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May 16, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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May 16, 1940

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VOLUME X GREENVILLE, PLUMAS COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY, MAY 16, 1940 NUMBER 34 e' m I~ FAIR ASSOCIATION WILL 1 FAMOUS TRIO OF IUSE BOOK SCRIPT TICKETSThe Plumas-C~y Fair Assort- I | Tanglell I stion will use the book script type i ------- . . Iof tickets for the first annual fair, ~ 1, II 30,40 and even 50. years ago, IThe books will be turned over tel .~ I With final practices thiswee lI stars of the national game ' " ]thousands of Butte and Phlmas vii BuLte county and Plumas coun- ' ' . ling oi tne sea, urn II M,rrav will attemnt to I - /season in the Feather River won. indicates that Pluln&~ connty people g . Iwhere the high school's 88piece ll~~ (n"k:'t:h I / Governor Culbert L. Olson will both the Greenville and Quincy (h~aeagle a troublesome team in[ g II game. H. be .staked out I Cowan. Booths may be entered by I and Saturoay, . y ~ . pec~ w,~, ~,e voss,~# ,~ j planneo Among tnem are s Cnll 10 p m l~'lesta luncneon it ~ one of the seven clues can win toeI I ~' I dren's fun parade a free matinee Orovllle Inn . I ~na now comes toe announce-| ~,~ -*z~ ~ *u~ [ I flee barbecue which ,~"~ oe serves Whiskers Starting this Sunoay, a regular/ is. Dumper str~p ttuvcru~,~ ~"~1 exmDlteo must nave been procures ' "' ~- " Youngman, ] Smith Mtffleymbn*Bell,R ]And w ~,~~,evara.Hoagr~ra ] o ~o,~, ~sesson. h~ ahn|l a~|r rltir|r~w>l armK w~l Delwn th/m lthrows to first Gleim R Rill J HYde, C Hannah e n bin s lined ! ! fl ~!1~ 3.VI~ T th se fans wh des!re t I acc rding t ann uncement bY Fair ~ I'1 I I,] LS J.~aA--'~,~w~l] see how baseball^was played I Manager W. P. Cowan. i (By Jimmle May) I FEATHER RIVER BASEBALL I] :vi~lbe :n:c:;:::c:tt:heg :;::t : mn~ty f:ga::lZe?tiThe I;.50a::O:O~ll i heOIRORViIvLerLEGaMt:ylb'-FTh:ta,F:~ be;h:rdeiI::daf :::e?t~:beC:lso ex Carl Furrer, manager-player of[ (By C. H. Gall) ]1 ing game here Sunday. I contain $3 00 worth of tickets and[t Y ~ " the Indian Valley Merchants, an-| ----- . {| A fa~s trio of former ]the $5 00' book will contain $6 50|event which will be celebrated by tended a very cordial invitation to ~Ounces that southpaw ~eorge l o~ e, ~ortn ot tiCKetS. - . |throughout the Feather River Lea-~~show. T-he'y ]c,unty people in addition to Ore- ty people to join Oroville in its ~'rice will open on the mounu wnen I. .- ,~ u.are I,w, p~,~ j All tickets Will De or za cents ue I . ' o ~ ~ le here Sun Igue territory um aura, c I] are K. B. Murray, J. P. Bran-nomination and will be ~ood atlville's populace, is oeslgneu ~o mark giant two-say zesnval. ,vc=,o ~,- " [in fighting trim for the grand open- ,m ,^ . A r~. xxr ~ ~+o,~, ; " ' ~" . / tile ouening of summer recreation ~,Vord flom Greenville and Quincy day May 19 in the opening game|. ~ ~ey a.u ~ ,~. ,~ both the main gate an~ the grana-I - . . of the Feather River ~aseoau ,--,-,~j r ~ siana. TicKets can oe usea in the . I Graeagle opens at Oreenvinell I e-ldcrland ~,iil be here in force Saturday, and ~ea ue *" " V00K or can ne oe~aened aria us a " Priceto quoteFurrer,oeserves ,~- l| u,~,~y v separately. "rney are trans~erraole. " ' lband will open the game with ,very,the first ball ~itched. Batson I be the guest speaker at the lunch- High School Bands will play on tl~t ~e ~tart, chiefly due to tne fine per-I " . II ~""~ "'~ ~'" P I'I'ne sale WUl start soon says r~an- . Imuslcal selections. [| will attemnt to bat the first I .'