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January 8, 2020     Indian Valley Record
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January 8, 2020

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83 Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2020 Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter EDITORIAL ami‘OPINION EDITORIAL. ‘ A new year brings renewed commitment The new year is underway and we here at Feather Publishing pause to rededicate ourselves to being the best that we can be. Every successful newspaper depends upon the support of its advertisers, its readers and its community. We wouldn’t make it without all of you. ' Some readers see a newspaper’s main function as a vehicle for advertising while others see it as a source of news and information. To those of us who work in the business, the two go hand in , hand and each supports the other. The truth is, neither would exist without the other. Did you know the original freedoms of the press were granted for business and commerce, not for news reporting? Traders needed to be able to freely advertise the goods they had for sale. Our Founding Fathers wisely expanded those freedoms and prohibited prior restraint by the government through the First Amendment to the American Constitution, the same amendment in the Bill of Rights that grants the freedoms of religion, Speech and aSSembly to the people. But no freedom is completely free — one may not yell “Fire!” in a crowded theatre unless there is one, for example, and a newspaper has to make Choices about what to publish in each and every issue. When making those choices, responsible newspapers publish information that is as accurate and unbiased as possible. Responsible newspapers attempt to collect and presentinformation from all sides of a controversial issue so the reader may be properly informed. ' Opinions and perspectives should be published on pages clearly identified as opinion. Editorials should be considered the newspaper’s opinion. Responsible newspapers keep the writer’s opinions on the opinion pages and out of news stories.‘ . According to the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics (available in greater detail at, journalists should seek the truth and report it (be honest, fair and courageous in gathering, reporting and interpreting information), minimize harm to those adversely affected by news coverage (treat sources, subjects and colleagues as human beings deserving of respect), act independently (be free of obligation to any interests other than the public’s right to know) and be accountable. Aswe~enter.the.newsyear, the staff at_=Feather Publishing renews its commitment to these principles. They are the cornerstones of our profession. We are dedicated to serving our advertisers,vour readers and our community with the best newspaper we can produce. If in your opinion we have fallen short of these ideals, if you have any comments to make about the newspaper or if you would like to suggest any story ideas, call Managing Editor Debra Moore or Publisher Mike Taborski at. 283-0800. We’ve servedPlumas County for more than 150 years, and we pledge to continue that effOrt. Thank yqu for your support. We wish you all a very Happy New Year. Michael C. Taborski . . . . . . . . . . . . .Publisher Keri B. Taborski . . . . . .Co—publisher, Historian Debra Moore . . . . . . . . . . . .Managing Editor Jenny Lee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Photo Editor Nick Hall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Copy Editor Staff writers: Susan Cort Johnson Linda Satchwell Makenzie Davis Gregg Scott Will Farris Glenda Svendsen Stacy Fisher Meg Upton Jake Hibbitts Brian Walters Roni Java Sam Williams Victoria Metcalf Mari Erin Roth Lauren Westmoreland Indian Valley Record (530) 283—0800 Feather River Bulletin (530) 283—0800 Portola Reporter (530) 832-4646 . Chester Progressive (530) 258-3115 Westwood PinePress (530) 25-7-5321 . Lassen County Times (530) 257-5321 .0 emu .’ ’ INTEDWWH Member Prlnled 0n California Newspaper recycled paper Publishers Assoc. Happy reunion thanks to Facebook MY TURN LINDA SATCHWELL Staff Writer lsatchwel| ' I spend too much time on Facebook. “I’m a reader,” I tell myself. “What am I doing on here? I should be reading that novel I started Where did it go?” And, there are all the negative comments and people still believing the craziest things and posting them without checking them out — still, after everything. The real reason I’m on FaCebook so much is because, when I had my own dog rescue for 10 years, it saved many hundreds of lives. I still share and connect people with dogs, find transporters willing to get an animal in need to his or her hnuv L -... the way places to rescues specializing in their breed, or connect people who don’t have much. money with the help their pets need, and more. I’m what you’d call a go-to person for anyone needing anything having to do with helping animals — from dogs to cats to horses to cows, goats, pigs you get the idea. . On Sunday, Dec. 22, at 2:20 pm, I received a text from my friend Janie: “My 12-year-old toy Aussie is missing. Where can I post her information so I can get her home?” What followed were details about Callie, a little 12-year-old, 24-pound dog. Janie had left for , 1...