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April 11, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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April 11, 1940

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INDIAN VALLEY RECORD THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 1~ F ~ '--- ~----. RANDOM OBSERVATIONS [ irw* .| t'~ I ! IT I I'ERSONS SHOULD ASK FOR PLUMAS COUNTY ALLOTTED I BIRTHDAY o. o-, .-Imgn cn001 t ewsI HIGH SCHOOL FLOVTERS $6,723.'/5 LIQUOR KEYS,I]PARTY 16'rH ANNUAL llr,lL ! ~! Whatever else may be said of[ (By Jarm Cox) I Within the last week a bed of SACRAMENTO, April J0.--AD~-I Karl Ayoob celebrated his elghtll Illl II I Thomos E. Dewey, he is possessea| Frida afterno-~n. A ril 12 ,he ~ beautiful white and purple hyacin, cation of $1,425,045.24 to cities an l]bh.thday last Friday witla a pSgg~ I ~'~ ~l RllI i of an unmitigated gall To the ad- ~ Y.~ ' P . '. ]tin; has been stripped of blossoms,at counties as their share of alcoholic ~at his home on Mill street I~ri'# : lt~U VIU : ministratl n f President I~' sevelt ~ b~:'lle::::ewil?~og:rne~e:: ~JuinHaS:o J t':e high sch l, acc rding t R" L" beverage license fees for the last [ gt=ests included Kenneth Or~,: zecentl he said" "Underlying all," :} Y ~ Y ]IIarmez -rincl-al A short time i Y i ", v p six-month period of 1939 was an-[ Cliff,rd Gra, Marlene Farrester, ,l'~ I '.ts policies there has been a fund-lPmY me zzrs~ Daseoa, l game oz ~ne[previously' some person dug Up a z,ounced by Richard E. Collins ]Jack;e Lee Wlrdlow Vau~,hnWeb$ I "" -- nical season. . ',~, /U} ~,ll. IP.~lZ~ll" iamentallackofintegzzty acy [ IPertxon of another flower bed- TheSe chairman of the State Board of/P, ichardPerez TeddyKunzler, C01Z" . ,tVJl'. ~uxll~-t~r anu ~ Ut CJl tJUUlfA] d,l'e ~ "I~] /I~ Ill II Ill d.%-regard of the principles of con-[ J twc denredattons are particularly quailzatlon iris Deal Justine Deal Bunk--scott, [ I ",rave p!enning to take at leastten or . " . " ', Y :; Jtl~q~UllUU mort honesty. This ver) g ] dzscour'agmgtoagardener, whenit The distributionofthisfundrep.]Rtchard lXb,e Guido Viall, BUdllN ' charge Mr Dewey lays at the door IZzzteen players. [iz reaFzed that hyacinths are not a 1-~e-+o ~n + "~' th~ +'~+a~ t~ ~ .~-' le ]~: ~ The ~,ame will t~rt somewhere' ~ v I~arnem r~mnara r~goy ~u.- I~" .------ Iof the President, Cordell Hull,|aroun; 2 oelocks ~hts ame's ]type of flower that survives cut- qvor license fees earned during the [Davis ~Iarlene Mathews 'and SlalP ][ ,~ . Henry Morgenthau, Robert H. Jack- " g tmg and when a bed that has beena : o. AMERICA S BIGGEST TWO.DAY [mAtnlv to see what th~ boys can do [ 1 st half of the year amounting to [les Lee Benson. ]1 ts CONTEST l sen, x-tarry wooazzng, james J~.