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May 2, 2018     Indian Valley Record
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May 2, 2018

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4B Wednesday, May 2, 2018 Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter KEDDIE, from page 1B meet with him. Gamberg said the agents did meet with the counselor, but they dismissed his allegations as "hearsay." Here again is part of the evidence that makes Gamberg and dmac strongly believe the Keddie murders were part of a cover-up. Nothing else makes sense to them. Again, Boubede was probably a person of interest to DOJ and they in part were helping him. But more than likely, it was part of a bigger conspiracy. Dmac points to the possible involvement of two allegedly corrupt DOJ special agents and their potential involvement in the big drug smuggling operations then backed by the CIA in the early 1980s. Also, Smartt went on to tell the counselor that allegedly he and Sheriff Doug Thomas were friends. Thomas lived in cabin 28 prior to the Sharps' arrival, both Gamberg and dmac learned. It was an easy walk along the Keddie Resort Road from cabin 26 to cabin 28. They could have met in the bar, or allegedly been involved in nefarious activities. Smartt said Thomas allegedly allowed him to live in cabin 28 with him for a time when Smartt was having marital problems with Marilyn. In information recovered by dmac, Thomas was asked if he knew Martin Smartt. Thomas said he and Marty were "great pals," and Marty spent hours with him while on patrol. Thomas said that Martin and Marilyn Smartt allegedly came to him once for marriage counseling, but he said he pointed out he was hardly the person to give advice. Thomas was recently divorced. What happened? The night and early morning hours of the murders have been the subject of and denim jackets before entering cabin 28 and allegedly attacking Sue Sharp. One of the individuals who was in cabin 28 that night reported under hypnosis that he saw two men wearing jeans and jean jackets. Under this theory, they subdued Sue Sharp, partially changed back into their suits and headed back to the bar. Just before closing time, they could have returned to cabin 28 and continued their alleged abuse. Gamberg, however, thinks that the two men allegedly subdued Sue Sharp and then returned later in their suits. He doesn't believe they took time to change clothes. He doesn't believe they wore denim that night: Another individual said he saw Smartt burning clothes in a wood stove later that morning. Gamberg did not name the individual. There is no evidence that bloody clothing allegedly worn by two men during the crime was recovered -- "and the clothing would have been bloody," Gamberg emphasized. Blood splattered clothing, socks and girl's shoes were found in the living room of cabin 28 by investigators but they seemed to belong to members of the family and not potential killers. Besides what clothing the two men allegedly wore, there's a slight time discrepancy. Smartt told special agents they left the bar before 2 a.m. Gamberg has his source saying she dropped John and Dana off at cabin 28 between 10 and 11 p.m. The boys went to the front door, Gamberg said, not around to the back to John's bedroom. There was no outside light on, but the driver could see light from inside the cabin. "She said it was real eerie. She said she was afraid and uncomfortable," Gamberg said. She left immediately. "I believe they probably went in the front door. The i0vestigati0m : faint light could bethe There's discussion llat the ibathro0m light, or Sue on the two men had time to change from their suits into jeans We welcome children & patients of all ages Gentle Care Orthodontics Emergency Service Head & Neck Pain (TMJ Disorders) Wisdom Teeth Extractions' Cosmetic Dentistry Crowns/Bridges Root Canals Gregory Sawyer, DDS Family Dentistry & Orthodontics (530) 283-2811 2034 East Main St Quincy, CA 95971 (across from Polka Dot in East Quincy) Mon-Fri: Z 9am-4pm couch with only the TV on. I do believe J&D were in the basement when the killers entered, and Sue was fast asleep in the small bed just inside the girls' bedroom door," dmac explained. John's bedroom could only be accessed outside in the rear of the cabin. Dmac believes they heard a noise, possibly a In the upper left-hand corner is the large pine where the Sharp family hung their sign declaring that cabin 28 was their home. It was a larger home than the small mobile home where they lived in Quincy for several months after arriving. It had two bedrooms and a room in the basement where 15-year-old John Sharp slept. Photo by Victoria Metcalf scream, and ran up the steep feet, and evidenced in a few return home. Justin said that flight of back stairs to see bloody footprints in the Tina returned to cabin 28 what was the matter, living room, show that around 9:30 p.m. and went to For some reason that lower someone walked her around bed. room appears never to have to see what she had allegedly Justin, Rickey and Sue been processed by law made them do to the other Sharp were known to have enforcement. If that room had victims, been watching "The Love been processed there might Smartt would have been Boat" on TV before going to be evidence that the two aware of when railroad crews bed at 10 p.m. That seems to teens were there before they started