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April 11, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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April 11, 1940

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Thursday, April 11, 1940 INDIAN VALLEY RECORD " , [ HOUSEHOLD sr / -.-7 .v- over loose tacks or other metal Juua wy tll :sh51 . . o// Objects on the noor. They may [ J' I~&RLEY PLANc a ~Hn~ D~WN ~'/~ ~ e ]puncture or cut the dust bag. [ [HONE~COM~ .S~ OCm.NG.t~' T~ ] lezt wl.m ~nree sutcnes, worz :i ~ " "" ---. /Pt&.fP"F/~,f/ l * * * I IMETHOD--BA~u~ .I. pUKbY~*Uk~V,aNOI I Ir0m me top aown along each . ~,WASHINGTON.--It is no longer ~ //y ~/f,4w, ~ I Tr, this fruit sau~e on ,o-r [ ] ~ ~:'~A~STT~S~~" [ I tuck as shown The stitch at B I . cret that Jim Farley is deft- ' [favorite ice cream Melt a cu,~ful [ [ ,~b~ AT 8, TI4EN*C~Cn [ [ m made by shdmg the needle ,oz altely lined up with the anti-third v TUCKS TOGETHER " ' ~o~ f " o ' ll i ' 7 along ms[de the tuck way I terrner~ ~,t .o, m. ~ :?:) ~'.~.".~WlllINmm~.~:::~:~ o jam r je y n a double boiler. [] i~j~'f"Tfl~r TUC $ TOGETHER [ I " ' II th "~ "'""'" ~:::~:;~ii::~iiiiiiiiiiii/ii!!ii::}~ ::: :?::~i:: ~i;iii" Add a fourth of a cup of orange * * * lse.Y, J a s~,~ fact tha! J~m aetua!ly plans juice. Serve the sauce warm. ]~~' ~.[ [J i[1[I NOTE: If you like to do hand- : I ~i:'!h~e~w~oS:d:~l~ owSmen:;!ii~a~hd ~iiiiii~i ii~ After eooki;g :clots until ten-/~!l il ii !lll ,bernocratlc convention at Chiea~,o ~"~/a~[~'~/~1 [der put them through the ricer, [ ~,/' "~ I~v~ [~2[ 'l ~lll [tions for making 42 embroidery /', " ["'~~'~lll~J land season and beat as one does /~ ~[~r~ '17,'.1 ,| ,Ill I stitches with their authentic t,~b~:~m made up h!s mind .to do ~!s ~'~ ~ l mashed potatoes. Even those who J I '~--J~ ~ |$~ ',[ fill [ names. Also illustrations of five i . ~u~ me same nine ne ]ssuea ms ~ refuse to hke carrots cann recesses of mendm fa l :~:i:~,~,~,~:~:~:~:~:: st re- p g br cs; i ,Massachusetts bombshell labeled, sist them thus prepared. J j ))] I]~l~l:~/'~~''~] I making doll clothes, and gift I ",~ name will be presented to the / ~ v I items Books ar,~ 1o c,~n+ ~. ,n?Onal eonven.tion:" . l When preparing oranges for a I z~ MOTHER writes: "I have en-I please order by num~ber--~No?172-~ the,~0. em era,nc msmers.nad known [dessert, pour boiling water over [z~k joyed using the embroicFeryl 3 and 4. Each book contains an the,~Some ume.u~atFarmy was corn ithem and let them stand five rain-Jstitches in SEWING Book 2. I[ assortment of 32-pages of cur- j aoa~ ,aea.o~ me ~resment !utes. This will make them much [find a great deal of pleasure in~ rains; slip covers; rag rugs; toys; ,o ,-, out ne smesteppea a posmve easier to peel [handwork for the dresses of m gifts and novelties for bazaxtrs. ,~I ~, ~ ' |httle five-year-old; and am partlc-JWRh your order for four booklet~ e 0~ ~rnmitment He always declared ~i::t::~:#:~::i::~::!i~::i::!::i::{!::~ii::i~i~ :~:t~!!!i::~::' ,' . . . . Y . 'd?