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May 9, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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May 9, 1940

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VOLUME X GREENVILLE, PLUMAS COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY, MAY 9, 1940 NUMBER 33 A 1 /N " 1 [ COMMITTEES NAMED FOR [ mm WT Ir~ nnualLarn]val i CHAMBER OF Hazel rlzzle I I el L'~ I 1 I L.B. O'Rourke, president of the lr~ ~ tN . I rrloay- aturoay ouot, o, o :lmes ,ast aturaay I merce, announces appointment ot [ A~" H.* ]L.~tJ H,lIC1A]L""l]thc following committees for the[ ------ lllg[[ . .vv.[year MrsHazel Frizzie 44,died at the [ Directors--~First District, J. F. family home at Dixie Canyon, Fri- Preparations for the annual[L[ ke' chairman, Beckwourth; Mrs. day, May 3, following an illness of Spring carnival of the Greenville]J c Urrutia, Portola; R. F. R.amelh, several months. High School are completed. The[Vint n; Father McGoldrick, Per- Mass for the deceased was held carnival will be held in the high [ tola; Mrs. J. M. Turner, honorary in Susanville Monday at 10 a m. school gymnasium Friday and Sat-'chairman' Portola; E. I. Lane, Per- The funeral service was conducted Urday night. May 10 and 11. The tola. Second District, J. M. Flani- in Reap Monday afternoon and the I ehowstarts each evening at 7:30. /:an, chairman, Graeagle; L.N. remains placed in the Catholic All this week the booth construe- Douglas, Graeagle; .F.J. Zehner, mausoleum. tion committee, consisting of Joe Graeagle; George Langtlors~, Sloat; Mrs. Frizzle was well known in OROVILLE ATTORNEY TALKS [ I:N,DIAN VALLEY RECORD [ ~ ell Hrl It| ON CONDITIONS IN EUROPE] WILL USE FORCE TO MAKE [ reenvl.e J0 nave ROOSEVELT RUN AGAIN ----- Frank K. Richardson, attorney of[ [ Oroville addressed the members of ------- tbe Greenville Rotary club Wed.I ILar est Band At ' Once again the Indian Valley Record has carried Caiiiorma for ] "-" ~esaay rns suoject was eoncerneo ~ . '." ~ t icraUKlln lJ. i~ooseve~t. ~verywnere /% ell In ~ lr~ With tne r~uropean mtuation. '" a .~ . [it, the state that the Record circu- ur0Vllle Plesta ~mv ~icnaruson outlined the reasons " .~.~ ~--.-~I l isles majorities for the president l ~' Way it oecame necessary sor miu- [rolled up like waves On a turbulent ------- tary reasons zor tne ~ermans to I !~ca' ,n ups ~ngeies, where tne[ O ROVIL~E Ma, enter Norway. While the Baltic 3 8.--Gzeenville a . . IRecordcirculates, the president ISS ,~ieec band will b~ ~-, ~ + .~ea IS irozen over toe omy wo,y tnat I I -~ - --e ,~,'~-s~ m ~intained a substantial lead n ,' -- [~ I s~cal aggregation entezed in Oro Iron can be taken from ~weuen ~ol r -- - [ " ' " ' " Not only in Cahtornia uoes Pros- ville'sGs Germany, is through Norway. With I .tcway Fiesta parade ! |dent Roosevelt have a commanding I wh'-h the ~ritish fleet blocking the Nor- t " [ ~c wu~ t:e one oz tne ,~atures of ~lead but in all other states where [th wegion shores this proved danger. ' u two-arty celcorauon, sponsorea ~. ' the Record circulates, the president[b the Orcx oar to t~erman commerce and to[ j . [ y ale ~aercnants Assoel- . .