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March 15, 1951     Indian Valley Record
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March 15, 1951

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I Tb.ulsday, ............................. &apos;A_Lt00 ( SID{)ID1-SC()IDI00i00.o.-J Removes  RUST -:oSTAIR$ I,yt? \\;BAtHtUBS, sl:KS. Farm aN,) RaNcuEs 3. tltl, eltat$,ra"15 , , 10 AcRE chicken  rabbit ranch, raeet., f AI GROCERY. HARDWARE. " pump house, lOW taxes, good hiway. OE!*T. o.d 10, 5TOllS  2& 'ct I COLSTON, E. Star Rt., Fallon. Ne,-ado. :_. sale,0 .... e 00uitry'arm: G,, ef laying beDS, modern home. Bar- "' .... , You Gotta Know ere ga,n. 9o to down. O,e. Shaw, Falton, Nevada. |USTAIS FROOBCK$, Inc., 140 l, 152 ll., S. Y. $1 This may come as a distinct sur- 11 AC., near W()dlake, 6 Ae. Emperors. ....... Orange modorn 00-rm. house, ............................ ., %g, tcNtq,f,,g t.t,$'K:) . arise to thousands of American an-  ,,-. to. , ts=, glers, but it is a fact that less than other bldgs., pipeline, good weiR. Terms.  "'=', -,.,-E "ttlr'a2,,,'1" i r,, one-fourth of all our lakes and I.AKE, ('ALIF.  i.;n '  lm_r.C,l,L." 3'-'a acres or. Newcastle. Ideal for ear- '-/ - A5 Cgrr.-= , streams have any fish in them. Con- rots. potatoes. S. beets, hay and 7Gr,",IZu_ ,-rLE ,",:x; sequently knowing where to look grain Fenech leveled, tractor, eom- '='-, ONE '  b!ne, ditc.ier, harruws, ptow, etc. 5- llN 4P,_ ,,-K) R EAC.-fft for hsh immediately becomes one rm house. G,,d water. $35.000 ROB- i,,r "TH  v,a -'KEL 1'o  ' ...g;9 jDS"I" ta of the most imporlant of considera- E'tr ttEF, VE. ilI'RRII'ANE, t Till. fiol:s tO the angler, s A('RES S/E Cm'. Maze & Gates Roads. S m!les \\;vest Modesto. 25 vineyard, As llaany fishermen Rnow to their el:e,'>'d and leveled, balance open. S23,51 0 \\;\'rite oxvner, iseornfort and distress, too many I. .L,.vK,m. 834 - 44th Ave., ;t.-etch.'s of our lakes and streams .AN l.'lAX('is('O 21, Calif. fail to produce, no matter how hard m TEN ACRE RANCIt t): Cton's I{I)KtlP Valley, /lear the plug;in., fly-casting or bait- >,le,h,wd l.evel, lrrlgaled. New, n] .tl,rll borne furnished. All tuip- fishin and, scores of experts to t,,,,, some st,,cb:, Slg.U4)0. Owner the contrary, the magician with any .I')IN REFDY. RT. I, BOX 60 TAI.ENT, ()RE.  t of the three types of fishing rods L{,\\;'<I.Y 11 Acre Agrieul. Raneh in : will do no better than the veriest Carmel Valloy. 15 mR. drive from War i" Vet tyro The simple reas,,n is there Ca:'mel. Well with l0 H. P. pump. World .2-hcth'm h ....... Barn, chicken coops, are no fish in such stretches and a,'a*e euesthouse. 500 ft. river rorla,e. Phone 7240 or P. O. X all the angling skill in the world, .'t, Carmel, Calif. Praises Hadac01 ,o,e,o,o cannot produce any. M!('IttGAN. g0 acres. G,d farm ld-Fronta,e on both sides of hiway. U. So, is the big problem posed for s. 23. Rtnt. business property. Sell or trade for property or business In HADACOL Supplies Vitamins B , me angler, He must locate water (-:ur. csl or terms, owner. H. A. B , Niacin and Iron Which His that contains fish and he must have B:ttt.., 11980 %Velr Rt.. Colver City. System Lacked t something of a knack or know-how Phone F.X-'/4"/4S. ahout determining where the fish NEVADA FARMS & RANCHES SPORTLIGHT liOES & MOTELS will be feeding Smug of the finest cotton and farm land This little space is to be read by In waters that have become fa- is selling for the unbelievable low those folks who are always wish- ,-,..