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Greenville, California
May 16, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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May 16, 1940

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TH'URSDAY, MAY 16, 1940 I~'DLAN VALLEY RECORD I~TI"YIF A ~ILT N[T&'IIr 1" II~KT" ll~l"T~J'Nf'~lr~l"~ ~1 D. Shelton of Westwood spent LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT ~.~ l ~J ~.~ Y~-~l~l d.l~l l~.2~.~l'~l~ |]Sunday with Mr. a~d Mrs. E.M. -'-" IIh || F01t I II MEMBER OF GOVERNING LAURENCE LOCKNEY II Mr. and Mrs. Orby Ware and BOARD OF IIIGH SCHOOL I|daughtcr, Anita, spent Sunday eve- DISTRICT Entered as second-class matter November 27, 1930, at the post office at "B --HOS P BR "" 'fining in Westwood, visiting rela- (School Code Section 2.1059) Greenville, California, under the Act of March 3, 1879. ~ y T . . OW~) I ~mga tz~v.l), mtne ~pamsnname~tives' Notice is her---e'~'v ~iven to the Plumas National Forest-,This I for flea and was probably so-called I - .% nto ~ G rl . Jumctors or tne t~reenville l~lemv forest, which ls traversed by the ]because of Flea Valley, which is I a and Frizzle took his sister, cry School District of Plumal Obituaries, Cards of Thanks. and all notices of entertainments given for Western Pacific, comprises the or-Inot far distant. IrJ early days this ~ teresa, back to school at Woodland County, California, that the Annual profit, cnarged zor the same as other aavertising, iginal Plumas Forest Reserve and [ point was called Bi~ Bar on ac- [last Sunday She was called home Election of members of the govern the Diamond Mountain Forest Re-lccunt of the bar in the river. Near|because of the illness and death of ing board of the Plumas CoUn t~ Copy for advertising must reach the Record office not later than Wednes- serve, which were combined by ex- I this ~oint was one of +h~ ~r~r,he~ mother, Mrs. Hazel Frtzzie, of ~1,~ih School District, will bc ~e~ z- ~ at the ureenville Elementary Sca~, day forenoon to insure publication in the ~urrent issue. All communlca- eeutive orde- of Theodore Roose [~ ~*~, [Crescent Mills t tlons and items of news must reach the Record not later than Tuesday . " I ~. ~. ~e ~ p ~- ~,u .e,emcntary scnool ulst~l~ evening to insure Publication. All communications must bear the signa- vcl~ m lvu~ ~o~n me ~mmas ~*or. ]At ~'ulga the veather River high-| ~ on me r~rst v'rmay in JUNE, v, ture of the author, but will not be Published if requestea not to do so est Reserve and the Diamond |way leap-frogs the canyon by a ] LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT JUNE 7, 1940. I " ~~ It will be neeessar to elect ~ Mountain Forest Reserve had pre- brid e which is erecte2 above h J ~ ~ . Y --~ l g . t at ~l~ ~r 1,11%~'1" I IrMEJ'I'I~L~ O~" member fOr ree years .i~lC.l~. ~.r~ th.lf T Vnf$,~r ~r.lf,~ ~,iously been created by Roosevelt ,ff the Western Pacific At Tobin J CREDITORS The polls t~ill be open betwee~ ~ ~.~t~ Jm ~-~r~ ~ ~ I~'~'':: ~'~"~*~.=~ --~ .~" : in 1904. [ (253.1) the Western Pacific bridge,No. 8982 the hours of 2 o'clock P M. and 0 ~ow~ To zt ~U~mLtS~ I~ves~ lxlcnara ~ye, ~ex warren Within the outer Plumas National [ o'clock P M ' ,' ' i]s above ~nen lgnway bridge. ! ~ X " " ]MerrillButterfield Pete North I I ~n the 19is~ric~ wour~ of tne ~ignea" ] ' '~o,'v~ uuu,uarms, acuu, um~ to o. Indians were numerous at one.