| ~::.wasconnaem me ~*reslaent I To prevent windows sticking [ularly interested in smocking." J you will receive a FREE set o~ e ,1 -- |n~ent]on to seer re-emetmn. [two or three days after the frames [ tIere is a trick that is useful I three Quilt Block patterns of Mrs bY m the past month w~th Roosevelt :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::*~: :::~:~:~:~:~t;:~-:~ are ainte e h i ' ' ' " ' ",l" ' " / pc d, ac w ndow should |for making honeycomb smocking lSpears Favorite Early American trl~ ~Stesbeing entered]n various m ~~~::~ " be o en d J i1'-" ' ', :~.:::::<::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;;::::: :'~ ~i!~i~i~i~:i~:~:~!::~':~:~,i!~ii~i~i::~i~i~ili~i!::ii~i~ i p e ~ind run up and down [in points without a special pat-JQuilts. Send orders to: tats l '~de:nunde~.r obv!ous .White House,LAMB CHOPS EN CASSEROLE MAKE h "BUSY-DAY DINNER" ~ltwo or three times a day. Unless [tern. The fullness of any dress / Dr. J e, ~army s amomess nas "n ) this is done the windows are may be basted into tucks of grad- (See Rec]. es Below. ],[ [J ~RS. ~U~X WYw-~X ~P~A~S [ th~| i ;almost certain to stink. [uated length, as at A. Even a[J Drawer 10 J . ~| !1 ~ /~" IN I,r~ ~ ~ ~ ' around the sides of a shallo * * * |little fullness in the center front [ I ~e~ora Hills New ~ork| ,lr~ Dusy- ay IVleal$ w ~.~- T rem r ,'[ ~ /~'~. ~/.~ [ J serole 2 ~uart size In the ce-tor0 ove b own marks from |or at the neckhne may be smocked J J ~tor one book: .or J ~ea,j ~ "~7~-v'~'x~ -~ J ---'------- [place 'the scraped'n'ew potatoes'an'd ~,china put the articles in a sauce-|in one or two points. Always [J ~r ooo~s ann ~e~ o~ qum j ar~ There s something about the first i J ~ [-~ "~>)'~ct~ [ " ' ' [ shelled peas Add water sprinkle [pan with cold water and a lump [baste the center front tuck first J J ~'.~,=v j Rer warm sunny days of spring that ' s ,j ~ ~ ~ v)]~ [,~ " ' J with salt andput bits of butter over IOf- da. Put the pan on the stove[and then work each way from it.[ [ ~~:::'-'.'.::::: [ lcs, / I ~'~ ~)~ % ~.S,~ j. ~ [ makes a woman don her working [ the top. Cover the dish and bake ;and let it boil for 15 minutes. [The smocking starts at the left / erk *l .]~~ T[ r~l ~r~ ] cremes, rou, up ner.sme.ves ano ge~ ~in a moderately hot oven (375 de- Then rinse the china well and you/and is done with colored thread. |~ ~0 / J ~r~~,~~J~ J smr~ea on nouse cmanmg. [ grees) about 1Vz hours or until the will find that the marks have dis- [Begin at the top of the second [ ~ :~?| j pl~//[,~ "liT ~ J In spite of all the work involved, J vegetables are tender ' appeared. "tuck. Catch it to the tuck at the [ f,b'~ ' ".ff,~~.Jll.~'~ ~ I spring cleaning does give your spir- / " ! . i I~r~HNIWIII~ I lts alift. And it's very apt to spur I Old Fashioned Rice Pudding, [ 4~ ~r~ e,- / t -IH~N~I~L~ I you on to such heights that unless I ~,~ cup rice .IF ~ ,m-s~ . ~ ~ / .~.~~ thO / Ill n ,$ff l Iyou've planned your cleaning earn-] 1 cup suga I .40uizWlth AnswersI I tO ! ~~1 ~11111/~''~ I paign with a~l the finesse of an army J 1 quart milk ] . L, ] rw o.; r. I I S general the end of house cleaning '% teaspoon salt i is likely to find you with a shining, ] ' J J ' immaculate house, but an exceed-," " ~n Wash rme and mix w~th 1 cup sug f l I r $ l/iY/41g tlq / - I : " II Lady, Body o ! I'~ ~ ~--~/~#///// 1llUillP~l ingly weary body and a very dis- [ar,hl quart milk and salt Place /itIs HOUSECLEANING time ,1~ i ['x-~~~~' i turbed family! But with a definite [ n o.t oven (42,) degrees). Shr mto The Questions I 10. When a vacuum electric light [ Bettor O Coder Itl er- plan of action to [ pudding ~requently the brown crust t "r " " it" bulb is broken wha" ~auses the / = lsO1 STAGE STRUCK ASSISTANT? schedule a n d [/~ l)~ ~ " tween the rank and the file? 1. Iceland. ithemlWatch the wxnter .fihn of dit l~a ! t~"1 h- . - - k.