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March 28, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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March 28, 1940

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# ,VOLUME X GREENVILLE, PLUMAS COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 1940 NUMBER 27 Red Cross To HoldlSudden Death Of ICounty Picnic ,Ye Editor Hears [:,o not explain satisfactorily. He[ . L I - - I - ity under either setup. This, Brtdges I I I [skipped about too much. leaving a[ I[~ i~I~LI d ol, bt as to whether one union was First Aid Lessons] Walter M Baird[ Set For Apri1281 Harry Brldg I [ [ ]union. He said that the AFL is I ( y " " ) "~--'-" J -- I ~ J ~ I outmoded and functioning through IpaAs:t~gdha t:em w=h:da~ e:ehd C. L. Hall, chief of the Greenville [ Walter Mason Baird fell dead [ The Plumas County Fair Associa- ! The editor of the Record went to ] ol;solete methods, but he did no. [ y ~ty p. Fire Department, announces that a I from heart trouble Sunday night, / ticn announces that it will be spon- [ SLsanville Monday night to hear a i explain why it was out~aoded and Iule.vase an en!nuslasts, tnere is no evidence or lack of interest or eer~es of 10 first aid lessons under [l~:srch 24, while sitting in a chair ,F~or to a county-wide picnic to be |talk on unionism by Harry Bridges, [ what those obsolete methods were. ] . t " i [ - [ ~ Brid e dwelt len t u |spirit. From Graysflat to Petrols : he sponsorship of .the American|in the Greenville Club. Baird had[held at the Fair grounds at Quincy ~ alifornia organizer for the CIO. J g s at g h pen the ~ , " vmount of mone-- "h-+ I~ q,nl,~, i cascDall associations are ra idl ~ed CleanSociety will be held in r y t a P Y ;a paralyticst eke sometime ago, I Sunday April 28 Bridges was unable to secure a o . tb ' - from th overnment b qhl sub nearing complenon Jim ~uhen ,~r c town hall in Greenville. J from which he had never entirely J The picnic will be dedicated to a Imceting place in Susanville which e g y . p -[ , The first meeting will be held[recovered' I-Ie was 68 years of age Igeneral get.together of all Plumslwould hold the crowd as the Nazi s!:ies: but there are so many out-[.u'aysrmltinzorms us that his team z't~ steal~n [rein the overnm n 's a~J set xor a ~ougn season Tom : TUesday night, April 2, from 7 to 9 ] I-ie lived here with his family [c, unty people and their good neigh- |element of that community closed t " ~ g . . g e t [ , D.m. Dr. W. C. Batson will be in [about 20 years ago and for the past I~.ors from Sierra county to further (.very important hall to liim. An [through subs~dms that a person is ]~.~e[ton was erected manager for th~ [~rg:t:ndr:mtlltb: Q=inS:;dcb:pt~:.iN::e:dla y?=i=di:?tc~t:e l;eaRr:n:e I~;pt:=n:e:l :~r4 ~bricht 7~llfbt thhld t ~::;~mP:ch::; ::dito~:CUb:t tthh: i h~?tfi~e:OiCniatlh:Upt~:S:n~n:h~: h: [ lo940thSeea-~ :u:dd ~oirll :::~%haiy~.' el 'elrrn n y o nitv in coo]i|l is "all | s The time is 7:30 o'clock.~ Jc~own|~| th river a fa c es all wet--Ii|ofYteh j. ~ edstitor has alwa s llstanding or c tl,he s t. ]wood, and two sons, Walter Baird Ifair. Ion this evening they placed a Ver- I ' i P tal~,n he e lessons i first aid ~s ~ery clear He is not a rabble left bander Just acquired and g t s n " [of Reno, Nevada, and Albert Baird,Ther- will be a barbecue and a lboten" sign over the school house i " -- t " ' Urged to attend the classes said|of San Francisco '| : .