. . - ~eon at noon Friday which wlu zor- d.~,y. ~v~emoers o~: toe ~reenvlne refinance he turne~ in againstl at l! """ ~ ~" " lager cowan. "mere Will De a aeao-: " ' . . I ~incy merchants travel to ~lO I! ~.~ ~,~.~a ,v~ ooo,~o the I I mallvonen the two-day Featner Fire Department amo sena wo~ Westwood last Sunaay. ~pence[ e- II --, v Iline on ticket sales, i - - i'" b h with ivnere a nne program has v on|| fans that Dr. Batson will beI BiverGateway Fiesta. tna~ tne nremen wu e ere raXton will be the otner nalI oI on " uommunlty nootns Will De a Dig' the battery. I rl;::~dl~ :eP:t:heKPel;dY::g:e=eet 11 ~Ostall-the feature of the fair, according to The Fiesta, s~:dull;d ::; 1F8,1day ~rP=:d~e e~to]dY Dd;g:~tngsht:: ,' l Jim r'uuen s young wnaca~s ~r mi| onthe field the night beforeI : - - .being sponsorea oy the uromue June zz, and tna~ tne xnalan vauey me league last year, nas a Iormla-[~. -- | via ~,v ~ ~ I COUntleS CltleS Villagescnamoers -~ -It+raysnat",the gaxne, i '~ '~Mcrchant'S Assoc]auon as an enter- p(ople ~,Vlll wear rea snlrts to uro- ~ole lineup OOaStlng a ros~er o~ a u ~,~ ~.~=, ,~.~ ~o, .~ .~,- -" ' " em I The Quincy Loggers drew by ~'e s and t-er or anization of ltainment for and to show their ap- ville. players that incluae several m - ~and will open at Quincy against the j l i t r . .o n g s I ureciation to the people -elthin Ore- Following is the program for the oars from last year's Quincy mer-! ! lime cnaracter. I- , Iqulncy mercnants ~ay ~. I ~ I r Iv:lle's trading area. two-say Fiesta: ~nsnts baseball team. "me ~aer-I ~ ~ inalVlaUalS, servlce clues ano r a- I " . ! 2. great pennant race IS In pros-| ERS' BUMPER l ~ IMany free attractions are oelng Friday, ~ 1~ ~ants, if your memory ~s still ~resn,| ~,~. **. .~ ~.m *~ta"'"I ~;r ~u~u u~ v J ternal organlzanons are not englol~ [ Won the second half nennant last[ . STRIP FOR OROVILLE SHOW [ for entry according to state regula- ] " " " " "-- ' Year,and gave thelocals a Stlrtl I -- l tiGriS. ~ootrm, states me ~tate u'mrl ' . . " battlein the playoff. Severalout-|c~v~mpI .ns,rap" - o,WendelJ. McEnespy, chatrmanofland Exposition ruling, will be lim-If r the kiddies, an all.aaymu.s c 2 p. m.--~hildren's Fun Parade, ,Idaadditions and afew veterans| ?uel ,s.oelng aaaea to~nec re-|the Greenville Fireen's Gold Dig-]ited to those which display agri-]festival' a majorette con?st, w~tn direction of C. A. Fylling. ~. /pctitive tire among tne teams nYl ' ~how and Parade states that| ~---,- --, --, enr a dozen lovely baton-wlelaers corn- 3 p. m.-~Free Matiness for ~;nil. ,rum last years ~eam, cause lll~llyJ~L .-- ~ .~ ~ ~ !