~ ' nas carrleu tne race in tne pmma-I ation The "~-~^ ---'!' ~ " - a~sure an open route, tne (~ermans ~,~r~u~. w~a~ oe cumaxc,! Ifyle, Herschel North, Jules McGee, I, C. DeArmond, Blairsden; A Ms- in the Indian Valley, having been made their way into Norwegian rie~, and with many votes to spare. ~ by a mrjorette contest, which will That the country needs such a,- ~ I feature contestants from seven I-Iarold Hicks, Buckey Williams and chomich, Blairsden. Third D~strict, closely associated with her hue- pcrts. He said the Germans gave raan as President Roosevelt to di- l northern California hi-h schools Don Kampschmidt, have worked Mrs. H. C. Flournoy, chairman, band's sawmillbusinessat Dixie as their reasons for taking Norway g " rect the doubtful destinies of the Frid = hard, transforming the gymnasiumQuincy; M. F. Small, ~mncy; M. Canyon. ' -- t ~y ann ~-aturuay, May ~ anu into a carnival room When the McIntosh, Quincy;C.T. Bedell, Quin. that it was to keep out an English countly for another four yeats, the 1 invasion of that country. This was ' i 8, will be the dates for the festive a cy" J N Stephens, Quincy; A. re. R(cord has ahvays averred an~ deers open gala scene will greet based on the fact that the British ' " occasion, eagerly awaited by thou- the--'-"- A~nall Keddie. Fourth District, C. . sometimes that averring has beensands who wan vuunv. ' were plantlng mines on tne r~orwe- - t ~o sing, laugh, ,it. Holstrom chairman, Taylors- Frances and Ter carrieu on with consi~eraole gusto d The prizes for this years earn*- . esa. gun coast, even inside the three- ance and be happy Already v . vine" r~arry ~ west, Greenvlne; t~ @. While tnere nas oeen some aouo~ whi.~ke al are the best ever, all the way ' . - mile limit. However he sa d the ' rs are blooming and colorful f~m "~'e to "~- r I R Clark Tayorsvile; Minnie~.ee 46,000,000 F~kRMARKED r, . : '. as to wnemer r'resment l-roosevelt costu .v 1Lll IIUVt2lLl~2~ LII~ t~t~||y 1111~ I ' ' . ~,ermans nap reacneu their OD:]ect- . -. - - - ,=~ ~trc ucmg sportea, *or Veet Chester W S Qulgley. Tay FOR HOUSING PROJECTS - w 11 accept the nomination wmcn tbxs is eacon blankets clocks, toasters ~ ' ; " " " ivee, in Norway before they co,]a : " -" the time of the year when ~ ~,~.~. ~ ~ ~ ,lorsvllle; L. P. Hanley, Greenville . ' the Record will tender to him weceles me ' " " ~:*'own aslue ~ ,~ =.~, ~ ~.~.c pu~, . %VASHIIVGTON D C MR~ o a rave Known about the English r'r ~ ~ignway ~ommlttee---J~. ~. o'-,' # ~'--'" nerewltn again aver tna~ au {10UDt -'~au attr "" p eao~, luncneon se~s, tountalnl ~-~ .~ ,~ eAn AAAOAO mines, therefore the German ad- : -' Y actions are being ~-,- ,-~.~^ ,:~-, ~ l Rourke, chairman, Blairsden; H. C. ~ ~=~, =v=,y l~c,y w~ll be dispelled We shall urgen~an~,~ ~ +~ ~^ .-- - ---~o, t~*,= ,~s-t~[~, ~u "'=".Y ~ of whichhas beenearmorbon vance nad been piannea ano partly - ~ ~.-~ ~,~=~a committee, Oth~-*,-~ *------ ,~--, :.