~ .1 ,+,r " ~ ,n,~rocser by any means. Tt would I"SI'eed'' Adams of T~e ld~e to corrt, ,' . ,~ . j~o,y p[us-~, y ,~h ball ~deo .I, can ha~.~en here,said ~ ~'all However he states those,~eem ~nat ms place is anlong sea r,cte a ~nree man pl~Cl21ng staff ,; ",Funeral services were held in|games' contests and diversions for|members of the school board. The" . . . "./~, .~" . . . " Who ente] the classes will be re ~ men, where ne understands the in ~(,ams nau ~een expeczoa zo re ' . - |Greenville Wednesday, March 27, |cld and voun~ and an inspirational ]cn.y public hall which could be ob- ] - I " ,~ ' ' " " - " side of the condi port at Be es S rin s to train wi q~ired to attend the full series -fJsnd burial was in the Greenville|~ddress b,~ as pecker of wide re-~tained by the CIO members for the[ tions that exist. I Y P g th ~e ~ ' ~ !,That art of his talk tile Ogden Utah club however a . ,at rigs. leemetery Ir, ute Th~ comulete program will,evening s address was the CIO hall, I P concernin~ . -- | - seas and shi s and seal~n wax waq )ad cold prevented him from doin Those who desire to enter must ~ h c P g g ' ;---------- ]beannounced nextweek. [wi h seats only 200 persons. A~ " . relz[ster x~Ith ~'nfall before 6 m more clearly expressed than th~ ~o and he will stay on at Graysfla* ' P" " [FURTHER DONATIONS," |loud-speaker was in,tailed and the [ ; .^ ,~londay, April 1 i TO BASEBALL FUND |WILL FORM BASEBALL Icrowds on the streets were able to [lmrt concerning the farmer and the ~or rne ;19~ season. i -- / SPONSORING ORGANIZATION" lhear the speech. Bridges' talk dulled [lumber worker. If Bridges banch--es Teams now orgsnized under local C opt he wql necessaril have to ~Soclat~ons sro Quincy Oravsflat ;HAMBER OF COMMEI~CE [ F. red T. Shumate announces that [ A meeting will be held in the |us- luP somewhat, however, alon~ about J ~ Y Ke-'" " i'" - "' ' " ." WILL MEET IN QUINCYiaddittonal contributions to the In-/tic court room in the town hall ',m~dway, when he began quoting sta- ]broaden out. He said but little ths+ .~oxe, ~reenv ue, Gracngm, Sloar, of l son t been heard b workers a~ Q ~incv I.o',gers and P~rtola |6~an Valley Baseball club fund have [Friday night for the purpose ltistics, and the throng on the out. [' ' Y,' ' L. B. O'Rourke, president of the ]been turned in, and that the drive |forming a 'baseball organizat!on to ~slde melted away |well as others. He had nothing new President C.L. ]~eek~npah has Fiumas County Chamber of Corn- l~ a ,~,o '-~ ~-,+ s,~onsors of the local ball I ~ . to offer to the laborer. His lea +o eaI!ed a meetin~ of the directors of - . ~ ' .u o ,~ ,~- ~ p.~. ~ -uus ac~ as ~. ~ ~ The editor of th- Recoru woum [ P ~aer n ~ ~ the non unionist to oln u wi h thr- Feather River T e- m or e ce, was a business visitor i [an error, one of the first contrib- |team in the Feather River League [l:kc to ente- o mqa -.~.-+ + [ . - J p th t e m - Tu s- Greenville Monday O'Rourke an- ~- --* +~-~ ,' ~- [this season ' [-~ " "-" ~" ~- ~.'."~ "s lun~ n was made In a few words d~v April 2 at the court house in mutox~ ~vzz-~ ~ura vv=,~, u, ~,= ,~u.