| J counted on for blossoms is partially $2,850,09048 The state's half of l1[ IJYazley Charles Edison, Harold L [ Ladies' Don't f0r-eet the a A A ,Jdcstr yed by some thoughtless tndi- tl I~o~'H ,ntn ~h ,~,~ l~[~]~Pq $5,000.00 IN CASH PRIZES ilt~k;k,lnY::dYLceWsa~::kin~.Harry ]IIigh-jinhs, Friday night April, 12, Ivtdu::. eole of the valle are more ezal fund. On the basis of actual ] m]~ iC~ lat 8 o'clock. Fun and free. I P P Y licenses issued Plumas county will I ]~:~ RAIN OR SHINE I Could it be possible that the well[ ,b - [than welcome to any flowers of areceive a total of 6,723.75. [ IIL a I~I ~IB ][',a 6,000 Seats Under Cover [publtcised activities of Mr. Dewey]GARDEN CLUB NEWS ]nature that may be cut, if availa- ] ! I ~ [ -" 1 ][ a~ainst the criminal elements in [ I ble providing they merely ask "for ~~ [ UMI~ ~l~ 1[ tt New York has produced an obses-| O, interest to all Indian Valley I p*,rmtssion to secure them. Any II I[ J[ ' Saturdav Sunday sion that causes Mr. Dewey to seeiGarden Club members are the an-[sach requests should be addressed I plnlMl=l=l~ I] Town Hall I} ~ d s t h f z~ouncements of two meetings to be II i'~'l ~I~I~l, fl crime and criminals to the r g t o i Ito Lee Johnson, through whose el- I II ][ AFkUL AI"IglL him and to the left of hlm, or could p.eld thiff month by gardening or-llozts the flowers and shrub~ at the I a*alel= I[ ![ t, r o genzzatzons in northern California ~,--.~, -v--- 9fi 91 tt be p ssible that he is me ely P "I j school have become such a delight-I II il dim~t.~ ~m ~ litically minded enough to lose sight J .The first is the annual Northern liu] addition to the beauty of the MRS. GOLDA GoT'r, Prop. II - - ,-. i[ ~ eason The he V~strict Convention of the Federa~ aEuraay t lgnt , GENERAL ADMISSION $1.00 o, logic, truth and r n.-[ .; ]~rounds during the spring and sum- I I I il rdln txol, of Women s Clubs which will SPECIAL SUN,DAY DINNER It Plus Tax seeks to sell the party of Ha g[ " ' ' Jmer. I ~ Ill :1 bc held In Susanville, at the Mere . ano Coolidge and I~oover to thel "l This is a plea to any individual I II I.~u.I 1 *Jt ! n s n crzal Hall on April 17 18 and 19 m m fS FREE STREET DANCE American people as the o ly imo [ ', ' 'lwho might be tempted to pick, cut, I Ot)C APril 1~. Ut~C 11 /4111-11 1,71 / r TI~e Montmola Club of Susanville -- ~ ~ a.A~ m.v.~ A SATURDAY NIGHT pure exponent of virtue and pu ity] ' " ,[or dig any of the flowers at the[ I "r o r I[ ~ t : earn oz UnlcKen ~ uP,llO in public life. |whleh has invited the members ofl~hool' to seek the gardener a~d! I I1 [ ~' C ge of p o t e y c i g a school grounds may not suffer be- e "-'---- I Ill for that be an on March 4 1921 both cultural and educational The/ I Buttered June P as I[ 1 ' Y g ' " 1 l~Illlf~ OI l~n~ t~nslent selnsnne~s Oil i tin I ! IT / ww* g~ / 4 ~ ~1, *' ~'hen he considers the sins of Mr. [convention will convene at 10 a. m /-n II ueJery ~u-~ z loan cue HIS urcnesu t ~, - s ----,~ v-~-~,---. Whipped Potatoes ---- -- "-----" Morgenthau did he give a thought [April 17 and adjourn at 1 p. m. on [ ~ ]1 . I I / Fruit Jello with Whipped L~a. .~- ~.L.- L~- -.'.~.~ [[to Mr. Andrew W. Mellon' and the [Ar ril 19,CRESCENT SCHOOL NEWS I I [I -- | ~I,~trt tIIC ~2~prlll~ II alumt m hleh ' " " " : J[ [[ nu w adorned public l The second gathering ha~ been I (aohn Hunt, ]Editor) ]1 Cream II ~.~ h, l W A. [ " W'ITH A NEW g t,I w ink II ~.~ y ~.