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April 25, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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April 25, 1940

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THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 1040 ~I)IAN VALLEY RECORD II I ,~ fl~| N* ~ face of the river Hence he named Indian Vall- -- ,i GARDEN CLUB M EMBERS I uver lne 51erra I'* de las Plumas' (Ree-oh day Published Every Thursday By ATTENdD MEETING IN QUIN~j~ lahs Ploom-ahs), which is to say, .~ ~ ------- I~ (By THOMAS P. BROWN) J 'River of the Feathers." i LAURENCE LOCKNEY Between 45 and 50 members of tlze Entered as second-class matter hs I .~ ~]Pd~uty of the Feather River I N Indian Valley Garden club and t ~5Oltorlal ~ote: I ~ ovemoer z i, lv~u, as me posT; omce Kenneth Harvey and Ben Wil- H.C. Flournoy, county assessor, This commentary is subjectto,Tne u'eatner r~wer, wmcn m ~ at Greenville, California, under the LaS r'mmas ~aruen club met w- . tributary of the Sacramento River, i gether last Thursday at the MS. ltam~ are each building a garage wa~ a visitor in Greenville Friday. revmion. No exhaustive books on I ~ - - ois one oi the most DeautlIUl 8 8 well sonic hall in Ouincv MrR ~ha~le$ ' "'iJ ] ' ' "'i " : :str am and there are many" mall ,' ; " " j[ I ~ ~-~.~--~ ~ tb :i;e w:l:e: e:: o" pril 18." ica~ ~' ~ " How the es e lfl ~ coralal mv~tatmn is given to ~,i|1 t~u~,tm,y, from wes~ ~o eas~, poln~s all Stran er,' streams ~the Feather Rive~ Can u~z~u--.~ c Ralph Henson of Modesto is via- Members of the Ayoob family of P |the explorations of Arguello, there vices for the Community churches Followin~ a notluck luncheon at ' I will be gratefully appreciated by itmg the Earl Lays~ ,Quincy were guests last Thursday ]still is extant the fanciful idea that of the Indian Valley: tables beautifully decorated witI~ D [nc western l-'aclnc ~ews ~ureau. Mr and Mrs. A. Lewis of Quincy ! e~ningof Mr. and Mrs. M ": I~ theunderwritten number- :n ~the river was so called because of GREENVILLE spring flowers, several items of in, i ",~ 1 :,~ ,~ ~r~o ~ .~,d~v I Ayoob of Greenvil e. [the feathery spray and beautyof Sunday School 10 a. m terest to both clubs were discussed v,s,~u ~ ~ "~"'~'" ~ "~ "" ar n he a ' I p e t es s re mile-post figures, . M ~.~ ~ ~ ~ A ~ ~aoe Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nelson and] I~ts rapids and fails. This Is as-: orning worship 11 a. m. by the combined membership, and ~,~v ~ ~,~u ** ~ e~ l, e Olstances via me rallroaQ trom . You P ' " an of Colfax were son of Walermine wmted at the I. I~ Icr, Led to Hollywood influence, be-I ng copies Service 7:45 p. m. the following program was pre- arlo ~fvcc z~.u~ " * ~,~l. uranc]seo, un tne trams tray- o. , i" Nelson home while enroutetel Jceuse numerous movms have gone Jboth ~.undays and Wednesdays. seated" "Dilemma in a Garden,' s ;:::a;n;agi~s~s ox t,e ~. --,~ 'Reno d:,:rs may oment tnemselves OY,on location in this territory to ]Prayer meeting Thursday 7 45pln poem Donna Dolphin. report o, Y. . " ' . ring the numbers on the mile- Choi ' ' a-eman Visitorsat the J. R.Harmon I letage scenes of picturesque and re- [ r Practice Friday 8 p recent flower show in OrGy,lie, nar. ana Mrs. w. ~ vv~ voaras attacnea to me temgrapn ~ R home during the past week were] ir.