~- -~ne rnernDers oI tne ~usanvT a " ' . . ' " "' I le ,OUnced that the April. meet,ng of I t'sfe was omitted from puWlication,This is a necessary step to get a Land without an ~ppeal to emotion. Quincy for the purpose o~' complet. ,~nuo~ ~oaru zor preventing Mr the e He sire 1 said that the wo ~ the league or an~zation chamber of commerce will b. I~rs V~relch donated $2 50 to the [team into the league this year and ]Drid-es from s"eakin- i- +~ I. P y rker - g ~ . field ~n Quincy at noon next Sunday I tur~d Other additional contributors |it is hoped that a strong organtza- |~cho:l th "~' ~ "'? ~"~ -,s:, i would be better off in a union than A prep'dent and secret~.r~- for the ',erevy compemng ye eu- and extends an invitation to th~ Uon can be formed Eve erson outside of it and that he especially 19 0 season will be elected and ~,eneral public to attend He desires [D~ W C Batson S12 [interestedin baseball is cordially ]~ ~ ~' [ favored Joining up with the CIO IraTes and re~ulation.~ ,donted *o + . " " ,:~ar one ~a~z. we are an 2.merlcan ;7 . . hat ever c mmu ~he u,V~ henasked the question ~f two ~overn the operation of the league . n'l The grandstand at the baseball,nxited. Ic!Hzen a believer in all Constitu," [ ' c xr will be represented, as a board !,~ ~ ~ao h,on a~,~ra,q ,~,~,~,+o f.-| . I . ' "Iur, mns would survive, Br~d~es said: IMsna~ers umntr~s and representa- v --~e ~,-e, llOllSl ngnzs except the ~:ignteenth,~ . flf directors wH! be elected Every @ ARDEN CLUB WILL HOLD No One of them will have to go t ~ es of the vaxious clubs are re mrnl-nlty, ne states Wlll dec,re ~ lscreen wire has bee-- -laced on t~o l FAMILY NIGHT PROGRAM ~+ jou~--ano It won t De ~ne C~O. ia~esteo ~o ~e on va-d "m',~.oov eva- be ' - *. - oax aoager and never nan for ~rou~ Attem ts " ' represented on the board of ci{ m~ +~'~" f-r -ev ' I p have been made by lrm~ nt 7 o clock in order th.t final rectors and members of th organ-]~ra;'~" fjj;~ :Cove~:h:"~.randst:~zd,Next .evening, April 2, i~,tn worms Or salmon eggs. and ?n i v.riters to discover Just wherein Ic.r~vnization may be corn)Slated that lzr, tion'sho~lld see that at least one |which will to some ext:nt prevent Iw'l, be zamny mgn~ :or mem.~ers tr r:nY .~ner ways we e.~eaVOr to t~qridges, popularity lies w,t, the ]even'n~. AI! club, in ,be lo.~rue ~x. ofthe Indian Valley ~araen mu~. p eve tt at we are a good American unionists w e ' director from each communitTjfouI balls from being lost in the I' [ 'i ' Rh whom he has been +o b~ stro~z~r t~n ]a,t season . t ~v~emDers ancl tnenas el trllS or-~nu, Delng a goou Amerlcan, we t essoc,a ~ = - ~ ~ oe placed in nommauon lwillows behind the ~,randstand [ " |,~u ~ur many years, warucu. [~,rn s year s games wnl ~e mucn " I o ' [ snlzallon, Wlzn tnmr lamllles, WILl ,Delleve that we nave a rlgnt ~o near [l~rly the lon~shore--~-- ~^ -- faster The motion p~ctures of Plumas IManager Carl Furrer states that ! ' I ' ' " ~ ~P-, ~ -~ I t ffa~ner ~nac evenmg~a~ ~ o caoc~ m : any person we uemre ~o near on an~ IDears accordi-,- +-- +ho u,~+~o + ] COunty to be shown on Treasure Is ! s w ~n the [ "'~ ~' ,: " ." J eight neW" balls were o. t - d "lthe Orange hall in Taylorsv]lle for ;~ubJect which we desire to listen to ihave 'nothtn~ mot~ -:":Y:':-:: "" i T t ~ --~ . . I la pot-luck supper and general get-'anc we protest that the action ~f~ I-~ .