-- I [[ buildings, erected under direction of Jp.'anned for April 19 by the Chlco I I ~r I I [ ] [~,I~ P,~rmsn,m~ ] the Treasury, during that period. [I-torticultural Society, and will begin |, uver me wee K-ena several nii-I I OPEN 6 A. M. TILL 2 A. M. I~ Auxmary i o. Zo I yU~Ibl b llDilll~<~k~lZl~ r (.ren went on trips. ~nlrley Jean w ~ --~ :r II I[ ~ hen he contemplates the short-I, noon with a potluck luncheon or/ I I I went to uroville, ~neryl ~o fteoolng / ~: [[ W~IW/t [[ comings of Robert H Jackson, dtd ]p'cr, ie. At the close of the lunch- ' I --~ l'~ II 11 ~ ~ it / lana olmmy ~agnuson ~o ~umcy--, ~ l, I[ [I l~e also g~ve a mougnt to viarzT M. leOn a meeting wzu De nela, to De/ ~ " ir~ -- ' |:' l)onam u'reeman rourm graoe. ::' I~ Daugherty? When he speaks of followed by a garden tour. All ' '~ g mNv, II ,o,0, -- Ill c As A L, LY i[ Friday afternoon w'e were going [1 Riga |]~IV ~UflP H ~lty, d~d his mind go back to one ]and those interested may get fur-[ lJ~ The Lily--dripping with fresh dew--gleaming in Its sliver ws- [l[i l.~lJ ]kUJl. JL UKI~/I ~ to play a game oz DaseDall wtm,~ [[ Lll~ert B. Fall. When he sadly con- hhe~ details from President Ivy Mac ~[~ ter,~--is Nature s symbol of utter cleanliness. ~ [i", p t~anyon ~am. xt was postponed be- ~,:~:: II Uazel Bowerman II s:oers the collective sins of the[ crry i '~)~PLUMAS LAUNDRY has become this towns symbol for utter [[~i: zx cause oz Daa Teaser. we are . ~; [1 OWNER OPERATOR [[ Roosevelt Administration, did hts/ - I oin d lness in clothes. Our more nlodern, more complete pro- ~[: " I Tnt~rsoay, April 18 marks the ante t~ t~ to piety a game wire ~anyon /'i [[ ~ penetrating mentality exp ore the [ . . . ' j |][~ eesses mean so much to the life and looks of your clothes They [[[~ "' ' ' " ' ? " /sot for the joint meeting of the LastDvm against unester on Weones-IIl~ . . . . . . ". i~i~ recoro oz me use gang. ~ ~ ~ ^, ^ I da, Vlm,~,v ~t i h ~ ao l[[~ aoo so muen in appearance anti cut so nuleu ires your clothes ]i [~:~ Mr. Dewey cannot purge his party ]" "~":.~ ~.'f~'" ~.:"~' ~" .--u.~,~[ s.--- ,~ budget, you must try us for your next laundry job for surprising [l|/~ ~--~h,~oo eo ,~.h,~ -,~ o~uo~ ~and the lnman Valley ttaraen blUe j ~ on~[~ [lI "" "'-'~ ni"'~v~" "'~me oam m recor or t -uavs ot"""'h '~'-~''~t he held at Quincy. Last week we made designs results. ~ |i:::~ ] . g ~ d. ." Y. [ The clubs will meet first for pot-[paper plates with compasses. We|[~] See Max, With the Red and Yellow |1;: I normalcy' in me twenties when ]Gaston B. Means Jess Smith and " T C Eve y Thursday and Friday luck luncheon and will conclude colored them with crayons W~ are ru k r I .vmam, v I, i the afternoon witha pragramandtgotng to shellac and take then, II t ~elr K1na exercmea great mzluenee . "b I Wltl~l~[1~ll~l~ I1 [ff(,neral get-together. Mrs. Emilylhome.--Barbar~ Hunt, sixth grade. |[~ I)l [ -.-~.J---. D 4 ,!. I. ,In the government; ne cannot erase m ~,- 1 l:, [Bar of Qutncy is in .charge of the[ |1~ llUlii~U5 la tUllU[ IU[tUl~ Ill e from me memory of the p~opie the e I tLUll t llttle --een house on``=, "r t]arzangements" All garden clubi MondaymornlngJimmySteenr-~[~ " ~I:t . gr ~ st ee |members are ur-ed to attend thl- |celved a certificate of award from[ | DAL EUBANKS er ~.wherein Was plotted and consum- ~ / . ~ I,~ I I [meeting and help make it a suceess.lthe superintendent of schools. He / I CALIll, iln'ateo me sale or me zavor or the, 'enter -" -t I- the -o-te- -on,'z I .gare,7::,1 Family night, which was origin.