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March 21, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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March 21, 1940

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MARCH 21, 1940 INDIAN VALLEY RECORD i,iii '---': vice. Each requisition drawn for was percsent at this meeting and] LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT ~ personal service shall state the his office had advised them in writ- [ monthly, daily, or hourly rate and i g that it was illegal ] ---~'-------------------------- ITICE OF TIME SET FOR '~ ~ d Jur wishes to -o oniCOUNTY CLAIMS MUST BE specify the time IOr wnlcn sucn 'vnls ~'an y g l PROVING WILL AND HEAR- iservice is due. record as condemning the business [ FILED BY 25TH OF MONTH TERS TESTAMENTARY n Section 4.35G--Requirementsof methods practiced by the High l "Motion made'~y Blaekman, sec uontxnuea irom age 1) tnne was too snort Within wnlcn I aid d recommend that I " ' P I requisition drawn fOr service other School Be an tended by tIoke that all County i nature of the Clerk of ~,/e do not believe, justi[ies .ne con-I er te unde an con ' I i{' ' " ' ' 1] th] amount to have the approvalll~ q Iii| v tubers as to what expenditurediscloses these Iurtner tacts: I~ nt Plumas Count be le alland . ,~1 ~ ' ' J ~ ~" " I notice to the public through the ' . . |laxin this matterand also that " ] dependent Portola Reporter and nk b the Tiustees of the Board 2 All transportation contractsl. ' GEO L CURNOW ' from the testi- have nbt been submitted to the Sup-I - . i " It also appeared . . iSchools is unableto detrmine Secretary I ~ ordered" COUnty of Phmms, State of Call fro - s office was misled dent of Schools (referred to inn ' -- ~ " JOHN DON'NEITWIRTH, rts was aid rior to Jan I of Schools immeaiate notice o~ era- 7 h resent Su ~rtntend or three a o he individual members of' Section 5 403---Board to notify Su- ar knew even the annroxi i perintendent of Employment con-I m m, st of the tennis courts I tracts The County Superintendentl =. " . . . II ~ m l ING~/APPLICATION/]II III FOR~.~LET"I~ cr tne prlncxpal ann a maJollty or 1arts ]n blank so that by the addi- to advertise for bids This excuse, i " Each Ie umit]onthe tmmediatel clean house' ~ ' In the Superior Court of the Star ~ " - " t" itnan personal ' q " ' Y Y " ; ] Claims henceforth be filed with the t California, in and for the County t;ot~ of the s g idrawn against tne tunas ot tne that tney op a r d " ! County Clerk by the 25th day of the ~ Plumas. the Board, any and allu~;lban:::~ 1::t f the Board m violatingthe district except fox' personal service!form with the school lawh O~u:ds[n.onthprior to the meetingof the In the Matter of the Estate ofschool expenditures cO e - ],:hall be accompanied by an item-State of California, that t e he~T:~ A ,~e ~,norvisors on the first 0$EPHl~oticc isBACCALA'Hereby GivenDeCeased that a pc- plcted without the knowledge of the Evidence before the ?rand JurYlizcd bill showing the separate items entrusted to them by the tax payers {Mol:da;" o~-e~ch mouth, and the !tlon fc, r the probate of the will of mc " "~ t and the pmce oz eacn ]n paymeo Y g Y [Clerk b- authorized to give said 0~eph Baccala, deceased, and for ~ele actually being made We 1 The Board has failed to keep|nc ~,h~h qle re-uisitio'n is dlawn ~udiciouslv ex,~ended i tinhe issuanCeof letterst Ceciliatestamentary,M. Chamber-has find that at times as many as seven at. up-to-crate lnve~tory or au tneI It appears that the Board is very WALTER H. PARSONS, [ lCeather River Bulletin, Plumas In- books of warrants were signed inHigh School property [ " Foreman ~en filed in this court, and that bl, y ' " ' ilrcouently the Superintendentof :,]~.m v,no, Rornrd Carried and tCnday the first day of April, 940, at' 10 o'clock A. M at the e0Urtrcom of said court, at the mony of Mr. Lane and from the ermtendent of Schools for appxO-lwkether the claim is legal Or not, :Dated: March 18, 1940. [Publish March 7-14-21. 