~antic setting The atmosphere, so ] TAYLORSVILLE Mrs. Emily Bar and Mrs. A. raveremea ut~ u~ ~ ~- ~. v~,~o - Sunda '~.~o w~ ~+ P r n and dau~h I [Hollywood expert photographersI y . chool 2 p. m.Jacks: "Miracles in Mav." poe~, o ~aal ' " :" be.~ ete so .~ - Drader houses in the Lenu n - ~. in tne article wnlcn renews gen-~ ~Church Servl " - +^- ^* x# * ~h~s*~ and Mrs us I ' ~:ave assertea nas a clarity at cer- ~= ~:ou p m E0na Kunzler" vocal duet "I'll Taze tan ~b;'r:a;d"M;~ :;d M;s C Siemann oral subjects appertaining to the Itain hours which mak ideal condt-I CRESCENT I~[ILLS J You Home Again Kathle'en," Char. ~[r and Mrs Ben Kenison visited I . . Feather River Canyon and the tra-f Sunda school - " ' e ~ :t~ons.~or tne camera anu m aaamon J y I0 a. m. lette EIwood and Ethel CurnoV6 it, Quincy Saturday. ]"*J:.'~:;;" Mrs Perr McLaughlin 'v, rse of California's eastern .bound- Jthe natural appeal of the spray of J INDIAN MISSION ,with piano accompaniment by Mr I ' Y I cry mountain range are followed I.b . . I Tuesday 7 45 - m I Veveral members of the Eastern Is: Crescent Mills were callers at t b) a travelo~,ue which takes u~ se it e water ~s ever present. I -- -~ '" ":'" ~: " '."": :. p" "l Curnow; an article, 'Enter Glass, ~iar Lodge of Greenville drove to Ithe Jack McCausland home Sunday! W t rn Pac c I I~.ll Over the Nation, Ethel DaY Susanville Tuesday evening to at. Jevcnin- ] |Trans the Canyon I " g s and xisitors made Iv showing of spr,ng hat "creationS, tend as peciai meeting of the Susan- :, L~ ~tereSt. --ere an(] tnere IS In- Between Orovqle and Portola welcome. J made by Frieda Outland, Edits ,Mr end au, Moore God pol ted matter of intero which. STY= -- vllle chapter. A ~ne western k-'aclrlC CUmDR ~rom --,~o~, Kunzler and Ilma Kunzler fro~, - - iv,razed tbe S. J. Stone and C. l aeals wltn subjects suen as gold lax` elevatio of 203 ft to 4 834 ft Pastor J'~ ,~ di" A. C~ Vernon of Westwood visited l~l[oore families in Red Bluff Sun- !rrining the Plumas National For- J n ' ' " I j z e~n hewers, ana using as at, . n ' ~s me western Pacific traverses ~ [tional models Mrs Orval Blair ana t~hee:td:;d ~:try ge:j;got:~ his : ~ h.o,~t~ ~d W~t Vir ~ Mrs C.M. Bayes recently re-i t er River Can}on ,First the railroad folows the Fea- fIN THE NOR~-'~N DIVISION[clarinets by four g~rls, members of Irlp --~,o# " + . [ .urned from a trip to V~rgtnia and,(By William Wlkander of the |ther River proper from Orovllle to ] OF THE UNITED STATES DIS- [the Quincy High School band; ~t gmlL iTennessee, where she visited friends,W~estern Pacific) [Bldwell (212 7) where it crosses the ] TRICT COURT FOR HE NOR. |series of ~uestions and answer# Mr and Mrs. Elmo Bettts have as ~nd relatives M " THERN DISTRICT OF CALI- ~ "~ -- n-ttis' cou J " [These Canyon walls are old as theyI iddle Fork of the Feather River.I F~,~Ta ]t~ken from Sunset Magazine, a~d tnelr guests two u~ ~. ~ " Hen B r ra "Ihen it u lo ry e t m and Orby Ware are dee r ns a ng the North Fork ]a~o interes in oS ~ln~o ~-unt~ J ",P:,~ In the Matter of FRANCIS L t g information S'=r:" 7;:;'*'p:rl ;;" ;; A;jle's I:;; cons;rueting a building for used J Here wild things made their lair/tf:lS;isth'~hePOin:s(264.5) and then it !sSTELPEHENS,pd~i::k business as Inerennials, Mrs. Amelia Roberts of o pa ts tn the Landon Addition and here lived out,t Branch of the I O . rupt. ~Portola. ~:i I ~i~~ ~~!ii!i~i! !!if:iii ! ;:e:: ~i!i!ile !! :i !!i I ~i!Jiiiiii I i~~f:i~ " and' ",~r p cts L. Steph- " ] k,Mr and Mrs Ike Wilson I I,Jas far as S rln G r en H'c s ~ @ . . . ] A golden harvest from the rivers] p g a d (296.6) lens, doing business as Style Shoo ] The next meeting of the indlat~ daughter, Mr and M,rs M.J. Ben- [ ~ [ mouth; ~where again the railroad meets the } end it appearing therefrom that [Valley Garden club will be held o~ ton and daughter e J 3fi p,'Jack MeLau-hl- i And here at last men buff" a won-|Middle Fork of the Feather River, .a~.d not within the jur. [the third Thursday of May, at the at Lake Almanor Sunday. [,us ~,r, ~ der-route-- Jfollowing its drainage to Beck-I,~:/:j~ ~ :er~i'cS w:?t~ a:~L-J::JIMss nic hall in Greenville Mr. and Mrs. Louis Garct~ of Los] Three new children came to our What matter though the way w~JWourth Pa~, C339.6). '~;;ln cannot be made euponP saidI ----*-- -~- Angeles arrived in Greenv.lle this ~school this week. Their names are! rough and steep!,Although the ascent of the west-ib.~nkrunt now on ,~+~H SEWING week. Mr. Garcia will be employed I Mary, Mirene ,and Dolores Vine-', I~r,~ face of the Sierra Nevada l Grant H.' W?,'en.' Esq IC'LUB. al the Gulf Red Cedar company [yard. They are good schoohnates. IFew things remain constant. Things [through the Feather River Canyon } IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that ] -------- mill ITwo of them are in the second t at last lend beyond involves a virtually con- I service of said subpoena be madel Mrs. Russell Rolfe will be be'area! District Attorney Vv'illtam Mac-jgrode and one is in the first grade, i Take on new shape; or crumble Jtlnuous climb of approximately 135 ]~]~n~Ubnlis~nl~e;hl~e rd~r, iannetwh: th~s week to the Friday SeWiVg millan and Sheriff L. A. Braden]--Wayne Sorsoli, second grade, i into dust; [ rnlles' the grade is neverm rethanlpaper published in the'Town oficlub" Greenville" I Or fade or candle like burn ,ut Ieric percent compensated and there G~eenville County of Plumas State were business v~sltors in . I ~, -,~ -. l ', i~a,~ ---'--~---- r are no curves in excess of ten de of C~Hfo, nia within said District , Monday from Oulncy ] F iday afternoon at our wienie' tn time [' - -J ', M T lV Prideaux of Ircsst f Iound four mice I cook This Canyon will alone remain here Igrees Those grade and curve lim-I ,n. Lhe 25thday of April, 1940, andi -.---. " ~,~.~ -- --,t~y lllPf'llIlg /~L copy OI ~nlS oraer ana -----~ Greenville, Mr. and Mrs. Frank l~::dah, m::::tPut them in ~ cage. fast . Jll:=i;;;::~esit:2~:;i:h~e~:[~ald involuntary petition to the last ] The Thursday Contract Bridge w,~-te X~r and Mrs R W Maller:~ I Y g I took them to, Throughout the years to come,' ~ sown address of the said Francis J c]ub met today at the home of Mr~ '~-n"o-- en~o"e~ a ~icnic Ischo l. They make good pets.--- ! unchanging, Just [Oakland and Salt Lake City. That I L Stephen, in said District, on or j Frank CantrilL o, ~,^,~ '~'~ # " J z ~' ~* Ijm~.~ o, ,-,~- -.^a^ : Imakes for safe conmfortoh~ ~ the:tore the day of r)ublicat~on: I and fishing trip atLake Bidwell I ~ ~,~. g,au~. ~ ~ ~t nOw stanas, ]mpresmve ana [swift -a ' . ~.