~ ' .: Wi " " ' ~ " I in{ ocner unlon a IZa~or x t t u wee#f itne'~ x,~ ffOt veery o II also be shown at the cnamner I ~ I : ~ ~ g s, ~ 1 .- ,~ ' ' -a n ~ ~ o 1 oo Lzogemer. A snor~ program Wlll De l~nc musanvlne scnool ooard In a~ tbrou-h th'c' * ~' "- ~ - - commerce meeun~ ~unaay ana ! 'v o =-',o thor +h, ,h,h ~t,11! i I. . i ~ .~ nt~ znln, the seamen ~va~'ue, ~oo; aml DR~eD~I.|| .I"IT~r~HE ' ' '7 s n ~ ~n m al tern tin r tt l ll~le e tea our ng e e p g I:o p even~ us ~rom near-land dock worker- ~- --,~-~]-s ~-o~hd~l*~- u,c,h o ,:: cit,zens ~enerauy w~j: ~es,re to|q, art the seasons practice as soon,All Indian Valley Garden club |~r,g Bridges speak is Susanville fs !hlm Writers a--;eJath:t i~Ue~us~'-~" ~.',~n;:~"T= ~o~o~s ~17;" bJ" ~:a;~ ~nese plctures salci o ~our~e. I the weather -ermits and that the t " . . ~ I - s m t be ~ -. ~ g y I~'~ ' ~ "Irnemners and Irlenas are urgeo to,an antl-Amerlcan ges~t:ro and a di-Ibecause v ~,~o,o.a I -- -,the ~a ~,~ ,n ---. i~proved by the acquisition of sev- ~ndian Valley Merchants planto I F. i ]~ttend Because it is being held J rect violation of our Constitutional |tle has -- - :ASTER SERVICE8 t* ~, ,~,+ o,n+~~,^,~,~ +oo,~ +h~o I . . " I . ~vvr s0m cnem ou~. lie ~s i ~r~, major mague pmy~rs. Jonnnv '" " ~, -" Idurlng me week w~m scnool me rlgn~s, honest w ' " " HELD IN CHURCHES[ I . . . I ] ith the men in his organi-, % cr~ez, who starred at third base [- Q i.nex, tday, the affazr will en(t ear,Ylt ::k, on that, but a dum:) ~zatlon" He doesn't deal with the ifc= Sacramento two years ago, now T h at Ta in me even ng t uo we malntaln that n: ~abor he Easter services, bet Y" IA"~END IN LIE"T TAX I " J " i er with one hand and with {he '.manager of the Oakland Acorns lo r t ,~ ~ speaker has a philosoph that m , r~vllle and Greenville we e a Y e [eye wit - I MEET IN SACRAMENTO I I ~ ~ ! P . .r h the other, something will br ng his huskids to Sacramen. tended by large congregations The I IDa. BAUSCH ACQUIRE8 ||. not acceptable to the American |very unusual amon- labor le - to to see ~ust how ~ood hi f r e " ~ aaers. J g s o m ~r (~teenville church was packed to the I I ~DENTAL OFFICE HERE [people, the best thing to do is to IThere have been times whe "" -- ~amm~tes ra~e Als- a Tax AssessOr 11 U Flournoy o~: e,n I~ was j - . o s an a~ue~ d " " I .t him have the biggest ha~ In the oor, over 200 persons being pres-I ulnc and Su ervisor J P Bran I Dr. Harold Bausch of Oakland I |thought by the general public that e~nture for the opening game t,~t to sing the songs of the first[~ ,Yr P " " ::lhas recently concluded a deal~c mmunit.v, so that the people can|P.ridges was about throu h but Thursday at Sacramento the fa- ~a~ter and en o the re ram lven whereb he will take eve the dent u find out for themselves Just what a t~ J Y P g g 1 ~ Y r r ng nll of these times r~ ous T Cobb twelve seaso th ~ ci the California Association of I " " the work. ~ " Y,ns ~'v the Sunday school and choir. It ~ ~ ~ v --~ ~ ~ [ls~ office and home of the late Dr. i~Pea~er nan to order, we mammm le:'~ stayed with him He ,~,-~ +~o ll~adin~ batter in the Arn~rt~, ~'as a record service. I ~ ~ " Edward Snell on Pine street.Dr. the! the persistent attemptt~throt, cne union official who couldn't " ~ e will take rt in the cere ran ante last Saturday, which was tl be pa . Fifteen dozen Easter eggs were