- - |~:~o ~ |t'UJtUral, J[1OI'LICUILUfRI, lIllll~l't~l, ' o -- ~ j ~ -- " . . Itneentnuslasm or tne xans IOr ueme-t . ~ +~ n,~,mo ~ nettng a carnival parsee ~aturaay dren at State Theatre . ~o rate the present Graeagle. team/bal'l t'his season, l every car w,~- ~ - !lesz' or otner uKe proaucts. Toe rag-I-evening' and as a cnmax'" a ~'~']g 3"30 m--JCC C" wns Kin a~ the strongest in the league |Saturday should be equipped with i ulat~ons further state that products' : . p. . Jo g ~ment ~rom ~owses ~unory mat a| u~a --our bum~r stripI lat the Junior Chamber of Com- I 7:30 p --Negro Ghosts vs. Ore- :" ,~[q " P "I I ~ ~ BASEBALL DAY|engaged to present an I I Ibetween Lincoln and Huntoon. ~o~est score as yet playea oy tnu t n r h WEAR RED SHIRTS TO ~'~ ~" v~. ~, - '|tOS made to t e opening games.[ [ [f~ncy shooting whl~h willbe anl 11"30 to 12'30--Free Barbecue at locals was a ~-z rater-clue pracnce Ace Erw ' OROVILLE SATURDAY ~--- ' ~ ' " ! tn and J O odwin wil,I I reg ar monthly meeting ofl"ded attraction at the softbal, IMuniotpal Audito um " Greenville Htgh School handl f?c!ate atOreenvllle ~ All persons who go to the OrGy!lie]the chamber will 'be postponed]game. . ] ~2 m.--Gridley Band, Huntoon .l woleman uougney ana Jim ~elton I ~ nable ever"one to ~ It was announced todayey me land Montgomery St Will play at the baseball dtamona i ~ I~'iesta next ~aturaay are requestealuntu ~ay ~o ~o e v y ! ~ ~ a ~ asslgnea to ~zoat ames o the Fiesta committee that 400pounds 1 m Grtdley Band, Donner !~' ~v,a -. a,~'n~" the ~,ame [ "" " [to wear red shirts for the purpose {attend the opening g f ~ " " ~ P. .-- ay Patchen and Louis Little willi ".~ I Loa-ue ! of beef hnudreds of loaves of I and Bird St Starting lineup zor ~reenvule ] lOt aavertmmg the ~reenvule u';re, if'earner r~iver ~ i ', CZllClate to ~eame ' r~l will chronicle the blead and gallons of sauce pre 1 30 p m Biggs Band, Downer ~1~day wM probably be as follows:l ' ~ " linen s Gold Diggers Show. SeW 1[ :l~xt Sunday ] ' . ' . -[ : .-- ~eserve umpires are l~TeaDnu ared from a s eclal recipe, nave t m t Pewee Near, 8b -|membersofthefiredepartmentwill]opening of the baseball season|P P |slid Mongo ~ry S. mate uy ~-~all C P Huntzman, A on an e t In I the Indian Valle Merchants 2 p m--~Oroville Band, Lincoln ' AI Martin, us. [W A ' .'. -- . "lgo al g d will place an n ry lwhen y {~LA----"I~-I~--E--'I~ANCH ~LEASED [ r~^~. ~ ~,~.~o ~ rnall, l-larola J~euay the Parade ] will be host to the Oraeagle club. I ' ,~ ~ u ~,~,~ ~v ] and Montgomery St. B.h ~t~n 2b,fo lowing is the official hos-| ~ I Quincy Merchants will travel to I ~ 3 p. m.--Yuba C$:y Band, Robin- ~" *-~'~ ' " iter of players: [I~ILL MAINTAIN COLD DRINK ISloat and Portola will pla at Ked-] .-'~--" ~ . ,~ Isor, and Myers St. x, ranK ~oorero Or virgil xoung-i ~'utnc M I ! Y The u ~vx. x3larKe ranch a~ ~,reen- ] . ~ao,- ~*,~ y ercnants--~:. D. Brun-| STAND AT BASEBALL PARKldle The Quincy Loggers draw a I $ p. m.--~Greenvllle Band IAnoom ~" "" r c rlin " Ville has Dean leaseu to l~a. 1~ t~ott, ' " .I g, J. B. Arseneau, Mitt Donald,I Mrs. George Naseath assisted bY]b,e { ~an(t Bird St. i!i:m~:~::~tUoh~nl~t~;!:':::: :' z" liv:~n~?Z.YO~::::~VMOyt:Sue':;l~ear~nda~:g:t::id dBr~Z s~:gbYat ~hilel] :oZ:ePlc:mwai:lC:r::~Ye?b:b:tif:fl ] ;:C?ii:~:t:t~ti! :~ohdZ:! C,~:30 PH=too~AkbDZemn a~drdB~gnl: Price, p. Hardgrave, Keliehera --~- - .