~t.est for conservation week and got i~;!~'~: ~ I' Drinks, Pool and I i a. th~ ,:+ ,:~-: ally planned for the early part of Jtnm rewara, rus poster was a pic- :~:!:6!~/~ ~ ~~:: :~~:t~:~ A / e I ~ I ' i this month by the T~rlt,n "u'n11,~v I t ire of ptne t ees We are all very : :L ~ ~ ~ "- ~i: ~!~ ~i~ / I "~-'m-"- mad Vl,t With l:ls I'~'~ 'ty, and:he subsequent, el Uo.J .arden club, has been indefiniteWjW ud of our schoolmate.--:Norman ;~!,~ ~~~ / r, v va to ~e z~reslaeney oz the vice ~resl- ' Sorsoli sixth ade :~::: ' I I J d " h [postponed. Thls action was taken [ ' gr ~ ] [d:7;n: t::rv%;: :;Me::PaZdthecause of the uncertainty of the [ " -~ ':~ ~/~ ~~~ ! , I lweather and a deflnlte date for the]NO--HOS'r~sS ~LUB .:~ ":: // / ~~ I ~mltn ana l)augnerty and Fall; nee s ' I FRIDAY f~il~ : // ~ J:::~i:,e ' ! l l~rralr Wlll De announcea later irl :" lean ne maze us forget that tnat~.~ J '~ : : / "/ '~~ ~ I '~ itr, e season. ~ .: / ~ ::.= Z ]partywastne ntr l fanhranehe l i 2theN'oHostessBridge e]ubwi]l : .n l/, r I r i rx Il!or the government when the prl e I 0 -- "'" `.%: ~ -" " Imeet at the Star Hotel Frlda- for~[~ ~ . I lUXI I II " " II I f " I . t~. waralow, asslstea I)y VlCtOr I Y --.-~ .; ~ i.--e'l --- ~g~. I - AND o a member of the cabinet was,o ~ AND Ill |Clatrvl)]e, is bui)d'ng a concrete~fz the Apri)luncheon. Following :~ . ~ ~.~ ~1; IIm ~!| h IIii a a r-z .A.e= ~ r=z r.~[q~. W[=J [=J [=J [11 carried fr m the eity f New Y rk,walk leading from the Masonic hallj thc lunc~leOn the membersto the seat of the government tn a h,ands. ::*iii' .r~Z~ U ~ tell~lD ",;. : " ! Pu~t IYo~ur ~Ord?'ln~J~or IIi,litt ] Y ,o n r t~o~ ! to t e Indian Valle Qara e ro gt ests will play bridge at the horn ~ :::: : lt~ VlaCK jag mat oecame an - - Next Wlnt~r's Wood ItI I erty. I of Mrs. M. D. Ayoob, The hostesses :i~ M ~ I - i :: |. I] ~ex~ wln~er:s woout []|important bit of evidence in theI - - - ]fer the da-- Mrs M :D A--JOb i~ "- ~~:" I e II l !] 1 t JaCK Long of Qreenvllle was in- I y are ' " ' Y ' ~ ~ ' - ~ ~~ I ' ,- ~ uu,cm~ estaonsnment ozme na'tittated into A1 ha'B [Mr~ Margaret Burrus and Mrs '~ ~i::~ ]] Wood Y&rd Located Nequ" ~| tton's shame ^n ] " P eta Unl, ~acra-| " ~ ~ ~ ~~~/'| g Oreenvllle ]H[ot Springs [[]through the betr:;i; o;'thX:';:: Te]~ent Junior College fraternity, oni'ruee ~idwe]l, ~ / I ~~--~ /' ------- by onem h,gn pmee. D Hogan and F. IRogers ~~~,IM~1II~/ was held at the frat house on Sut. ~; :~ : . : | Where was the righteous Mr. men of San Francisco friends of ~ ~ :~ M0nter0 0d Yard Dewe The Ite=tlle road, JUst offthecol]e~er II ~ -~'-:" - ].| y n nzs party was waV[campus" |Mrs Hazel Bowerman, vlstted here " ~ I~~:l ~tI , [liloWtng in a mass of corruption inl ]Tue~aov ~~.;~ ~I ~ I higb places and pollution of gov-I orn to Mr. Mrs. Harris Lamm I .-, 7% / i ,nment to a degree that iS without lAPrtl " son, arl Roy. l e f I lparallel in American htstpry? Was| Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lozano and~bu lle - nd " ! ~ W .