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March 21, 1940     Indian Valley Record
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March 21, 1940

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,~LUJI.IS CO. L!DITAPT '~ VOLUME X 10. M. B. Herring. 11. James Lundy. GREENVILLE, PLUMAS COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 1940 done by day labor under the direc- tion of Mr. Badgley and Mr. Schwein. The Superintendent, having lea1~aedthese facts about the 1st SPECIAL REPORT ()F THE 1939- 1~[0 GRAND JURY ON THE PLU- COLORADO VALLEY WAS HUNTING CAMP OF MAN SOME 25,000 YEARS AGO day of August, wrote to the District Attorney setting forth the facts and asking his opinion as to whether ~S COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL 12. Minnie Lee Vest. I thc claims could be legally paid. BOARD 13. Violet J. Mort. IOn the same day; that is, August (From Christian Science Monitor) 14. C. H. O'Rourke. m Grand Jury was impaneled 15. Samuel Hartley. ~, I]~t, the ~ A ,^ ^ ~.~ ~ -- e t)t ~cnoolstnat -~i'stri~n'~t~'u'~'Y ~'~"~'~ I The I~- I-Ion. J. C. Moncur, Judge of the 16. E. M. Damon. I the Superintendo SUPerior Court of the State of Call 17.W. E. Slingerland. l under the circumstances s~t fto[the ~nia, in and for the Covnty of 18.C.W. Bellamy. I ln her letter:tne cla,mhagt:rn:tion ~amas, on the 6th day of Novem- 19. Hazel Coomes. I School District ror suc am s bar, 1939 at I0 30 o'clock A M lwere Invalid, and he suggested tna~ " ' un /Novemoer zu, 193~, ac ~:UU Qe followin~ Jury was selected and the Superintendent hold up and re- . ~ -e O'CLOCK r'. ~1 toe uranu Jury met + . . . Sworn in accordance with law" . lvse to sign all warrancs drawn ~or ' tcr tnA purpose ot cons,oerlng, I ]~)'alt~ H ~ftrsons Foreman. + ~e expenmcures mus Incurred. ' -+- --- ' " among diner tnlngs, the SltUatlorl ~. George L. Curnow, Secretary, I prevai]ing with respect to certain On the same clay the l-llgn ~cnool |, Silvio Ramelli, claims for wages and materials on Board met at Quincy, California, i LaRdy Heik, Ic rtain alteration work ordered by and Miss Kruger, Superintendent of llEdlth Grother, " Ithe Plumas County High Schoo! Schools, read the letter which she e. Charles Carmichael, I Bcard of Trustees of the Portola had received from the District At- 7. Wm J Hamblin. H1 h School torney, and advised the Board that $ VJ~.~.: .q 3.t~1~v [ g " " any further warrants for work and $. ~i;;en"1~e~l District Attorney Wm. A. l~ acmu- materials used in the alteration . . ' lan of Plumas County was caueu ve- 10, M. ~. rierrmg advise the wcrk at Portola would not be ap. - . ;ore the uranu jury to ~, James bunny, " e proved by her. The District Attor- Grand Jury wny ne nao held up c r- :L~. Minnie Lee Vest nd materl ney was also called before the [taln warrants for moor a - ~. Ylolet J. Morl Board, and he has stated that the ,am WhiCh nan oeen drawn and ap- 14 C H O Rourke. I ' . . Board was again advised that his Saluel Hartlev, Iproved by the Plumas ~.;ounty l-llgn office would refuse to sanction the 16. E M Damon," ISchool Board. Mr. Macmillan ex- u~yment of any such warrants on " " . . p|atned the situation to tne Jury; w 17 W E Slin~rerlanu, I the ground that they ere illegal . " " ' "~ innd he then suggested zo mere ma~ ~. C. W. Bellamy, I+f the desired to investigate the After August ~st, lv~, numerous 19. Hazel Coomes. I+ . . Y el ct a other warrants were made out by ,1%. ~.~.~ ~,wnole ma~er, tna~ ~ney s e --.