~. ~ ~ ] All In One Dinner. 3. At what point in the United [ 2 To an officer facing his com- [Watch the dean wood (td,e .o,t lia, olcum) ardened,mey can oe gooo ,~ " . take on tnegP-Mrogr$oftandst/ze~loos~on ! ~, to out-and-out hostility ~~ i (Serves 5-6) States do four states JOin. [ puny the rank appears horizontal, /~,~,a t, Crorn meam' a mmpm : ~e~s, ago. Askforg ~mr. nJ al;a being on the fence he has ,~ ', ;** ~, ~"~ ~ [ 3 cups raw potatoes (sliced) 4. The word dugout has what/and the file vertical, n . . ,| t, ra v e r de|irately to the ant,-third main" dish that ~-~~-~--- ] 2 teaspoons salt three common meamngs? / 3. Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, i r~ ~d~Jl[I , l . group. . can be artl re- ~ ~"--~ I a/4 teaspoon pepper . a. xlow many.countries are there / and Colorado. a ===== L.~I~L~IbI[ ! i; / Qg~ta thlYrdt~lrJ~bu;'gg:e~:~;;leY. pared ~e ;Y; before, is one solu-] ~lom pork chops m6S~:t Almne~m?? / 4. A low shelter for baseball/ V ~B~l cups spamsn onmns ~sx~ced) g ave Ialseteeu]la ers A canoe made b h 1 }are : " tion to the problem of how to keep I . . " / P Y y el ST- lMOPS WAX OUITIRI CLIANIIt Au" m d ~ een worn', in a Is A cave made in a hill " ' " " %" ;a e~er to de.nou,ve ,t ~,ubhcly HuT. your ~amHy well fed and happy even1 t ~otespoon butter D . g g. - O-C|DAR ply AND MOTH IIIqULY / II " he will n t talk ut until he,h io;,nlna time [ 1 can condensed tomato soup 7. An amanuensis is which:, a t side 1 .- i t~'* a}d a showdown with Roosevelt, "'': .~ ""'~". [ 1~ cups sweet milk dancer, a sculptor, or a scribe? i 5. "Thirteen. J ~ Which time he wi:l] insist on a t'lan a meal ma~ reqtures nttle J 8. What famous ancient Greek [ 6 The ancio~ n,~m.~n In True Greatness / "~e|:oric "yes" or "no" answer, watching, one that ~s easy to serve [ In a greased casserole arrange a was known as the henpecked,false teeth [ No man has come to true great- II / ~ tho,~ i ~ and one that won't be spoiled if it I layer of the sliced potatoes. Season nhi']osonher~ " |,c,n~o" ness who has not felt in some de- J atlSfacfor z one, then. Jim is v"re- isn't eaten on the stroke of 12:00 J w~th salt and pepper. Then add a 9. Who was the first man re- ~ ~.~ ~,~c,a~=o. ~ ~- [gree that his. life belongs to the [ Pared'to ex,~res~'bis "-'"asitlon "ub Serve the meal"help-yourself-style [ layer of pork chops and season these nuted to have said that there is [o ,~ race ---Phflhps Brooks ely H using paper plates and napkins be with salt and pepper Cover w~th a h n new un er th I 1 ~.-' e is aware that such a state- " " '," [ not i g d e sun. ] 10 The outside air rushina into J~ i / '~hl would "qa, i-t'~ t~''~ *,~.a e cause these are the things that make [ layer of onions. Dot with butter / " - ~ I / th~ ~ O P ~nd th';~' '(='~'a"'~'"~'~ff'" hot meals practical even in the thick I and season. Add additional layers ~ me vacuum. Ac S ,~ale' for him "-olit~c'all'~,' #b,'t"h: of flying brooms and dust mops. )of potatoes chops and onions as Makin, Amends Was Bit I I - I i |",sis-that he owes it to the Demo You'll find worthwhile suggestions [needed. Combine the tomato soup J ~- --- / Pn['~ ~ ~J'~/ " . . ~ Iv (rStic for busy day meals below and the milk and pour rote the eas OUt 0 Pa )erhan er s Lme U , / party and the country frankly " J . / ] g [ I qln~.