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March 28, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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March 28, 1940

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THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 1940 INDIAN VALLEY RECOI~D , ~ L '. ' .-~ RANDOM OBSERVATIONS about in this way: He had bee. ANNUAL REF~ORT OF P. G. & E. i ]'3 l ]1"I* ] Miss Bettc Douglas of Merced and LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT (By J. O. Davis) md~ed to guarantce the filling of th. I = [ arty nlst0ry m o, twa,o, were .~ ticket for the First Congressional [ Tbe annual report of th~ Pacific] week-end guests of Miss Helen NOTICE OF TIME SET ]FOB ~i Secretary Ickes has done a good I:iutrict and doing the obviou:~ thing Ga.~ and Electric company, now [ I~* 1I| Ayoob. PROVING WILL AND HEALS" ob as a eacemaker with reference hc a ealed to the so-ca[led polRical]bcng mailed to stockholders showsl ,~mrra ValmV M,o J nr Shutzel and daughter ING APPLICATION FOR LET, ~ the P:mocratic National Con-h.~dPlP; of tbe North and South sec-ltbat iu 1939 that company sold 12.87[ d l-Iariene ='rived Sunday fro~.~Beo- TERS TESTAMENTARY. e ricit and 11 94 (C G Church in I oyalton News} ' " vent[on, even though his name Hens of the district to select some [ per cent more el .ct y '* ] ' ~ wawe, Nevada, for a visit with Mr. In the Sunerior Court 0 the stats v Lid not immediately come to prominent individual to fill the two II el cept more gas than m :1938. Be-,an( M~s H D Wardlow, parents n Califo~ni~ in a,~ f,~- ~*~ ^ ,~ountV --"I.--0W--IIA.--T| yo--u r . om 1 - o" ' a! l~oth Sundays and ~Ve'dnesdays1 lA~el~nc~ feet eddrtdae PnPo1 loetoSlcclWon lmgth-----~-ebtathoc ekhltSsk tsnseeSne s netsfI " 'jq~l [! h~ ,~ , m~nd in the consideration of great ~i',ots on the ticket. The political ]cause of rate reductions and ~ of Mrs. Strutzel. !of Plumes. diplomats, and in general you would leaders were strangely uninterested |greater consumption at lower unit [ The year after I logged o~ Pore- ~, ~ ~ v~ T ~Jo~m ,~ I In the Matter of the Estate of : J S P C not think of his personality or his and like tbe biblical story of the|prices, these percentage gains in [pie and Dave aamelli, I logged for ~, ,~ s~ t s-ver-1 da,s recentb, i O~E. H BAC ALA Deceased. . . . ' v ~ me-~ ~ $ J IRe[Ice is ~erem Given teat a p~ methods of approach in considering,! man invited, to a feast they all with [ t~e quantity of electrml~y and gas. I,Lhe band mill until November and is San ~ra,~mc:-^O. ]] t:tiun"* x,~r tee p~vvateY oi ~ne wul ~- theb chancelleries of the world.' one accord began to make excuses [ sold were more than double the rei- !imd to take several thousand feet of [ t " i Joseph Eaccala deceased and for ~ J-~rL NicKel, ~aeramen.o type- ~ " ' , All this discussion aboutwho nrd finally this writer was com. [ative increase of 5.67 per cent in |lumber for pay. That mill was the [ ." . . . ] tie iss~mnce to Cecilia M. Chamber" . writer salesman and repairman, l' s ~br, ll be or not be on delegatmns to palled to resort to the drafting of a[g~oss revenues. [fi~stband mill built in the moun- [ ~. ~ sin of letters testamentary, ha . wa,~ a Uuslness claimer in ~reenvilm [been filed in this court and tha~ national conventions is fundament- long time personal friend a physi- The sharp upturn m sales volume tains The saws were not over mx I " ' a"-' x retool unim rortanL The ciar Ukiah wh bad nave been was to some extent a reflection of h wide and if ou forced th Monday. rtl, l,yet y P ,in o r I Ilnces,Y ] e~ Mcnday, the fu'st day of Ap 194C, at 10 o'clock A. M at the aw rage voter th nks only of thein politics never made a Folitical [thc nationwide improvement in gen-[iced it would cut wavy lumber. It ~am t~row~ey was here AlonaaY[eourtroum of said court at tl~o