and Mrs Bausch will arrive here e a speaker Just because his phil- b,'Ibed That, sa th wr! era monies d~nated by J E. Stampfli and W. L. I al;out April 1 to establish their held for the purpose of discussing " " ' oso h ' y e t,is p. y doesn t agree with the phq- where Bridges gets his ower . the matter of securing in lieu P " ~re won 8tam r bu born ~ osopny of the schoolboard mere der what San Francisco pfli, and these were dist i ted, t~xes from the federal government Ie and busness. [ . . -. - Bridges, being" a foreigner, had . a~o Mrs B vers or wnomsoever is in charge of no ~,~u~c~ w uo zor news now ~nar ng the chihlren at the close of IThese in lieu ~axes ~,~ould be de"j . ausch is a sister to An. } ub" [ doubt read that honesty f~ the ' . . th thon F rreir p llC nails, lS riot: only foolish but ~est,~ tnv ~ ~aaggz0s are zn otner i e service. I signed to take thhe place of taxe:Iy e a of Greenville. ]thn ",' I' policy, but he didn thave any -a " t it leaas to the bu ldin u of ~ 0,p rcs oz uze ,~ ~ ~r*arve xea er The Ta~,lors~ille service was also'[ . . I ] g P 0 per cent ~ .~ ' " ' Y g " lost b timber counues oy the na- SDPERIN Amer cans around hi, , greatly enloved bv a large con~re. ] .Y [~ TENDENT ACCEPT8 |totalitarian practices and tends %o l at th~ ti s ys, Why not the Feather River " Tl013al zorests ~aKlng over cut-over Me ~ m~ ~, n,m tnat that v', gat' I RROW$ RESIGNATION |break down democrac.- I [ League. ) ,vz xne cnnuren ~o*u ~ne z~a~- !timber lands Pa-'ments would be I ~'UI k ~. u ~,z~ |.rue wneeze was usually taken with ~hler !st ry in readings and songs. The I m~de by the" gov~Yrnment to each Inetlon ~" r~UX,of E AMarcn~lorrow~:~'--'rneas a mem-remg" i rresentsussnvlileinStanCe,who ha the citizens of ,~a gratn, of salt. He was not only Tho writer has one up on "Cap" o r rendered several special num- Ice n I. } . d charge of the ian ahen on Amerlcan soil but his Anson We onc~ stnI~ bnth .~,d her I v ~y Dy cne governmen~ the It ~r oz zne voaru oz ~rus~ees m the. halls "dined nothin- '--- -'" ,' ' " ~ ~ ~, WnlCtl were Well recmvea I ~ s vy attvmpunt, |~ecu/iar lueas about takin,~r br'be$ ~nd third with +h~ ~oo ,n " ~ equlva~enz oz ~ne monev ~nac was i Fiumas t;ounz .tilr.n ,~,'noolats- [ " * ~ "-- " t " ~''~ ~=" 4~'" xev Stanley Webster announces ~ - I ~" ~ ~ ~ i~" preven~ ~rlages zrom speaking|ws~ alien to American thou hr. an that .~,~ m I. ~ ^,^~ ^, j formerly derived from a county tax [trtct has been accepted by Miss T|!. |in their communit~ ---~ ~- !,- ~- g - d ~ ,~ "~ ~=" ~'~|on such lands Jl'~ N Kruc'er cou-" 'n'-nd I " u uy t,c~rj,t was aeczaea to ormg the machin. xz, a~uJ~ ~ t~LU~ 8UPP~ he vl h rvl " I ' ~,~y ~-~, ~ act,on mey lOSt some of their own cryinto mot NEW PLAN Ta, orsvillec urch eve ~ iuon~ressm~- w,~, ~^~ ~ I ion to deport him ', TS TO MEMBEI~ ~un,o ~- - ,:,r oz scnooas, r*ls successor nan self res ect The follow ~ ~ '~ " day evening until further no. l an h [ P y ed theL JDr dges won this case and has au. The Indian Valley Garden club tiec . ~j~ as m~roaucea a onl m tneJnot been appomtea. |cn~otions laid aside the Constitu-lplied for citizo--z- - is a~ain ,~a,ln~, d -~ " I ncuse oz representatives to provid~ I -~ !, I ~ o p -, ~-,v country, o ~ ~ ~ ,-.