- -. Problem tlKl"'e'y .. ,= *ng they'd feel better. Now thi. Grid U-n--w,, miliar over the years and where the to 2,,o a,,islanaeres levelwel!s.with deep soft, business of wishing for "this" and angler knows he is likely to pick some with Ruth J. Rains Phone I$ ishing for "that" is all right. It ap a keeper, or several, the prob- 5e ,e. c rammer city, NeT. sort of makes a person look to the lea isn't so complicated. Here are 20) ACRES,--Top grade 'row crop or future. But it is By GRANTLAND RICE ' ,:,e m excellent farming area and a mighty sorry i a few hints that may help the an- fruit tree land located near Mar- tier on strange streams or waters: on paved road. Can be completely state of affairs ITH SPRING FOOTBALL train- that saved college football. The irrigated. Plenty of water, exeel- W . lent irrigation system, fair build- when folks keep inn getting under way, western Navy and Captain Tom Hamilton's ! In streams, look for overhanging w i s h i n g and and southern football coaches have Preflight teams. Army made no , 0anks, pools below rapids, edge of rags. Land Classfr $50A wishing t he y already selected their candidates move in football's direction, al- current at backwatertreesPOOlS,or roots,lag" l,000.rlacraehaiNrstwillinflattn'carry goodFUll priCesize would feel bet- insurance loan. JOHN C. CABLIN. ter. T h a t just for top honors next fall. The answer though Army's West Point team led jams. submerged behind rocks or other obstructions Renlt.r. 317 Fifth St., Marysvllle. doesn't get the is Army and Navy. tbc pack. and over gravel and rock bars. It is California. READ THIS! iob done. Take "I've k e p t Any number of college stars always well to fish under bridges,  neres an river in beautiful Delight Leo D. Fisher, moved into the two academics and for these, with their pilings and m!lesValley nrth18 mtlesof ,uthcottageOf Grove,Eugene' 3 ' fairly close track 901 C h a r 1 e s of t h e situs- more than a few moved out again support ofttimes are favorite hang- mile off , Itighway. Six room modern house has fireplace. B t r e e t, S t. lion," one west- before the war was over. Navy outs for good-size fish. 2 good barns. Mllkin parlor, milk- Ioseph, Missouri, for eximple. He era coach said. especially lost a big portion of her Both ends of connecting channels !n naehine. 2 large g'ht'en houses, fullY equipped, :14 acl'es clover ires- Rust didn't wish he would feel bet- "Every team in earlier talent. For a while such usually will pay off best in lakes, lot& trrication eauipment, 32 acres ler -- he did something about it the Far West teams as Notre Dame and Michigan while along weed beds extending ,mt & veWh. 17 acres 4 year old He took HADACOL, and says he :! ,..:,ira,is. 7, aere young cherries. feels just fine for Mr. Fisher found has already lost received big help from Navy allot- above the water and shelving varm stc-ked and fully equinped. that taring HADACOL helped his valuable mate- metats. But when it came to the ledges also will be found productive. "ear --,d and" bus to high school. , Price :'' C#WL $14.000 down, balanCe system overcome deficiencies o| rial for 1951. We stretch only Army and Navy bad Fish the inlets and over sand bars. ,t 4% & $1oo0 per year, Vitamins B l, B 2, Niacin and Iron, h a v e already the talent. Army, for example, Here, too, as on the streams, water co.." ..a,.rove.m.Orenu.1, Box 00. which tlADACOL contains. rantland Rice lost t w o star crushed Notre Dame by such scores under overhanging trees, offer- REAL ESTATE--HOUSES Here Is Mr. Fisher's own state- freshmen from as 59 to 0 and 48 to 0, if we happen Rag cool shade, may produce well. MODERN 2-bedroom home, ftrellace, ment: "I am a veteran of World laet fall and two very good to recall the correct figures. Any- Always remember that fish spend hardw,'d Iloors throughout, bath and ; with four acres of fine land. War I. I have had stomach dis- sophomores. The others have lost way. Notre Dame took a bad beat- a considerable time of the day fish- all utilities; price $18.500. Write tress and was nervous and could about the same number. But ing from Army. ing, and where you find their food (;eorge atalle, Rout* , BOx t0D. not sleep. I had no appetite and Army and Navy will lose no Through this war period Duke. sources, you'll find them. Paradise. Caitforain. Could not eat any fried foods. I POSSIBILITIES S room home. 4 rooms, 1 started talcing HADACOL. I have men to the draft. Both finished Georgia Tech, Alabama, Tulsa, & /,, A baths, fireplace. 