~ ~ ~ I[./'.- --.L-- J I |1 ,~ ~t/ /~'[~ ~J,State his views /serole. Cover, and bake in a rood-,| I~ t a,~t~ I t a0u The Massachusetts statement was ~pamsn ~oa. / erate oven (375 degrees) for about Whitley was having some dec- / I ! ~ ! I / r II~t~~' 1 |] / y's opening gun in his plan to ' i " ' g ' g -JJ,I ~n~ t3out.w maow [,U[ <~~ "~ 1 ~'arle Round steak 2 inches thickI~A hours oratm done, mcludln the re [~I,~oke out RooseveB:. From now I No. 2 can tomatoes u papering of the dining-room and I [ ~ [ W'ho's a HogY ] I- ] n ~'I['I~T I l~'J[l~q~t ~[ 1 ~,~eg.ardless of their close ties lsm~canmushrooms ^, []Spri. Salada,er SpringTonles. I the bath-room. His wifewasI I"l Army ~boardt ar n w zr~,~u ~ 1 [J,Ih~ ~'e~r still warm personal friend- ~ 2ZT"'2~22",:~:'2~" I I No sulphur and molasses need- I away, so ne left the men on the I ] l:'v-l-,~ ~.|~ 1 ~l,~.u ~as far as Farley is concerned), ~- v=vv~- ,~, --=, I ] ed for n snrin~' tnnin ,h J JOO wnen ne went to ousiness. [ -n ~wnzerlanu, the Dearooms ox i auA-a ~.~ ~=~u~,~ ~[ i '.ey are two riva~ ~a~didates I/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper[ I serve-s~,rin:, ":,~ ~'~-'~,~'=~'", ~:~. I When he returned they wereI many houses still contain a "soul[ [I / e;~ te'-Farley was absolutely siu- ~a:h lo; ;l~s~e:e II Elean rH we~w'ill live ;;; ::;; [ just finishing. But,there had been ] w;2do~v~; ori~inmmta~u:~ window [~ e When h 1 of some mmtaKe ~ne ammg room g uP- ~J,"L e dec are d that he was teas-oon salt J [ her own favorite tested recipes i - J . . [ Exaggeration ~J / n r,o combination with anyone." "~. p I J for simple and delieious salads, I paper was in the bath-room, while I pose~ m serve as a specm! ex.~ j We are never so happy, nor so ~J J ;~eht reports that he was secretly~oomes I [ fruit salads vegetable salads and J showed an elegant zor me soul at me ~me oz aeam. j unhappy, as we suppose ourselves ~J i ~-}ed with Ga~ner s,re unfounded.Dredge steak with flour and sear l I molded salads, too. Be sure to l aemgn !n green rues ana purpm ] ~ n to be.--La Rochefoucauld. ~I I ~iVately Jim thinks Garner is get- on both sides. Place in casserole I iread this column next week. [ wa,~er-n!ms. . I Unlike such animals as dogs, l~ " -- g nowhere fast His own erson and add toma' ~ l J wna~ are you going to ao aoout l monkeys and horses, hogs do not l . ~i I M *'icket is Hull"and 'Farleyp " ~ t h.ooms'| it?" demanded the angry house- overeat when having access to S~L~C~ED nES~Y ]P~S New I ~l,' * " * ~ on~on"~reen ,~,-~' [ appne ~rnsp holder when he'd pointed out the J large quantities of food [ OregonMarshall Banner Plum Dor- [~I i ~. ~JY~.-" ~:"" v"~"l (Serves 6) mistake 1 ',I lett RedhearL C ~old Dollar N~'rcilsa | Dur~tn ~tm~ue ' pers ana season-, ~ ' ' ' J shr~/~ state of Idaho plans to en. ~ ing. Cover and I ~ t;t~tD a:f:;~ 7:;:;d and shced) er IscdrU~2~i';- s2iisd:::d papf'~hawng" I When oysters are shucked, or [ [ cor~,EFv:lrS?rin21C~?sohmeB~ysenG~bm, J ~]I,~ e the memory of its late great //AL" L J bake about 2 I v s s " I removed from their shells on a I l ries, Loganberries, Yonngberrles, Black- | I / W,1]iam E. Bora.h under the ~I~L ~.) hours in a slowI ~te::; nt;;nnam n ~glmYben~Teo~h,e bath--but ,ts a[large scale, the opening operation[ i e.