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March 21, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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March 21, 1940

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THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 1940 INDIAN VALhEY RECORD i iii INDIAN VALLEY Published Every Thursday By LAURENCE LOCKNEY Entered as second-class matter November 27, 1930, at the post office at Greenville, California, under the Act of March 3, 1879. Obituaries, Cards of Thanks and all notices of er~tertalnments given for profit, charged for the same as other advertising. Copy for advertising must reach the Record office not later than Wednes- day forenoon to insure publication in the ~urrent issue. All communica- tions and items of news must reach the Record not later than Tuesday evening to insure vubllcation. All communications must bear the signa- ture of the author, but will not be published ff requested not to do so. ]F'OSSIL HUNTING [a box with the fossil rock. The IN THE SIERRA ~rock at this place is almost black. ~It is in the nature of a slate rock, Last Sunday ye editor and wife Ibut a shade darker than most slate and Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Smith [rock. It is a shell fossil. It seems went on an extended fossil hunt, up [ that the I~lue Point Oysters and the in the wilds of the Gcnesee Valley. ILittleneck Clams and the Garden Passing through Tayloravtlle, we lSnails which inhhabited this area at saw Jim Young and Cecil Stephen- I a time that is not remembered even ~on sunning themselves in. front of Jl,y the oldest inhabitant--it seems the Stephenson Garage, but we I that they were buried in the muck were looking for better specimens, l a~ the bottom of the sea, and that Only one accident marred the tile muck solidified and left perfect day's festivities. The par~y went on J impressions of the shells of the ra- the fossil hunt in ye editor's expen, iriotls crustaceans. Some of the si~e Ford car. Smith purchased i sheIMmpressions are not more than a new De Sate sedan Saturday, but P a quarter of an inch in diameter, he said he was not goflSg to use his iwhlle others are as large a8 an new car to haul fossils around in.1 dethloysterlshell" The accident occurred when, Wh e members of the party Smith was placing a box of fried . were gathering fossils, Fred Borden chicken in the back of the car The told them something about his ex- lid was lifted, as it sometimes is in peditlon into Alaska. Fred was a Greenville, and when Smith reached Sourdough for some seven years in over to put the fried cH.~c~ten in the the Yukon country. He went. into car, he struck his head against the that region along about 1905. He sharp corner of the trunk lid, which worked the gravel beds in Alaska precipitated him over backwards, until he made quite a stake, and, ~ Vhen ye editor, who was standing when asked if he went to Genesee! b~ saw him fall with the fried for the purpose of prospecting for chicken, Ye editor gral~bed tranti- gold, Fred said: "No, I came to cslly at the box of chicken, which we prevented from falling to the ground. After assuring himself that the fried chicken had been saved, ye editor asked Smith if he were hurt. Fresence of mind is one of the outstanding faculties of an editor, any editor. Presence of mind and the precipitation of a logical ques- tion, or a more logical exclamation. That's why editors always have the respect of the world, When we saw that the fried chicken had been saved, ye editor rr0pounded a question. The fact is, that we thought Smith had been knocked cuckoo, but when he wig- glad his ears, we realized that there was some life left. So ~'e asked a logical question. this region to get away from gold mining. I had had enough of it." But, it seems that a gold miner does not get away from gold min- ing. He still has a hankering to i find a lead or a pocket. So even today, whenever Borden has time he does a bit of prospecting in his own