“, U.L JAG- 4... -“L -L‘ Guidelines for letters All letters must contain an address and phone number. Only one letter per week per person will be published; only one letter per person per month regarding the same topic will be published. Feather Publishing does not print third-party, anonymous or open letters. Letters must not exceed 300 words. Writers responding to previously published letters may not mention the author by name. . The deadline is Friday at noon; deadlines may change due to holidays. Letters may be submitted at any of Feather Publishing ’3 offices, sent via fax to 283-3952 or emailed to Thank you A great big thank you to the boys and girls in the charter school in Taylorsville. What a group of nice young people. It’s a pleasure to have such nice “kids” in our town. ' Again, thank you! With love to all. BS. Thank you Ryan. Velda Krafft Taylorsville Support Grant I am writing this letter of support for Michael Grant who is a candidate for the District 2 Supervisor. I recently retired from the Plumas County Sheriffs Department after approximately 29 years of service, of which the last five years were as the Assistant Chief of the Office of Emergency Services. I have both professionally and personally known Mike for . almost 30 years. Since the first day I met Mike, he was all about service to the community. Besides being a Deputy, he also commanded the Plumas County Search and Rescue Team. He might not have created Search and Rescue, but he has made it. what it is today for Plumas County, a top-notch well-trained group of volunteers. Mike responds 24 hours a day 7 days a week, in all types of weather condition and all types of emergencies. I have ' worked with Mike over the ‘ years in federal and state grant ’ funding opportunities. Mike was always my go-to person >QLETTERSEe Reno the previous day to take her dog, Buddy, to the emergency _vet, and her kids thought Callie went, too. She hadbeen out for 11 hours before they realized Callie was gone. It was dark and raining. They looked everywhere. “I’m heartbroken,” said Janie. She sent a photo. Callie — a beautiful little blue merle, long haired dog with bright eyes, one of them blue, looked out at me. I didn’t tell Janie about the sinking feeling in my stomach. Janie and her family live right at the edge of Highway 70 in Cromberg. Behind them , ‘ stretches miles and miles of national forest, which means coyotes and other wild animals. And, lost somewhere in between was a beloved, older, frightened little dog. . I asked a few more details, such as: “Did she have a collar? Was she microchipped?” I figured out how long she’d been gone. Then, I posted Callie’s story and J anie’s contact information on my Facebook page. I added a - “Mund- AL tho boo;--..;.-a --i.;.-a my friends to help by sharing the post. I tagged a lot of my rescue and animal loving friends. I tried not to think of all the bad things that could have happened to this sweet dog. When Janie contacted me, I was in Reno getting ready to take my own dog in for treatment at her vet. I posted Callie’s story while making a Starbuck’s stop. After the vet — which involved cold laser treatment and a delicate bandage change —I made the long drive home. It was about 5:30, just three hours after my original post, When I checked Facebook and noticed people commenting on it. Callie’s post had been shared by when I needed help up and until my retirement. His knowledge and experience in working with all levels cf government assisted me greatly in doing my job. Over these past weeks, the ' public and I have had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the perspectives and agendas of the various , candidates in the upcoming elections. Michael Grant’s honest, pragmatic and hopeful insight into our community’s problems and needs and his willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public’s questions and ' concerns, sets him far apart from the other candidates’ expected techniques and talk ' r and so I am writing today to express my support for his campaign and my intention is to spread word to others of the value of his policies and abilities. Nicholas Dawson Sparks, Nevada LaMalfa needs civics lesson I had the opportunity to listen to a little of the debate before the House impeachment vote. How lucky that our own Representative LaMalfa weighed in while I was listening. He chose to use his time to spew nonsense like the articles of impeachment were “hysterical, made-up charges.” He also gave a little civics lesson: “ we’re a republic, not a democracy.” As if the two were mutually exclusive! I’m'not really sure what his confusion about our form of government had to do with the debate on the articles of impeachment, but these are direct quotes from your Representative in Congress. Perhaps Mr. LaMalfa needs his own civics lesson. Yes, we are a republic, but we are also a democracy. At least I thought we were, unless our democratically elected representatives decide otherwise, apparently. How can this be? Perhaps Mr. LaMalfa’s civics lesson would have been more meaningful if he