~ a.u I IT IS FURTHER ORDERED IVIR T~,-~ ~ ~.=~-- Sunday ~ . ------- [ sublime. J:n ~" p ~fenger service ana. alsotib~t said Francis L. Stephens. do~n~,t ~,-~,= z:~vv . l-~ --~]~ ~,ast Thursday some of our base. ! i~ ames tne ra~lroaa to maintain, business as St-le ~h,~-~ a ~ I I"~L~PH OPERATU Mrs Oliver vetter and Mrs. haze! " "" [fast de end " " j ~ ,~v, .~-. ~v~- I . :o~u payers Joined with thos.~ of B- Wa- -" I~ ' P avid freight service. Jr this Court as a Court of Bank-[ A +^~ Y.=7-"-. ^.~ H: O ~- $ V* ~" el lul~rO~iUUIIOll ~clvt~t~pll el[lee na u W:~dl;;::;';nd~dictiha~ ~vislt i: S':. ICany n .?am. Then they all went The Feather l~iver Canyon of [CTl;;:u~:g~:dF::d Pict,~resque i==C o ,o:: o, ~,~ oo: o==,o, vanvtlle Tuesday evening ]~o playtne .nester school ,it Che~- California, which is traversed by } on ~f. t ner ~lver .an.- ~ ~.e r nto, County of Sacramento,' Tl,e effice is open from 6 a. m. to Mr and Mrs Elms Be+tls had!tcr. Tne score was 2 to 8 in our the main line of the Western Pc-[~. ,o =~crume~y pmturesque, it ~fn the Distr+ct aforesaid, on the 3 p. m. amo ]s very rugged, having prectp- ?7ih day of April 1940 and show f~vor.--KennethRiehelteu, sixthciflc Railroad in crossng the Sierra l~, . ' ' t g-ade give it the char. ] ' e w v he prayer of said invol- ATTENDS FUNERAL r~latives visitingfrom Coolidge itoua s~des which cans h t . . Nevada, is renowned In many ways. . a y bankru tc etition should Arizona over the week end I " I lacter of a gorge in sections Be lUnt r . .P Y P OF SYRIAN F I~q]~ I ~ ~ This is the route of the Exposition ~ . ' " Inot b~ ~ranre(~ R . ~rs. r~azel cDt: l~therWee:~es2y[ Last Friday we went Gnu weinte'l~yer, fast, through train between };?:kTn its sides are so steep, the I DAT~r~" ^hr, l~th. 1.o.40. I ~or ~an ~ran ~sc e . e ~roast. We went in groups to a pl~ceSan Francfsco-Oakland, and Chi-J .tnc r .g. of the line for survey for J HAROLD LC~TTD~,~BACH, J M.D. Ayoob went to Susanvill~ enter net small son in a hOSpital ~down the road. We had our wienie ~o-~ ~o Hveb, ~, the ~ auroaa, preliminary to its con-| D~trict Judge. Saturday to attend the funeral 0~ fl r surgl 1 treatment roest and la ed s ~ ~ vv v ~ ~ struct~on in the first decad ~ublish April 25 1940 Abraha F a, ~a [ p y ome games. There Western Pacific, the Denver & Rio J e of this I " " i - axis, native of syrl Ted Gollon carpenter a~ the Gulf ~,as one boy who burned a wJen~e century and the driving of the lo . xehc died at his home A ,rlle I,Grande Western and the Burlington I catlon I . Red Cedar company mill, sustained I and he threw it in the creek. On I railroads,stakes revolved great haz-,Pal's Barber hon ~deceased had been the proprietor 0~ an injury to his head while ~t work ] the way back the bus ~ame along ~ h-" "lye- "~an--o- terrain is |ards. It is a fact that surveyors,~ T~ .-I "~.~ t" a general merchandise store ~t lm~ to be let J. ~]~am ~il 1ire . Tuesday. He was rushed to the land I rode home.