community. F~ed said that while in the Klon- dike the most gold he ever races- c;ed from One pan of gravel was seventy-five dollars. He said thut i~ Alaska there were many days when he would pick up several ounces of nuggets in one day's Work, Mr. Borden also snowed the l members of the party a number of Indian arrowheads which he picked uI. around his home. Some were I made from obsidian and some from iii n ' I I I.ICENSE SUSPENDED [NINETY DAYS FOR J i I,------- I RECKLESS DRIVING ]:'. ~gene A Marley, 19 year old real- [ ---~- Mrs. Murlel Maunder dent of Genesee appeared in Jus-] Sylvester Ritter Karr of West- Correspondent rice of the Peace W J Hall's court [wood was given 90 days in the Tuesday on a charge of reckless ] county jail and his drivers' license Mrs. Louisa Tanner Loyd Wilson returned from driving He was ar~e~ted b- high [was suspended in Justice Randall Corresvondent Childs Meadows Saturday. x:~y patrolman Eisenh~h on i CaY's court in Chester last Satur. --'--'-- -----:-- - l~arch 13 ~dav Karr ran into a car occupied Mr. and Mrs. H. C, :Near were Dorothy Vanaernoeven ~roKe a ib "" celled to Sacramento Friday by the bone in her wrist last Wednesday I-It entered a plea of gmlty to I y J- C. White andmfamlly~. Th? scrtous illness of Mr. Neer's brother when she fell from a swing, the charge Tuesday and his license } arrest was made oy rrainc ~atrm- Frank Near ~ was suspended for 30 days and he iman T. V. Esenhuth. . Mrs. Pearl Boney, Mrs. Charlotte v:as placed on 6 months probationI ~~ Mr. and Mrs. Solon Luzzadder and E1wood and Albert Brown spent ftcm further violations of traffic ~ . . daughter Margie Lanahan l~r and S trod in an ille 'l~ws ay Sue v l i I -.o 5A A M s. unzler of Grenville. attended . -- I "----------I'.h "'/ I a card party at Quincy Friday Mrs. J. G. Hardgrave, Mrs. Timey SPRING CLEANING [ "- ~ ~# ~,Z{~I~ . J night. Cooke and Bob Cooke attended the I The Indian Valid-Baker is beln I~OU~ ~|~ J me~n~do iS:::nwge2de a trip to Sacra- !ii!!:it~::mOl~anRit!d~b:::tu:!2~h~ B:kOeVratL? ;nd::~=dmt:hi:/ehi! i!~ ~ ~~~ -- Jackson and daughter Bobble who Ibaking 'materials to his Quinc;~I ~~~:~,~ [ The members of the Crescent are visitin~ with Mrs Hardgraveishop where all the baklng is beingll ~~ ] Home Club met at the church last ~" i done, while the Greenville shop ls II 7~'~,~ Wednesday for a pot luck droner I ~ '' Mrs. Julia Retzlaff daughters undergoing the spring cleanup job. ]l f~~~~/-'/-"~//~ A very race time was had by all pro ' . .~ . ',I i i! ~Z" -.;/ *// I , ~,r~nces ann ~aroara and ~-~arlo i IT ]-'i ]] ~ ~. -"/'~| sent and a delicious luncheon was D I I~ I "~----'~ /~ ~ | c ~naren were l-~eno VlSi~ols ~al- Mr and Mrs James G Bunker ~ t 9 /~L x served, urday ~ " " ' I Mr. and Mrs. E.L, Welters and son ~ . .~ land. I~ ~ | ~.v~rs. (Jnas Taresn wen~ 1:o ~usan- i~. I ~ -- I | E~,gene drove over from Nevada xllle Ssturda -- [V'-"~-~~ -~.~] | They returned home Sunday eve. " Y" Miss Barbara Standart, student at I| ] n!ng. Marion }!erring-~eft Tuesday to the "University of California at ~[ ADS ~RE ~EWS spend ten days in Oakland and San I%rkeley, is visiting at her home in |[ [ o ~ ~eney and Vmton Loveness,[ ' " Francisco C, eenvillo during the--~aster va-[ Pr'mtedln Big Type [ cf Greenville were callers in town " - "" | Sunday ~r~,u lsu ~o~ " Mr and Mrs. Robert Secmans of Quincy spent Sunday with Mr. and ~tanley Dolphin was m town " hlrs. C. L. Stephenson II llll l~.{onday from Taylorsvtlle. James Clegg is able to be out again after being sick the past couple of weeks. J P. I~ranley had his bull dozer down here Monday leveling off a piece of land for a baseball dia- mond. He Was asisted by Bill Brad- lay, Bud Strong, Austin :Near Emery Esanl and others. Mrs. Tom McRorie was quite ill last week with the flu. but is im- proving. Miss Elizabeth Turner went to Sattley last week end and is spend- ing her Easter Vacation with her parents. Stefan Sorsoli, young son of Mr Mrs. Ruth Clary and son Orre!l spent the week-end in RanG witl~ ML and Mrs Laurren Hinz. Mrs. ~V. H. Dolphin has been ill the past two weeks. --.