~ ~ u Jury met a~ l:u~ o-, ^, the Clerk of the High SchooIBoard doe'- the ~zuture haze, a~ wn,cn um~ ~. u- A. M March 18th, and I r would be sub for payment of labor and materials tol~--. ' "" d I toe ~oara memos s - wing matters were considers : I It was th wish vsed in the alterations all of which econded Ipoenaeu to tesury, e n a mouon maue anu s + ' |o~ toe ~rana ju-ry that the members have been held up, in accordance it Was unamiously ordered that the [ Boar- should be with the District Attorney's opinion. Ni I oi ~ne ~llgn ~cnool d " POrt of the December 4-6, inc It appears that the High School 1~ |r, ubpoenaed before them, and give 0f-t, mveung oe xuea w~.m m: meb: Itestimony concerning the alteration Board failed to take any act!on ne County and tha~ a e py I - d also as to s,'ch other mat whatever to stop the worz on AU- ~tlle I wor~, an .! - d to: Iter s the Ju ml-ht desire to gust 1st and that the work contln- ~teh Of the H|gh School Trustees, t u:sti:n them on~ Th: ju--- accord ned on the High School down to '0he to each of the Princtpalsl.~ : ~ ~'" 4 193'9~at 1 30 within a few days before the open. 0f lln~ly set ~ecemoer, :: .~*u J~lgn ~cnool, I : .~. tng of the school Claims for this O~ - - -u erintendent of ! o cmez ~. ~ as toe ~a~e wnen tn +y ' ' to toe Is P I v+ork have also been filed and war- i~ iwoulu reconvene zur one purpose uz heelsof Plumas County, I a"ers rants for these claims drawn by the 0 f ta~lng up these m ~c . ue to the District Attorney o Hi~-h School Board Phl~ - and m un ~ecemDer ~tn, din ann ~tn ~ne " amCounty, |~ ~ + +~. .~ Many of the claims for materials One to eaeh of th, news pers|'= ': beve not as yet reached the Snner o. zne ~uperlor w urc at ~ y," + l~hlished in Plumas County, accom- ] intendant s office from ,he High )tU - ~t~au~ornla, anu ~ne zonowlngper- zeQ b tne re uest tnan~ sala I School Board ~- y . q v [sons were called to testt~y: ~- " vwspapers prmt ~ne same m tuu Mrs. Emily Bar, Clerk of the The Grand Jury is satisfied from ,On a motion made and seeonded, IPluma, County High School Board the evidence that the High School ~t Was ordered that a Committee " I "~. r ~.~ ~ ~'~ t~ Board violated the law when it . appom~ea .r~ mee~ w~m ~uperv~-i ~ E Kam--c~t~t Trustee felled to adv~rtl~m/oe bld~t~ the .I'd Hoke and Flannlgan to in-I L O Gra~ Tr~s;:; knowledge of the fact that the cost N~et the damage done in and[ ' -" -- ~' -- "- f +h- olterot'on- =,"ca ~,A ~c I marl s~orrow, ~'reslaen~ ot tne -" ~ o "~ ~' o --"-,'- ~, ,~ - "~mund the American Legion .ti~s- -+ ' Board of Trustees. cording to their own statemen+~. ~t Portola and maks recommen. H H Bad=lay Princi~ai of the"about $3,000.00." The District At. ~at|ons as to what could or should i -~ ,Portola High School. tcrney has Drovided us with the rar- e0 done to repair such damag~ "" ' Then Schweln one of the in- e cnces to the law which we quote t'~arles Carmtchael, E M. Damon, " ' ~ + h re n The School Code of th a~ " " structorsof the Portola High ~ Edith B. Grother were ap-School Stst~ of California, in Articl IV, nted to serve On said committee. --. " states" r, . ~'IISS Tlllle ~.ruger ~uperlntena- vn a mouon made ann seconueu~ ~neye due the County for the use " g " . . . - ~ ~e tnelr au~v ~o let all con~raczs in ~f County e-uinment in onening From the evidence introduee t + ' ~ " ~ '+ ~ ~ h,~r,~.o ,h^ ~ ~ ~ t,~. ~. +h~ ~l. volving an expenditure of more than oe r,a +, ~o ,~ine which is ou~ = "~ ute of the meetin- of June 7 1939 tee hundred dollars for work to lde of his District. This bill s s, ~r~ounts to $59500. (See Grand Jury the following appes~r;|' bc done or for materials or sup. l~Port for 1938-1939.) Mr Branley "Moved, seconded and carried riles to be furnished, sold or leased Promised the 1938-1939 Grand Jury that all necessary alterations be to the district, to the lowest respon- that he would pay this. made in the Portola High School." sible bidder who shall give