~. . ]Flournoy Quincy m. ~ane ~-or- "- . . . upon tile presluent tne necessity o fir the -'ur ,~ =~~,= L ~ ~,~t W UC U~- ' ' ' ousin re ects o cxecute(loezore tnis explanation,IJ pv~ cz entertaining toe fer~,~ tola; J. P. Branley, GreenviUe, A. hi g p j n which applica- - 1"", carrying o~ for another four years townsfoqt ~--, ~ Ads?i/:t::t~::n th:r cahn:halti:k2:l~ yWsa~:t: jQa:::YF1JaniE :u~::: iLol~2:::eu:r:llsgtatr:yHatonu:dngV~it:. [ :auHss~iiiatPsn i~i :a~e i:httlYs' :~ rat~: :h~ll :fu hplo:e;:r::S jbStsha~:eur~: ~::~i To:: :~;~:rWd;if~iln/~;~arcae~i ce, ra,a y loans as President Roose P ~- l on ~ , are l engle" J. F. Hoke Beckwourth" B. -[ him to run with all the persuasion a free mat*no- =o given WhiCh may ve useu at ] ' ' ' velt a r ~ CA O~a ~ --~ ~,*',I sonnl *eels that ne snould enter toe - v x r ~ne Cnil~lren, ' ~" -" ~""" irr ~,~, ~u ~=,o.~ uu auo,t~ona~ ~ " o dynamicersonalit . and if any carnival booth, iF. Pa.uJy, ~uincy, 1~. 1~. ~tt. ay,losnstonublichousin=a=enc,eo,o]V.af on the side of Germany but a .[. . P Y free street dancing a softball game, ,~- -.~ i (~*eenvlne" ~ U xoung ~ulncy" i " ~" " ~ ~ "" ~ ~ l ' tnat WIII rlot worK,we shall threaten al all da m ~ xne paul c ls invlteo to come ou~ ! ' ' " ' ' c^n ,r ~. ~ mat tne French and En~,li~.h con ' y us c festival and, as a "b ~ ~ "" ~ v ~c u~c ,uw-rc,c ,uusmg projects I " ~ ~' "' "to unbalance his ouu et xo nave to t " n" eve ~ arms r~inm ~eame" Jr~ ~a- g u climax, the Junior his carmval and e .joy two - ' ' ' " [i- *h~ --~*~ ~a~ .~. ~ ~ trol ports almost surroundin~ his Chamber of ni " c-- -~ lapp* Quincy I ~ ~'~""~'~='="~=l ' . ~ ~ ore promise mat the preslaent w~ll Comerce Barn D---e ngs or run spor~ ana amus .menL t ' " I nro~--,~ I country Toe royal iamibr and th~ " anc,az wnlcn a The following students form the ! Fish and Game Committee--V. A. ]~ ~'---'" *- [Catholic church are also against en irun again, flee barbecue will be served by the er,}~art chairman Lake Almanor R " ~ l~Ierchants' Asso t P sonnel of this year s carnival: [,GREENVILLE GRANTS VS. [tering into the war, which makes it I HIGH SCHOOL BAND c ation. Supervisor--Herschel North. [ F. Ramelh,' Vmton;" J. F. Morgan- ] CANYON DAM TEAM [ more uncertain for Mussolini. I RECEIVES FINE ~,~Am'N 'aa ,a ! It is planned, by the Fiesta com- Pmseball (Pegs and Bottles)-- ]thaler, Belden; L. P. Hanley, Green- [ ] One of the reasons, he said, that i mitteo that hundred~ of Plumas Jiggs COx, Maroon Day, Clarence I~l:hnL. pNoD:l~glasHGCe~loe~rRay [Margery Jean Lockheart, Reporter. [ prevented the hazarding era guess l The following is the official rating [county people will help Orovllle Davis |, m, Sloat; C arles Stouky, Sloat.$ . P Y [to do While the pitiful fight put] IntonaUon B-l- [ --'----" Foe"~ Booth Aline Shvmate Bet [ Tax Committee--H. C. Flournoy,Dam voys 9 to e on the latter's [u, a~ainst the Finn- s I r. I Tne nnal ~meting for ti~e season u -- ' ~-[ ; '[ diam nd ~ P ~ ~ nowcu ~noI Interpretation A of the ' c r a e o o It took the Giants three I Greenville Pazent Teacher t hm man Quincy L urenc L ck YLouCardoza, BeverlyBonillas,| ~ . ' -li,nin s'to |world that Russian troops were [Techldque A for the march and [ Assaciation w-o~,~, C ll- ~ i ney ~+reenville'Col l llnoy Blaars- I ~4 gc~ Useu ~o ~ne IlelCI ; overrat = . I [ "- ' -~ ,~,~, ~v,uay ar- ;en uox. l ' ' " ' I I eu, I( IS S~lU a olg country, IF, for the regular number ,* - .