---.----. Mrs. C. H. Thompson and daugh- ters of Susanville spent several days of this week here with Mrs. Juno Pierce. Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Lambert of C-tribou visited with Mr. and Mrs. Duene Lambert and Mr. and Mrs. George Lambert here Sunday. June Lc Roy is able to be up by now after spending six weeks in bed as the result of a skull fracture: ~111 Sobrero spent last week in "Are you hurt?" we asked. 'basalt. The basalt can be found in Margie Lanahan and Betty Kunz. er of Greenville and "~o," said Smith, "it was culy my tl,t-^" .c~u,-^-' uu~ the obsidian comes I Mrs. Ed Pal- head " berg of Quincy drove +" ' I from volcano rock in other re- [ " to Reno Men. In asking the question, we, in a . [day. gmns. One of the obsidian arrow. measure left the impressloa with ~ ' neaos was o~ a ~ignt co or and a~-I Sam Freeman of Walkermine Smith that we were interested in . . most transparent. There is a}sr, ent the weekend here with his h,+ vre}'-bein~ almost as m~ca as -- spnng on ~ne t~oraen rancn wmcn xt'~ were in saving the tried cht':ken ' . [parents. - no aouo~ was a ravor~tecamping from damage We recommend to . . I pmce tor ~nulans others that, whenever a'perso ~ 1t~1~.- In the fie ~ .Mrs. Florence McCutcheon, Mrs. pens to be hit on the head w" ith a l a rnoon, tne members of Pearl Strong, Mrs. Margaret Me- om party busted up several tons of rock or a cannonball, or the sh~.rp rock in a search for fern fossils, bu~ end of a Ford trunk lid, a fluestion did not find any ferns. There are ~uch as, "Are you hurt?", or an ex- fossils of ferns and leaves, and of elamaUon such as, "Oh, I'm sure ether vegetation, in the Genesee re- you're hurt!", will show the dead or gton, but none were found on this dying person that you are at least day. One of the brighter members taking an interest in his ease. You of the party remarked that it may may not be deeply concerned as tot have been a little early in the sea~' whether the person comes out of it, |son for ferns. It will take another I but you surely will not desire to leti expedition, possibly with a guide, to h~m know that you are callous, to [lccate the ferns, and then we will be ~he point of absolute indifference.Im a position to enrich.the geologic Then, if you do ask, logically, of Uterature of the world with further course, when the person is in a data. dead or dying condition, If l~e t~ John Hosselkus had told us aboul hurt, you will impress him, as well a fossil bed at the foot of Moun! as others in the imme~aite neigh- Jura, a couple of hundred yards Oakland. Lorraine Trussell came and Mrs. Art Sorsoli is seriously ill. A special nurse was wth himlleek with him Sunday to visit her for several days |grandparents Mr, and Mrs. G. E. Boydden. Mrs. Edna Goodhue of Indian Carl Paulsen and Mr. and Mrs. Fails was a caller in town Monda: . V. Archibald of Chloe were here , ,qhe had been In Taylorsville visiting Saturday. her sister Mrs. Clarence Gooddhue Mrs. Solon Luzzader and daughter George Sobrero Is in Oakland He especially made the trip to see his Laughlin,Mrs. Della Herring,Mrs. I-~uisa Tanner and Willie Kingdon attended Rebekah Lodge in Green- villa last Thursday night. Rev. and Mrs. Stanley Webster were in town Thursday from Green villa. Mrs. J A. Hardgrave of Taylor~- villa was in Greenville Tuesday. EASTER SERVICES NEXT SUNDAY Our stock of Used Cars is nearly exhausted Get our appraisal before you buy any new car A. L. FARR, Manager GREENVILLE - CALIFORNIA II Ill I II I I new grandson who was born recent- ly to Mr. anr Mrs. Frank Primrose. This is their thtrd son. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nelson and children of San Francisco are visi- Ung with Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Holm. strom. Mrs. Alice Bagley and son Paul came up from Chtco and visited with Mrs. Lee Johnson and family last week. They will return to Chico coon and leave to their home, in Main the last of April. Thelma Kunzler and Louise So. brero left Monday to spend their vacation in Sacramento T ETERINARY SURGEON LOCATES AT SUSANVILLE Deposits Insured by The Federal Deposit Washington, D. C. $5000 MAXIMUM INSURANCE FOR EACH DEPOSITOR $5000 We Appreciate Your Aeeount Large or Small INDIAN VALLEY Commercial and Savings GREENVILLE CALIFORNIA Dr. J. W. Wolfenden. veterinary surgeon, graduate of Wasington State Cillege has opened an office in Susanville and plans to estab- !ish a dog and cat hospital there. His practice will include all clas. b thood, of your logical conclusions a~a fro c ' '," y m the rodeo ground at Tay" at a time of crisis Smith reeov-llorsville La ~ . te in the a~crnoon we er~ do not wish to infer ,hat[Visited this spot. The formation at " thie place is a red stone, possibly fr~ed Chicken was all that we had the Hardgrave sandstone, but na- ~he fossil hunt. Far from that. The ,tires of Taylorsville said that the for our noonday luncheon durin~ ~rock was there long before the Smiths suppliecl salad and ]+tck'e" " :~ l ~-~ardgrave family located in Tay- and the whathave~you fOr a regular ~lorsville" This is also a shell fossil pronto lunch, and when these things ~,nd some fine specimens were pro- were added to the potato chips sup- plied by us, it was an elaborate spread indeed. So we careened over what is left of the road up Genesee way. We stopped at the Hosselkus home to make inquiries as to the place where fossils would be happening to spend St. ]Patrick's day. John Hosselkus directed ~'S to go up to the Borden ranc~ and ask Fred ~orden where to go. S~ we did. Fred Borden, who has prospected for gold all over the Genesee coun- try, had a little patch of fossil rock located about half a mile from his ranch, on the north side of the Genesee Valley. He accompanied us to the place, as he said it would Le hard to find. The fossil patch at this point covered ~fn area not more than twenty feet square. The! same kind of rock a~unde all over the hills in that region, but outside of the one small area, the rocks contain no fossil impressions. It took only a few minutes to load up cured. The party returned to Greenville late in the evening, and everyone fd~ plumb scientific and geologic f-ore the day's experiences.The fried chicken was very good. A v 4 9 TO DO BUSINESS, ADVERTISE l Nearly two thousand years have! passed since the dawn of the first sos of animals. !Easter day, and today, more than " Mr and Mrs Lee Johnson have ever before, our xnowteage oz tne " " gone to Grldley for the week end Living Christ strengthens us in theI conviction that ours is a vital faith. ] Mr. and Mrs.-P.--C. McCutcheon What an opportune time is th~ ~drove to Oroville Sunday. Mrs. W. present day, with its' many changes, for holy reflection and spiritual meditation! Easter is a day of high exalta- tion and is a challenge for us to share with others the glad cer- tainty of an immortal life. The Spirit of Jesus is ever prep- eat to reassure us of the eternal victory of Godliness. Easter is significant because it is a yearly renewal of God's promise to us. Let us go forth with faith end hope, confident that Christ will v-i~ the world if we, his followers, will glorify Him with everlasting service and undying love. B~cause I live, ye shall live also --John 14:19. Easter programs at Greenville Sunday morning at 10:30 a. m. Taylorsville service 7:S0 p. m. Special numbers by the children of the Sunday schools. Young pea-; ple's class and chorus. The pastor's topic: "The Eaeter Victory." Strangers and visitors always wel- come. STANLEY WEBSTER, Pastor. M. Stampfli returned witth them folowing a visit in Oroville with her daughter Mrs. Halley. Gone Harrtman was in town this week from the Lucky S. Mine. Edward Stampfli spent Easter Week at Orovtlle with his grand- mrents Mr. and Mrs. A.-J. Sheehan. +"He Advertised" "' I General Merchandise Greenville California i+~+~~,i~,+- + ' rv~-v. ,+ "~+~rv~ v+, v~r + I THE That Last. A Year A SUBSCRIPTION TO The Home Newspaper