such A motion was made and seeds- Nowhere else in the Board.s sin- security as the board may require, 0ed to the effect 'that we races- utes, or other records, could we find or else reject all bids. This section l~end that the offices of the Coun- North America has been inhabit- ed by mankind for neary 25,000 years, according to Dr. Kirk Bryan and Louis L. Ray, Harvard geolo- gists, who have completed an inten- sive study of the geological evidence found at one of the oldest known habitation sites in the New World. tile so-called LindenmelerValley in northeastern Colorado. There archaeologists of the Smithsonian Institution of Wash- i~gton have uncovered a vast num- bs:' of humar artifacts associated with the remains of extinct animals. There has been general agreement ,n the major laments of the situa- tion ever since the site was first opened some six years ago by Dr. Frank H. H. Roberts Jr but this is the first presentation of scientific proof. It was a hunting camp of primt- t've Americans, savs Pro~ess~r Bryan, people who pursued !urge bison, camels, and mamoths durmg tb~ closing years of the ]as*. great lee age. Heretofore, any dartng of the remains has been guesswori~. Some of the animals hunted and eaten by the ancient hunters have since become extinct, and ther~ still is reason to believe that they may have survived a long time after the actual withdrawal of the ice. Country Much as Today Accordng to Dr. Bryan, tl~e last ~'seat glacial period n ~$astern and ~entrai North America was the Wis. consin. Geologists now recognize that this was broken up into at least four substages with long inter- val of ice retreat between them, when the climate and general plc. ture of the country may have been much the same as they are today. Slmilaar ebbs and surges of the ice hsve been found in Europe, and Dr. Bryan uoints out that they corres- pond roughly in dates, insofar as they can be dated at all, which roughly clvrrespc~d. Presumably they were due to a common cause, ~s yet the subject of much specula- tion. ~n ~ tenslve series of eorre- l~tlons, the Harvard geologists find thai the period of oceupation of the Ltndenmeler site would correspond to the time immediately following the so-called St. Johnsbury or Fom- er, nla glaciation to the eastward. This was the second to the last great ice advance in North Amer- ica, dated rather vaguely on both continentsby the counting of varves of layers of clay which were lake bottoms when the gla- ciers were retreating. The streams from the melting Ice sheets laid down new layers each year. The most acceptable figure is approxi- rrately 25,000 years from the end or' this St. Johnsbury substage to the present time. This fixes the presence of man- kind in North America much ear- l:cr than has generally been sup- by anthropologists. Only re. e.ny authority for the alterations or shall be applicable to all materials ccntly have they become willing to additions to the Portola High and supplies whether patentedor entertain the idea of ice-age human ,~cbool. From the evidence, we find otherwise.' beings nn this continent that on June 12th and 13th alters+ "Section 6. 31--Advertisement for Colorado Almost Arctic troy work was commenced on the bids. For the purpose of securing Mr. Bryan and Mr. Ray have iHigh School, andd also it appears bids the board must publish at least both investigated the Ltndenmetr from the testimony of Mr. Schwein once a week for two weeks in some site and assert that the evidence that he prepared the only plans newspaper of general circulationchecks up fairly welt with geologi- which were drawn for any of the published in the district, or if there cal data where other finds of artl- clterations