cavdidate for president whom he is speech, never been to any kind o'f[e,al business conditions. In addi-[was built about a quarter of a mile from Quincy. Icourthouse in the Town of Quinc~, sl pporting and nobody remembersla political convention and who had [tlon sales were temporarily stimu-[Le:ow Grcetos aamelli Ranch be- ]C~mnty of Plumes, Sta!e of.Califor~ ] . -~ v - ! i~ ! l?la, nave dean se~ as tne time anu ~'tcr the delegation has returned i[d~solutely no desire to engage in listed by the Golden ~ate nterna-[lu~ Beckwourth. A man by theI Ip~.ace for the hearing of said petl who was on it or why. ,ar~y such activity, but reluctantly [tional Exposition and by an unus- |name of Treleaven came to start :~ it[on by the court and for the preY. So far as California is concerned, Iconsented merely upon the basis of[ually large consumption of power|the mill for the company and they II I[ing of said will, when and where ~n a Roosevelt delegation it would ~f~endship. With one-half the prob-[fOr irrigation pumping induced by [would crowd the saws and then the ~[][~ 1FIII[XII" ftl][$~CI [any person interested may appear bc perfectly easy to include Morn-ilem solved, renewed efforts were [thc deficient water supply. [saws would buckle and Treleaven II ~AfiULU~ 5 I]a:ds: Tte:tnth~h:jdwJlel' ant~Lssh:~d v Shard Ferdinand tI~e Bull Jo~ made to get some romlnent leader Progress of a more permanent n You told me Y Y Y p . I lwould buck a d say "I H l c.titi,should not be ;ranted. Doukes Or somebody's pet goat be- ~o accept a position on the delega-icharacter is evidenced by the fact|this was soft timber." It did not.b[| P~x~g,~-;--~,~m, ~[ Dated: March 9th 1940. c~Use as far as California is con-'t,on but without success and fin [that the number of new customers |tun but two or three years UDIII ULI011t IV,Jotm DON TCENTVIRTH, I,' ' " " I ~ Clerl~ corned Roosevelt is inevitable both ' the writer was compelled to'|connected during the year, upwards ~ ill ," r The narrow gauge railroad ran GREENVILLE CALIF :By M. SHORT, Deputy Clara. ,o May and oveml.r an, nobody o c opt the place hlmself. elth l of 5 ,000, was among the largest ,n I tlt I " l lpu lish' March 14-21-2 1940 ,L'~ thiS mlll In ~nose says ~ Du could be put On the delegation who of these two delegates attended the[thhe companys history. At the] . *; n ill ill ~ B flouse In ~ect{wourtn ~naL ~a ~ would strengthen It, and it would be c, nvention--~ending alternates |u-[lose of the year there were 1,543,713 ['~h rle Burne did most of th: I SOFT DRINKS I[ - equally impossible to put anybody .~tead--.and apparently the /chela a.r-[active meters tn service. |~oak fYor me and thaht was the fali~ CANDIES ~. LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT on it who would so weaken it as ,o rav.~ement was satisfactory and had [ The cost of operat'ng the prop. [ ' II I[ ' "" lelties tncludtn -revision for taxes lthc Indian Mission School was built CIGARS 1 endanger its success. }no influence of any sort upon tne[ ',g P ,| IICoIINqPV ELAIM~ MII~ 11~]1~ n indian Valley I ~OO1{ trio 3on I future of political events Those [deI~reelation and other reserves, in: [~ " . . . II NOVELTIES ll[ ]FILED BY 25TH elF MON~I~ The more you learn about men i](aders who declined to go received [creased 4.64 per cent. Taxes of all [nauung tee cement irom ~ec~r- ~ ~[ ---- i ,w(vrth and the lumber from the Mohon made b Blackman see the more obvious becomes the fact ~od iobs at th,~ hands of the men [hinds chargeable against the year's ~ " " y," ~" - " ~ Iiorton I~rothe~s Mill in Clover Va~ I t that the retain a odd man of* o er ti m un 18 49 ox d h un Y Y ' g Y ,in whose interest the delegation [ P' a ons a o ted to $ .0 ,000,[ " " - i ~de by HeRe, t at all Co the characteristics of childhood, was being formed, and the world [and constituted the largest single |Icy. I put