~ a.~, .-:an .~. ~ ill~. :-s:=~.: p=l~- ~ /--e,trophy to be given to the pennant ]man, but one of the principals was [Robinson. ~. Ts l,p ,~ oonls . we a s ,~ I~' P/winner of the league for 1940 J I 4 p m--~ass woncert, al, oanas ,~nner, r lunar. " ~aoly in3urea in an auto acclaen~, " Carl Furrer coach |C~t~r Lewis ]at all league games andatall therl Due to the opening of the base ] ~ ,~o,oo, ou ,h h ]at courthouse square. Star Spang- i ~ ' - -- '. - ". Greenville--Willis Hardgrave,Vir.|important games [~--.- * '~uinc-- Sunda, May| ~" " Iled Bauner i. ~rea ~numate, neaa umpire. / -- .~ - -," /~"'" ~" ~ ~ .v ~, ! e-~ j " gu xoungman ~eorge ~'rtce How * mmerce will ara e ~s 4 ]5 m I4aJorette Contest, ma [ ard -- '- ' ] ~rILL-ATTEND LEGiON--~- [ 20, the chamber of co I The Indian Valley G g ",: P Tanner, ~pencel Paxton Al rs alk~ o~ettes from GPidley Btggs, Yuba Diamond DI~'~ 1,-- |open at 11"45 a m, so that membe[ havinga wide cement sidew J " " , ~" phillips, Richard Hu he CONVENTION IN PORTOLA ' ' " ' i . Spenee "Hurricane" Paxton statesl ~ g s, Robert/ ^~,~ ~,- ~ .~o~,!may attend the opening gameon|built in front of Its place of busi-t C~ty and OrGy!lie will compete for ~eltonAt Marnn, Austin Near ~ ' " that he almost spiked himself to|~ .' '|v.?~'~':"xr-;:=:'~::, ~":~.':'Am;rtcanl~he Quincy diamond. {ness, and the gasoline pumps will i prizes. death while stealing second base] ~:b:~7 S~bnr::~ ';:-:ld:s- S brer /L"glo'n-a~ou'nYe:" that s~veral I " ~ be placed In new positions The ] .7.4? p Eagles'?alnlval Parade, last Sunday. After being beanedl . vv ~uon ~uamS,Jmembers of the local ,~ost will at I ~.~r. and Mrs. Everett Littlefeld]concrete will cover all of the openiairected by W. J. Alpors. twice, in one inning Spencecom-I~ .sepn l~yle, uarl ~'urrer, Bud|tend a district me;tin~- of thelspent Sunday fishing at Yellow]space between the garage and theI 9:30 p --JCC Barn Dance at Plainc~ Omf i:t:Teelling in his ankle.[Ul;::~ola C. Hettlnger, .4. S. KasJAmerican Legion to be held In P or-ICreek. [street. ~Municlpal Auditorium. r /per J Burelle T Darado O Ruth/t 'a Sunday May ,9 I r ~ " Frank "Mummy Sobrero mod.~e ford, L. McNally, C. Kendall W| [ I Ite i ' '|ENTHUSIASM GROWS FOR CKala ~ ~ ~urKe, w. Olsen estly disclaims any credit for the~wm Thratlklli A Kaufm'an '|PLUMAS COUNTY DAY AT FflIR' three ringing base hits he obtained[, R.| n rat Monahan C Foote W~ Po~well J BRATE WITH H5 a~ainst Westwood. When co g:-I i There is growl--~g enthusiasm for j OhtE AND ELE ,Moffttt T Hillard, N J Laughlin,Count Da at the Golden lllated, he said, quote: AT, fell |P,umas y y [ , Graeagle Conant, McFadden, lows it weren t nothln F r et it une ,g. g ."I --,Gate International Exposition J I ~ ~'~e - |Crosby, Lusar, Osborn, Reese, ~9. i J1 1"~ I~ |,1 ~ ' McGraw' Fur Cooney Hauser, Finato, Rinds, t r an ~arl'Little John ' "-I ' ~ TheWesternPacificRaload, eamer nlver baewav ries g Y '-| ' ' " ~nounces that fares will 6e as fol-] d l~r has three more ra hairs Hay Keddie Graysflat ~harles Poin in five startin itchers, Carl call~ f those . g g P ~[ " -- "~Iows: $5 for adults; $3.30 or ] a dexter John Adams, Orvil Walters, t e 12 an 18 eals of e and a session, gives each pitcher aJ,[ bc w en d y ag I .