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April 11, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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April 11, 1940

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THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 1940 ~'DI.AN VALLEY RECORD ii -- i i L INDIAN VALLEY RECORD Published Every Thursday By LAURENCE LOCKNEY Entered as second-class matter November 27, 1930, at the post office at Greenville, California, under the Act of March 3, 1879. Indians and some of the youngerI ones carry the old primitive 1low nd arrows, but most of the hun*~- ors had a single-shot muzzle-loading J;fie. The shotgun was seldom seen. The natives were adept In curing deerskins and many wore buckskin" ]clothing and moccasins. Many, evdn Obituaries, Cards of Thanks and all notices of entertainments given for ~a0ults, went barefoot. A quite profit, charged for the same as other advertising. }common full-dress costume for a ~.-----.--------~- ~---------, iemale was made from rabbit skins. Copy for adverttsing must reach the Record office not later than Wednes- r,(~:llhb~= n~b21m~:Ylat::::h: day forenoon to insure publication in the ~urrent issue. All communica-,~'g ' g ' ' tlons and items of news must reach the Record not later than Tuesday '70's a deadly strife existed between evening to insure publication. All communications must bear the signa- the natives of Indian Valley and ture of the author, but will not be Dublished if requestea not to do so. thr Mill Creeks and the Pit Rivers. Early Days In Indlan Valley (Continued from page 1) effort to acquire it, since the older Indians with whom I worked usu- ally avoided translations or gave What I knew to be misleading in- formation. I have observed, hdw- ever, that most nouns end with an "~q" sound. For instance, dog (shoom), water (maumeem), duck (wadklm), milk (mineim), cow (~'ohom), a perversion probably of Whoa-haw of white ox drivers dia- lect, and so on down the line. I have noticed a few words identic~l in sound and meaning with Indian Words used by Longfellow in h!s l-!iawatha except in the "m" ter- n'.tnation. The basketry before referred to i~ something of a puzzle. Authori- tles have stated that nowhere has j The cause of the dissensions were lived near Our place, and as a boy l difficult to ascertain, but at one i have watched them prepare'their time I knew of several, mostly we- famed acorn soup, some of the in- i men, who allegedly w~re adopted ~redients unknown to me, but pul-!irate the local tribe as captives. pulverized and leached acorns, how- In closing this subject, I might ever, in evidence. A large basket, I refer to an Indian who was prob- mcnt;oned, water tight, is provided, 'vbly Peter Lassen's last living era- containing ingredients for the soup, Or gruel. Another smaller: basket full of cold water near. A large wood fire piled full of small rocks at hand. When the rocks are hot enough for the ash to cleave read- i]y, they are immersed in ~he cold i e=:vlorer. Jim married three times water and instant with two long f avd had eight children by his first s!icks, and dropped into the soup !wife, all dying young. His last until it boils. After cooling, the 1delicacy was passed around in all n,anner of small containers, many of them little baskets, and the rocks were licked. The big annual May picnic was a great event. Indians assembled b.v hundreds at some regularly estab- lished village and two or three days would be spent in feasting, dancing, l~peechmaking, horse racing and :gambling. Strong liquor at these been found, except with the Japan- gatherings sixty years ago was lit- ese, its equal in design and work- tie in evidence. ~'ife, a Washes, couldn't speak his language, nor could he speak hers, so they compromised with a sort of p;.dgin English, which they shouted ire each other as they rode along th.~ 1 cad, they both being very deaf. Jim lived to be past 90 and is buried b~ck in the deep timber near the grave of his first wife, and I doubt if anyone except myself can locate the spot today. i The early farmers of Indian Val- lcb lived content with the provision 'made by what was known as a raansh~p, and it is about the only ! In the evening many assembled i squatter's right to their land claims branch of their work where true at the sweat house, constructed on;until the early '70's, when the gov- a:t is apparent. Very few follow it : a much larger scale than were the ernment sent a man named Brown ~'.ow and the craft as a whole gives dwellings, and covered by a heavy, to make the first sectional survey. rite to a suspicion that, at some re- mote period, the local tribes h~td been in touch with a more enlight-! Shed, skillful and imaginative peo- Ple, from whom this beautiful and Useful art has descended. I have seen two or three dozen ~f these baskets of s~zes from a gallon to