-~,|~ 1 I' I ta Lozano of Rose. I " / InQlan I tration of his party t]zat came to/vtllc is v,siting Mr. anr Mrs. Raiph ] Wallace McIntyre arrlved Wed- ~ ~ 1 IPower through denouncing Wood-[Lozano in Greenville |nesday from New York, where he ~,J'~#'.7 ~ ~71~.a.~,~.m,tH I XToll, ,zr Irow Wilson, even as Mr Dewe~ ~ |has been for the past three years. ~/~:~ '~'; ~1 | VKA.II~, ~' I . " ~' I mr. anu mrs. J. ~. otampfli vlsl-I ~~~/" ~:~ ~ [ -- ii ow aenounces Franklln D. Roose-|ted in Susanvine Sunday. I James Smith, Jr Who had his 1K 1[ II ~ ~ 1~ 1[ 4r I , 1"~ ~.~1 Ivelt? And the denunciation in both,Mr ndM ]pclvtc bone broken last week by a ~~~ m' lka JB. lllIJ1 . Drt ttu Icases havin a rs" V" A" l'lart returnea ' ~allin ck has bee ~~~ 'i" ~4il III V IIIl~I t, g no zounaauon other g re,n sent to a ~an ' PIONEER -,' ---.', I:u Be~inning this month thousands ofhom -- L~mdscaplng of the ground~ of the i [ SINCERITY LODGi~ ]~$~]~],]~ ~rnv wi~'l, start receiving dividends in food. I" - -.---- !recently constructed Plumas ~a-~ ~t, ~ ~ [ ~. No. lS~, F, & A.M. ~ savmgs from their big new 1940 Elecer/,it /~t I1~ ltional Forest ratlger statlon build'l /I ~ ] ~k~F Meets Second Friday ~ Refrigerators. How aboutyou? IfyouhaVeI ~=~,I'~. tings at Greenville is In progress ! /--! &~[ ~ ]Night of Eae.h Month . ~''t~I a refrigerator your family has outgrowO,| ~itl ~t l~ ~l ~/ ! The work ie under the direction"~L ~ ~ ~=~]/ ~ at8 O'Clock. .MO#~ that is jammedand crowded--this is the,'tl . [ef J. Carroll Relners, forest land t ' O G WARDLOW Master t~l~l~. year to buy a new and bigger refrigeratO~. |" t, BUDWEISER AND ANHEU- [scape engineer, and Includes the ~ " " ~" " H-" "' "'- C~pA~,'ffb" ~[n fact the average family today finds that/ iant FOR RENT-~usiness building on r~ it needs an ez ht cubs (JOt refrt crater SElf-BUSCH BEER [p lug of shrubs, lawn and trees i " -- . g g :/ Th ne ~.[Main street in G.reenville. Sulfa- ~ Fooa savin s are correspondingly ~reate~. I ON DRAUGH~ [ e W station is located nea, ~ = E -- ~' g / - highwa ove~ss o+ ble for any type of buslness s- ~ I ~ " e " - "1/ Y -,--- . =*~,~,-n --- : ~e your rerri erator aea~er today You ~ Foreign & Domestle Whlskiel n r~ i^ peciaily fitted for meat market, ~ u g~ ~ . . ' . ,I . ,e trance to ee.v, ~, mmv ~ ~L tneDllZ cnan~es tnat nave De ~"/ e All Kinds of Wtnes & Liquors ~ ice plant and cold storage. IAvlng -- . .tim m~H~ ;. Wl~.-v~.- wo~: :^ r.~t,I e !CHRISTIAN--S quarters above. See or wrlte P. N by, "7 8~"~*'.~ ~',I - Mes. Valentine Zunhlo, Prop. CIENCE 80CIETY W T K.TATT --t~l prices, too, make the 1940 Electric Refr~ .I ~ C. Zunlne, Mgr. Meets every Sunday, 11 a. m inC. Nye, urescent Mills, uallf. ~t vv u. ~.~t'~xaaJ I~ ~ erators the greatest values ever offerea,| tl -- the -'i NOTARY PUBLI~' e(}$'i / . UI non OUllalng, ~.~ulncy. sun- ~ u " , WOOD AND POS'~S FOR SALE-- Greenville Hotel Bldg. day school at 9"45 a m Monthly - Greenville Calif, ELECTRIC APPLIANCE SOCIETY,[ tl GREI~N VILLE, CAI~IF. meetlng, Cllnch bulldlng, flrst Wedo All.k Is dASM pf~)7? ;:erie:::[ ~:?rBj' ' OF NOItlrNIItN eAI.IFOItNIA ! nesday of each month, 8 p, m. " ' " " ~ 127w-4~01 L