~ ~ ~, ~ Ill s Tony Luzzovich Romaine Kitchen hild en under 12 These l~nny, and plays odd man win . |, [ $1 65 for c r . . ] ~ ~ ~ i~ 1 ~ ~Vilmer Chapman Ovid Cooney, I ' ]rates are for the round trip and no, In i vv i L L .'~l ~lugger ' ~v~artln's Xav rltel Carl Sund~hl T^~ ~n~ ~ = t ~ "- ~ -- ~ ! - ' " ""'~." ~" ~Y- I extra charge for sleeping accommo- I are entlnea why .~-ust ~[berg, Bill Saaxl, C. I.~ Caughey, Ma-|~o,l,o ~ ~ ~m~n* the -oad'sI ~rearn Those Dreams" and "Some- " ' " I "~'lrton Adams, Edward Lemon, Tom| a~-ent states ~ ~V ~l~Pt~i~,~V,i~V dii ~'here Over the Rainbow." /Meltoo c. u Cook. I;~.~t ;~:e~u:pm:~t forthe'trip will Ai')AIHKVAi - . Dick "Ben Tu~pin" Hughes is] Sloat---W. Mockli, D. Schuld, H. linclude a diner and as many sleep- , ,~alp, V Duffy, R T Ridgeway n will re heard mumbling, I work six daysl ' " " 'ling cars as the atte dance - C Hall E I-Itronymous, J Finne h da chesThe BARBEOUm a ~veek and play ~oall on Sunday.[ -]quire, besides t e y coa . MUS10 LAUGHS DANCING GAM V gan, J Dodge, F Reed, W Thomas, m hat I need is a vacation.' [,train will leave Portola at 9 p iR. Schrader, R. A. Bickford, L.|arliving at San Francisco before Fiest~ Luncheon wi~n ttovernor umon as uues~ Austin Peewee Neer seems to beI Russell, A. Downey, G. Parker, K.] the gates of the Fair opens and will getting hie throwing arm thawed~McClure. |leave San Francisco at 9"30 p. m out. At least, to general appear-[ Quincy Loggers'A. Turnbull, L.] L B ORourke, presi;ent of'the ~~AV ahces, he isn't exactly lobbing his]Schuman, Don Herren, C. Geil, B.~Plum~ County ~hamber of Corn- r~r~ll~ r " ] |merce, is fast g tti g .t g -----,William Wright, F. Crandall, J i,~, for e ~'reat da,- forPlumas ftball Game Free Btreet Danoin :Bob Kelton deserves a world of l~ ~- v ~ I ~" ' ~ ~ uu~v. ~,~ 80 xx r o, ~ ou o n, r. lsaaK, t~. an the cl h u county people on June 9, d edit for the double play e set p in Sunaa. 's -ame It wag a ha~PlRertheir' I-I. Dedmon, H. W~ardlow, lprcsldent estimate is that three or Sharp Shooting ~xhibltl011 chance~ to handle and "we wouidl F. Redkey. [four hundred passengers will be on 8'ladly have settled for the putoutl ~~=,a |the Plum. Special when it leaves a-t first. --.~.~w~z ~ '~c~.~o~ J~=~o "the county. ~ ia li H ~'i" ~ U i IN(1RF"~SE OVER LAST YEAR i W P. Cowan, Plumas County Fair SA|M ki ItA1 -- I L. P. Hanley, Western Paciftc|o,o&~ In ~nnn~rAfi~ with the t:: : I,gent ,or Greenville, states that thelcha~b:r make that ;Band Conoerts FaraAes Soy BOout Treasure aunt offte,al seoro Sunday ter Sun-]: re" e o :r ' sltion o.e to be long lV jorette ate.t Giant, Oarn val Parade ~ay and this voluntarily. We wish ]. ear to ~ City chambers of commerce over Free Barbeoue express our thanks. I " Bar11 D&lloe I ' the county have expressed their Thanks are also due to the Wolf [nstion" to the club of aline catcher's I~lllingness to get behind the move- Creek Timber company for the do-]mitt mont.