0Urthousc in the Town of Quincy, records of the Superintendent of pal; [because the Board does not file l " Schools office that $4 274 83 wasSection 1.70- No Board shall]copies of contracts with the Super I~ I .LEGAL ADVERTISEMI~NT ~la, have been set as the time and Place for the hearing of said pett- s ent for re airs to tennis courts ] make any purchase or enter intol " . - I I ~p. P . /intcndenL wertaimy good p'act'cc I- !Ion by the court and for the prop- ]n Portola Greenville and Quincy any contract for such servme|.~ II ml ' " ' lU~mauus trial the ~upcrmtenacnt oe II ' IINOTICE TO CO-OWNER OF ~g of said will, when and where lthoutan. callfor bids or any [ without securing the ~ritten ap-t l-- -- , ::any person interested may appear ;:' Y " - . . [.raven a Copy or au contracts which,~ ~l~ I Dl'tl/~I|7~O I] MINE TO CONTRIBUTE ::and contest the said will, and show contract having been let. The Su-] proval of the Couuty ~upermten-ithe Board enters into and a copy ill VV ~|]~lJ~.~ ~ k~ Ill Cause, if any they have, why said perintendent' ' [of the minutes of the Board meet- ill ~|State of California, Plumas County, I~etition should not be granted,into believing that a legal contractI Section 1.80 of High School D,s-lings in order that she can intelli- 1 ~'~,wt~ L"~-~Art~tt~, Ii March 7, 1940. Dated: March 9th, 1940. ks6 been enteredd into for the re-I trictsj agently determine whether the '-- b IIIU UUIIUI To" Robert S. Sheaffer: pa]rsofthetenms PP " . . elaimswhichshemustapproveare ~ ~] Youarehereb notified that I Clerk. lmatel one half of the cost of the qvired +o give the Superintendent k al o n t GREENVILLE. c~xa~, m ~ ,~Ynondod nYo h~ind ~d dnl a PU BY M. SHORT, Deputy Clerk. ' Y - ' " " ~g, r o . I m . o r l rs blish March 14-21-28, 1940. tcnms cou P P - ) i V~ e have been informed that the )m mlin labor and improvements upon uary 1, 1939; the other half being )I.loyment tie ~h:rhserfotrheTh:Z: t~h:]Supertntendent the Auditor, and [m SOFT DRINKS m!the Dixie Queen (as relocated ac- paid after t e P P- - [ . ~ [tht~ Treasurer may become person- [m CANDIES m!count of error in first filing on I into officeWhen ques [Supermtenaent noes not nave not-! [I m, e~f came - . lanv dame ~or tne approvaJ ann ay [m I I claim) as will appear by certiftcp:te [tioned bythe Dtstrlet AttorneY, liras of employment: Imcnt of illegal claims and ms; be il CIGARS llfimd September 27th, 1939, in Vol- Fnone f t ] ' . . Isuet for the entire amount of such I~ NOVELTIES llume 15 Proof of Labor, page 299, lthc Be d ~- -~ tpayment Im llin the office of the Recorder of mate co "," . . / 'mere is testimony oefore the ]l [ Flumas County, in order to hold I ~'he 1937 1938 Grand Jury in it~ lot Schools shall be given immeaiate!-- . . ' - . I~ I! " "' ~ I t in writin b the overnln lGrano Jury tnat Lne meetings o~ li l i F.a]o premises unaer tne provisions official report on page 5, has the [not Ce g Y g githe Board are conducted in any-[~ lIT A l'~r~I ftI~l~Cl ~lof section 2324 Revised Statutes of Iollowin~ to say" I board of the district of the employ-] |~ ~ Bll~ I II I ItS/ %, I I ' g -. ~ . . Iti mg ~)ut a mlsiness-uKe manner ]i ~ ./ll~l~l~ ~V k.