~ ,-~ ~. Idea" J F Morganthaler Belden. C Iv~nlcn nap recently oeen uses torl-r-- l . i~---uu- ac ~ne mgn scnool A rou- x~lnffs-/-Jeano ~ ~vron rsartno~z [ ',"! l~ |u ,~ a puwer~u* multary country, I theneral effect A. Je IG Hankel Quincy" A A Hall II ggmg operauons lin - I tree business meeting wa~ conduct. Ty earls, vreaa Joseph, ~tlrLun I ' ' ' ' " 'l The nsttall r li I =p~ o~ me me[nelency o~ its I~'or tnq. marcn Ine Dana receivec~l d with some d;scu-,t- ~-, ,-- Collt~ffi I Quiney; Mrs. Ash Gray, Quincy; C. J y e ame J~inty t.:ox Iwar ma~h~-,-~ ~ sa rating ~of A and for the re ular,' -s n ,~ ~ " |T Bedell Quincy ~ made 2 errors, one because he had] " [ . ~ -: g !vcxt year s activities and program olack i-laWK z,'am~;y -- ~Torocm I " ' "" I x,~c ~ueory ne auras toward l~us-# numr~er ~-t- ~ * 1~'eu~o- %Va~'~ T-Vawkins Eu~,ene I Tourist and Publicity Committee to cnase tne rmll down an over I sis sale I " I --'-------'*; ~,~,| x~:cnaroson, is tnat ~taun I The outstanding points were the PETE HANLEY PILES BALED " ' ~ P Cowan. chairman uin size gopher hole. Two errors were ha,-* " lCV; l~aurence Lockney Greenville;, Y p rt ol~,catcner, aueltrte~ and es--^^'-''- -'- ~ ';-,' ~. ' ' ~ ! . ~.~.~*~ytnc t, erman i tlon reeelved a not ~trong" crltl-| AR~Ry ** **.~=~.~. IM F Small Quincy WiMam Bliz- ~o ~ne ,act ne coumnt get used to Reich v;i ' a-yr v= .~o Fish Pond--Dickie Cameron. Vad- "," ] i,th Marxian doctrines. To cism. ] zard Portola" A A Hall Quincy toe catcner s pox. t~elanu wasnoe d" ~ [ ~ ~.~v Murray, Doris Prince, Dolores [ [ u th s, he may want to prolong the t In stage deportment and appear- Pete Hanley, whose hangout is I~osco I Aeronautics Committee .- Doctor }inu~neu e. sx~. ell game ana was given Iwar until both Germany and the lance the hand was rated a~ "fine." lover in the ed e of Sherw . ~ swcn support b ~o~ 2,1urray wnose . g pod For t~lngo---~helma Ku,zler, Jules ]~oore, chairman, ~u*ncy Fred I b.~tti .Y IAllies are weakened to a point of[ The critic for the h!gh school I(st, has leveled off an acrea e of McC~ee, Joe Kvle, Mar~v Lanahan. I Y~.lwsell; K. R. W.alker, Westwood; i g:m?g~t ~. ~as tne teafure ot tne ldemora.zation Stalin may aid one ,'bands was A. W. Ottcrstein, as-Igr und behind the depot, ,g',pon Shooting Gallery--Melvin Young, %VJlliam Blizzard, Portola; K. B. 'Afier the ame the C I side cud then the other bolstering si~tant professor of mUSic of theIwhich he has stacked a few hun ~targaret Magnrson, Margie Scott I Murray Greenvile; Dave Rogers ! . g . anyon Dam ~up the loser just to keep the war I ~an Jose Sta+o r",l~o=~ dred bales --f 1- -- [ ' uinc . team serves puncn and cookies I " ,~. v ,as c~ ~ uac ~grouna ~,~est Davis, V ern Manthe. [Q y, Buck Lampson, Portola, I [going, and when all of the govern-I If(, archery practice. With a pea- Sodas-Candy--Betty Lewis, Do-]Minnie Lee Vest, Chester; Mrs. [ ,~ ~, ---~, " ~,~, [ments in the War collapse, then he STATE COMMANDER OF [cock feather in his green cap, and ne ~rammar ~cnool t~lants ~==~ ~ , loresNoes, Burton Scott, Wilma ]~chn Hardgrave, Taylorsvtlle. [ [w|ll have a clear field for sprcadinq I LEGION VISITS GREENVILLEla shaft of storebought arrows in r' . tn~Junior l-llgn Mlclgets IlrSt ana '" ~" . p vetsan~; after. 