subsequently madein i'~ not such a paper, then in some facts of these first Americans have the High School. ne~'spaper of general circulation', been found. Several of the members of the circulated in such county, a notice Reconstructing something of the Board testified that at the time the calling for bids, stating the worR to country on which the mysterious discussion was had concerning the be done or materials or supplies to people struggled for a livelihood In rroposed alterations, it was under- he furnished and the time when and I the midst of the glacial period, the stood by them that the alterations the plaee where bids will be open-igeologists say that in th e first would cost "about $3,000.00." It ts ed' iI~laee the climate of northeastern vdmitted by all parties concerned "Section 6. 36--IAmitations on Colorado was somewhat cooler than rk In each schoollat present, and sometimes almost that the Board famed to advertise day labor evo , Arctic for bids for the doing of the alters- :district governed by a city board of i "Stron winds blew across the ties work before the work actually i education . In any school district g a boar o ed flood plain surfaces not well re ~iarted. It was testified that Mr. i rot governed by cityd f -,P - ve in ard ma tected by vegetation, so that dunes Lane authorized H. H. Badgley, the iucation, the go rn g be y imllar work sis where were piled u and ebhles cut and principal of the Portola High perform s as e P p School, to purchase materials, era- Ihcrein provided, whenever the total polished .bY drifting sand. Rain five and snow in the mountain area ma nlov labor, and supervise the work. i:cost of the Job does not exceed . y c o w r ns~ hundred dollars" have been greater In the plains and that ex cut f r a fe pe so +'1 ' ' " " ' ,ms]eyed bv E T. Lane, Mr. Bad~-I It appears that the total cost of however, a dry, near-Arctic' climate icy hired all of the employees and the alterations and certain renova- must be postulated, similar to that ordered practically ail of'the ma. ~Itions done at the Portola H~h of the Canadian Great Plains. The teri~ls used on the work. School anproximates $6,000.00. The t cold drying winds from the moun- After avnroxlmately $1.200.00 ]n lDoard did not attempt to +obtain}tains prevented the formation of claims had been filed and paid by. any estimate of what the cost would [true forests, so that the plains were the HIgh School Board for laho, be. and the whole matter was hand. Icovered with prairie types of vegt+ and materiels, the County Auditor led in a very slip.shod and lneffi-:ltvti n with only scattered groves of called the matter to the attention of clent manner. I trees. the Superintendent of Schools, and :None of the warrants drawn fort h'~In such a severe environment, she then discovered, ul~on investL 1 the payment of these accounts were tt e sheltered I2ndemeier ValleY, v, atton, that no bids had been called ever passed upon by the entire iwlth grass and water in Its springy for, nor had any contract been ~et Board at any time, It also appears t meadow, must have been an ideal for the purchase of suD~lte~ or m~. from the evidence that it has been spot for the beasts. Here a hunt- tcrial~, or the doing of the work: ~the habit of the Board to sign war- ~lng people would find year after w e n ! (Continued on e 3 ~ear the necessities the re uired, and that all of the work as b i g pug ) " Y q ty Treasurer and the County Tax COllector be consolidated, with one ~lectlve officer at a salary of P2000.00 per year and one full time ~ePuty at a salary of $1200.00 per Year. A motion was made and seconded that We recommend that the Dis- trict f the Count of D Attorney o Y luaus examine the insurance