~ ~[the United States, being the amount "Plumas Count, High Schoolt mcnt of persons tor positions re-! II ml a I lane tnat tne memDers zrequentiy li I required to hold the same for the nd the fol c Llll lng eitltlCauon quantl atlons Trustees: We recomme -[ ? ' . . c '/during the course of the meetings [~ ~'1~. ,uA ~,year ending Septmber 30th, 1939 ' nforce~tSmall on blanko- furnisnea by tne muper lowing be strictly e : ~ tru n star- leave so that sufficient members LJI U~[- k~t~[-~ (account of extension of morator- ]expenditures of less than Sa0.00 beintcudent of pubhc ins erie, :'[-~re not present to conduct the bus-[" ,[rium). And if within ninety days d rinc~ al for emergencie~ ing the name and address of earn I ~ '== DOMESTIC & IMPORTED iaIlowe p .'P s / " ~lness of the meeting. One of the[ ~lafter publication of this notice, you Trustees and MUST ]o[,~' ] " '[Board I [c~aim will become the property ef r pal of the trustees in the 1o It(, be posted at a school house onl " l aVp o - ~ ~-- ~ Mr Schwein who is employed asl ~ I ti~e subscriber, Allen Larison, under reality of school making purchase, ]thhe first Monday of the months flin~tructor of manual arts ar~l] ~ ]section 2324. ru tees cannot bu for October, January, March and June:l ~' I ,~ hence t s Y I ']coach at a salary of $250.00 a| I '~ ~ ~ N[ T ~'~ ~ I l (Signed) ALLEN LARISON, I schoolmaking purchase, hence ] Section ?.836--Same: Posting Oflmonth was employed as foreman/I ~ J~ J~ ~/ I ~ .~ [[ 727% Kay Street, r s e annot bu for school un IcopIes or accounts rece,pts ann I ' ~ , ! t.u t es e Y " I and inspector of the alterations and[ I "~][A4- '~'=~ ~,'~ I [ Sacramento, Calif. ex enaitures it is te uuty at tne !les~ the principal approves, visa P " ~ialso as tnsnector of the new musicl] I~'IU~UJ5 ~k /qJ~e ]~First Publication March 7 1940. t~c . Prtnci als must kee within Icle~k in all districts except:ng such I ~ /I ~ ' '.rsa p P,': " ' " ~ room building" at the rate of $1 90/I A.L. FARR, Mgr. I [ Last Publication May 30, 1940. ". t llowed Corn etttive city districts as may have a city [ . :~' . ' /I I, tf e budge a p per hour We ~elieve there are bids should be called for in all pur-[ I " ~ GREENVILLE, CALIF. o the first board of edu.ation, n . ]man other men in Plumas countyil I[NOTICE OF INTENTION TO EN. chases which exceed $500 00" ]Monday in the months of October, [ Y ' !. ~ '." . i l~-~~ [I GAGE IN THE SALE OF AL- ,- " ' ~ ' . . . . ins weu quagneo as car. mcnweln tOll ~'Ul~l~ ~arJl~J.'~ ~.~I I I On page 16 of the same report,]JanuazT, March ann June or eactl[fil' such a position, and we do not[i l[ UU~UL.[U K~v~J~&t~. under thetitle "Superintendent of]school post up tnh~=Pi:;lbelieve that a man drawing such ~[6 SALES AND SERVICE [ITo Whom It Ma ~Mo:::rhnlS' 1940 ~~ !Schools," we find the following: |uous place in earn scnool [s~lar-- as a teacher should be --reII |~ Y : y v ~epalr ~OrK on .~ti M~K~ I "In oonnectton with this office wet his school district a complete copy[. . l, Notice is hereby gh, en that fir- - " . terrea over otners as Well It no OI uar~ I '- ~---1 ]of his account of the receipts and |1 [teen days after the date posted, the i ,mu uur ~u~.u ~ **'~" ~''~ . better, qualified men. We eonaemn ~ i 1 o Trustees functioning in a very inef-Icxpcndltures of the school moneysl [ l unde 'signed proposes to se 1 alc- 1 sucn practice ana recommena that ficient manner Their system of]of his school district from te :first[ . . [ ~lhonc beverages at these premises, ~/'~//~//////// ~ ~'~" " - i - . ,t t~e alseontlnuea in tne ,uture,i~--c,l'-e'~ a- *-l'o- s doing business is very lax, beingloay o tile current SCllOOl year toi ," l lu~. "u u ~ iuz w : I I t ~'e recommena that tne renewing i -- ' - . carried out apparently with no re-[ [nU ante ot ms posting ox the ac-|te strtctl- enforced" [ ~ Mare Street, Greenville, Plumas i eount I Y / -l~ I~1 ~I~K t County, D. B. A. Bobbie's Restaur. duce raw lightA-hard and harsh : P : ;:i;::d t i: uCahpipl;= :i tth: on the eyes. Such glaring lights Section 