on ten horses and two ~ ~r A rtrtw ~r~l[~rg~ ]] Claims henceforth be filed with tl~ The s'milarity between all the dis- continued to turn on it~ axis witl~ ]item of expense exceeding by aboutlwag ns" I would go from Beck- II ~|||,|~ ~ [[|County Clerk by the25th dayoftbe vourth to the old Chase lace ust tbe cus0ion and agitation and excite- out any very profound effect beln~ [tm'ee-quarters of a million dollars [ ' '' P "" J I I month prior to the meeting of - - "" c, ut of Clover Valley there t~ noth . ~ flr~t ment about selecting a delegation l ol.'served that could be traced to [the wages and salaries of the entire |. ' II !" ~j ]]IBoard of Supervisors on the ' ve ion nd a I ln~ there now but the old fireplac- Men d the to a National Con nt,a ' i the way the delegation was finally Icrerating personnel. I : LlflU0r 5|0re day of each month, an ta tin bas- chimney then I would ~o to the "1 h r ~ said group of small boys ,': r g a - ,f;lled. So, in all this present dis-[ Measured in terms of the return ] "-- " " I I[Clerk be ant o ized to dive troll game on a vacant lot is very cuss[on it may be well to remember |paid to security holders, taxes were |Hosselkus ranch and from there DOMESTIC & IMPORTED notice to the public through the would go to the miss on unload and |1, esther R~ve Bulletin Plumes In striking. I thet by next June all of it will be [more than one and .one-half time~ [ " -- I WINES & LIQUORS I I~ " r ', : There is always pass%nate In-:forgotten. Roosevelt will be nomt-|the annual interest on all ontstand-[go bac~t re tne r~arograves at Tay- ~[dependent, Portola Reporter al~a sistanceat the ball game about 'nnted and all the other elements of !ins bonds; more than twice the dtv. |lorsville, and buck to the mill, and Indian Valley Record Carried and wh, is the logical selection for 'he situation exce,~t his loade.'ohh~,- l idends on preferred stock; and el-]sometimes I stayed with old Mr. ! I I [so ordered " F~ournoyTTarley Flournoy s sister, Pu a~ ?Hcher and who ought to com~ ,~'ll t ~ no [ most one and one half times the div [ ~ [ blish M ch 7-14-21. ,"~ no ve had much effect u~ n - - ",i firm. to bat, and who'is vest quell- that result [idends pa~d on common stock.|Timer, was there, and she always I,[. . 4-- fled for short-stop, and who shall be . 6 I~ased on the number of meters in ~ "" " It -,-=I I LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT assigned to the less desirable places 6,000.FOOT CHANNEL TO [service taxes have increased from [for breskfast, and they are sure[ ~ ][~', ~ ~/|,: ][~] [[ ,] - -- ii ~t,~t .m ~ .m. w v ,~. ~.~ .m ~ I1-,-"" on the team and there Is much talk I BE diZENED AT SENECA lan average of $1 37 per meter inlgC' a" Try them. I I i ' '. ,' ' ~ NOTICE TO CO-OWNER OF and exc,tement and argument, andi ,~;,lliam McMtllan, operator ofl:1OOSteS3.r4permeterlnl918,$6 91 Well, it took me untll the middle ', [ Motor Co. II no matter who wins, the next day ithc Glacier mine at Seneca, has a~in 1929 and $11.69 in 1939 Ic January, and it had snowed six !1 [1 ~ ~m~ x~ u~z~~~t~v ' l " ",I a. J~. lt'all~lt~ fflgr. I i the argument is had over azatn icrew of six men employed in open- [ The earnings available for theha,-hes andd the roads got very slip- [ I I ~ . to settle the next game--and so It is ling up a 6~)00-foot channel en the ] common stock amounted to $2.84 Jpery and I had to put a rough lock [[ GREENVILLE, CALIF. J ] State of California, Plumes countY, r " " " i I ~ I I March 7 1940. in much of politics and public life. I P operty. The channel has already ['per share on 6,261,270 shares out- |shoe on to keep on the road on the i[ ][~K~][~ A~N,T(-~V [I To Robert H Sheaffer jbeen partly opened and there are[standlngat December 31 1939 c'om-ltv-ns. I bought a lot of oats from I .~ v-~J.- ~:~.