-: - .~ " --.~ Thc Greenville Bicycle Club has lP.ud Jordan, Philip Nelson Lloyd ~ I lumted btates in and for the North- F, E KAMPSCHMIIY~, :' I ~ ~ ~now regmnm zores~er there a'e t~me in the Feather River Canyon |era District of California Northern: EMILY BAR grown tO a ~o~al Of Z1 memners, ac- I Joseph, ~rnes~ ~avls, z~xranu wox,~ ~ ~. . ~ ~ ~.~ ~.o ' I " * ' ] " " ,~,~.~ ~u acres, o~ wmcn ~,x~v,~.~ a d not a few names of places are Divisioll, cording to announcement by T V" Byron Butterfleld, Vern Manthe . ~ ] L.O. GRAY " - 'acres are governmen~ ownea ana of Indian origin Pulga (Big Bar~,~n the ~via~er of FRANCIS L M McINTOSH Ei,':cnhutb Greenville trafficpc-I Eddie Webster, Jimmie Mullen. I " ISTEPHENS d b a TH~ ~mv,T~l w" " ' ~ z~ acres prlvatel ownea Tne was one .e . I ~.o v ;~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~r~ Y - e the site ~ .a.~ . tr lman and s:Ipervlsor of the club. I I ,--~.^- ~-- ~ ! |SHOP Bankrupt. J Members of Governln.~ Board, ~tsenimth states that a gilT club |COYOTE IS MASCOT FOR ] . p e reame ren(le- f To the Creditors of Francis L ] ~ ~ ~rosa pines, Jezrrey pines wni~e voused to hold thir "~ow wow- an~ ' ~ " ~ --~ - -~" ? I lSLl~'l'~l~ l~t)DT t~.~uvlr land" DO ' p - ~ u ,~tepnens, e~:c oJ: t~reenvllle In the I wt] also be organized as soon as u l n r wn eo le If ou ar . g as fir a d incense ceda. ~their feasts On one occasion In-ICounty of Plumas, District afore- I~ I ~ ~ I~'1 ~ r~A enougn members are reglsterea. I ~ I Th~ -mount of saw "im~--r -- "h- ' said' ~ ~ -- " " TM ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~-~ r~. - I fne r-minas iNatlonal ~'ores~ J:$11s-I ~ u L u~ on t ~, Glans ldlled a white family livin~ ~ ' I l "me Dlcyele ClHD nolas practice ',~ N ti ~ !~,er Rust Control camp at Round]g vernment land is eshmated at tat Coneow which is a short dis [ ~ o .co is hereby raven that said [ ~ AN D every ~aturaay morning on ~ne ten ~i'"o I ' ~-i~,zane]s z~ ~tepnens, etc, nas been I/ I I kA I1~ ~ 11-'II I'1111~ grammar school grounds Wheclub Valley, near Greenville, claims an . .u,~m ,~o.ara reet: Approxl-tance southwest of Pulga. Where-|duly adjudged a bankrupt on a]| L-|lv|r~ YVI.~g.JL.I. i members are drilling for the pur- unueual mascot, a male coyote, only mateiy zoo minion boars feet con- !unon the whites organized and |petition filed by his creditors on the ] ] Put Your Order In Now For I [a few inches tall The coyote was stlt ute the annual production from I killed all the Indians they came :l.0th day of April, 1940, and that the Next Winter's Wood par~ln ~ne t~reen-]captured recently by Vernon Knuth.]both government and private lands, : across in the vieinffy of Big Bar[fi's.t meeting of crcdffors w!ll bell -------. Vllle L~Old Diggers' ~araoe June 22. there bein nu nela at the o~rlce oz ~icnaru ~cl- [~on, while checking Blister Rust [ g a tuber of sawmills ]r.nd Consow. One Indian woman Lh~r ~ : [| Wood Yard Located Near ] ]FOllOwing are the members ot the ! I ill *u,~ .^-.: --. I . - ' I~ ~,-~,--~-~e,~,~.u#,l:.y, ~-,~,- I ~ I ~]eycm CraG" za~cnaei Ayooo ,sa- ~l~ ntr l nela areas. ~nutnsonI, Th ~ ~=~,tu, y. [wno had been cooking for a white Icher Bldg. Marysvlllc California, ],Greenville Hot Springs ] ' I brought the small creature to camp I e l-'lumas ~auona~ ~orest amo miner escaped Later theywere,cn the 4th day of June 1940 at the ] ] ward Stampfli, Thomas Frank El- rod c : ' ' " ho " ' ' " Iwhere ]t exhibited a fondness for]t u es forage for sheep and cat- r,',arrted and reared a large family,ur of 10 oeloek in the forenoon, J ~11" ~ ~ . ~r s~nnutn, t~onam x~ampscnmmt, ~u-].