2 837-~Same Kee tng State Board of Equalization for is often mar the beauty of a room i cost the tax payers in the neighbor-~ P t . ~. ~l [~ " - I of elect i[ suance of alcoholic beverage 11 slbl more records open to inspection eaks hcod of $2,400 00, pos' y," -' ' Good St . . tthe Board of Trustees, and these " by creating ugly shadows, i with an unsatisfactory ~ob result-| ors. It ~s the duty of the clerk toI ~nn ] ff-~h~rt~t,censes for these premises as fol- [in'* and an expenditure in excess of] keep his records and accounts open ]must nave tne approval o* ~ne *rus- [ ~. ~,-- lows: to the ms ection of the electors of tee in the locality of the school Good Roasts On Sale Beer I thc above amount necessary before]. ' .P [ [] I " e . e find the[ gibed istrict, In suitable books pro. mamng tne purcnases. ] ] Anyone desiring to protest the the job is complet d W - e " Itru~ttees do not collect mileagelv[ded bytheboard f sch ltrus'i 2. Competitive bids must b;[ A|l~lndso~ [ issuance of such license may notlfy called for in all requirements of ,t, cs fo that ur ose the State Board of Equalization at [awarded them by law.' [ ' r P p [ Cooked Meats I [ Under "Recommendations," on[ 6. Some of the members of the[$~00.00 or over. . " "r [ . |Sacramento, Cahfornla, as provided x use this corn3 We reeommena a complete e beard attem ted to e c The Best of Meats by law AFTER Make this simple, I page 17, the following: / P "i " " . . -i," inexpensivechange.Clip-onadap- [ "1. A complete re-organization|pltance with the law by saying the[ rganizati n of the business.system] n4- l~o~-~o]-~l~ [ B.E. BUEHLER. tor shades, that cost very little, ]of the business system. Create an/work wa~ emergency worlr If the ]:d: :heh=d~ltnl:nt;: :~lac::sn~7etthe ] ~ ~;ri~e~ ~'a*~" I~ will modernize old-fashioned fix- [ efficient method of handling affairs|alterations at the Portola Htghl- '1 I l-'a! s arDer tsnop tures and help produce soft, I of the County High Schools,School could be said to be emer-IPlumas County High Schools. [ ~ ! j. E. Stamnfli Pro--. glarelesslight. '2. That re ular meetings be]gency work, the Board failed toi 4. That regular meetings be heldI !~ s I ^ v' g " ' ' an " ureenvme, Callf held (when possible) and no action|C mply with the provisions of law]and no action on matters other th q wel}D S i~tea[ i~|arKe[ l ~/~%~~ ' l! s s Open 8"30A " Clo '.p m ou subjects other than the general in that respect also" [the general routine be taken unle ~] ] I ' ' d " HAIRCUT 50o iloutine be taken without a major. Section 6.35--Emergency con-lthere be a majority of the Boart[ ] -- SHAVE 25o Jlt~ o f che board bein~.~ -nre~ent |tracts without bids; Vote and ap-[present;,~ I " i /////////][[i x~ "3 That no warrants be sig, nedlPreval. In an cmergency wherein[ 5. That no Warrants'be signed inI f~. ~. "l'~J~ ~ELL [ a es i eea "xr m z~ [in blank form other than for]any repairs,alterations, work or|blank other than for teachers' sal-|~UJ~. ~t ~i~ rla~WW | close up against a ceiling in kitc]aen, laundry or breakfast" nook hasn't much chance to do a real lighting job. As a light it is either glafingbtightot gloomily Grand Jury, it appears that the[Schoh Is, make a contract in writ-]Board so that an accurate recor:[, dull }~igh School Board has followed]district for the performance or In-/may be kept of the Board proceed-I only two recommendations of the|bor and furnishing of materials or[ings, to check all claims and to pre-I folmer Grand Jury, and one is that]Supplies for such purpose without]pare all Vouchers for the inspectionI local purchases are approved by theI advertising for or inviting bids and approval of the Board of Trus- ] I ~",~,~ principal and the local trustee We[ The Superintendent " was never/tees at their regular meetings; [ I ll 1 M !