~. ,~. ~.~;:oL.:2 ~I uome of the national Capitol oven (300 de v J l n a, --,'~;~"~----.g-/~'/A . I ' I's made easier bv first di in ' ~here h ~A cup general purpose flour PP g J i ~] I . e served for more than 30 "~J//~'])[ grees). Half an I . . . ' them in a harmless anesthetizing " "' ears f r ~z cup wnite sugar ' ' . ~[ 1 '~." . . /J ~////"'[ ~ hour be o e serv-I Kan,aroo Court ]n Jail solution whmh relaxes their shell- he st " ' " o ~amespoons out~er ~ / Need of Patience HJ 1 ate willfill ~ts quota of ]~l~e,~' I lng, boil some I closm muscles ~atues in g " Patience is a necessar in re- I / ~l Chamb::a:;~y h;luls:th; r:;g;. ~1 ~ ;; dl:terinD::~t ] inPa -'f -re',pplesz Put About 1,700 of the 3,100 county - ~ . dient of genius.--Disraelily g "entative f. 1.71~t~lk~ " . " / ~;~uaseu ua~]ng ulsn. ~a~x to- 8ha lOCal jails in mis country I 'z'ne iarges~ number ot persons 1 ,l~Wed toS'pl:;:rtw;aC~at;:~~ lSI~ ~ ~'VIF~ ;lr~C: l:~t:r? s:rn J gether the brown sugar and the ein- allow inmates to hold kangaroo [ever carried on a ship were the | " / ~Ulptor " (NI'~ ~l [ Z ~ g P," J namon, and sprinkle over apples, courts, or mock trials presided.[ 14,426 American army officers, [ m ~ A / ' l~Orah n:i~l n:; Yt~; ~;eno:2 :::ator (~' l(~)%x~ ;~u2d I~h con: r [ Pour water over all. Mix together . over by the tougher prisoners, for I men, nurses and crew members [ 1~( ~~ -- == / ~lec, .~ . J the flour and the sugar, and cut in the purpose of maintainin dis- who arrived in New York from I, the She ! Centar. M~lem " / ~)~ ,=u oy ,aano tor m~s nonor, tts with the sauce./the butter Sprinkle this crumbly -,;,-'; ,-; ~. ;~ --,~ t~ ^ ;, . ~-. ] ,8 ~ *.~*, u~u~a~ mlx $1,00 without bath. $1,SO with ~' -- L B s " -. - i ' ture over the apples. Bake in delegatm dmtasteful obs to those Levmthan On the tr] 320 cooks h Shou a ioneer who was th u y-uay t;aKe g ~ P hat. Attmctiv, weelkly rater. 1[ 1 "at goveP'rnor Pof Id-" ~ (Mak--o"" : ,moderate oven ,350 degreesl t)0 to ,they dislike and extorting money I working in three eigbt-hour shifts,':'~' -2-'~~"L-Ll"e'~a~ ][,~itory was admitted"tow'~""'~'~'~-" " . ~ - e~,55 minutes, or until apples are ten. Ifrom others through ridiculous ! managed to prepare only two [ " - 1[,~tll s.~atenooa m .'/4 cup outter ' [ der and top brown. !flnes.--Collier's. meals a day.--Collier's. ( ,ovu The :~noup s, the l cup, sug,r P& s Lima Beans and Sausage " [ J " " " ' I II i ~llest in Statuar hall standing 13 ~ eggs ~ et Y ' " " ,iN' % cup milk [ I pound country sausage ~ ~,~P II/ h, ate"Mrs. Borah, accompanied 1 teaspoon flavoring extract [ 2 medium sized onions (sliced) I ~P~P~ ~ ~ ~~ J ~J~t [J,~ one of her sisterssoon will sail 1% cups flour (cake flour pre- 1 can lima beans 1 ~OR ~Y |I 1 ' te a wai, . or a rest. Her plans ferred) / 2cups e anned tomatoes l g/ t" /H~ ~/~ i r returning are Indeflmte' . 1% teaspoons bakm' g powder 1 teaspoon salt ~'~ .~w~-~m~e aw ] / * * * teaspoon salt / b~ teaspoon chili powder ~ ~ ~g~ gl~rVg( q Fq SNOKUS~dl~ TI Far'm Di~P::l~ittlWnail;eea p ll S ften the butter bY ereamlng' l Shape sausage int flat cakes and ~ ,""4''". Z,/~ Wing increaed farm support for h g,unbeaten eggs, an fr with the HE S BEEN EPLIOYINQ P Y, -~ ) PJ~ I~I~ II Yr~$P ll wmg p T en add su ar J,~enry Wallace a newsman asked milk, flavoring extract, and the dry [ onions, until the f'~. .