2.600 sq. ft. Car. taken 8 small bott':es and now I the 1950 season with fine mate- Oregon, Southern California, Vil- pi dl Lake. $,000. C. ltinselmn, am on my second large bottle. I rlai left for 1951. Army baH a lot lanova and a few others had pretty Slee ng Bag Warmth aSieatin'E. I,,dtl60Ave.,ft" I,oal.frntage'eh. tS-R.faee eat aything I feel fine and sleep of fine backs, Including Blalk fair squads. The warmth of a sleeping bag is good, thanks to HADACOL. I have and Pollard. Navy ended her Residence For Sale recommended HADACOL to many season with all the material But the general average of 4-F's always dependent upon the ability people and they are taking it. I may team needs. This was po- and kids didn't add up too strong- of its filling to retain body heat. CARSONcLosETs.ROOMS, 3CITY'ALsoBEDROOMS,FuLLNEVADALARGEBASZ. am a booster, for I cannot do with- tentlally a good Navy squad all ly. Michigan had a good team. even Feathers have been found to be 7 ON LOT 85x102 FT. GOOD LOCATION. PRICED AT $10,500, cut it." fall. It simply never got to- after losing Bill Daley, a former the best filling and insulation for MENT Minnesota star back. Pennsylvania a sleeping bag because they re- , DOVN: LESS FOR CASH. If your druggist does not have PLACE RENTED; CAN OCCUPY TWO MONTH NOTICE. CONTACT HADACOL order direct from The gether until the Army game. On LeBtanc Corporation, Lafayette, that day it was probably the did well. especially after Minisi's main fluffy, creating thousands of &rid .MARyI'" W.STREETs,LITTLE. CARSoNANGUS Louisiana. Send no money. Just strongest team in the country, return, small, dry, dead air spaces which OWNER, your name and address on a pen- It will be even stronger next Will Navy look after college are poor conductors of heat, thus CITY. NEVADA. PHONE {L$-W. ny post card, Pay postman. State fall. football again? Will Army pitch keeping in body heat. Wool kapok , ILEAL EtTATE--MitC. in to help? Or will any such help and cotton are succ. ;sively less i I LARGE home on 5 A., 1 store bl  ,hether you want the $3.50 hospi- "Now take the draft situation be needed? satisfactory, since they will become I on 1,, A. C. F. Teytor.caiif. BOz tal economy size or $1.25 trial size. Full pressure hash't even started ., Remember. money cheerfully re- yet, It is just beginning, It will For example. George Mtmger's all paced down after awhile. This I Twent,'nine Palnm, de-i lbO ACRES, . miles to BrentwOod# J. L, Mars, SI8 3th 8t., Oalaad. I [hooe HUmlm|dt 3-6]86. handed unless you are 100% satis- fied, --Adv. land with a heavy thud by May ancJ Pennsylvania team had arranged destroys the air spaces and D 1950. The LeBlane CorlmraUon. June. Many collegians won't be a rugged schedule for 1951, includ- creases their insulation value, ilSV='Aritona. & 2-Unit Hntal. Take gd. trlr. called before June. They will b ig Notre Dame and California In order for one to get the great- part down. P. O. Ix "Z% Y, "'  given the chance to finish their Pennsylvania had a good-looking eat amount of comfort from any ; 14m SALE 40 ac. 5 rift. mad. home. Auto. TO J'fP.XD yMPTOM year's work. At least many will squad in action last fall with a ', type of sleeping bag, use of an air t furnace, 2 wells, cistern, barn, brdr. Hunt. & fish, In o. mu ana. TH[ P,.Y rAl'_ * After that r m afraid it will be lust better one all set for this next sea- I mattress is almost indispensable, i for 3200 ehic. Beau..pkllke t AT I i aat.vllle, lndlan R too bad for a lot of us. Unless we son. No one knows what will hap-, These come in two sizes, full length H. Egentrger. i ,I.IX)/0U ! haveowar with