--. are also informed that all of the]COnsulted about the work before I 7. We recommend that the Pres- " t-ustees with the exceptionofMrilthewarrantswereheldup Iidcnt ftheHighSch IB ard't -] I PAPER AFTER isglobeadap- ~orrow' file their claims for and] 7. The law requires that the Su Igcther with the Dtstrict Attorney,I I -- tot which screws into your pres- !a*c paid for their mileageMr.]pertntendent of Schools and thai Superintendent of Schools, and the I ' ent socket will fill a room with Morrow does not file a claim fo lc unty Auditor approve warrants]Auditor, get together and attempt 1 diffused, whitelight. The bowlis mileage. ]before they may be paid by their(, work out some legal way in/ I genuine opal glass and inexpen- The High School Board has con-[Treasureer, anti also that the war-]which the supplies and labor usedI 1 sivetobuy. 'tinuedt all wthe rincials fthe rants be acc mpanied byastate" at the P 1"t la High Sch l can be'p.p, / I F2E These are a few simple [chases of materials and suppliesIdetail for which they constitute/ ~'e find from the testimony given! I without advertising for bids, andIpayment: /us by the members of the High ~ ~7 1 changes you can make to [v:ithout even having such purchases| Section 4.355b---~Signature of re. j School Board that thhey were well 1 ' ' ]~J~,~'. modernize your fixtures. See {annroved o b the Board beforelquisition" approved by Superintend- aware c)f the provisions of Section ~ "--" "lr-"- ' -- f Y dl ~ ", 1 ode ~ 4"1 ! these clever devices known I r y a ment The Board tins continued ent: Allowance byAuditor. The re- e.30, Article IV of the Schoo C asadaptors. You'll like their'do n, to the present time to sign Iquisitlon must be signed by a ms- o the State of California; that I w r ,~ ~ |jorlty of the Board of Trustees ar President Morrow of the Board low cost. You'll be thrilleda rants in blank, des~Jte th.~ ]r~commendation of the 1937 1938 I} y the offictal or officials author- called their attention to the fact with the better light they {Grand Jury, and, as stated in'thislized to sign requisltions by the that they were spending funds il-,~I~ provide, report, has continued to contract]Beard of Education. The county legally and asked for a motion to ~ IHll~lIH for labor ani] materials for con- ISuperintendent shall examine the put themselves on record that they I I II IJu 119.~4o struction and reconstruction work|requisition and shall approve ~nd would discontinue this nractlce in 1 when such costs exceed $50009}sign the requisition; provided, in the: future, and that no member of I |]~]l[ without advertising for bids Some Ihie judgment the payment is a Just the Board would make the motion. ~ 111 !~ " al claim a ainst the funds A member or members made th~ ~ ,8 of the members of the High Sehool J and leg g ~ ~ " h had alwa s ~ ~- Boar made the same excuses to of the district The requisition statement that tey y. ~ . this drand Jury for their failure to]when so .lgned and approved and done business this way and that T]kT]"~T~kT V advertise for btds that were medelx~hen allowed and signed by the ~hey had done this oetore many ~J.~ta.dxz-x~ ' II 1937 1938Grand fury for County Auditor shall constitute a t~mes, they didn't know whether it ~T~T T ~:~V ]:~]:~(~("~)]'~ to the -,-- ~ V.Z-LL~.LaJ. z t, .x /x-,x~.~-, 1 their failure to advertise for bids lwarrant on the Treasury. was lawful or not, out it seemea as ~x m of l ad otten awa with it in GREENVILLE C~ILIFORNII=I ~PLUS CRI=IFTSlviiqNSHIP Section 4 355e Requlrementa t ey h g y for the roof work at Portola--that{ . -- : ' Is; they made the claim tl~at the lrequislfl n drawn for personal set- the past." The District Attorney