--Donald Efadden !one o ever chan~in~ sk~,llnes It J down the faces of I P,P Susanvtlle for the past 28 years pie ~ ' " " ~ '~ ~ " cliffs by ropes Where Greenville, Calif. wa~ th I~tson hospital, where ,several I ~i + a ~ ,+o ~-eo+ o~onic beaut~ I the railroad I c father of Mrs. Rafa pere$ o ~, ~ n 8"30 A CELEB c me closeto the river - Ope M Close 7 00 p mof Grecnv stitches were taken in. his scalp. I RATES I I ",etaining| ,lie a ~eauty ~na~ 1~ varleu ann ~nat ~x- f a l " - ' Curt F Setzer of Sacramento IFOURTH BIRTI~DAY Ifords a natural backdro"~ fo- scenes ,w l s were constructed The road-I --. HAIRCUT ~ . I v r bed however iswell above the SHAVE 256 vas a business visitor here this l "------ [of impressive panoramic magnifi-I ' ' I -," ~eek I Mrs. W Richards gave a partv l [flood range of the river ! Ladles' Neck Trim 2~e LEGAL a n~r~ ,~, cence wmcn are successively re- ~ D " I ~ ~,~A-~;~n~'~ John B Tavlor, of the Westin~- I. . e passed vacation land for those who J^, ,= . ' e "e V V X]LIIbl)'JLdW ! V k~ ~o nine lll:U u u~ the ~rgonauts and the coy ~ I e g ests Those present:,ered house ~om,~on, of -~acramento wad - " ~seek rest and ozone far from the ~, State of Cal/forni ' t, . .~ ~'~ ~ ~. - ' ]were Joan Kelley Peggy and BilL,~ +1. ~, -','t~on pioneers to the l~eather I~A,A- & a, Plumas Coun Y I~DUslnessvisitor In(3reenvllle ,n. ~. -. .-. - ~e.uwu~u u ~s u~ ~,= --a.~ ~ ,~u~ Ri - ~ - - I .|111 I I.ll'/llllllal-t/ zvzarcn 7, 1940 ,~-,tuuuer, uuane a-)esKln, 14.ent and~ re ~ ~u, wa~ prec~p.tated by ~JVlII~J~Jl~l~l~lI~lJ~y ,1. ~ " Wednesday I ,or ~rom uan~ormas mterlor val- 'he discove--- o" "-'- " ~o: ~ooert H Sheaffer. Kay ~lx, Teresa 1-1ayes, L~onna Lee ,y z a~gn~ scale gels by - " o "- I . . leysof the Sacramento and theGeneral*--~- : GREENVILLE CALII~ You are hereb notifle hat I Art ~arm oz ~acrament has Rlcnar ~ av n J~c~Weu on Y d t ds, and the guest of honor, San Joaquin rivers With its en- " JUay ~, " ~ave ex end r# b~.en visiting James H. Barrie and [ who receiv~ l m~n ~ oh,= ~e+ I a t " f 1848, at Bidwell Bar on the ~,am~ ~, p ed one hundred della ~-ilma Barrie In Greenville. He ex-I I chanting be u y o forest and Fork of the Feather River about 8OFT DRINKS in labor and improvements uP0~ Fects tO leave Tuesday for ~hicago,BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR I -- t~o miles from the point where the ( relocated ~here h has a o ition MR ount of error in o~ e p s . S.J.R. HARMON ~ " "l~fiddle Fdrk meets the North Fork" first filing l yoh is also a veritable sportsman's " -~-,~----,~ claim" -s -',e ~eorge ~mith arrwea recently ~ ~ aradise This was ~ne second major discov. PP y certtf flom Idaho. Smith, with ~is father Mrs. J. R. Harmon celebrated her p " cry of gold in California, following NOVELTIES fired September 27th, 1939, in V01" C. P. Smith, and brother, formerly birthday with a party last Sunday Lomtt~on only a fewmonths after the discov, ume 15 Proof of Labor, page ~99, in the office of the" Recorder o~ l~ed In Greenville, leaving here in 1932, when George was 12 years of age. His father and brother still reside In Idaho. Mrs. C. M. Chamberlain spent the week-end in San Francisco. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Buehler made a business trip to Westwood Monday. Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Chaffee ar- rived from Berkeley Wednesday. /dr. Chaffee expects to remain in Greenville this summer, where he wlll maintain an ~ffiee headquart- ers for the Wolf Creek Timber Co. Mr. and Mrs. Joe 1$arley returned to Greenville last week and are located at Forest Lodge. Farley i~ assistant to R. R. Chaffee of the Wolf Creek Timber Co. Wayne Kyle returned to Green- afternoon The men played pinochle, i while the ladies visited. Those pres- ent were Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Mark- hem and son, Mrs. A. S. Osborn, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gibbs, all of, Graeagie; Art West of Portola Clifford Nelson, Mrs. I. T Nelson, J R. Harmon, David, Arline and Viola Harmon, and W. D. Markham. BUSY BEE SEWING CLUB The members of the Busy Bee Sewing club met Thursday at the home of Mrs. Ira Benson. Mrs Larison and Mrs. Kernahan were ~pecial guests of the afternoon Ths vext meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. R. S. Bartholf. [STUD]?~'A CLUB m rills last week from New Orleans, Mrs. Woodrow Mitchell was host- Louisiana, where he spent the win- ~ss Friday afternoon to the mem- ter. ~[ ber~ of the Study Club~ Miss Alice E. J. Kesster of Quincy visited al ~rllcox gave the lesson for the af- ihe S. N. Gage home over the week- ternoon, choosing for her subject, end. "Interior Decoration." The Feather River Canyon ex. tends for a distance of 116 miles be- tween Or0vllle (205.1) and Portola (321.4). It is, roughly speaking, the dividing line between two great mountain systems of the Far West, these being the Sierra Nevada and the Cascade Range. Although Las- sen Peak is popularly considered as ihe southern end of the Cascades, Professor R. S. Holway of the Uni- versity of California Is authority for the statement that the Sierra l~evada terminate at, the North Fork of the Feather River, not far from the line of the Western Pa- cifle. How the Nam Originated The Feather River Canyon de- rives its name from that of the Feather R/ver. The Feather River is the third longest river In Call- fern/a, being exceeded in length i only by the Sacramento River and the San Joaquin River. In 1820, Don Luis Arguello, Spanish Con. quistador, while on an exploring ex- ped/tion, observed quantities of wild pigeon feathers floating on the Sur- ery of gold at Coloma by James W. Marshall on January 24 of the same year. Other gold strikes In the Feather River Canyon quickly fol- lowed Bidwell's find, the greatest of these being at Rich Bar (264.6). (To be continued) Good Steaks Good Chops Good Roasts All Kinds of Cooked Meats The Best of Meats at Reasonable Prices Webb's Meat Market Liquor Store DOMESTIC & IMPORTED WINES. & LIQUORS SERVICE Motor Co. A. L FARR, Mgr. GREENVILLE, 0ALIF. FORD AGENCY 8ALE8 AND SERVI(M Repair Work en All Mak of Cam Flumas County, in order to hold r~aid premises under the provisions of section 2324, Revised Statutes 0! the United States, being the amount required to hold the same for the year ending Septmber 30th, 19~9 (account of extension of moratOf" rium). And if within ninety day~ citer publication of this notice, yo0 fail or refuse to contribute yotff proportion of such expenditure ~ c~-owner, your interest in ~a~ c~aim will become the' property "f the subscriber, Allen Larison, under section 2324. (Signed) ALLEN LARISOIq, 727% Kay street, Sacramento, C~llf' First Publication March 7, 1940. Last Publication May 30, 1940. J Ill OUT OF TOWN Ill PRINTERS PAY NO TAXES HERE LET US DO YOUR PRINTING