~nt~ o ~ +,tie Orass and herbage of the val s * :,at which place and time the cred- ~ aescenaants StUll, . J 1.0mer0 w00 lara " ~ --~ I,V~'~ ann meauows ana tne Drowse ' dwell in the Feether River Can-on ' -' ' I --ffi--~.~ nc ~:$al'Der, ]:SOD ~urray,vaanev ! ~, ~ . . ~ rs may a~ena ~ 'u.= ~ ~ ~xurray, wnmxo z~a,mer,~aJph BUSINESS GOOD AT |or the mountain slopes afford foodl Tob'n is one'of the ms- ~-"-~ "'|::a'(~i?or~app:~ntiL t'l HOT P . nv points " ", ' t ~. up~ , ! ----- lend 40000 head of sheep Ihas caused it to be ~n ' .:" Irnay propcrly come before said I ~ I] ' own as the " ! i l !. F: M. ?larke, owner of the Indian ] The beautiful forest lands also ]paradise of trout fishermen J n'c t*:ng must be fHc.' on thef~r'~ ] ~ D J ~r~ ~T ~ ~ O lr~lt@ ??t Springs at Greenvll!e,~indude splendtd recreational areas. J (To be continued) Jrequired by the BaukruptcyA~,'t] ~ 11 IJlIJSlSlt I i,i l~a~cs that many swimmers are vm-I ! Iwi~hin six months of the 4th day of I ~ vln/tonl/t I ,oo, l ono 1940. n a n lll| H i il i~vster is kept at just the right tem-| RANDOM OBSE | Dated: Marysville, Cal May 10, I ~ / N v~. m m.v I j . . . i a~v~Axu~ I any given Instance 11940. I :~ n ]p ramre ]or enjoyao,e swlmmmg. I (By a. o, I I R CHARD BE C ER I 1 wALT ,SNE S I I --- I The truth is t-hat---~he British peo. J Referee in Bank, upt'cy. [ I I A striking example of the power J,q, and the ~ '- |G~ant ~t. Wren, J ~ BUDWEISER AND ANIIEU" TECHNICOLOR CARTOON ~ of ro ,-~ -. p~up,v cuntro, c~n Fr; nciseo, Cal ] Mr. and Mrs. James Ramsey have J p .pa.ganda to m.eate confusion !then. governments, and retain that J Attornc- for petitioning creditors. J ~ SER-BUSCH BEER I t In:oved to Portola where Mr Ram |ana m~s-mrorm the public is the ~control even in war time. The truth,~~,~ ON DRAUGHT ~] ~* ~cr h~s ~ /~s~*''~ ' "jIresent widespread criticism of the~is that Hitler and Stalin control| LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT J ~ I"," "~ ~ ~"~ "umu~"lDe i. . i ~ I ~ foreign & Domestic Whlsklet ~l ,u~.~,~ ~n the prescn~ J~uro- tn ]r governments b the simple NOTICE TO CO- company at Delleker pean conflict, by Amez]canswho ]ocess of kilhn Y OWNER OF All Kinds of Wines & Liquors T WM M LL! Mr R. L. Harmer areJ '. " Jr- .g those of their| MINE TO CONTRIBUTE I I I ~ll I i~'="~ll I Iougn~ to ~now Petter ]own people who onnose them -r |~.*- -* '~' o ~, ,:,~ l~rs. Valentino Zun|no, Prop. I roovlng into tne ~amsey nouse ane I " I =-~",~ ~&~ uA ~Jv~Au.~la, x-Auzzlt~ .~v~*-*.v, i z TuI A'rDI !Mrs. Margaret Burrus and on, B.I --- Jwbo might endanger their eontin-I March 7,1940 C.Z |.o. Mg il l~nla~ JA. Wiley, have taken the HarmerI It there is anything that citizens red dictatorial power over theirJT(,: Robert H. Sheaffer: / ~ Greenville Hotel Bide |i 'house Iof the United States ot'ght to under. I c P P Y e interested J You are hereby notified that I,~ GItEI~N'r'I" TM ~" "~ .