poll- S!as carried by the Plumas County ~igh School District to ascertain t~ to whether they are all valid ~d tn force, urned at The Grand Jury adJo :80 o'clock P. M suhJect to the ~ll of its Foreman Walter H. Parsons, Foreman Gee. L. Curnow, Secretary. ~I~0IAL REPORT OF THE 1989. I~0 ORAN~ JURY ON THE PLU- g[A8 COUNTY HIGH SCIIOOL BOARD The Grand Jury was impaneled ~ I-Ion. j. O. Moncur, Judge of the Psrior Court of the State of Cali- ~rnia in and for the County of lUmas, on the 6th day of Novem- ~01; 1939, 10:30 o'clock A. M. The at cllowing Jury was selected and ~orn in accordance with law: 1. Walter H. Parsons, Foreman. 2 George L. Curnow, Secretary. ~.' Sllvlo RamellL 4. Lardy Beik. ~. ]~dith Grother. B. Charles CarmichaeL 7. V~m. J. Hambl|n. 8. Weston S Qut~ley 9. Vivien Riehl. NUMBER 26 z PLUMAS SKEET CLIfB HOLDS MEETING Feather River Baseball League -~ meeting of the Plumas Skeet Club was held in the Murray build- lng in Greenville Tuesday night, at which time temporary officers were c:ccted. Robert Hunterwaselected Holds Meeting president and A. L. Farr secretary and treasurer. The club made provision to take in Junior members from the ages The first meeting of the Feather of 16 to 21. River Baseball League was held in The first skeet shoot of th~ season i Quincy Monday night with 'Link' v-ill be held next Sunday, at the Peckmpah, Premdent, presiding. "1" ~s on t~'e W v ~.~-~.~.r, Representatives from Greenville property across the highway from ]Graeaglc, Sloat Quincy, and Quincy L,~gers all of last years league and lbe Walter camp Auto Body Shop. / , Everybody is invited to attend this Portola and Grays Flat and La- - Porte were in attendance. snOo~. ~ It was indicated at the meeting LIBRARY-A-SSOOIP~TiON "-- I+hat Keddie, a member team last TO MEET AT QUINCY lyear, would not be in the league. ---- i Grays Fiat and Portola expressed The Mt. Shasta ~Dtstrict of the ia desire to have a team In the California Library Association w+llllea~ue th~s year was also indicated. Lold a meeting in Quincy Saturday, I Routine matters were disposed of March 23, accordng to announce- Pnd new matters were discussed. It sent by Miss Joy Belle Jackson, ~'a~; definitely decided that a pre- Plumas county librarian. ]requisite to membership in the A program will be held at 2 p. m, I ~ue this year will be a parent or- in the ~uper~or courtroom at the l~-zatior as sponsors for the vat. court house, with Colt Coolidge, I-uu~ teams entered. It was deoided f!rst vice president of the California I tins would be a means of creating Library Association, as speaker. A I-,~e mterest and would also relieve group discussion will be held on the I ~ various managers of many wor- subject of "The Library and the l*ies and give them more time to Community." Miss Grace R. Tay-Isp~nd with thief teams and thus lor, librarian of Sacramento, will inlake for better teams. lcad the discussion. I 'lhe parent Organization will be ;,- dinner will be held at the Quin- I~orn,ed an each town which would cy Hotel at 7 p. m. Speakers will tee. an organization In itself dsdi- b- Miss Mabel R. Gillis, state librar- I~ated to the task of backing the var- lan, and C. L. Peckinpah, ass+stunt laud, teams. A member of each supervisor of the Plumas l~ationalI~ganization thus formed would Forest. An Easter breakfast will l automaticaly become one of ths be held at the Quincy Hotel at 8:301~rcctors ot' the league. " Sunday morning. [ it was made known that all teams Miss Jackson announces theft laid mak:ng, or planning improve. visitors will be welcome at any or lments to their baseball parks which ,ll of the sessions, iwni be good news to the players. e- I The season this year will begin on May 5, a month