-~ " l.~t)K ~t ~UW ,: I [,;~r~: "Does this have any effect on ingredients which have been sifted [ sausage is done. ~/~-'~// ~fl~ AND ~,~Clr . "'> ] J~}lr personal political ambitions, together. Wtth.a rotary beater or ~Drain off all but /t/.~/ L~ ~ PRINC~AI.BERTROLIL$. P.A. IS RICH|R'l* . 111,TO0. AND I |mr. Seeretary?, electriemlxer, beatfor2or3mln cup of the fat, ,[~q~ ' I ~"~ P"Di?Z'~-"p;';;~-w- ~~ P-D.IOrs~M A.Allai MII~gSS~ ' [ Wallace evaded" "I noticed th* utes, or until the batter is light and ] add remainin~ ~) ('////')~=//~ w ,s 6v '~ ~" MUtt, l~ ~~l ~wnr,w v0, ~vm~n~ evwew~wm~ / /~l] Indlcated Pennsy]vanla was'Sivery smooth. Pour into greased J ingredients and AS TNE FASteNER AND q~O@i.IR'DURNINGf jr | i r cent Reoubllcan "' pan 8 by 8 by 2 inches deep and simmer for 30 ~ ON MY COAT[ ' " - -- ' v ' oN sy C0An J r,~ ~ecretary," persisted the co er evemy w~m me zo~lowmg ram- I minutes. .~ ~ ,~i:l , s "WSman "did v ~, ture I,~~m unu~u~mm~'am~'-~momm~l~UmNVl I tlon~, ' "~"= " ~, ~ Prhmo ~Im~t buried 1 ,:L' cup sweet chocolate (grated) n Get Your Copy of Household ~~ ,~hro." said Wallace, grinning. % cup nut meats (cut fine) I .Ints' Now. / added, "I'm trying to giveBake in a moderate oven (350 de I This busy house cleaning season is ~~~.~.~ .~,~,~ 8,~'~ ,meth!ng of real interest. . " J when you II appreciate, most, Elea. /I[$ i,grees) zor a~ tO ~,U minutes.~ nor Howe's exceedingly useful book- ~J~ ~ "~:J~ ~i~ V i ~ Merry-Go-Round n .m Ca~- -n~- I let "Household Hints " In it you'll ~~ ~m~.m a~ ' Lamb Cho s ~f~l ,0.~xOl} Hurja, genial former official ] find suggestions for cleaning painted . ' ~.~' ~Jmm~tNt~l ~ledofaf// th (~erves ~) |l e- e Oemocratic national commit [kitchen walls, and oil paintings; ~~ ~, I ~ lamo enops |Ar~ s an ardent collector of early . l hints for removing old paint and ~~[:-" " J' ~, eriea- nno ~4 teaspoon salt ] v . -- . documents. He ha varnish; tricks to tr~ when washing, ! ~~i~Apwr ~" ~e ~ew grams pepper ~ . |"~ tioUlaost complete private, eol 1~ smau new potatoes I windows and you'll find 350 simple, Rollln along with P,A.I That ]Prince Albert. W~ip~I~ ,~, ns of Andrew Jackson s papers J easy-to-use, tried and true helps for crimp cut lays right-no lure s--no thins ts f~/ " e~is z los zresn peas tz cups sneuea) . p po , tence house cleamn and every day house . / Vigorous ";--I 1,4 cup water ' [- . g . " Joa Darts (r/~ht) g~S on. Stteam-lint~l to- A,O~~ i.~, l teaspoon ,alt / "eepmg" bacco, I call P.A," adds Jim Smith (/aR)-"and ,~JV/ ~[~I)~J~'~F i l'~Vel rec^-.~ 1 tablespoon butter J To get your copy of this booklet, it's a teal bargain. (Plpo fan~ please noted e' q~mm, m~ /Y" I00 00;*~ni~;:t h~:'*; ,he .~ra~ [send I0 cents in coin to "Household ~ THE NA"@NAE~OY ~0" /~1 ~" . - -%- uw ~ut rat ~rom me enops, sprinkle Hints " care Eleanor Howe 919 ,tVtt V4 asp on sat and few I North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, ~ . .II.--~ ob~. -- ~ oy tram on omcial duty--an them with te o l a,u mues zor eacn aay ez grains pepper and brown slightly on J Illinois. ~ m'ott~ Imm~r~Imi~ ~l' " " ' g P J qReleased by Western Newspaper Union.) ' ' " ' " " @~ ~ J~