Russia. we, hay e ,en by next fail. , and knee length. Most camperspre---CABAZON: West of Palm Sprin.. from Smog, Fog and Dew. Lots. All football next fall. There will be good Princeton and Corned seemed to fer the latter, as it weighs less; Health community. A safe harem |  [FFf,TI THAN 00" ' : football men in the R.O.T.C. who nave the best Ivy League material but for fullest comfort and where '$')utilities.per $70Ae" 3-aereAereagemt. witatraCtSwater.Wlth d41ONO 01,0 s4DIES'. may not be taken. But I doubt tha for the 1951 campaign, but once weight isn't a too-vital factor, the $10oo. MELVIN HANSEN, owllr, we will have many 4-F's. again this will be a guess. , full-length mattress will be found Cabazon, California. ' more desirable, /EAUTIFUL Roman bri'ck plastered " " I home, turn. 8 rooms. 2 tile baths, tile "It will be a little rougher than It is well to remember that one Htchen, hardwood floors, circulating it was in World War II. The call ! 0bJn$0n'$ PIz I which can be blown up by lung- : fireplace, : rich acres, all Irrigated. 2% mile ftom Ashland. Illness ne- on those from 18 or 19 to 21, 22. or cessitates ,".le. For detail, write own- 23 will take many an athlete. How Ray Robinson's victory over JaKe power is handier than one which - er, H. H. MeCurdy, R. No. !. BOX 7S, Ashland. Orelmn. many, no one knows." Southert LaMotta has already started a new requires a pump, for a pump can be ; coaches we ran across had about debate on his place in ring ranking, misplaced or lost. thus rendering A. K, Fisher B. R, MeCln) This means the all-time spot the the mattress useless i REALTORS the same sJant. Bank The Best Pisces to L st "In the Southwest," one coach new middleweight champiov should : One mistake against which sleep- ' 47 llbway 101 Opl)mte said. "Texas A. and M. will draw in fistic ratings ing bag-users should guard is in- ! The Pest Places to Buy ll have the heat chance. Texas A. Wearing two crowns on ms head dating the mattress too much, mak" i 960 th:h,,ay t01.-Near New SafeWaYo. not 68, Enelnitas, Calif. and M. is practically a military at the same moment in two of the ing it hard and uncomfortable and  llnmls. Homesites Groves. Ranehe, W'ite for FREE MAP and [ntormatlon college. These men will be given tougher divisions i only part of the subjecting it to abnormal wear 'r Bu<mess and lne)me Property m Moey in REAI, ESTATE is Safer the chance to complete their story Robinson has been forced tc through over-pressure, i Ooean View Sites $7,) and up - military training. A fellow like shed one title, the welterweight tol & A  I urqtFutlCourt.priee annual$1G,250,00.1ne,meterms$2100. BU.INES & |NV. OPPOI[II. BAR & CAFE, 7 rms. living quarters, full basement, rumpus room. Write P. O. Box 583. Ge, rgetown, Calif. --"Giber' SHOP. stationery and home remedy store. Steady established business. Premium location. $4,500 for fixtures, etc. plus inventory about $10,000. Write 301 Olive 8t., antt Craz, Calif. HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY STORE* GOOd location 16 ini. from San Diego. On main street. Price ol $17AY00 in- cludes inventory, furn.& frt. and truck.-- Valley SUl)ply Co.--220 %%'. Main St. El Ca|on. Calif. GROCERY STORE AT Piedra, near Pine Flat Dam. Will sacrifice. Fix- tores, stllCk, lease rind post Of[it luipment, $1,6(,). L!Yr |IA BENNETT TOLI,HOUt4E, CALIF. t,'()l, SALE--- Service station. i sh, p, fountain, bus beirut, equipment and lease must sell irnmed atelv due to health: sacrif ce, attractive bldg., good location, Any offer accepted, post ofnee box 783. Orland. Calif. G('qD MINE, equipDci to start operation immediately. $1.00 per yard. High bar channel on Salmon River in SiskiyoU Co. Good paying prooosition for two men. Cabin on place. Must sell to Rat children in high school. Total price $6,000, $'2,t)0 down. Write Rt. 2. Box 365 Wm. &ckermam Areata, Calif. HOTELS MIDELLANEOU8 GERMAN BEER direct from Breweries, middlemen. 