~-~ = ~ ~ II : " : I In 1932 this writer was elected issue 100 feet of gravel ready rolpared with $2.47 per share upon the|Mr Hosselkus, then later in the [ ~ [[ You are hereby notified that work which runs 2 ce,D~I~;~ ,~D ~r~i~ tUl~ }'ave expended one hundred dollars delegate to the Democratic Nat'on-[ " ' O nts to the ]~.ame number of shares at the close, winter I logged again for the Her- [ [[. a" Convention at Chicago. It came I:Pe-n, said McMlllan. [of the preceding year. Dividends [tc.n brothers For a month we[ Repair Workon All Makel [lln moor ana improvements upo- ' ' ' [ or uarl I the Dixie Queen (as relocated ae let the rate of $2 pars hare were paid [ logged from the stump We took - t count of error in first filin- o~ l in both years. ' |whole trees at a load We used a ~ [ $ "e I I I i,| bob sl-J ~ 1- ~ ~ [ tie,m) as Will appear oy certifica~ ~u. ii~y nau on ~wo team~ I 1 $ $ ~. $ [NEW CLUB ORGANIZED : If[ted September 27th, 1939, in Vo" or uletr own. My orotner A.~. ul~41F'ma d '~P~l#~#i ,d~,~ldl~ [ IN HOME MAKING CLASSESi ', III I ,Ume 15 Proof of Labor, page 2"99, ~J'~r~ ~ ~f~'~ r#~r~dr~ .------ L.nurcn, drove One and ~/eorge Will- in the office of the Recorder of ' ] (Dorothhy Eisenhutb Rcpeorter)[. " " "} ]~/1111"~ A FIfO lt-'lumasCountv, inorder to hold l~r drove the other The nex( ,' spring I paowed a month hfor th~ ! - ~lr~ ~ IB ~[[~BB~J~ JB B [ A newclub hasbeen organized bY[U.elm "I [WI ~ ~l / ~ [,~atd premises under the provisions an orotners ana Dougn~ iour f ~~ ~ ~, ~, ~ ~r~v~ ,Dr Isome of the girls in the home mak.| " ] lVl]U/1.1k lof section 2324, Revised Statutes o g~a norses from tnem rour and r~t W~' ~' ~m ~ Iv ~W ~'~' ~ ~W dW ~' ling classes of the Greenville High ~ '' y ' [ |the United States bein the mou ~F'~' ~[ ~,~ ~v ~~, ~~ [School, with Miss Wilcox "as ad-~five years old, the old John Logan1 [required to hold'the game for the -- [visor. The following are the offl. [~ :kke' :n~ngl: li:: l:i;:r~m would :l. OO(]l ~reaKs [year ending Septmber 30th, 1939 # I AFI a#rD Ice-: i I Good Chops ](account of extension of morator- /N d U~d~/N~P I Jean Eubanks president [ That summer I went logging for ]C,ar]ie G o od Roasts ] rium) And If within ninety daY'. d Eetty Lewis, secretary " Barton of Truckee. He had after publication of this notice, you ,~ ~ w ~,- ml~ll~ ,w [ June Oliver, song leader. ]:o:O=actfrom the Hobart Mill| All Kinds of [fail Or refuse to contribute your = ~ [ aids Tracy, ass.stant song lea. I :p y. ~ had three other teams I I-, ~ ~ ~ . [ proportion of such expenditure as der f om SierraValle Ben Mires ~.JOOKe~I l 1eaEs c~ owner r id [ I y ,I ,you interest in s, ~ ~ [ Dorothy Elssnhuth reporter. |Ulcy Bates and the Marble broth-~ The Be-t Ic~aim will become the property ef ~ ~ [ Members are making arrange.|era, Gone and Harry. We logged] ~ ~1 J.Vlt2aU~ ]tl~esubscriber, AllenLarison, under [~ ~ [ ~ [~ [mcnts to go to Chloe Marcl~ 30 to [thai: year until Christmas. During ] at Reasonable ]section 2324. [[ iV [ [~ [the District Home Economics Con-|thc snmmer my house burned down.[ Prices [(Signed) ALLEN LARISON', It lIV I I~ [venUon. ].rt was occupied by a family by the,I 727~ Kay Street, J~]~[ I ~-- --J~ I A club constitution is being con. [name of Hoyes. I was lucky to have [ -- [ Sacramento Calif, [ll~ ]~~lb ]s~dcred and several constitutions~it insured. At the time nay folks] Webb's Meat Market I Publication March 7, ;940 i [I[ I-"- [ [~ [from other clubs have been re.