~ |stand it is free government: free the technique employed by theseJ~ave expended one hundred dollars I ~ ~L~U I IML.I I Mr and Mrs. Robert wnnamslspeech; freedom of the press; free. l 'ielators ,n the control of the,rlin labor and improvements uponJ'~ ~ -- " ~mlhave started construction on their|dora of religion and the right to iweaker neighbors whose lands they I the Dixie Queen (as relocated ac-| -" covet, look at the issue of th i ncw home. |the free and uncontrolled use of theI e mag-|count of error in first filing on,~ ] ~ A ~ . ~ ~ . ~ J [ballot bov in the selection of those |aztne "Life" for the weel e'ndlngJelaim) as will appear by certificate/ II/11 13 Ji rlK] II1~1~ /q.-/ll.'//.'/'/ ! Frenehy Du~hane, chef, will be/~'ho are to administer the affairs JAPrn 27and see there a. mobile al fi~ed Se tern ,-.- la o g -I p her 27th, 1939, in Vol-I IWB IM 111 S oclatea WithMrs t~ertruae Helt lnv. s m 'in~ "h " /of government. "It follows, also, ", ounted on wheels so itcould~t:me 15 Proof of Labor, page 299,1 lVll~'~l~ t e opera|ion or tne ~loneer be mov 6 .m ~. ~,~ MATINEE SUNDAY AT $ P. M. ] bat people who are struggling, any- Jed about the towns in Poland |in the office of the Recorder of J Iwa~e. J'ney tOOK over operation of |where in the World, to maintain or J to show the people the lifeless jFhtmas County, in order to hold/ ~ ~the cafe last week [extend the fundamental rights of]h dies of four of their ne~ghbors,[~:atd premises under the provisions|[~OO~! teaks h~ngtng by their necks to r = - ", |sell government, which we enjoy, J ',emind |of section 2324, Revised Statutes of/ Good Chops the living that ~t is unw~s to n . ]sl'ould reasonably expect to have ] ' -, " - ' e op- [the United States, being the amount,I"~.-.~ ~.~n,~t~ ,J lliV ~ ~~ ~ All, ~dP ~ ~|~he sincere sympathy and moral ]pose the onward march of Mr. Hit-|required to hold the same for the J ~UUU ~ ]er in taking what he wan I I l Inli i I I~1%,II%,~K %~KI [ ll upport of the people of the United Irr ts. I~ is lyesr end,ng" Septmber 30ti~, 19391 --, o I i 30~u~e~he ~11s~:~ PD~h~ls~S~= ,~ asonable to assume ~LU Jt~lnuS OX 100 000 tulle or tates Amazing as it is, a consid that [ 3 year guarantee I [/~ " ~ "Iexamples of unbrl similar [(account of extension of morator | ,of the loot ,| 1934 Ohovrelet ~te]', like new $276.(~) [ |J totalitarian states and the elected l ~c6-owner, your interest in said,Prices . ~OW can Am r" ' ~ / 193~ Dodge Sedan L overnmnts in Euro e e lcans look with c,aim will become $250 O0 g P the property f J tclerance upon that sort of thing ]the subscrlbe~,AHen Larison, under~ Webb s Meat Market J J WlLLYS DISTRIBUTOR I|! The communists who are activeJgtvtng aid ::Yd ?o:~:flammed tntoJsection 2324. J -'----- how can th i I 4t~h and Vine Tel. 7879 ~ |lla efforts to cre:te s-,mpathy for] rt to that sort,(Signed) ALLEN LARISON, | ~ eof dictators who are I I P o No REN0, NEVADA,|Jlhe dictators are entitled to credit| seeking the[ 727% Xay Street ] Pal s Barber Shop ~ ' ,es~rucuon of democratic . govern Sacramento, Caltf for being logical in the matter. J. E. o , -- I~ r Imentanywhereln,tbew rld? IFirstPubncaUonMarch, 940. I Stampfh, Pr P ,e:IRADIOARTIsT'--------- Publicat,oo May 30. 1,40 lO 30 2. v'"e,CCo flo';OOp, gcvernment the remedy i9 to de- VISITS G ~ ' " " : ' J~ ~[Jl . . J REENVILLE i NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC J HAIRCUT ~0C I~ ~ ~liS~*~oy the government. They stana, I I / ~- "~'~-" " i SHAVE 25e I w rld evolu Mr and Mrs C W Ba e J~ lr~ /~ ~ [~,Jabove all things, for o r -[ " Y s arevi-! Having sold my interest in the[ "*--"~-. '~,~b UPA WI-,'i ~ ~,1~ ~JJtion and the establishment of aJsittng the former's parents here in|Pioneer Cafe I will not be resnon J rim 2~e I~] I M~ ! I .