had continued on to explain that in actual practice these days, with “representatives” like him in Callie with her family after returning home. Photo submitted friends nearly 60 times. I have about a thousand Facebook “friends,” most of them dedicated animal lovers. Ifthe 60 who shared had even half that number, we were definitely getting the word out, I thought. x L_--L-.1 Janio to choor her up. “Callie’s post has been shared almost 60 times,” I wrote. Janie texted back immediately, “Just got off the phone. Someone saw your post. They are meeting me between here and Reno with Callie.” I called Janie immediately. She was crying. The people who had Callie had beenidriving home the night before and saw this little dog curled up in a ball at the side of the road in the rain. They went door to door, but no one knew her. Janie said it must’ve been during the time her family was out looking for Callie. Not knowing what else to do, they took her home to Reno, and they posted her on Craigslist. rag DITO R ' Congress, we are governed by a plutocracy (governed by the wealthy). That’s what happens when citizens don’t participate. The Baby Boomers inherited a democracy, and we’re passing on a dysfunctional government run by greedy plutocrats to our , children. How do we explain our complacency to them? Leslie Mink Quincy My vote Mark Mihevc for President! Crikit Smither Portola Moral injury , Let me begin with the following: Pity the fool who always cries foul. “I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong!” Pity the ones who circle around. “He did nothing wrong. He did nothing wrong!” Pity us all if this carries on for he has donevmany things morally wrong. What is moral injury? Like psychological trauma, moral injury is a construct that describes extreme and unprecedented life experience including the harmful , aftermath of exposure to such events. Events are considered morally injurious if they “transgress deeply held moral beliefs and expectations” (1). Thus, the key precondition for moral injury is an act of transgression, which shatters moral and ethical expectations that are rooted in religious or spiritual beliefs or culture-based, organizational and group-based rules about fairness, the value of life and so forth. Source: sional/ treat/ cooccurring/ moral _injury.asp The Nation newsmagazine, online version dated Dec. 30, 2019, has an article by the Rev.Dr. William J. Barber II and Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove that discusses the reaction to Mark Galli, editor of Christianity Today magazine’s article supporting the President’s impeachment. Not only do they pray for the safety of the editor but also they discuss the importance of “the revolution of values we need to revive the , Someone who saw my Facebook post found the post on Craigslist and contacted the finders, who called Janie. They made plans to leave immediately and meet halfway between Reno and Cromberg. J anio was crying and thanking me. To be honest, I was crying too. “Just take a photo of Callie once you have her back and send it to me,” I said. By 8:40 pm, I had the photo. There is Callie, sitting with her family, a big smile on her face. That is the power of Facebook, and social media, to do good. I don’t think I could’ve felt much better at that moment. And, that reminder of hope, of the good that people can do, and of the small, but vital part we all can play, came just at the right time for me, at the end of a pretty bleak year. So, here’s to Callie, to her beautiful life, for reminding me what matters. heart of democracy today.” It also contains the following, “If Trumpism has unveiled white evangelicals’ willingness to accommodate a dangerous Christian nationalism, it also presents an opportunity to learn from those communities that have always read the Bible differently. “ Woe unto those who legislate evil and rob the poor of their rights,” the prophet Isaiah says. In addition, “Prophetic Christianity also states that faith is always political and, whatever the party in power, must advocate for the poor, the immigrant, and the vulnerable.” There are many suffering from moral injury in our country. The draining of the swamp has unleashed a miasma of moral decay. We can do better. We must do better. Laura E. Rodriguez Quincy .0 Different source of information Prior to the holiday cease-fire, one LTE contained some interesting interpretations of information gleaned from Psychology Today. I’ve picked some definitions from a different source of info. Democracy: from the Greek terms, demos people kratos strength, power; government by the people esp: rule of the majority. Authoritarian: Characterized by or favoring the principle of blind obedience to authority. Autocracy: government by one person having unlimited power. Rationalize: to make something irratiOnal appear rational or reasonable. Republic: a government in which supreme power is held by citizens who are entitled to vote. This info was gleaned from the eleventh edition of The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, which I purchased for four bits from the local thrift store. You might find an equivalent at Nifty-Thrifty, or at a See Letters, page QB