eaxli Mrs Fred J Christie of Greenville I + er than and Mrs. Douglas Hoselkus of Gene- I'ast year. Seven teams wll~ prob. -ee were visitors at the home of Iably start- ~Ir. and Mrs. Fred Borden in the" lh] ' ose in attendance from the I Genesee Valley Sunday. I lndian Valley were Carl A. Furrer, - lie ~ o I led T. Shumate, Austin Neer, Ro- UNCOLN SCHOOL NOTES I bert Kelton and W J. Hall Another Editors Marguerite Merino andI rnceting is scheduleddd for April 2 - Pearl Bob . - [o.: Which time new officei-s for the -- I league will be elected and final pre- This week wc took several of our [parations made. physical ed periods, cleaning our i - - school yard. Monday we cleaned IMORE MONEY GIVEN ,half of the front of it, and on Tue~ - itTO BASEBALL OLUB d~y we borrowed Mr. Hunts wheel- I barrow, a nd Randolph and II Fzed T Shumate, in charge of wheeled the gravel off while the ,~aking collections for the Indian g~tls kept on raking up more. I Valley Baseball Club in the Feather Douglas Salem ' II.~ve . r League, announces further 5th Grade uonations to the fund. He states -- I [hat the Setzer Box company dons- All the children of the Lincoln i tk, n of lumber will amount to $100. te~'~her will be driving to schohol I:'. L. Miller donated the screen wire in her new car. I fez, the grandstand. C. E. Harris has Lylabelle Stark contributed three day~work in First Grade, fixing up the grandstand. All the ehildrden ~f t~e LincoluI Additional cash donations are: Pchool attended the Shirley Temple George Naseath, $5; Ray's Market, show on Monday night. We all en. $12; Claude E. Young, $12; Bruce Joyed it very much, especially see- F.tdwell, $2.50; Indian Valley Light ing so many Indians with their fea- & Powcr Co $10; Gulf Red Cedar thews and war dances. Also how Co $5; CL L. Johnson of Standart cute and brave squaw Shirley was. mine, $5; Waiter Parsons, $10. Pearl Bob Fifth Grade SERVICE MOTOR CO. DF~ER~ CARS HERE Wednesday afternoon at 2:30, we The Service Motor company- re ~:'e planning to have an Easter e~ . ~ " oo de.lees a carload of Ford ears this hunt and a good .r t nu'~-'~-'~ol h~z' erino week, to be delivered to the follow- ' P }ing: Miss Mary Schieser, de luxe 4th Grade icoupe; Kenneth Mclntyre, de luxe -- I sedan; Robert Kelton, de luxe bus- ' I& Pews- company, one-ton ickup Hme when Miss Schieser had her [truck + P accident.+ ~ " Mary Smith I STA ------------o Gr " ---,TE TO PROVIDE FUND~ aae Tnree I FOR HIGHWAY IM]PROV~T ! t oO~reMe::lhe tth: :::rh :::u:l~o:::: I lo lede vatlon. We enjoyed it Very much l ent for the ell seal + o the and was glad tO nave the chance freud between Crescent "Mil,- d +o see ~ne plcmures iAl I manor Dam. This Is a part of meA::::y~h:hhool:nd?:e t:21unE~h" ]thc $55,000+ allotted to Plumas Court- ' '[ty by the highway department for g I Thirty thousand ddollara will be tU~lr tS:hie:: :took us home I s: ent On widening the Feather ,~,-v ~ "~ ~,^ ," [ River Highway between Quincy and MargUsixtCGr;d~ IBeckworth and $20,000 will be spent l an surfacing the highway between I Quinoy and Spring Gsxden. water and game for food. But Just I]FR ~ as t ENCHY DE CEAR he bison of more recent historyI lrIN~D8 NTJGGE~ migrated southward in winter, soI , the ancient animals probably mi. I Frenchy De Cear, who lives In grated and the hunters with thel~]a cv.bin up North Canyon found a i This would explain the lack of hu-!good sized gold nugget while pro- man remains or of shelters at the]specting in a ravine below the site and also explain the wide dis I Droege mine. Frenchy said he tribution of Folsom finds through-[found the gold from quartz that out the region from Sascatchewan I bad been washed by the recent to Texas." I floods. -F; i!I,