3 brand, 24-12oz. bottles. Hrtsou Comlmny, lmporter. 465 CJdt- fornin Street, Sa Fr&aelso. MARKET Eqpmt; Cash Registers, al, Meat saws, Blocks, Walk-in with refrig- eration equipment. 361 No. Ave. 2, Los Angeles, Clf-._. BUILD YOUR OWN SPEEDBOAT! Ap- roVed. easy-to-use plans for 18 trim Rt" g Boats. 6to 20 ft. Send 25c for catalog CHAMPION BOATS. Box 9038-W.N.U.. Long Beach, t:li.fL_. POULTRY, CHICKS & EQUIr'. WttITE CtiINESE GOOSE EGG 75c each W. A. WAGN/R, HortOn, Oregon HLLL' tUAL1TY 1. i. RDt For High Egg Production S. Run--r'uliet$ ---Cockerels. Co-Op Hatcher)', loe. I'r( Catalog. Route G, Box 3:5-A, Fresoo, Calif. oVERSTOCKED--While they last; uver Yokahama, t.ed Jungle Fowl, Goide Sebright, Dar Brahama and Black Co- chin tlantams. All good specimens $1.50 each. L. C. Rune, Kt. l., Box 3(t3-4d, Beaumont, Calif ..... TURKEYS Famous Nebraska Turkeys Also Beltsville White Eggs and Poults Puilorum clean from our own Breeding flock. Fabian Turkey Rlmeh Rt. 1, BOx 455, Beaumont, cant.  Accepting orders tar Go, lingo, delivery $ hatched. Toulouse $2.00; Whlte $2.75; Embden $2.50; African $3.50; I$_ $3.50; Sebastopol $3.50; Pilgrim $z Order Now to insure delivery early. with order: No COD. L. C. RoneYlltmat, Rt. 1. BOx 33-C, AUTOS, TRUCKS & ACDE. D-7 Cat. T Series with Le Tourneau and dbl. drum unit. Walter truck trct and La Peer low bed trailer. 611 Estere St., Morro Bay, Calif. Ph. 4k11. 1948 Willys truck with GMC dl engtae-150 hrs. use, 4-wheel drive, win go anywhere, ha,.ul..anytl_. Ideal for hunting aria xtsnmz, tgm'n- plete, ready to go, $4200.0. g0100 SYMIff0M$ in many em   a single day_l Check enifflee, toWHee, simil cold miseriee ol t/u) uey atartl ASAHISV does what no aspirim, qui- nino nor old- cold pill caa r dol Contains pre anti- histamine-proud r| by doctore lm 12 authoritative clinical tets. Two companion producta-a*mm" Tal, lets and new ANAnlS Atomizer mT co., INC., Yonkers 2, N. YJ Antth00stamine WHEH$[|EP W-0Nit COME AN) YOU llrfl mt ll| d| I/S0 D,Ikion I1 REMOVEs WASTE umm N0T GOOD FOOD r:e When you esm't sleep -- feel Jtmg awful because you need  laxative- do ken tn lre doses,  their "duos- ng" action Ioo soon , , right In the ntomaeb where tey often flush w laourtsbtng load you need for pe mad ergYl You feel weak, tired. But gentJe rm-a-MLwt ts dlfferentl 'ken as recommendecL It works c/lefl In the lower bowel -- remove8 only te, not M@od food| otl &VORI t, tllt BoO Smith. a great back, will hve a terrific year. "Spring practice will go along mat about the same. But the big ?aps will open m May and June, n through the summer. By next 5,;ptember the draft losses and the enlistments will be heavy for every ody except Army and Navy," piece, but he is still the best welter- weight there is The LaMotta affair should till the present middleweight king still higher among .those now tossing leather back and forth. But there is an even bigger argument at hand. How would you rank Robinson with Harry Greb. Stanley Ketchei, Mickey Walker, Tiger Flowers. Windbreaks Cut Fuel The quiet purr of an oil burner can rise to a roar in the ears of an economy-minded home-owner when the mercury dips into the low- er brackets. The fellow who has to eut'wood and shovel coal sometimes develops a permanent stoop by the time springtime b'ings relief from, a Marcel Cerdan and Tony Zale--tc long, cold winter. Yet. a little spring What about tho Future? mention only a few in the middle- l wor k with spade and axe can cut Ill World War It it was the Navy weight picture? !.qown the noise and give the fire- aY 'man a chance to straighten up his pine during the more frigid months HAROLD i Windbreaks can do the job--  ' windbreaks planted alon the edge " ........... . !of a house lot can cut a 12-mile an hour wind to nothing, and calm ' ' '%' " gentle breezes the icy. 25-mile gusts