~ 191 t/Pl I I ~l[dictatorship of and by that portion |Greenville. Mrs. Bayes is a member|~ible for an-'indehtedneso :.o:] [I ~ J[~ Jl,~J1 L/ ~ .L ~q~V~JJ. li ~] Jot the world's population whom thev i f the Carter F'ami]y, radio artists, [by any party or parties connected Jl I I li w'S I J~ [~]Jwhich stands between ~:hem and Jeatlon trip and have visited in Vir./~ II I ur,- v,~v~,- fh~ J~o+ ,~# +t,; ~ : ~]Jtheir goal of world revolu0on. It Is iglnia and Tennessee before comtng/ NOTICE OF ELECTION" FOR li GREENVILLE. I ~ ~. ,~. o~ ,~. ~,~ u~.o~ vx ~v~A tt**** *n to Greenville ELEMENTARY SCHOOL I~ Ig ~llvcry foolish for Americans, who be-I I II 1 I~ ~lllieve in democratic processes, to I Mrs. Bayes iS known to her radio I TRUSTEE II SOFT DRINKS I permit themselves to be hood audience as "Sara" in the Carter Notice is hereb ]1 Wines. Liquors, Beer [ll ;nked into going along with th:Jlq'amily. She will be backon the air|Electors of the GreYengil~:%::mteh: [I CANDIES i i~chool in said elementary schoolPi,n~, i I ~/ The technique used against theI " |ctstrict on the first Friday tnll WaKIII.IIW ,~ I n * 1 1 1 1 ~[JdemocraCies and in the interest of l~ ]JUNE, viz, JUNE 7, 1940. [I " aztvlav'' ~ IH Krl~ll~fl~lla l~innafl i,AAdO Hll~h~ dictators is to criticize the ,~ r~ ~~ J It will be necessary to elect 1 1 . . 1 momber for three years l Ll(Ll LU([,l[ll qUU,llll1[JU. I[.Jlq[JHU U [ lh h government as reactionary. Ad-|' i The oil " . . I I I " ~ ~%,|' " Z~M[ IL|"- ~" I 1 p S Will De open oecween II~IILJUUJ. k~J#Ul1~ I| ~llmi, the truth of that charge and ,tI ~'U,~ e".C.= I |the hours of 2 o'clock P M and6 . " i Im ~lidoes not alter the fact t~at thel h'l~. A~OUTT~.' ~1~ ~-i Io'~lockP M ' " DOMESTI re AL. Si ned [ lJp .sent British government oh-/.' I g ' I 1 II l[--lJ'et'~'l~[l~Te'~ll~'~ ~J J tained its power as the result ofan|[.~ ~ ,~W~I~"~ [ J ADELAIDEBIDWELL. WINES & LIQUOR8 I " JLJL'~.L U ~rV ~L L ~ ~'' . ./', ~ % ~ / ~,RALPH LOZANO ' J~ . ~i]open and free use of the r|ght or i" "~ ~ ) ~ /~ ""~4,C L HALL " II J the British people to elect their I /~ I~ I ~ P J~ [~][t JJ ~'~"~'P" [ ~fi~ ~-~-- ] I Members'of Governing Board II ltll~o~ernmnt; to question their rigbtll ~~ "~-~ .~ I I~ J] General Merchandise,]:hey want la to cny the ,unda-J[ I . J S E R V I C E" to elect any sort of government I~ I~l|mental democratic right of maJor J : Z//,J |, vp.m-tumtv I , [llruie. Very m ny o,tize,of thel', / /i I I I ! I vlo1;or 1~ 1 '' I I ~r "~ ~.~,-- o~ ~iiUnlted ~tates, includlng thls wrlter, l~.-) -. ,~-~--j|| ~.v~|~]/ I ~"1 I A. L. FARR, Mgr. I[~ l~' II/1 l~' ll ~j]are in profound disagreement with[[ ~ ~ ' I ]l ~::~) [[~-'q0[ ] i GREENVILLE CALIF. I~i N I Ill| i I 1 IM ~ ~J ]the political philosophy of the Brtt-[~ ~. [ ~ ) [ J J ~dll~&:~, ~ I I ' i~l, government, but will not per-, .~ 181 ~llwith their devotion to role principle~[ ADS ARE NEWS I II ~k~ "~ ~'~' I I I SALES AND SERVICE I[~ Greenville California ~l[of demoeraUc government, regara.[] ~'~" -~" ~ ;''~'~"'--~ "" ~" [ ][ "~Y~ ~ [ [ Repair Work on A|l M~e~ I ~[les~ of what sort of government][ Printedln Big Type J |J READ Ibm. AI'IR ' [ J of Cars ~-.: r'~--: :v" ~-~ J democratic processes produces in J~ =- o .