a new shift early that be the theme as he described were murdered. Dana was a morning and made sure theyan alleged dream in which diabetic and would more than were well away from the two men were involved in a likely have left his insulin cabin by at least 4 a.m. April fight with John Sharp and and other evidence behind, 12, according to dmac. Dana Wingate and they got according to dmac. Smartt and Boubede would thrown overboard. Either way, the two teens have walked home to cabin 26 In the dream, one of the walked into a living and gone to bed. Smartt men had a pocketknife in his nightmare. There's a stated to special agents that right hand and cut Sue Sharp likelihood that John rushed he was at home until around in the chest. He also said that to support his mother who 10 a.m. the following the same man had a hammer was being allegedly morning, in his other hand. brutalized by Smartt, Dmac is first of all a skeptic Boubede and probably others. Fact or fiction? when it comes to hypnosis, John was immediately During one of two hypnosisbut he is especially skeptical assaulted, according to sessions, Justin Smartt when it comes to Sheriff evidence. At some point, Eason described a dream heThomas conducting the first Dana started to leave the had that involved a boat and hypnosis session with the room but he was savagely what was happening to the youth. Thomas attended two struck in the head from passengers on that boat. different training sessions to behind with a hammer or the Justin is the 12-year-old boy learn hypnosis, especiallyto Daisy 880 pellet rifle dmac who spent the night of theget someone to recall claims was used in the murders with the Sharp boys. witnesses. Not long crimes. Under hypnosis, Justin afterward, he was using it on Gamberg believes the describes the day he'd had. a possible witness in perhaps torture, especially of Sue He said that later in the day the worst crime in Plumas Sharp, continued for quite a Sheila and Tina were next history. while. This was no door at the Seabolt's house. According to the transcript spontaneous event. The Tina came home about 7:30 of an interview in 2003, killers were in cabin 28 for a p.m. to wash the dishes and Thomas said that he did the while, he said. then returned next door. hypnosis with Justin, Dmac believes the blood Sheila was spending the according to information found on the bottoms of Sue's night there, but Tina had to from dmac's website. Under hypnosis on May 19, 1981, this time by Dr. Jerry Dash, a psychologist at the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, Justin told of Tina Sharp. He said Tina allegedly woke up and appeared in the living room to see what was going on. She was carrying a blanket. According to what Justin said under hypnosis, a man allegedly grabbed her and carried her through the kitchen and down the back stairs. The man then returned, removed a hunting knife that someone had stuck in one of the walls, picked up the blanket and left again, according to Gamberg. Gamberg said that the residents of one of the neighboring cabins reported hearing a muffled scream. When they didn't hear anything else, they went back to sleep. That scream could have ;,: come from T~inside the : ~ house, according to dmac, Or it could have come from her when she was carried outside, Gamberg said. They agree that apparently there was only one scream that might have come from Tina and then it was silenced. That's when they believe she was killed. See Keddie, page 5B Word Scramble Rearrange the letters to spell something pertaining to housing. m Sudoku Puzzle 4 3 7 8 4 9 6 4 3 9 7 1 6 7 9 8 3 1 9 8 5 Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 1. In bed 5.= Project portfolio management 8. Bator: Mongolian capital 12. Roamed 14. Notre Dame legend Parseghian 15. Nothing (Spanish) 16. Not level 18. Self-contained aircraft unit 19. Baseball broadcaster Caray 20. Tomei, actress 21. The Raven writer 22. Bathrooms 23. Skilled inventors 26. Forcefully silence 30. Remove 31. The arrival of daylight 32. Split lentils 33. "Walking Dead" actress 34. A lazy person 39. Doctors' group 42. Crooks 44. Fragrant essential oil 46. Conjured 47. One who predicts 49. Scarlett's home 50. Television network 51. Something comparable to another 56. What a thespian does 57. Word element meaning life 58. Italian island 59. "King of Queens" actress Remini 60. Jogged 61. Norse gods 62. Lazily 63. Midway between northeast and east 64. Hindu queen 4 Rm 17 m 23 24 m 29 39 40 41 m 45 m 50 57 60 63 DOWN 1. TopRank boxing promoter 2. fide (Latin) 3. At all times 4. Hindu female deity 5. Tufts of hairs on plant seeds 6. Edited 7. Portuguese archipelago 8. Your parents' brothers 9. Pakistani city 10. Farewell 11. Short sleep sessions 13. Remove salt 17. Drug officers 24. One and only 25. The Golden State 26. Fabric baby carrier (abbr.) 27. Quid pro 28. New England research university 29. Baseball pitcher's stat 15 19 35 I~ 35. Western India island 36. Angeles 37. Midway between east and southeast 38. British singer Stewart 40. Suggesting the horror of death and decay 41. Riding horse 42. Where wrestlers work 43. Regions 44. Of a main artery 45. Not classy 47. Competed against 48. Biscuit-like cake 49. Large ankle bones 52. Computer company 53. "Friends" actress Kudrow 54. "Chocolat" actress Lena 55. Brain folds Answers to this week's puzzles can be found on page 3C