that of a washtub, stored for tmfety in the loft of my father's glanary, while the owners were on their annual spring pilgrimage to blbuntain Meadows for fish and rOOts.Many baskets were water tight. A large village of Indians ones layer of dirt. Two hundred dancers F, rown evidently made extensive could be contained therein, surveys on the coast, as an Oregon A large fire was built in the con- itimber cruiser told me last week for, the one door closed, and when ~ihat he had checked Brown's work the heat became intense, the danc- done in that state also in the '70rs. crs, nearly naked, moved vigorous-i Later A. W. Keddie, pioneer of ly to the rhythm of the beating of iWestern Pacific engineering fame l a stick on the center pole. All were and whom I knew and assisted in a provided with split splinters with I minor way, before his marriage was ! whtch they groomed their perspir- I extensively employed In segregating ing bodies at intervals. This core. land subdividing the lands for the: mony was followed by a rush and convenience of homesteaders whos,~ p]vnge into the nearest cold water filings were witnessed and recorded X~Tbo wonders at the survival of only in the U. S. Land Office then le- the fittest? I cated in Susanville, thence for- I have seen a number of the older !warded to Washington from where 'WHY, THAT'S oNLY DOLLARS MORE A THAN THE pRICE OF A DE LuXE LOWEST pRICED CAR AND LoOK HOW CAR yOU MuCH GET FOR yoUR MONEYI" EOK at the pricel Look at the carl Then, look how much better off you'll be with a big Olds Sixty! It's smart, it's b/g, it'S modern--and it's powerful to the tune Of a big 95 H. P. F.cono-Master engine. You'll find o~erything you want in a quality-built Oldsmobile--from per- refinance to prestige. Drive one, todayl II I I III Phone 36-M-2 m IIII I I I IIIII II I ! the final patent was sent to the 1o- WRITTEN PERMITS NEEDED ] NOTICE OF FORFEITURE wasCat r'the fteneaseafterwith myyearSfather's f delaY,claim.aS FOR ~-BURNING DEBRISI! To Don E. Bear, his heirs or a~- Addttionl to the homestead loca- ~,Vrltten permits for debri~ burn-[signs, that undersigned has expend. tion, limited to 160 acres at $1.25 an ing will be required in areas pro- led $200.00 in labor and improve- sere, a preemption provision was in tected from fie by the Plumes Na- Iments as assessment work being force but has long been diseontin- tiohal Forest from April 15, it is lnecessary to hold the "Lapland" ued. Swamp and overflow lands announced at headquarters of For-Imtning claim under provision of ly;ng within original boundaries, est Supervisor D.N. Ro~ers tn~See. 2324, U. S. Statutes. where so classified, reverted to the Quincy. Written permits for debris ] Notice is hereby given that if locater, irrespectivd of irregular burning are required under statelyou do not pay your portion of said boundaries. My father's location law from April 15 to December 1 l expenses on or before 90 days from utilized all of these provis~ons. An- each year. The permits are issued ~the date of the first publication of !other civil engineer who at a more by forest rangers of the district in l this notice, your share shall be recent date did much toward res- wHeh the burning is to be done, and forfeited and become the property tablishing old locations was C. H. set forth the conditions under of the undersigned. Higbte/ distinguished as being a which burning may be done. Burn- FRANK BEAR. partner in a Nevada mining ad-]ng trash around the home, or burn- I -- ' : ,~er, ture with Mark Twain. lag debris in the forest, betweenI I sometimes assisted him in 1o. the dates mentioned without a writ- j LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT cnting corners. From what I could ten permit is illegal. I gather from him, his associations ---------'~" I ~'--'~TOTIC~ with the famous humorist were not ] entirely harmonious. Although NEW TRACTOR I In the Superior" Court of the State of California, in and for the Mark dedicated his work, "Rougli- The Kunzler Bros'~reeently put-I County of Plumas. ing It," to Higbie, with favorable ebased a new tractor for use on I In the matter of the Estate of comments, Higbie complained that~ J.C. SEALIGHT, deceased. when they came in from work, tired ~;nd hungry, Mark was content to climb on the bed and tell stories: and leave the preparation of meals to him. Vc'buld that those stories could have been passed on! Maybe they were. I vividly recall Htgbie's fondness ior strawberries. I never remember seeing him travel any distance other than riding his big roan l horse, even with his transit andi chain. He often rode down to ouri place for strawberries, which wereI not obtainable in the manner they, new are. RER BLUFF ROUNDUP TO FEATURE RIDING STARS Famous for many years because of the exceptional quality of its spe- c~-'1 events, the Red Bluff Round-up tu be held on April 20 and 21, will ao gain l~esent a stellar array of trick rh!crs and repots, cowboy clowns, special music and events that add elice to an already exciting pro- gram. Mauy star performers, now famous throughout the rodeo world were introduced to round-up fans at the Red Bluff Show. Such well hnown figures as Dick Grtffith, Homer Holeomb, Verne and Myrtle Goodrioh, and others, were sees for the first time in California at ~ed Bluff. This years 16th Annual Red Bluff Round-up will be no ex- ception in this regard. Making their inital bow to a ro- deo audience, the internationally famous team of Dave and Dolore.