-,~,-. ~u ~. ~ Izn zleu taxes, wnlch, if it asses~ |POSTER A~*'A~D~,~ ~a~,~:u~ x~ |ucn, uza wna~ they tnought would ~ but the members of some of the members in the form of new plantl. P~UMAS NATIONAL i P,J ~. [be approved by the best citizens of [ratriotic organizations of the coun Usually twice a year the funds on "Will glve Plumas count a rox~ ~U~X~V~XTIU~ w~a - . FOREST RANGERS CONVENE J Y PP "J l lhctr community, drove a small naiL[try still do not belteve that any per- hand are used to purchase seeds, Imateay $~u,uvo per year. I ------ - --^A^ |i~to the coffin of democracy, and son should b allow bulbs, lants or shrub ~ i Tne zouowmg awarus were ,=,~, I' e ed to become a P s, and these ~ne rangers of ~ne r'mmas r~a- " . ke t a hone +~. I~, vv, J~ the Plumas county schools that ~ P n st an upright editor I cft!zen until it has been proven that a~e distributed without charge to -~nal Forest met in Quinc this ,-~ ~* ~ *~ ,w.~ standin ou ," Y,[svbmitted posters and plays or es-| g t in the rain until he|he can be bribed. ,the Garden Club members fn good Week for their annual pre season BE HELD TOMORROW Lot his three-dollar sh " [ . !, .: during the last Conservation |; ' J y admired' . eeung. ~outine ~umness, which~ The well b aby~onference will be |~'eek program The ~ud~es were i ~'e were somewhat disappointed II3ridges and we have admire the At a meeting held last Thursda mC .- . ' d,- Y, ~uded the approval of grazing |held tomorrow, Friday, from 9 a. [Harry West of Greenville, Everett [In the talk made by Bridges. H~s [stand he has taken in the face of it was voted to purchase rose , ::~nT:ts s:~o==k p.l:ns for. the ]m. to 12 noon, at the Greenville I PPerce of Quincy and Kelth Mac-Imain Job is to organize the CIO,adversity, but we have alway~ been bushes ,this spring, and perhaps ~. g ~,"as t ansactea. |Itigh School. |D.',nald of the U S Forest Service" |end to show why his union is a Jh.sckward about saying so, because ~Iso an ornamental shrub bearing Chnge:; c~t:~l:dine,g L~:r~ I~lE:" I The dental clinic wil be held on,Canyon Dam Schohol -- Poster, [better union than the AFL. Instead Ithe members of the local school br!ght, colored berries in the fall g," [April 5 at Dr Bausch's dental of JT'tbel Flaherty; play Alma Jean,f sticking to this point, he ]board might resent it We are al it possible. Members are therefore C~ry of Brush Creek, :~en Beard of " branch ~ " t ]rice (office of the late Dr. Snell). J~attery and Walter Sampson. ! ed off nto the delicate mat-[~ays for the under dog, as all urged to check with the treasurer, ~U~man and H F Wilcox of ~tcr cf bringing the small farmer and Americans are and Br d M~s Mabel Tare Referral sl~ps for the dental clinic Crescent School 1~ r,i es was th sh of Ta l " " I ! ~-- ate, Jimmle, ] . g . e y orsville, envule. Jmay be secured at the baby clinic lateen J the union laborer together, a matter |~,nderdog during all of the time that and make sure their dues are paid htch has not yet one over m a his de oration case was u to date so th - ~ -- I -------'----0=',Hot Springs School -- Poster, I " g . [ P ' before the P,ey will be eligible 'I~188 TILLIE N" [KRUGER tIGH WAT /Jame' France; p'aY' Win'am Eric" ibig way with the farmer"[l~ub!ic' He has been the b0gey man t receive these plants" I~TTI~T.T~I[qPv ~T~&TI~I~r&.%~ [][ ER CLOSES son His main point to be brought out ofCaliforniasince 1934 IIo h, " " "~ REE " . 