|wcrelivinginatentatthelogglng[ [L~stPubIicatlonMay30,1940. cc%ed e I , 1 ~[ . [ ~ " [C n p. I had purchased my ranca,J'- --- ~ [ The theme for the state club this [enriy in the fall and the folks had,' ~ - [ Pal's Barber Shop '-'car is "Personal[t-" "-- - -~ "'-" "~"- r~-- ' ,~ $ y* xllove(] lnLo LFIe Valley In the carry "l' " I If Ie~meinwifhmyteam on] 0 SELL IJ.E. Stampfh, Prop. ~l~/Irci~ I ~d~j~ ~d~J~rd~d~JJ~f~ !SPRING-SUMMER SCHEDULE ]Christmas day. The folks did not[ E~'~ 'EM, TELL Greenville, Calif. [ FOR OHURCH SERVICES!move to the logging camp next year. [ q ~ |vpen 8:30 A.M. Close 7:00 p. m, ,~VL ] HAIRCUT 50o -- ~c logged on chutes the first two, Hundred, switch tO low I The fo,low,ng ,s t.e order of ser. iyears and the third year'the Bates I R'WmWi|h An Ad S"AVE 25e ~(, - ~,~ -- "e s. [ vices for the Community churches |learn and my team logged on truck~,-- Ladies' Neck Trim 25e ,~y~ cost enearnc COoKnng [of the Indian Valley: [end that fal]T sold out eleven head [ I~1~~ ] GREENVILLE [of hcrses to the company. :In the J I'~~ l~lsw I;uuvl$ ~n~ IS nday School 10 a. m. [m~antime the Indian Mission Schoolh i C'~L~I l~W #~lIPiS4 l=i~l~|l~li~ ]Morning worship 11 a. m. li,i Indian Valley burned down andll -- I / : '::: OO011~ IVVlP~ eql~Vill~ IYoun- People's Servi~e 7"45 p m ' . li I t ~ Iwaa'not rebuilt. Earlier in the sea- II I u. low -,ic ;;e, Inhunde&ofh es, argehmes d [ bfo my team went on the][ I llXI ----1 i.~ wh,~ ~ou .use ,a small homes, women are experiencing a [Prayer meeting Thursday 7:45 p.m. I truck My brother was driving my ~1 n --, - ~ ii ~r'~l~.~' ~o~.~ new delight in housekeeping--a new thrill |Choir Practice Friday 8 p. m. |team and it was snowing a ltttle andII I ^ E- I Sou can earn. the yew in cooking Yes, a new thrill because they [ TAYLORSVILLE |he was going up the chute andII m mwe~ e~ ctt~c rate. " " " " ' " Sunda school 2 m I are cookmg wxth electrtaty. These women I Y P" .[Harry Marble was coming downII II I " ' an Church Service 7 30 p m ~ ~ h are saying, Why didn t I buy and use : ' ~n I is log started, to run and A1- N electric range years ago ?" I 0RESCENT MILLS [ bert was crossing a branch chute i[ I " ] Sunday school 10 a m av, he was Women usin a modern electric range [ " ' I " II I I s eed and the ease that INDIAN MISSIO th( dogs were going to catch on the are thrilled at t]~e p I "4 I,II I q'7, I o the re aratlon Tuesday 7 5 p m chute He Was sidin hi~ ni h ~.~~ --~"~m electric cookin brings t p p I . "1 - g . il I I A cordial invitation is g~ven ~o ~heel ors of meals. The i eat is just right, always the I d I " h e, or chain horse, as weII I -J I all Strangers and visitors ma e c same. In fact, all things cooked electrically [w" I ailed them, in a snaking team, andII n I SUP|RSP||D Tbe look better, taste better. I elc me" [when he looked ahead the logsll II {--'7"/ I eh~tri ualtl tn z ' . . STANLEY VCEBSTER. were m~L.m .l~mc r.n. See the new low price 1940 ~.le~.c I o - I him and his horse JumpedllI ~a~ ve~ t.ast ana ve~ ~ 4: I I ~ ~ v I I'n the cnute and had both nigh legs II - I, "'--""--~=, I roken, and there were logs and how they overate, how easy they are to use. h |1 I horses piled up there in all shapes Ill ll Sooner or later you are goin to have an!1 -rL n I il II I electric range. You can afford'it. You will II I P' I llllAIIi I If II m I " - " I I or four hours The horse that was II like it. Why not right away? II n!k -- I " uI ,lied weighed 1,s0o po.nds, z II n l)lltTl? I SU|YOURDEAL|RORTHI$COMPANY II II II n n :~4 ' ~ bought a horse from Walter Ede of ~ ~--r - .--- II J"0"$r~[ .~k ~ I I Vlnton to match the other horse. T|I J. II1~!~1 I 14 ariel,'. II IPaid $1 o for him and he was all I ' I Cl|AN T e,et, no I! 'cmr Tn dll Igood'one, five years old. II I cleaaer itove than an - ekeuie raase PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY II ~'/~" ~ 1,i ran my ranch and milked cows II I 1'I It , [ ~:~,1~ the nex" three ~ --. IJ.& or four years and ------. II .~-~ ~4-r~.v~'r'~ A~ --. I had a lot of hogs I killed pork for [I ~ -------" I theh tels=drestau=ntsln*.oY-II INDIAN [ alton and gathered slop for the i TO DO BUSINESS, l ho .s .o.o II VALLEY ECO D I ! ADVERTISE Loysiton at that time. Later I went/I GREENVILLE, CgILIFORNIa PLUS CRaFTSMaNSHIP J l e back tnto the woods. I