that suck heat from a building. Windbreaks on a farm. according to the MiSsouri conservation com- mission, which recently studied the HOLDER HA|aP|NS, aEne- AS PlCTUI00ED, AND MELD IN PLACE: WIT'" qST subject, also cut livestock feed costs and increase milk and meat pro- du ction. Stock for wmdbteak planting is inexpensive and often can be ob- tained at less than cost from state nurseries Not Royal, But Relished PAul M. Hemry. Airport Bomlelrd, Garbervnle. C-lif. PERSONAL --Join a Society for mutual be " many give 25e on death of member relieves excessive burlal t- enses. Write Cblco  * bleD. C4difecnln. . TURN YOUR IDEAS $ INTO CASH $ Ideas are worth money to " . Patents  gadgets  hotmehold  " dustclal, Our contacts will help_y. cash-in. Write. ldem Umltm,  hess services ot O1. S& lledmont Ave., kllmd. RrlDml)ldt 3-111'141 [NS'rRuCr|ON 00ow, APPRUVED FOR IgT MOIAgR PRBE (N)I.IJG m |si Irenrth t...v4w Frone. (llif..,., DENTAL ASSISTANTS In great de- mand. HIgh Ralaries. Learn at hoDe In spare time. while earning. Devel- op Charm & Glamour. FREE details. * Pot tleltt-Ana Fhool P. O. x 41 Eaat Sn Diego 5. Cllfornln .._._.. WANTED TO TRADE WANTED Cor0mercial Farm in excbamm . for a $42,500 apartment house with  come of $4,850. 82S - Z0th St..  Monied, Calif. STAM PS FREE! LARGE SAMPLE Foreign Stamp Mixture ............ -lb. ,d't. .idla(qlNl?R, Y Hows.rd Nichols, ork St., toe, FOR SALE "Sunnen" portable type " STAMP PACKETS & COLLECTIOL "I- heavy duty CRANKSHAFT GRIND- ALL DIFFERENT GUARANTEEP ER. Brand new, hag never been 10,000 Worldwide mounted, oifl removed from crateS. SUBSTAN- $43.50; 500 diff. U. S. retd., $9. TTAL DISCOUNT. and bank terms 1000 worldwide, only $1.0D. Scan to responsible party. RENCHER for free oaeket price list. . WELDING & MACHINE WORKfl. Buezynskl, 13151g Syraeuse slamel, P. O. ROt 10, El NIdo, CnHf, DETROFr 34, MICHIGAN. y Pho.e ,Merel a*--I*. LlVESTOR MERCEY HOT SPRINGS "In the Foothills" WRITE H0W for Reservations Box SS% Dos Pelos. Celitornln "Come when you are well end you will nor have fo come when you m sick." )|sot tO Vh,.le the sport of rabbit-hunting I ew self-Dowered wheelbar- may not be the royalty of the i row is SO easy to, operate you'll use It for dozens of Jobs around the farm you'd never scatter-gun addict's pursuits, it ithlnk of using an ordinary wheelbarrow definRe!y is the most relished. , for. Air-cooled gasoline engine mounted Sholgun shell production in thee i behest h the bed, drives by friction on the United States, a g:m company re- tire. Simple controls all on the right handle. ported, is used up as follows: Climhs 40% grade fully loaded. Compres- Rabbit, 29.6 per cent; squirrel, i siGn acts as brake on the down-grade 14 per cent; quail, 13.9 per cent; i Costs little more than an ordinary good- duck and geese, 10.5 per cent; l quallty wheelbarrow. Guaranteed. Available pheasant, 9.5 per cent; doves, 7 i rm factory only. $139.50 per cent; other game, 3.5 per cent; I trap and skeet, 12 per cent. CHINCHILLA pairs or winlllng reg. stock. Some Brletol. $11 lth Ave., VITAMINS NEED NOT BE EXPENSIVE Many realize that it ls difficult to obtain all our vitamins from food but hesitate to pay high prices. T THOMPSON'S "'Maxima" and De convinced. It contains 13 vitamin and 6 minerals including B-L2. 33 days' supply (100 tablets) $1.91 in- cluding tax and postage. Send for free price list and vitamin chart. SumJet Health Store t 1319 Ninth Avenue Francisco 2Z, Cllf. New Dwarf Recently introduced from Acts- grows to five feet in heigl*t, very hardy, begtn bearing t two years when only thirty lncl*" es hlsh, large crops of delicioa fruit, fine for canning or eatl$ fresh. Tree is very leafy a d when in bloom is a gorgeo spectacle, being a solid mass of deep red double blossoms ing six weeks. Self l Only five hundred trees for salS this year $2.50 each. FLORY NURSERY CALWOR"' CERES