'is -- I G NVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Laws School--~oster Eldon Mid aga!nst the AFL was that AFLlead. been subject to continuous attack ; ter for the workers than the AFL. .~rs. Marshall Darrach, publicity [ New rains, which began here Sun- |dleton; play, Patay Ruth Ashworth. |era habitually sold their unions IbY the majority of the newspapers i~ven though the CIO leaders are not a of the Womcn s Board" fLyWay, caused creeks to rise so that,Mann School--Poster, Barbara[' e,t which hasI e ate, he has been the sub-I~e!ltng their local unions to the em- Pire Golden Gate International Ex-Ithc high school buse~ were unable, IBachelder. tbeen known so long by union work. ~ect of continuous attack by all p:oyer, we somehow feel that should l~c~it!on for 1940, has appointed [tc make their routes in the Taylors,North Fork School--Poster, Max- [ers that they no longer marvel at it { patrioti, organizations, he ha~ been the CIO union become stronger, the ~iss Till~e N. Kruger chairman of ville and North Arm regions WedI'!ne Herring. Bridges said that he did not per- under fire by at least kind of leaders who make a prac- ~t~blicity for Pluma's county. Mi~s nesday, thus closing the high ~ Pioneer School--Poster, Robert .~ ,nallv know any AFL leader who i per cent of the citizens of the sta*.e, i Lice of double-dealing will worm xrUger has appointed Mrs Amelia Cole ~nd not at some time or other sold who wanted to de ort him if the ~* w~ int t C ' ~chool temporarily. The high'water i . . . P . y .~ . y o .he ~IO, " ~)Oberts of Portola, Mrs. Roy was at. Deadfall Bridge near Tay. I Sulphur Springs School--~oster, hit union to the employers at a couldn't hang him first, and he has I ~'e are glad, however, that we rOege of Quincy and Mrs. Laur- lorsville ! Dorothea Rizzotto. profit to h~mself, and he mentioned stood up to all of it'ltke a man. were enabled to hear Bridges speak .tree Lockney of Greenville as mere- "~" --~---.~ I Summit School---PolLer, Edith one or two Callforn!a leaders of th~ There is no American who wouldn't ~ Ve had begun to believe th~~ h~ ber~ of the Plumas county publicity OP~ERATES DINING ROOM [RvmellL AFL, statin~ that that was the t~,pe admire a man like that,even though ~was a kind of a ouper-sa,esman, ~umittee. AT PIONEER CAFE 1 Summit Emergency Schoo1--Pos- he had in mind. What the union I~ridges is so morally depraved that ' bu~ wo found that he was just an- :--------~'~--------- ' ------- [fer Velma Chaffee poster a ape. workers of Susanv!!l~ desired to he wouldn't sell the worker~ to the'other young fellow trying tn i~e' by OOMING EVENT~ Mrs Robert GoLf, who has taken'clal award was made to' a first h~ar exnlalned, both AFL and CTO highest bidder. ;- a kl:~d of a human-young ?el'~ow, ------ over the operation of the Pioneer~grade pupq, Arline Perkin~. m~on r-embers, w~ what rn~teri~! But ~ve nUll believe that h!.~ tal~< with a sense of humor which r~reak.~ APril 6-~range dance at Tay- Cafe, opened for business last Sat. I Grays Flat School---Poster. ~ob- Id!ff~re~ee would be made by a h~ Susanville didn't quite click. We out cccasionally in spite o! h~e lie. o oth "nhel ~ t n~on being organ!zed in a commun ~rSVllle. urday, err Gravert; play D r y p . . . ~tili can't see why the CIO is bet- :.lous demeanor.'