~ Nimmo, trick riders and ropers, who have been a feature attraction lot Ringling Bros. Circus for the past three years, will round out the c~nssiest field of special performers ever presented at a California rcdeo. The flashey, colorful team (,f Dave and Dolores Nimmo, though well known to circus aud-i lences, throughout the world, hayer never before appeared before an American rodeo. It: addition to the Nimmo troupe, the program of special events will include such well known stars as Paul St Croy, outstanding trick rMer and roper from Phoenix, Ari- z6na; Fay Knight of Calgary, Can- ada women's champion trick rider; flcmer Holcomb, world famous cowboy clown and Brahma Bull fighter; Abe Lotion, America's~ leading radio announcer; Moddox: Bros. Cowboy Orchestra, well' known NI~C radio stars and the 100 piece Red Bluff High School Band. This spectacular program of spe-i cml events, together with the champion cowboys and tough, rug- ged livestock appearing in the regu- lar round.up events, assures another two days of fast moving, colorful, I exciting action which has gained for 'the Red Bluff Round-up, the title of "America's Biggest Two-; Day Contest." SPRING.SUMMER SCIIEDULE FOR CHURCH SERVICES The following is the order of ser. vices for the Community churches of the Indian Valley: GREENVILLE I Sunday a.m. School I0 Morning worship 11 a. m. Young People's Servi~e 7:45 p. m. both Sundays and Wednesdays.I! Prayer meeting Thursday 7:45 p,m. J Choir Practice Friday 8 p. m. J TAIrLoRSVILLE I Sunday school 2 p. m.: Church Service 7:30 p. m. CRESCENT Sunday school 10 a. m. INDIAN MISSION" ~Tuesday 7:45 p. m. A cordial invitation is given to Strangers and visitors made welcome. STANLEY WEBSTER, Pastor. thei~ dairy farm. WARDLOW'S Confectionery GREENVILLE. CALIf. SOFT DRINKS CANBIES CIGARS NOVELTIES WARDLOW'S Liquor Store DOMESTIC & I~PORTED WINES & LIQUORS I SERVICE Motor Co. A. h FARR, Mgr. GREENVILLE. CALIF. FORD AGENCY SALES AND SERVICE Repair Work on All Make~ of Car~ III Good Steaks Good Chops Good Roasts All Kinds of Cooked Meats The Best of Meats at Reasonable Prices Webb's Meat Market NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the undersigned, Thomas E. Lee, administrator of the estate of J. C. Sealight, deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against the said deceased, that within six months after the first publication of this notice, they either file them with the necessary vouchers in the office of the Clerk of the Suloerior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of Plumas, or exhibit them with the necessary vouchers to said admin- istrator at the law offices of M. C. Kerr, Quincy, California, which said office the undersigned selects as his principal place of business for all matters pertaining to said estate. THOMAS E. LEE, Administrator of the Estate of J. C. Sealight, deceased. M. C. KERR, Attorney for said Administrator. Publish April 4-11o18-25; May 2, 1940 LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT NOTICE TO CO-OWNER OF MINE TO CONTRIBUTE State of California, Plumas County, March 7, 1940. To: Robert H. Sheaffer: You are hereby notified that I ~ave expended one hundred dollars in labor and improvements upon the Dixie Queen (as relocated ac- count of error in first filing on elalm) as will appear by certificate fired September 27th, 1939, in Vol- ume 15 Proof of Labor, page 299, in the office of the Recorder of Flumas County, in order to hold said premises under the provisions of section 2324, Revised Statutes of the United States, being the amount required to hold the same for the year ending Septmber 30th, 1939 (account of extension of morator- rium). And if within ninety days ~fter publication of this notice, you fail or refuse to contribute your proportion of such expenditure as ec~.owner, your interest in said claim will become the property of the subscriber, Allen Larison, under section 2324. (Signed) ALLEN LARISON, 727~ Kay Street, Sacramento, Calif. First Publication March 7, 1940. Last Publication May 30, 1940. Pal's Barber Shop J. E. Stampfli, Prop. Greenville, Calif. Open 8:30 A.M. Close 7:00 p. m. HAIRCUT 60e *" SHAVE $5e III II II II III Ladles' Neek Trim 25 III I I I I I II III II FINE PAPER ,% f,: ', INDIAN VALLEY RECOPJ:) GREENVILLE, CfILIFbRNlfl PLUS CPd:tFTSMfINSHIP