorsoll Monday.l |[- l ~ ~ I li,r, andMrs. - -o a Inreturnedl l[l W.J. HALL III ;I " i ilto their home in Goldfield Monday,[ All kinds of wood and all lengths.I. "lil ~ ~ ~b~ ~'~--------'~ enville P 0 NOTAR~ PUBLIC 1 --- I S M ON. Gre III ' III,? " I Mrs. Charlotte Elwood, Mrs. Maudl /fi Greedy[lie Calif III a meeting of the Pomona Grangel //.-~/~'/.~ j. it( III . j I IHSIA io Qulnoy Saturday night I " ,- t .~ ~/~; --- ~ -- i ii iAB R,E / I i ~tlAnn B~IV Mr. andMr T.~.Borneman ofl ,~~~-.~ j~ I r----'-----""---~ ,I ~~---L I O ENVIL E, O mW. 0 . "i I] II I I 11 . nye i ~ C. DEL/J~NGER ' "." - I o.~,=~ ~" ~ ~ ~ I F~ ~-~ l i ~ ~':'~"o::L" I I "" The Lost is Fou.d I I ONE STEP WONq" II I REPAIR WORK O OO/NGX n . A. / / GET YOU THERE/! g MAKES oF CARS - ~ D ~ur wont r~as //,// ~ ~ # . / / And O.e AD Won t Bring // Address i A A A EM]ERG]~TG-'~r ~ When you lose n eclvertis i/, !. ^ /i ~ x I * " " / i ~ucceaHl--zou ~tmt ~eep un / I ~ .qAMPL~ COPY ON REOUEST l[ i 8EB~ HILL. They Don't Stay Lost Lo,~ I i Adverfidng [I ~.~~-~- ~.~-~~a~ i "$~/Olt4Xa 4t" I. i I I #