1~ ~ Inter Sports Committee E I tbe theories of communism hi u S=t~ame---I-Tavmond Van Fleet ]Lane, chairman, Portola Father Isec nd string 8 to 4 Tuesday on the [ul, by his military machine backed ] William Dunn, commander of the selfqhieV::~:ga2i::r'nlP:: e h !es him. grammar school diamond Leland " [American ] John McGoldrick rt I While this ma not Legion for the De art n ~ errtll P.utterfleld I Po ola. H P . . . ' . I y be the plan . P - pens and whan s aw . %%as oe p tenor for the Giants sur I I Y ' n i g ay at th ha ale ~Vest Greenvil e G H Winters Stalin has under,n cat of California and J S c Wheel Game--~,ob I.~cknev, J i .t[," " " ' [ r'sed 'the Mid ets '*e-'[" consideration,' said .' . M. stack untll the sun drops beyond ~.m,~on. Ptnhen Farrnr. Jane Cox. [P oriels; L.C. DeArmond, Blairs. IPrlf; balls Thg onl"'~:ot = ;our IRichards n, "it is a possible plan, !v'agh, district commander, were [the serpentine. Hts object is to den J F Hoke Beckw Y Y g In Tieke~ S~llers--Violet Shumat [ : ourth; Mtn. lhitr, off-of him "There were butland one that may have to bc reck.I Greenville Wednesday. Com-[hi~ the haystack, which he has ~u nie Lee Vest Chester William Mc cned ~ith on the art of [mander Dunn spoke before a meet n~a vrene Siler. I " ' ; " [few errors on either side I " p all of the -I " rly done upon several occasions. 7 s ~ t iNcill, Blairsden. countries en a ed in the con ~,ng oz u/umcy ~.egionnaires Tues -C~me-ll -- Don Kamp, chm'd I I " e " [ ~ g g flict.",' " I lq0b Collins Lou'se Sobrero, Harold I 'ining Committee--J. D. Me-[STATE T B" REPRESF--INTATIVE I Fred Pluntington, who accompan-Iday night and at Westwood Wed. ]COUNTY BAND FESTIVAL I'licks. ' ]Laughlin, chairman, Quincy; John] IN GREENVILLE' THIS WEF 2K [iee Richardson, announced t~e l[msday night Commander Archie ]1 Tne countyATbandPORTOLAfestivalMAY 17 Pcncorn--Daisy Webster, Jane/Eranley, Greenville; W. B. Perry, [ [Oroville Fiesta, to be held May 17tl'~unzier of the local po~t attended Yekel. [Greenville; G. R. Simpson, Meadow[ Miss Audrey Ennis, field repre-|and 18 and urged that Greenville the meeting in Quincy. I featur. ; " . " send bi dele at*on to OrovIlle on l]'~g tne mgn school bands of Green. . /Valley John Adams, Quincy, H M [sentatlve fez the Cahfolnia Tube* / a g g I ~llle, uinc an GREENVILLE BASEBALLERS [Hartman, Walkermine; Walter Par- [culosis Association was in Plumas [Saturday, May 18. I eL CHILDREN I. .Q y d Portola, will be real1 r the national :st*me to [ g Committee---C. G. S y, ; . . T aye,Q in- East Precinct--Seaw l 23, Gar- i Mrs. Helt took immediate posses- [beard of the Communit churc are be ony d:~k~ Sun'day TheP:ame wlil ILangh rst' chairman, Sloat; F. D. cy; Helen Hall Lawry, Quincy;!ncr 6, Patterson 3, Roosevelt 45, ]sfon of the business and has been I requested to be preseny. ~' Start at 2 30 "" i Geleppi, Quincy; C. T. Bedeli, Lucille Geil, Quincy, Allen 0. l serving the public since that time ' STANLEY WEBSTER, Pastor, y I I I I I I - Starts 7:30 Both Evenings at High School Gymnasium